A confusing world
I write this story , more for fun considering the growing number of sad stories or dramatic , I think this would be a good change , do not worry that my first priority remains the duty of Humphrey , enjoy


The herds had been a month since the marriage of Garth and Lilly joined herds also took place shortly after the marriage of Kate and Humphrey
It was a normal night in Jasper , when suddenly several strange portals opened throughout the territory of the herds together , leaving an odd number of wolves alternate universe where everyone was affected in different ways, this story is about adventures that will live in this strange world, and as try to return to his own universe

We begin with an fur red wolf, sleeping peacefully with his fellow white fur, when suddenly the portal transfer it to a huge mansion with an underground lab full of high-tech armor, Garth barely flinched and turned even back asleep

Moreover Lilly was taken to another mansion , which at bottom was a barracks, and had an X input

Tony , was sent to a normal home , but had a green ring on one finger

Winston by his side was now in the middle of the Arctic, in a fortress made of crystals

Eve , now I was in a small house , where there was a makeshift lab where gamma radiation had notes

Hutch , now had a high-tech armor dark green, and was in a spaceship , class frigate , which orbits the earth

Candu , light armor was now over, and he lay with a hammer

Salty , was in a ordinary house , but with a great lab full of great technology , but also his head was bigger , and had a swirl hairstyle
Mooch, was now in a temple , wearing a brown tunic , and beside , he had a kind of saber

Shakey was now an ordinary house , but had something very special on your wrist , as a kind of clock, but not of this world

Kate , now he was in a mansion full of powerful mystical objects

Humphrey was now a small house on a mountain, using an orange clothes with a blue shirt, which was unusually heavy , there was also a red staff , next to him

¿Where were they sent?, ¿Can they come back? , ¿Can they meet again? ¿What is what happened to everyone?, Keep reading to find out, write reviews of how you think this new story, I know it is a bit short on chapter, but it is only because it is the introduction.