Arc 1 - A New World - Chapter 9: S.H.I.E.L.D

It was three days since he was originally supposed to have had the filter added to the seal. It was still too unstable to attempt the modification without risking his life or the escape of the Kyuubi. Naruto was sitting cross legged in an arm chair attempting to meditate. He was supposed to control the flow of chakra and release it from each of his three-hundred-sixty-one tenketsu one at a time until he had done them all. Once he was done that, he was meant to flow chakra out one tenketsu and into another until he could move it anywhere around his body in this way. It was a chakra control exercise invented by the Hyuuga clan. It was extremely difficult for anyone without the byakugan since they could not see their own tenketsu.

Naruto was having trouble with this exercise that was mastered by all Hyuuga by the time they were five, not only because he had so much trouble focusing his large volume of chakra, but because he was distracted by Laura watching him to make sure he didn't do anything he wasn't supposed to. With the seal loosening, Dr. Strange wanted it fixed as soon as possible.

Naruto cracked his eyes open to see Laura lying sideways over the arms of a chair. She arched her back to stretch, her claws popping out with their distinctive 'snikt' sound. Naruto gave up meditating.

"You want to go out and do something?" Naruto offered.

"Okay," she agreed, allowing herself to slide over the arm of the chair until her fingers touched the ground, then flipped up onto her feet.

The two of them headed out and began walking around town, looking for something to do. They end up passing through one of the city's parks. Naruto blushes and grins happily when Laura imitates one of the couples she sees and takes his hand as they walk.

The pleasant time is suddenly disturbed as Laura rips her hand away. "I hear an alarm!" she announces.

"Lets go then," Naruto said. If it was just common criminals, he could stop them using taijutsu alone. A little excitement after a few boring weeks couldn't hurt.

Laura began to run across the park and Naruto followed. Soon he could hear the high pitched ring as well. A block away, they came upon a jewelery store where a group of masked men with guns were smashing glass cases and stuffing the contents into sacks. A man with a strangely flat topped head wearing a blue pinstriped suit was apparently the leader.

"We gatta be outta here in two minutes or the coppers will be on our tails. Hurry it up!" The man yelled.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Hammerhead!" one of the masked men replied as he grabbed a diamond necklace.

"You want flat top or the minions?" Naruto asked.

"You can take the leader. You shouldn't need chakra for only one opponent," Laura answered, releasing her claws. The two rushed into the store and attacked in tandem.

"Yo, dumbass! I don't think a tiara is gonna fit on your ugly mug!" Naruto shouted as he smashed his fist into Hammerhead's skull with a resounding clang.

Laura began to dismember his followers, sending limbs flying.

"What the hell is your head made of?" Naruto asked, shaking his hand which was still vibrating from the impact.

"My noggin is made of adamantium. You aren't going to be cracking my skull," the mobster replied with a smug grin.

Naruto began to laugh. "What a coincidence, so is mine, and hers. Half the world's adamantium is probably in this room right now."

Laura ignored the bullets flying into her. Her skeleton would protect her from the most severe damage and there wasn't enough room to dodge in such a confined area. Most of her wounds healed in seconds.

Hammerhead equipped some brass knuckles. "If you want ta play, then let's play, kid," the mobster took a swing. Naruto dodged. This man obviously relied on his bulk and hard head to get him through fights. Naruto grabbed the man by the lapels and gave him a massive headbutt, sending him staggering back. The criminal stumbled for a moment before Naruto gave him an uppercut that shattered his jaw and put him down for the count.

A man with a sub-machine gun was the last one left and was firing at Laura from close range. She spun around and decapitated the man with a kick. The man's body fell towards her, spraying her with blood.

Naruto looked at Laura, grimacing at the amount of gore that covered her. "I think we need to go home and get cleaned up," he suggested.

Laura flicked a gob of meat off of her arm. "This is disgusting," Laura agreed. As they turned to leave, they found themselves facing a squad of police officers with drawn weapons.

"Put your hands behind your heads and surrender peacefully," once of the police officers called out.

"We stopped the burglars," Naruto pointed out.

"You are at the scene of a crime and covered in blood. You will surrender or we will be forced to detain you by any force necessary."

Naruto sighed and did as he had been told, putting his hands behind his head. Laura, however, released one of her claws, causing all of the officers to tense. Then, she stabbed the claw into her abdomen and began rooting around before flicking a bloody mass onto the pavement with a clink.

One of the officers moved forward to inspect it. "It's a bullet," he announced.

"It wasn't coming out. I didn't want it to heal over in there," Laura answered the unasked question. Naruto could never understand how she could stand doing that type of thing to herself, no matter how necessary it was. Admittedly, he often got hurt much worse because of the backlash of techniques he had used, but there was just something visceral about digging around in your own guts that seemed wrong. The police seemed to be of the same opinion as none of them seemed to be particularly eager to come forward to handcuff them.

"A few of them are still alive, but they are all in pretty bad shape. It's Hammerhead and his crew," one of the officers reported.

"You two need to come to the station and give a report," the officer in charge told them, "I am not even going to pretend that a pair of hand cuffs is going to slow down people who can do that, so can you agree to come quietly?"

"Can I get a shower and a change of clothes?" Laura asked.

The officer looked at her. "I'm sure that can be arranged. In fact, we'll insist on it."

Some garbage bags were taken from the trunk of one of the squad cars and laid on the back seats so they wouldn't get all covered in blood. Naruto and Laura got into the car as an officer lead a man out of the store.

"We found the owner and the security recordings in the back," the officer said, leading the man to another car.

Naruto was having a terrible time filling out the paperwork they had given him. The report section itself was easy enough, though he was sure his grammar and spelling would give someone a headache later. His clones had practiced verbal English, not written. It was all the other information that they asked for that was causing him problems. He didn't have a social insurance number nor a citizenship card. The calendar in the elemental nations was different than this world, so his birthday did not fit in the space provided. He managed to fill in his parents names and contact info for the Sanctum Sanctorum at least.

By the time he had finished what he considered to be a woefully inadequate piece of paperwork for a mission report, Laura returned from her shower wearing a pair of NYPD branded sweat pants and T-shirt. Her own wet clothes were balled up in a plastic bag.

Naruto watched as she filled in her own police report. She paused on the section about parents since they were technically minors and after a moment filled in Not Applicable for the field of mother. Their answers would probably make their reports impossible to file electronically.

The officer who had brought them in was watching a copy of the surveillance footage of the incident. He seemed mesmerized by the carnage. Bullets just didn't have the same visual impact that Laura's claws did.

"We're done!" Naruto called out, beckoning the officer over.

"Okay, then, let me check them over then." The man came over and accepted the reports. "Neither of you know your social insurance numbers?"

"Don't have one," Naruto answered, "I'm from another dimension."

"I'm a partial clone. I was never officially born," Laura gave her own excuse.

The officer swore. "This is above my pay grade. I'm going to have to bring in the captain, and he's probably going to have to call in some agencies to try and make you legal or at least get you known to the appropriate agencies."

"Not like we have much of a choice. Government would realize we exist eventually since we're not trying to hide."

"That's a good attitude to take. Trying to hide makes them thing you have something to hide." The officer got up and headed to the office at the back of the building. A few minutes later, he came back with a middle-aged man who was overweight and had premature wrinkles from stress.

"So... You stopped a robbery rather violently. You did not harm any civilians or police officers and cooperated when asked, but there are issues with your paperwork that we aren't equipped to handle. Have I accurately summarized the situation?"

The two teens nodded.

"Who is currently responsible for you? Since you are minors, by law you must be staying with a so-called responsible adult."

"I am being supervised by Dr. Strange. We both live with him," Naruto answered.

The captain grunted. "Makes sense. That is his field. And you?"

"Though I also live with Dr Strange, I suppose my legal guardian would be Jim Logan, also known as Wolverine of the X-Men. His DNA was used to create me."

"Call them both. Inform them of what they were involved in and that we are going to be contacting the appropriate people."

A hover vehicle landed in the no parking zone in front of the police station. It looked like a cross between a futuristic motorbike with its sleek arcing cockpit and a jet with the spherical twin turbines mounts two thirds of the way along the hull.

The side flipped up and a man stepped out. He was dark skinned with his head shaved completely bald except for a neatly trimmed goatee. One eye was covered by a black eye patch. He wore a bandolier with various pouches attached to it and a pistol at his hip. On the chest of his blue uniform, emblazoned in white, were the letters 'S.H.I.E.L.D'. The man walked into the police station as if he owned the place. The officers moved out of the way, unconsciously submitting to the command presence of an obvious superior. His eye narrowed and scanned the precinct before landing on Naruto and Laura.

The man walked over and looked at the officer who had been supervising them. "Tape." It is a command and it is obeyed. The video cart with the equipment is moved closer and plugged in so that the man can watch. There is silence as the black and white soundless images flow on the screen. "You were both holding back a lot," he said with conviction.

"Only until the seal stabilizes. It is too dangerous now," Naruto replied.

The man scrutinized him for a moment.

"How dangerous?"

"Dr. Strange would rather banish me to a hell dimension than risk it."

"So, end of the world dangerous."

"Don't need jutsu to beat street thugs though, and Dr. Strange will fix the seal soon and the risk will be gone," Naruto explained.

The man nodded then turned to the officer. "I need the tape."

The officer went to take it from the VCR.

"The original," the S.H.I.E.L.D agent interrupted. The officer scurried off and returned a minute later with the requested item. "You two will come with me."

"Who are you, exactly?" Naruto asked.

"Nick Fury, Director of the Strategic Homeland Intelligence Enforcement and Logistics Division, otherwise known as S.H.I.E.L.D."

"Is this real?" Naruto asked.

"It is one of the organizations included in my programming," Laura said.

"He's real," the officer said, "You're lucky you get to meet him."

Naruto and Laura followed Fury to the hover vehicle.

Nick Fury flew the craft through a thick bank of clouds and Naruto could not help but be impressed by what he saw. There was a massive ship hovering in the air. On its deck were dozens of flying craft much larger than the small vehicle they currently inhabited. The entire thing was held aloft with a series of gigantic turbines. Fury dipped the craft they were in below the level of the primary deck and landed on a secondary deck that acted as a hangar and took up a large area at the front of the ship just below the primary deck.

"Follow me," Fury instructed. He lead them through the halls of the ship and into an elevator. Every person they passed stopped to salute him. He ignored them all as if his time was too valuable to be wasted on pleasantries.

The floor that the elevator let them out on did not have the same utilitarian metal plating for decor as the hangar deck had. This one had painted walls with false wood paneling and a thin but serviceable carpet. In other words, it wasn't opulent, but it was close enough for government work. They were lead to a conference room where an agent was already waiting with two folders and a stack of paperwork. No effort was made to hide the cameras recording all events occurring in the room.

Nick Fury sat at the head of the table and waited for them to be seated before gesturing for the other agent to begin.

"I am Special Agent Phil Coulson. You can understand that Commander Fury's position is not one that leaves him with the freedom to attend to everything and everyone himself. My primary role is as one of his assistants and as a liaison to those with advanced capabilities. If you ever see Commander Fury again, then something really bad has probably happened either by you, to you, or can be fixed by you. He does like to know who is out there that might be a threat which is why he meets each and every person of interest that might become an issue. For any other dealings with S.H.I.E.L.D, you will most likely be dealing with me or, considering why you came on to our radar, one of the field teams. Now, this meeting can end up going many ways. Some end up with all of us happy. Some end up with fewer of us leaving this room. There are sensors monitoring your vital signs as well as expert psychoanalysts looking for any signs of deception. If we even get a hint that you might be attacking, this entire room will be flooded with a cocktail of sleeping gasses. We are being honest with you, because we want you to be just as honest with us. Do you understand?"

"Is very nice compared to Konoha interrogation," Naruto said, "If you don't harm us, I won't harm you. I will answer any question that is general or personal knowledge from my world or about my experiences in this one. I will not give away strategies, protocols, or other military secrets of Konoha."

"And should you come across similar secrets of ours I hope you will keep them in the strictest confidence," Nick Fury interjected.

"If you are planning to harm civilians, I will do what I must to stop you, even if that is revealing your secrets," Naruto said.

"And you?" Nick asked Laura.

"I have no secrets to share. I will agree to whatever Naruto decides. He has more experience with people," Laura replied immediately.

Nick Fury began writing down quite a bit more than what they had said.

"Okay, then, we'll start with you," Agent Coulson said, "Can you give us a basic outline of the governing and military structures of your world?"

"They are known as the elemental nations. Each is named after an aspect of their resources or terrain. Each is ruled by a Daimyo. There are currently five great nations and many minor nations. The five great nations are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Lightning. I was born in Fire Country. The Daimyo position of Fire Country has passed along the male line of the family for over three hundred years now. Other daimyos have had shorter or longer lines. A daimyo receives wealth through the work of his own lands, as well as taxes on the people living in his country. The wealth is used to fund the government and military structures of the country. The daimyo assigns local shoguns to ensure that laws are followed in smaller areas since one man can not oversee such a large area. For some larger cities, a local militia is formed and financed to deal with criminal activities. For larger issues, there are two major military assets that the people or the daimyo can call upon. The first are the samurai. These are men drafted and honor bound to fight for the good of their country and life of their daimyo. They deal with securing the daimyo's holdings, civilian uprisings, keeping the main roads safe, and as a military force if the country is ever attacked. They are effective against other samurai and civilians and are useful for maintaining order. The other branch of the military is the shinobi forces. We are an autonomous village within a country. We do not pay taxes, but we receive funding from the daimyo in return for performing missions for him and preventing others shinobi villages from working against him. The shinobi aren't under the command of the daimyo, but we require his funding and goodwill to maintain our village and he requires our power to maintain his standing. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Shinobi are mercenaries. We do anything from delivering groceries to assassinations. At my level, I was mostly doing escort missions, bandit elimination, and retrieval missions. Each ninja village is lead by a kage with a council of advisers. They manage the village and assign missions."

"And do your people have a way of entering our world?"

"The method I arrived here was a reaction to me attempting to escape something that was meant to kill me. They all think I am dead and will not try to reproduce it. If they try, there are perhaps five other people with the capability of surviving, assuming they are still alive, and there is no guarantee that this is the dimension they would end up."

"And can you describe how this technique worked?"

"I was sealed in a pocket dimension which was then cut off from reality. Without an anchor, it began to break apart and everything inside began to cease to exist. I threw all my energy at the collapsing space and managed to create a hole and fell through into this world."

"Could you give us a demonstration of your abilities?" Agent Coulson asked.

"Not right now," Naruto answered, "I have a demon sealed in my gut, and Dr. Strange is making alterations to my seal to make it safer, but using my abilities now would be dangerous. I can describe them for you if you insist."

"Describe them then," Agent Coulson said.

"My abilities are similar to mystical abilities you have here. I use chakra, a combination of physical and spiritual energy to do various things. Mystical abilities from your world only seem to use spiritual energy. Tony Stark was rather interested when I could do 'magic' that would show up on his sensors. My techniques currently include the ability to replace myself with an object to avoid damage, disguise myself, stick to objects, create a destructive orb of energy, and create physical copies of myself. I am also able to create beginner level mystic seals such as a simple containment seal and an explosive seal by drawing out specific patterns with special ink or blood and activating them with my chakra. I can learn new techniques or improve upon the techniques I know with training. I am fairly accurate with thrown weapons and have okay hand to hand combat skills. I heal extremely quickly and my bones are coated with adamantium."

"Adamantium?" Fury asked.

"True adamantium," Naruto specified. Tony had given him a brief synopsis of the cheaper alternatives that some called adamantium. "I appeared as Wolverine was escaping the men who put the adamantium in him. They felt that I was an adequate replacement subject and I was in no condition to argue."

"And that is how you met Laura?"

"The first thing I remember is Naruto holding me after he pulled me from my storage tank. He had been in another storage tank, but had adapted to the drugs and escaped. We were the only two surviving specimens. We overpowered some guards and Naruto turned the facility into a large explosive as we escaped. I had knowledge of this world implanted into my mind, as well as several languages. I began teaching him English and he helped us survive in the wild. Eventually a man calling himself Sabretooth came claiming that he would be given an adamantium skeleton if he retrieved us. We were unable to overpower him by normal means."

"I used the power of my demon. Wounds caused by the demonic power did not heal and Sabretooth fled," Naruto interjected his own addition to the fight, "Dr. Strange detected the use of so much demonic energy and collected us and began to teach us how to live in this world."

"Did you lie about any of the information you provided to the police?" Coulson asked.

Naruto glared at him.

"No, it was all accurate to the best of our knowledge," Laura answered.

"Would you be willing to work for S.H.I.E.L.D?" Fury asked.

Naruto looked to Laura for her opinion. She shrugged.

"We mean no offense, but we have offered you a great deal of trust by being so honest about our abilities since you seem to be a legitimate agency of the government. However, we have never even heard of you before today. We do not know enough about you to sign up for anything permanent. If you have jobs where our skills would be beneficial, we will be willing to work any jobs that seem to be legitimate on a mercenary basis. We already do such missions for Stark Enterprises. If you are aware of the destruction of the Latverian embassy, that was a result of Dr. Doom attacking a shipment of technology we were hired to guard. He then temporarily disabled my partner with an extremely powerful weapon, took her there captive, and tortured her. It makes me upset when people harm those precious to me." Naruto's monotone voice sounded like he was was simply making a report, but the raised eyebrows of the S.H.I.E.L.D personnel showed that they had received the warning loud and clear.

"I want a full report of that incident," Fury said, "this could cause international incidents both ways." He did not seem too upset about the event.

Naruto nodded. As Fury was scribbling his fifth sheet of notes.

"These are the identities you will use as American citizens," Coulsen said, pushing two envelopes across the table. "Since our calendar systems do not align, we are working on the assumption that as of your next birthday, you will each be sixteen years old. You are listed as being partially emancipated minors under the joint custody of Dr. Strange and Wolverine. Should there be a time where you are deemed unfit to make your own decisions, they will be called in to do so for you. Since neither of you attended a normal school, it is expected that you study on your own time and take a high school equivalency test to earn your general education diplomas by the end of your eighteenth year to prove you are capable of surviving in this world. Further education is up to your discretion. There is a contact number there is there is an issue with your identities, or if using your powers causes you to end up in jail. I suggest you memorize it."

"Considering you were picked up for vigilantism, I expect you will continue to stick your noses into places where they don't belong. Just know that if civilians die or are maimed because of your actions, you will be held responsible. If you use your abilities to commit crimes, those papers you are holding will cease to be real and you will find yourself locked away in one of those prisons where the prisoners have no rights and are never heard from again. Are we understood?"

Naruto and Laura nodded.

"Good. Coulson, take them home once they fill out full written reports on everything. Don't miss a single detail."

Fury strode out of the room.

It was finally time. Naruto had been completely stripped, then painted up with blood and ink until his body was a mass of runes and lines. These were mostly to keep the current seal safe while the new one was integrated. Some of them would temporarily put the fox into a dormant state. It wouldn't last more than a few hours, but it was enough for the ritual.

Naruto lay in the middle of a large sealing array. It mirrored his own seal somewhat with its eight pillars. At the head of each of each of these pillars was a glowing crystal, imbued with the energy of the element represented by the pillar. Two large circles intersected the pillars. Each with a gate that would suck neutral chakra through, and a small hole where chakra be inserted into it and forcefully ejected away from the gate so it wouldn't be sucked back in. In the middle was a complex diagram that Naruto didn't even begin to understand other than the fact that it was a filter that neutralized any energy that passed through it. The most impressive part of the seal was the fact that the inner gate and half the seal were made with demon blood rather than human or animal, which meant that pushing demonic power into it would only make the seal stronger and the filter would keep the chakra from degrading the human part nor the other way around.

Dr. Strange began the ritual. Laura was not watching this one. It was too delicate to allow any outside interference, presence, or even will. It was dangerous enough that Dr. Strange himself had to be present for the delicate operation, to have any other presence would have been near suicidal.

Layers of ink began to slither up Naruto's body, creating a temporary barrier as his seal began to unfurl into the air. Rings of symbols crawled up onto Naruto's body and weave themselves into the seal. Naruto was surprised there was no pain other than the burning associated with the high density of chakra in the sealing symbols. Eight long lines of symbols weave into the matrix, binding it together. There is a flash of light and Naruto feels like he has been punched in the stomach as the glow from the eight crystals abruptly disappears and Dr. Strange finishes.

"It is done. Once you feel it calm, you are free to use chakra in any responsible manner."

Naruto grinned, then abruptly covered himself and blushed as Laura opened the door.

"I am glad it went well," Laura said. She held out a pair of pants, then watched him change instead of turning around. He had long since stopped bothering to try and convince her that she needed to since his arguments fell on deaf ears. "Your seal is visible," Laura said.

Naruto looked at his stomach. His seal looked very much the same as it usually did when he was channeling chakra. "That's strange. It doesn't look any different, except that it's visible when I am not using chakra."

"Try channeling chakra then," Dr. Strange suggested, "I am sure you will find something new."

Naruto focused his chakra and what appeared to be another inverted eight symbols seal appeared around the inner one.

"That is the outer gate. It draws neutral chakra into your chakra coils and that break is where you can push chakra through it. It is only active when you use chakra. This other one is the inner gate. Since the demon is an entity of pure chakra, it is always using chakra, and therefore the seal is always active and since it is isolated from you, it no longer depends on your chakra to appear. It acts the same as the outer ring but in reverse. The empty space in the middle contains the filter. It only becomes active when one of you passes chakra to the other so it will never be visible for long." Dr. Strange explained, "You should probably visit your tenant and explain his new contract soon."

"Hai!" Naruto agreed, "But first a shower." There was more than enough left over blood from the seals to leave him slightly nauseated. The demon blood especially had an odd smell that he didn't find all that pleasant, but Laura was eying him like a piece of meat and her nose was twitching. He did not want to find out of demon blood turned people with enhanced senses into cannibals.

Naruto entered the familiar dripping sewer terrain. For once, there was no red glow or growling to lead the way, but he had made the trek enough times that he knew the way to the chamber. The prison room had definitely changed. Rather than one gate there were three and Naruto wasn't big enough to slip through the bars on his side, nor were the Kyuubi's claws long enough to reach him. They were well and truly separated from each other.

"What have you done, you insolent monkey!" The fox was obviously not happy about the new arrangement.

"I would think you would be happy. You may be in a cage, but you have been freed," Naruto said. He knew this would just piss the fox off. He was right. The demon snarled and raged, but was overall impotent. "That isn't very nice. I didn't have to give you freedom when I received freedom. I chose to give you a gift and you get angry."

"What have you DONE!" Kyuubi roared.

"Our wills are separate. I control what is on my side of the gate," Naruto said, concentrating hard on turning his side into a replica of training ground three in Konoha. Kyuubi's remained a sewer. "You control what is on yours. So why do you choose to live in a sewer?"

Kyuubi snarled at him, but his scenery did change, but it was to a formless inky blackness.

"We should each have full control of our own minds now, but our lives are still linked," Naruto said, "Neither of us can influence the other." He began examining some trees that he did not seem to be able to alter, at least not more than aesthetically. He reasoned that they must represent some part of himself.

"You are a representation of your consciousness. Whatever controls you controls your body. Those trees were the pipes that used to decorate this sewer. They were your chakra. Controlling the pipes controlled your chakra. There are other chambers containing memories and emotions and personality that represent your mind. The foundation it is all built upon is your body."

"Why are you telling me this?" Naruto asked.

"If you die, I die. I no longer have control, therefore you must control yourself. I always had just a little bit of control of everything. Not enough for you to notice, but enough to keep us alive. I made sure that lethal wounds were healed first. If you concentrate, you can feel your body, then direct your chakra and use your body's natural healing to repair the damage."

Naruto sat next to the tree and meditated, feeling out the lingering pain from the sealing. He could feel it. His eyes cracked open for a second and saw the anticipatory grin of the fox and knew there was something not right about this. He felt out the pain more and recognized it as the shape of the seal. The fox was trying to trick him into making his body reject the seal. Two could play at that game. Rather than tell his body to reject the cause of the pain, Naruto told his body, "this is a part of me, become one with it." To his surprise, it worked. His chakra instantly integrated with the seal and he healed.

"You give some good advice. It is a shame it is mixed with deceit," Naruto said.

"Either I was free, or I live longer because my container was stronger. There was no downside for me," Kyuubi said.

Naruto noticed that one of the roots of the tree reached into the gate. He sent a small pulse of chakra along it and sees a small puff of white chakra appear and be absorbed into Kyuubi.

"This is a rather ingenious trick that was done. You should congratulate the one who modified the seal."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"If I were ever to lend you all my chakra, even for a short time, I would stop being a demon until I converted enough hatred into chakra again, assuming I still had that ability."

"If you were no longer a demon, then what would you be?" Naruto asked.

"Who knows. A celestial being perhaps?" Kyuubi suggested with a snicker, "But you need not worry, I wouldn't lose my winning personality, I would just have a different set of abilities. I would never allow that to happen of course. There is no reason for you to ever need all of my power, and I can always give you the same chakra you give back. There should not be any being that should require more than half my chakra to defeat. And, since you have given me a portion of your own chakra, I now have a small amount of yin chakra. With only yang chakra I couldn't regenerate my chakra, so now, I will return to my former strength as well. Your father did one thing right in sealing my yin chakra into the stomach of the shinigami. Eventually, that seal of his would have drained me dry. Now that won't be an issue." The Kyuubi laughed madly, sending its tails thrashing wildly behind him. "One day I will escape and this world will see what a true demon can do."

Naruto left to return to the real world. As far as he was concerned, the Kyuubi would never be going anywhere ever again.