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:The Cold One is not happy, Albus." A woman said, her thick reddish brown hair moved about her head like snapped, her yellow gaze covered by tinted sunglasses. Dumbledore snarled at her.

"The Cold One is aways unhappy, Medusa." He shot back.

"But thisss time it is your doing!" She hissed, Her snakes hissing with her, Dumbledore shot her a look.

"My doing?!"

"Yes, Your doing! Everything was in place, everything was ready for our Lord of Frost and Cold to take the world once more. It is time for a new ice age!" She exclaimed. "But you, Albus, grew to weak, so weak you let a group of children over power you."

"No one has over powered me!"

"THEM TELL ME WHY YOU ARE HERE, AND NOT THERE!" she screamed, her snakes snapped out at him spitting their venom at him. Dumpledore took a quick intake of air and stepped back just as the venom hit the ground making a hissing sound as it burned into the earth.

"They had help, Voldemor-"

"He is not your Voldemort, But Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. My cousin." she hissed. "And you will say nothing about him, for you know he had nothing to do with it." She glared at him as she went to a chalk board.

"Lets see, Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, Lucine Eileen Snape-Lupin, and Lucrectea Medusa Black-Riddle." She paused for a split second on Luca's name. "Those are the four who seem to always get in your way."

"What do you want me to do with them?" He questioned as he nervously read each name over and over.

"Get rid of them." She ordered.

"La la la la la la!" Sang Roar as she jumped from wall to wall, Stephen was walking behind her on their way to the great hall for breakfast. they made a great team, Roar and he. They would always pair up and when roar was being weird he would scare people who gave her funny looks. "Stephen, lookie, lookie what I can do!" Roar giggled tucking her arms in and jumped off the wall and somersaulting in the air and landed on her feet. "Ta da!"

"That's very cool, Roar." He smiled as she hurried to his side taking his arm.

"Thank you Stephen! Normally my brother-"

"You have a brother he raised a brow.

"Yes, Damen, he's a Ravenclaw."

"Ohm the stingy looking guy with glasses?"

"That's him! Yeah he would most likely yell at me for doing that."

"Why?" Stephen asked getting more amused with Roar and her strange random stories about her family.(1)

"Because Damen doesn't know how to have fun." She twirled. "He is the opposite of Daddy."

"That's interesting." Stephen thought.

"I knoooow." She dragged taking a rather large step forward. She let out a shout when she turned and fell to the ground.

"S-sorry!" said a timid squeak.

"Levi?" Asked Stephen once he realized who it was. Levi nodded blushing from embarrassment of the trouble he caused. "I'm really sorry, Roar." He said sincerely down at Roar who had yet to get off the ground.

"Tis fine, I'm fine. Actually I'm quite comfy." She omitted playing hr arms behind her head and crossing her legs, she gave them a smug smile. "So Levi what brings you to this wonderful hall way?"


"Your on your way to the great hall too?" Offered Stephen.

"Y-yeah." Levi was unsure what to do. He never really interacted with other kids his own age, just Lucine and Luca.

"Hey let's go together!" suggested Roar who jumped off the floor with out the use of her arms or legs. Stephen who has known her for nearly three weeks didn't question it, but Levi stared with his mouth gaped wide open in amazement.

"How-" He started but Stephen cut him off.

"Don't ask, you will never know with this chick." He pointed to her as she skipped ahead yelling something about 'magic'. Levi smiled at him, and the two set off silently behind her.

"Luca, wake up."

"Five more minutes." she moaned.

"Lucrectea Medusa Black-Ruddle! You are in class not your dormitory!" Scolded Regulus, hands on his hips. all around the classroom her fellow Slytherin's smirked at her behavior while the Ravenclaw's snickered. Luca groaned lifting her head off her desk she shared with Lucine. Her long hair was like a curtain which was useful so bright lights wouldn't bother her as she slept.

"I'm so tired." she complained.

"Then got to a reasonable bed time." Regulus shot back going to a Ravenclaw who had his hand raised. Luca was quiet for a second.

"The beds lumpy." She said bluntly.

"Then talk to your head of house about replacements."

"It's too cold."

"then turn up your furnace." Luca was silent for several seconds before ending the conversation with a "very well'. Lucine with her nose in her History of Magic text-book with her legs propped on the desk (She is no longer asked to take them off. She never listens) rolling her eyes.

"I don't know why you even try Luca, you know he always wins the arguments." She glanced at her friend. Luca shrugged looking at her blank notebook. Cho Chang let out a snort glancing at them with a nasty look. Lucine growled at cho who smiled a proudly that she angered her.

"Oh Luci you shouldn't get angry at the little bird headed idiot, you'll only make her think she is doing herself a favor." Luca said passing a note she just scribbled to Draco behind them.

"Fine." Lucine glared. "What was that." Luca didn't spared her a look.

"A note." Draco snorted loudly earning a sharp look from Regulus. Lucine stuck her tongue out at him, which he ignored. Draco leaned forward and tapped Luca on the shoulder.

"i'll meet you at the front gate and we can walk to Hogsmead together." Luca nodded, thankful not only for that but that Regulus was facing the board writing dates of battles.

"Oh this is for Luca's date with Charlie!" Lucine realized. Luca and Draco hushed her glancing nervously at Regulus who didn't seem to notice. "Oops, sorry."

"Shut-up, Luci." Luca wispered.

"Shut it, you toaster!" Luca rolled her eyes at Lucine's attempt.

"Yeah whatever." Draco sighed shaking his head at the two.

(1) Roar is strange herself and she is the daughter of one Sirius Black, now just imagine what her family like is like with him as her daddy

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