I was in front of the Salvatore boarding house," welcome home soph" I thought to myself.I walked up to the door and opened it, to my shock there was a stake in the middle my wench of a dopple ganger staked me in the stupid, " damon" I screamed in annoyance.

Damon came down with a smirk on his face until he saw me, he ran over to me worry marked his face as he ran out to see if I was eyes turned black with rage this bitch had staked and was stringing both Damon and Stephan along!

"Sophia no" Damen said watching me very closely "don't worry about it just yet Damon. well Doppler ganger aren't you going to invite me in?"

I said toying withtheirminds. she looked at damon in shock and jealousy his eyes however never left me "come in," she muttered I smirked and walked past the invisable border."don't worry I won't kill you just yet Doppler ganger, I prefer to take my time and drag out the torture," I continued.

grabbing a stake from the table I kept walking around to face Damon I smirked," stef longtime see," I said sensing his presenence beside his brother."Sophia? I thought you had died" I said no emotions in my voice. my eyes gleaned as I staked Damon in the stupid just as his wench did to me.

to be continued tell me what you think...