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Chapter 19: Age 16

A Hurricane had been predicted for the Miami area for the last few days. Houses and businesses had been prepped but now it was going to worse than anyone thought and Miami was being evacuated. Lester had left for a convention in Chicago the day before so Ally was staying with the Moons. Ally, still being afraid of storms was freaking out and Austin was trying to calm her down by rubbing her shoulders and singing to her. He even pointed out how calm Owen was being and that made Ally laugh but she was still very tense. Mimi and Mike were taking care of last minute things at the Moons Mattress Kingdom. Austin and Ally had everything packed Into Mike's Jeep Patriot and ready to leave when they got a call from him.

"Hi dad. " Austin said into the phone. "Are you and mom on your way home?" They had taken Mimi's car to work this morning so the kids could pack up the car.

"No, we had some problems getting here and there has just been so many things going wrong. I have to ask you do something and you have to the most responsible you have ever been." Mike said with a worried voice.

"Yeah, dad, what do you need me to do?"

"Well, I know you only have your permit, but you are a terrific driver and you are scheduled for your road test in a two weeks… so I need you drive you and Ally out of town, go north as far as you can by 7:00pm and then start to find a motel, hopefully you can find one by about 9:00pm. I need you to leave some of the things you have already packed by the door so your mother and I can pick it up in a couple hours and get ourselves out of here. Leave some of the bottled water and non -perishable food, your mothers and mine suitcases. Take the emergency credit card and all the cash from the can on top the fridge, get the cash from on top of Ally's fridge too. Then get in the car and go, and be sure to follow all traffic laws so you don't draw attention to yourself, you don't need to be pulled over for something then get in bigger trouble for not having a license."

"I understand completely." Austin said seriously. He couldn't believe his dad was asking him to do something illegal. "What about Motel's, they probably won't check us in because we are underage."

"Well, tell them the truth, you had to evacuate before your parents. Or, I can't believe I'm saying this, use your internet sensation status to get you in, sing, dance, perform, do what you can. This is for survival." Mike said. Austin chuckled. They could always sleep in the car at a truck stop or something as long as they were away from the hurricane.

"Okay, dad. I love you and tell mom I love her too. See you soon. Bye."

"We love you too, keep safe, bye."

Austin told Ally the plan and she seemed to get more nervous.

"They want you to drive us out of here. We are going to be on our own, without an adult." Ally started pacing back and forth. Austin started getting the things for his parents back out of the jeep and put them safely just inside the garage. Then he picked up Owen's cage and placed it gently in the back seat. Then he went over to Ally and grabbed her shoulders to stop her and pulled her into a hug.

"I promise I won't let anything bad happen to us. You know you can trust me." Austin held her tight but it stop her from letting out a few sobs. He gently walked her over the car and opened the door and made sure she was sitting and closed the door. "I love you too much to let anything bad happen to you." He said that so quietly and after the door was closed, he knew she couldn't hear him but he had to get that out into the universe. Austin slid into the driver's seat, took a deep breath and started the car.

"It's 10:00am, we have quit a drive ahead of us, we should make it to Georgia if the traffic isn't too bad once we get out of the Miami area." Austin said to Ally. She nodded. "Will you set the GPS, please?" Ally nodded again and did as she was asked. "Here we go, Austin backed out of the driveway expertly and they headed out to the highway. There was traffic so they began to sing along to the radio. Shortly after getting out of Miami, while there was still a lot of traffic, they went past a police car, the officers inside were looking for suspicious behavior and the two teens singing along to the radio in the car was nothing suspicious so they didn't get pulled over. It was good thing Austin and Ally looked 16 and old enough to drive, if either of them had a baby face it might make some question whether they should be on the road alone.

After being on the road for seven hours, they were almost to Tallahassee and they needed to fill the gas tank, go to the bathroom and get something to eat. Ally also wanted to call her dad and tell him that they made it out of Miami and they could see some sunshine trying to peak out through the clouds now.

"Not too far to Georgia, let's see where can we go in about two hours so we can look for a Motel?" Austin looked at the GPS map.

"What about Albany, GA. It's right there. She pointed let's see what the estimated time is." Ally said. "One hour and 45 minutes." That's perfect.

"I'll text my parents our destination. They just got out of the Miami area an hour ago. They will catch up to us hopefully sometime tomorrow, they said to get going west in the morning away from the coast so the outskirts of the hurricane can't reach us. "

"I'm still scared, Austin." Ally said. He wrapped her in a hug again. He couldn't help but notice how good she smelled and how soft her hair was and most importantly how wonderful her body felt smashed up against his. How was he thinking this when their homes were in danger and his parents were still close to the storm? He was so in love with this girl that he couldn't even be upset in this situation, he was just happy to be with her. Ally feed Owen and gave him some water. She left the blanket off his cage, so he began to sing and talk as they begin to drive north again.

As Austin was driving, Ally couldn't help but feel a little rebellious, after all, neither one of them had their license yet. She also couldn't help but watch his very muscular arms. This made her think about the way he hugged her, so tight, so warm. She loved when they cuddled. He was just so strong but gentle at the same time. It was a wonder to her how that could be. Just then they both let out a laugh, one of their songs came on the radio and they both immediately sang it off key. It was something neither of them could get used to. Hearing your voice or the song you wrote blaring from the speakers was an odd thing.

They soon found themselves in Albany, GA. They found a motel with vacancy pretty quickly and they went to check in. "Can I help you?" A woman who was probably around 50 asked she didn't even look up from the magazine she was reading.

"We would like a room for the night, please." Austin said in his most mature sounding voice he could find. The woman looked up at them and then started to frown.

"How old are you?" She asked looking at them as if they had the plague. "I will not let teenage runaways into this motel."

"We are only 16, ma'am, however the only thing we are running away from is the hurricane in Miami." Ally with her sweet voice, pretty face and innocent demeanor could get this woman to see the truth.

"Where are your parents, then?" The woman asked but he facial features had softened a bit.

"They had to take care of their store and it took them longer than they thought. They told us to leave and they would catch up in few hours." Austin explained and smiled, knowing it usually got him what he wanted. He had been told he was charming.

"Oh, you poor kids." She finally cracked and agreed to check them into a room. "I only have rooms with one bed open, is that okay, do you mind sharing?" They both shook their heads no and she handed them a key to room 218. Then Austin handed her the credit card and she took in the information. They went back to the Jeep and got out what they needed and Ally carried Owen up the stairs, she knew it was probably against the rules but she had to bring him in. He had been making noise for the last two hours so he would be quiet if he was able to get out of his cage for a while. The room might be small but he could still stretch his wings. Before they could let him out they covered him and put their bags down and went to get a proper meal. Before they had only had granola bars and apples. There was a diner next door.

Upon returning to the room they locked the door and let Owen out. He was happy to fly around. Austin and Ally sat watching him for a few minutes. Then Ally called her dad and Austin talked to his mom. Ally's dad was glad they were okay and he apologized for not being there. Austin's parents had been delayed even more, the storm had picked up and was making travel difficult, they were out of the worst of it but were not going to make it to the kids tonight. Ally checked in with Trish who was actually on vacation with her family in Los Angeles. Trish made a remark about the two of them alone in a motel room and Ally brushed it off. Trish liked romantic movies and books too much. Austin checked in with Dez, his family had left yesterday and they had made it all the way to Tennessee.

"So what do you want to do?" Austin asked Ally. He was just having dirty thoughts about the things he would like to do to her completely perfect body. He shook his head trying to get those thoughts out. He would never do those things to Ally, she was his best friend forever and always. There was no way she would ever want to do those things with him.

"Let's play cards." Ally pulled out a deck of cards from her bag and she shuffled them. "Crazy 8's?" Austin nodded and she dealt. After playing for a while they both yawned, took turns in the bathroom to get ready for bed. Then they lured Owen back into his cage and covered it. Then they snuggled into bed together. "I'm glad we are getting through this together, I couldn't do it on my own." Ally said lightly. "To be honest, I don't know what I would do without you."

"I feel the same way. I'd be a mess if wasn't for you." Austin answered. "Goodnight, Alls, love you."

"Goodnight Austin, love you too." They didn't say it any differently then they usually did, but this time it felt different to Ally. Maybe it was because they were completely alone together. Maybe it was because a quarter of the songs on the radio are about a young couple on the road or running from something causing her to imagine them acting in the music video doing what they had today, driving away from something. Ally had butterflies in her stomach when Austin through his arm over her. That had never happened before. What was wrong with her? This is her best friend she shouldn't be feeling things like this for him. Trish had to say something earlier, that's probably what put her imagination over the edge. She rolled her eyes and laughed to herself; that was it. She returned to simply feeling safe in his arms.

Austin woke up first the next morning he decided that he needed to go for a run or something since he was trapped in the car most of the day yesterday. Plus he needed to get rid of the massive boner he had woken up with, damn his dirty teenage mind and Ally's sweet smell. He got dressed into sweats and a sleeveless shirt. Put on his sneakers and headed out the door. He planned on running for a while and then finding a good place to do pull-ups, crunches, push-ups and jumps to get his blood flowing away from a certain area. He could also focus his mind elsewhere.

Ally woke up to find Austin gone. He had left her text that said he was out for a run. She herself needed to get some physical activity, she choose yoga. She first feed and watered Owen and let him out to fly around. Ally built up a sweat in about 30 minutes so she got Owen back in his cage and decided to go take a nice bath.

Austin returned and didn't see Ally anywhere, she must have gone to get some food. He needed a shower; he stripped off his clothes and opened the bathroom door, just as he stepped in. Ally was just stepping out of the tub. Austin was amazed at her beautiful nakedness, she really was perfect.

"Oh my gosh! Austin, can't you knock?" Ally screeched and grabbed for a towel, while clumsily trying to cover herself, blushing hard. "Cover yourself up!" She added as she blushed even more and looked away from him.

"Sorry, I thought you left." He replied and only made a move to cover himself with a towel because she asked him too. Then he began to laugh. Ally glared at him now tightly wrapped in fluffy white towel. "I'm just surprised this hasn't happened before, think about it, how many times have we showered at each other's house…" he trailed off because he was laughing harder. Ally couldn't join in the laughter she was too embarrassed. Plus, now she had an image in her head that was both extremely sexy and totally weird at the same time. She could now confirm that Austin was perfect. He looked like one of those old sculptures made of stone when he was naked. All well-defined muscles everywhere and maybe perhaps even more well-endowed. She tried getting the image out but she couldn't. It only made her more flustered and pushed Austin out of the way and headed out into the room. He was still laughing when she heard the shower turn on. She dried off and got dressed and ran a comb through her hair. When Austin came out of the bathroom he came out with a towel but not on, he was just drying himself with it.

"Damn it Austin, why are you still naked?" Ally yelled and Austin smirked, he'd never heard her curse before. She blushed and covered her eyes.

"What does it matter, you saw everything already." Austin replied calmly.

"So, I'm not as confident as you, I don't think being naked in front of someone is acceptable." Ally protested. "Please, get dressed." She argued, eyes still covered. She was debating whether or not she should look again; he was a beautiful specimen of man. No, she would not objectify her best friend, it was wrong, even if he didn't care.

"May I ask you something?" Austin looked at Ally. Ally was getting more flustered it was hard to think when he had his six pack exposed.


"Why are you so embarrassed? You have a fantastic body." Austin looked her directly in the eyes with all sincerity.

"I don't know, I have never had anyone see me naked before, I don't like being naked. I don't think I look good naked, I still think I'm a little too skinny. Plus, you were the first guy I saw naked, and it's just weird for me." Ally looked uncomfortable. Austin just nodded. It took him a moment to reply.

"You may be a little thin, yes, but everything else you have makes up for it. Don't be ashamed of your body, you have no reason to be."

"That's a nice thought and all, but it's hard being a girl. We are told everyday by the media that we are supposed to look a certain way and if we don't, we're ugly. Plus, I am not sure how I can you seriously on this subject when you yourself are Mr. Perfect."

"I can't argue with that." Austin said flexing. It got a giggle out of Ally and she punched him on the shoulder. "Ally, you trust me, right?" Ally nodded. "Then believe when I say, you are Miss Perfect." He pulled her into a hug again, they breathed in each other's appealing scents. Austin couldn't take it anymore he let his downstairs brain take over. He moved in and kissed her and not a sweet innocent kiss, but deep passionate kiss. At first Ally had no idea what to do, she had no experience, all she knew is that it felt so right. Austin showed her how to move her lips by demonstrating first, she followed. Kissing was definitely something on the top of the list of things Austin could do well. Soon Austin used his tongue against her lips to ask for permission to enter, she obliged happily. In her head all this was wrong but if felt so incredibly right and good. She was starting to feel a foreign ache between her thighs. It dawned on Ally that Austin's talented mouth was making her feel horny, it was the first time in her life. She suddenly pulled away.

"Austin what are we doing?" Ally panted, gasping for air after kissing for a good ten minutes without any breaks.

"Something I have been wanting to do for a really long time." Austin's voice was low and husky and it drove Ally crazy. "Do you see what you do to me?" Austin asked as he dropped the towel to revel his extremely large erection. Ally gulped, she had no idea it could be that large. She's just seen it a few minutes ago and already thought it was big but now she couldn't understand how it even fit inside someone. She backed up a step, she was scared and intimidated. "Alls, don't be scared, this is all for you, all I want to do is make you feel good, make you know how sexy you are." Austin was staring directly into her eyes. Ally bit her lip and Austin grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into another kiss. This time she felt like Jello in a matter of seconds. She didn't even mind when his hands found their way up her shirt and fondling her breasts through her bra. Ally ran her small, shaking hands over his muscular chest and back, then felt brave enough to trace the outline of his perfect six pack. Austin then took her hand and placed in on his hot, rock hard, manhood. Ally gasped a little and Austin moaned into her mouth even the lightest touch form her made him react. She really could get him going by doing absolutely nothing. "You are wearing way to many clothes." Austin pushed her shirt up and over her head and skillfully and quickly unclasped her bra and took it off. Suddenly Ally went pale and tried covering herself but Austin couldn't let that happen. "Stop, you are perfect. Let me show you." With that he gently laid her on the bed. He hovered over her and began to kiss her from her neck down to the glorious globes of her chest. He used his mouth to tantalize every inch of skin. Ally arched her back up and moaned. She had never known so much pleasure before. Austin was doing everything he could to keep from cumming at the sounds of her moans. He had decided that it was his most favorite sound in the world. He then worked his lips down to the waist band of her shorts. He undid them and removed them and her panties in one swift movement. Austin looked Ally in the eyes to see if she would protest but she was just looking at him with dark, heavy eyes, filled with lust. Damn was she sexy. Austin looked at her body from head down to her now exposed folds and licked his lips. He adjusted himself so he could see what he was about to do. He used his long callused fingers to massage the lips. Her nerve endings were going wild. She let out a long groan.

In Ally's mind she was thinking, how did I let this happen? But her body didn't want it to ever end. She was enjoying the feel of his fingers in her most secret and private area when he suddenly stuck a finger inside of her. She got rigid and held her breath. Austin gently wiggled his finger around and let out the loudest moan. Ally couldn't think straight, her mind had gone totally blank, all that mattered was the absolutely gorgeous young man that was making her feel like a woman. Austin stuck in another and began fingering her at a steady pace. She let out a scream.

"Austin" Ally's voice was barely above a whisper. "Fuck me now." Austin heard her and her swearing turned him on even more. He reached for his wallet on the table and pulled out a condom he rolled it on. He re-positioned himself above Ally and spread her legs farther apart. He looked at her again to make sure it's what she wanted, she nodded and he pushed himself in. She let out a whimper, it hurt, but not as bad as she thought. He paused to let her get used to him being inside her. When she rolled her hips against him he got a shock of electricity throughout his whole body and he pushed in deeper, she whimpered again but he kept going and then began a slow and steady rhythm. She seemed to be in pain for a few minutes but then her facial features relaxed. He pulled her up so she was sitting and straddling his lap. This angle cause him to go into her deeper. Her moans grew even louder and Austin grunted and growled in pleasure as he felt the sensation of her bare chest against his. He began to work on her neck with his lips and tongue again. Austin then changed their positions again. He maneuvered them so they were resting on their sides and he was behind her, he re-entered her and started slamming into her as hard and as fast as he could. His hands were caressing her bouncing breasts causing him so much pleasure he let out a scream.

"OH, Austin." Ally breathed. She began to feel a tightening in her stomach, her walls closed around him and she began to shake, her toes curled and Ally had her first orgasm. Austin feeling her juices gushing from her began to pulsate and his motions became erratic. Their waves of pleasure lasted a few minutes. When he finished he gently pulled out of her and brushed a sweaty lock of hair out of her face. He smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her and they drifted off to sleep.

When they woke up hours later, there was text message from Austin's parents saying that the Hurricane had moved up the coast and was being downgraded, they could head home. They had a lot to talk about on the drive. They dressed and finished packing and headed out to the car. Austin checked them out and got in the drivers seat. He looked over at Ally and she smiled. He started the car and then held her hand as they started the long drive home.

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