A confusing world
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P.V. normal
Kate then I remembered , " here is supposed to have responsibilities not " ask them

Winston : "In theory, yes , but which " ask them

Cortana: "Hutch, and I have a few months off until repair the damage I get the infinity in the last battle, but we could call anytime if we needed" I said

Salty : " check my schedule , and only I have to finish certain inventions , but I can delay them " I told

Mooch : "All I know is that if you need me call me " I said

Max: "you if you have responsibilities, but I'll tell you when we need you " I said to Shakey

Shakey : "ok , but which " asked curious

Max: " nothing too hard , just fight some evil aliens , and occasionally some peace negotiations " to explain

Shakey : "Do not do that " I said a little worried

Max: " I'll help ," I said smiling

Shakey : "Great " I said

Jarvis : "Lord you should run a big company , and must save the world , like Super Wolf , Dr. Strange , and Candu " to explain

Garth : " that great responsibility," said nervous

Winston : "yes that is the whole world depends on us " I said a little nervous

Tony : "at least one has to take care of this planet , as the base of the ring, I have to protect a sector of the universe," I said

Lilly : " from what I remember , now I have mutant powers , and I only call me if you need me , but it is to fight evil mutants " I said with nerves because I had never fought before

Kate : " What about you , Humphrey ," I asked

Humphrey : I sighed and said , "is basically to train most of the day , and watch for any danger that this " to explain

Garth : I could not stop laughing when I heard that, " you get to train," I said with a laugh

Humphrey : "If I'm aware of the irony ," I said a little annoying

Lilly: "Calm down" I said after gently tap on the shoulder

Garth : " I'm sorry" I said

Winston : " it is likely that most of the time we are here, but where any emergency we have to go " I said

Tony : " I think right now I can continue on earth," I said

Humphrey : " would have to go through some things in my house, but also able to be here and train," I said feeling weird saying the last part

Garth : "then we have a plan , just hope it works " I said

Jarvis: "sir, already lunch is served" to report

Garth : " Thanks , Jarvis " said

Humphrey : " that well I'm starving , I feel I could eat a dinosaur " I said

Kate : "If I have also a little hungry " I said

Garth : " we " I said, as I rose and went up to the room , luckily was very large, a long table with a total of fifteen chairs, " if I live alone because I have this big table " I asked Jarvis

Jarvis : " eccentricity " said

Garth : I laughed nervously and said , " sit "

When everyone sat down a lot of food was carried by several robots

Winston : "looks yummy" I said looking at all the food

Lilly : " not too much " I asked

Jarvis: "just prepare according to the amount of hunger that they had detected, there's more in the kitchen" I said

Immediately everyone looked at Mooch , except Humphrey , who was looking where to start

Mooch : " that I have hunger but not so much " I said with a shrug

Tony : " whatever, let's get lunch," I said

Humphrey : I smiled at that, I started eating like I had never eaten , personally , never in my life had I felt so hungry

Everyone stared at Humphrey eat, unable to believe their eyes, (if you ever saw Goku eat, you know what I mean)

Kate : " these so well that swallow " I asked

Humphrey : " I do not really know, but it tastes so rich , and I have very hungry " I said with a mouthful

Garth : " but take it easy, and you ate half of the food you just " I said

Humphrey : " but if I'm eating calm " I said, as he took another piece of meat

Tony : " if you do not eat, not going to leave anything ," I told Winston

Winston : " I know, but it's awesome , I never knew that someone could eat well ," I said surprised, a little puzzled

Jarvis : " Sir we have a problem " I said

Garth : "that is" asked

Jarvis : " we ran out of food ," I said

Garth : " I'll have to buy a supermarket or two" I said to see how much you ate, and how the dishes pile grew and grew

Winston : "Do not you think you should stop," I suggested helpfully

Humphrey : I guess you're right , they say it should be eaten sparingly when " I told

When he said that , everyone fell off their chairs

Humphrey : " that" ask confused

Kate : When I stood note that Humphrey had not increased a single Kilo , " where you put all that food " asked

Humphrey : I shrugged , "suddenly spending a lot of energy training," said

Cortana : " have to spend more than 10000 calories " said

Salty : " equates to over 8333 pushups " said

Humphrey : " I do not understand they want to get" I said

Hutch : " it's impossible " said

Humphrey : " I do not think you should see a training day " I said

Kate : " and leave him alone , remember that we have many things to do , we have to get right back to our true home " I said

Winston : " Kate is right , everyone go, so you need to help , Garth , you mind if we stay here for a while ," I asked

Garth : "at all " I said, " Eve is always the other side of the house," thought

Winston : " Perfect , bring what you need to stay " I said , I saw everyone nodded

Garth : " I saw all the world out of the house , except for Candu , Hutch , Mooch , Eve and Lilly , " and you " ask them a little confused

Lilly : " I do not need to bring anything ," I said affectionately , as he kissed her cheek , " I just wanna be with you" I said sweetly

Garth smiled greatly to hear

Hutch : " I just need a bed " I said

" Like us," said Eve , Mooch, and Candu

Garth : " I have few rooms " I asked Jarvis

Jarvis : " has a total of eight , sir," I said

Garth : " meaning that Winston and Eve have to share an equal, Kate and Humphrey , and us" I said

Lilly : " probably not going to have problems with that," I said smiling

Eve : " I feel good , but I'll be watching ," I said seriously, then went to walk around the house

Candu : " you know you'll be sharing the house with a super strong Eve " Garth told

Garth : "devils" I said quietly

Hutch : "will be fun to see how they survive " I said smiling

Mooch : " Humphrey and survive at least one of their attacks , unlike other who fled " I said as a joke

Garth: "haha, very funny" I said sarcastically, "but I appreciate my life" I said

Meanwhile with Humphrey, P.V. Humphrey

Was flying into my house in the flying cloud , but I felt it was a bit slow, suddenly remembered a technique to fly, "try it" I told myself, raise my Ki, and jump out of the cloud, surprisingly was faster than her, "it's amazing" excited scream while flying, when I got home, I picked up some capsules, and also a glowing sphere did not know why, but I found it very important, then return to the home of Garth, in the way I remembered many more techniques, including one that could save me many times, when you get notice that there was still Salty 's ship, and felt the presence of Winston, Kate, and Tony" I went in first to get" me I said to myself, go to the house and went to the lab knowing that Garth was there, when I saw it was entangled with many cables on the roof, "happened to you" I asked confused

P.V. Normal

Garth : I sighed and said , "Eve

Humphrey : " you did well " I said smiling

Garth : "If I could finish much worse," said

Humphrey : "and that was " asked

Garth : " misunderstood a conversation he had with Lilly ," I said

Humphrey : I chuckled at the thought , " need help " I asked

Garth : " I can me alone," I said sarcastically

Humphrey : "If you say so, " I said as I climbed the stairs

Garth : "No, I was just being sarcastic," I said quickly

Humphrey : I laughed slightly , and said, smiling , " yes, I know "

Garth : " that 's funny " I said sarcastically

Humphrey : I rolled my eyes , and began to unravel , after ten minutes I said , "ready , pulled the cable and the free

Garth : " it was time " I said absolutely aching to be so, then consider something, " do not wait " I said quickly but was later

Humphrey : When you pull the cord , I saw that fell to the floor , making a loud noise

Garth : " that's why I told you to wait " I growled , even one with his face on the floor

Humphrey : " I'm sorry" I said

Garth : " whatever," I said as I rubbed his face to and

Humphrey : " by the way in which this Candu , Hutch , Lilly , and Mooch " I asked to not feel his Ki close

Garth : "Eve , the command to buy milk " to explain

Humphrey : " milk, as you send an experienced soldier , a god , a mutant , and whatever Mooch, to buy milk " I asked confused

Garth : " 's Eve , you will risk saying no " I asked

Humphrey : " Good point ," I said nodding , " by the way, where is your armor " I asked

Garth : " Lilly , I ask you to take it away " to explain

Humphrey : " rightly " said

Garth : suddenly not someone on , "h -hi , Eve " stutter

Eve : " Garth , Humphrey , just wanted to have a conversation with you," I said as I approached

Humphrey : " I think we could expect to Winston , Kate or Lilly ," I said as he backed slowly Garth

Eve : " I do not, you better handle these situations myself " I said, "Now that 's what they did on their wedding night , my daughters ," I said a little upset

Humphrey : " you can get your armor" I whispered

Garth : Look behind Eve , where you place the armor, "impossible " nervous whispers

Humphrey : " is there any other way " I asked

Garth : " right next to Eve ," I said

Humphrey : I saw next to Eve , and I could see the other output

Garth : " we are dead " I said with fear

Humphrey : " maybe not, I have a technique that could save us , but" I told

Garth : "but that" I said hurry

Humphrey , " but I want , give me the room farthest from Eve ," I said smiling

Garth : " that you must be joking " I said

Humphrey : "It's your decision," he said smiling

Garth : " but if you leave here you will be attacked also told

Humphrey : " already survived once , I think I can another , what about you " I said smiling

Eve : " answer me " annoying yell

Garth : "Okay you win ," I said suddenly saw Eve jump against us

Humphrey : I smiled and put my leg over his shoulder , and immediately use the teleportation technique

Eve : before he could touch them , I saw suddenly disappeared , I kept hitting a wall right , deriving it in the process, " you'll see " said annoyed while for me and I dusted

Meanwhile somewhere in the not too distant

Humphrey : " Calm down and Garth " I told her to see that her eyes were still closed

Garth : I opened my eyes and noticed that we were in a supermarket affront , " happened " I asked a little confused

Humphrey : "use teleportation to save us from Eve" explain

Garth : " and where we are " asked

Humphrey : " do not know" I said with a shrug

Garth : As you do not know you brought us here, " I said annoyed

Humphrey : "No I did was take us to the place where was the nearest Ki " explain

Garth : " Ki " I asked confused

Humphrey : " is the energy or power of a person fight " to explain

Garth : " and who came near us ," I asked

Humphrey : " Lilly " said

Garth : " it explains , the store " I said understanding , " of course, because you did not use that technique before " I asked curious

Humphrey : "because I remembered while returning home " to explain

Garth : " thank you for saving me " I said

Humphrey : " it's nothing, but do not forget our deal ," I said smiling

Garth : " I think it's the least " I said with a sigh , " we will seek to Lilly and others, do not know how good idea is that you're here " I said

Humphrey nodded and followed him

Meanwhile with Lilly , Candu , Hutch , and Mooch

Lilly : "This is very uncomfortable," I said

Hutch : " needless to say it, people do not stop to look at us ," I said

Candu : " must be in our locker room," said

Mooch : "it is possible " said

Lilly : " let's go look for milk and fast , I feel very safe leaving Garth alone with my mom," I said

Mooch : " Speaking of which, as we know when we see the milk " I ask , remembering that the only type of milk was the mother know

Cortana : " you must be joking " I said , I saw that all made the same face of doubt , " not even want to know where they come " I thought, " milk comes in bottles, or bags, and usually marked as milk " I explained

Lilly : keep walking , trying to ignore the stares , until I finally found the milk, the only problem is that there were many , "which is what you want mom " I asked them , I saw that all shrugged

Cortana : " Just take the left " I said wearily

Lilly : I shrugged I did what he said , " and now you have to do " I ask

Cortana : " go to the register and pay " I said

Lilly : " someone brought money " they ask

Hutch : " I have no pockets," I said with a shrug

Candu : " nor am of the earth" I said

Mooch : " I do not think " I said

Garth : " I got it " I said as I approached with Humphrey

Lilly : " they do here " I ask

Humphrey : " Eve escaping " said

Lilly : "Now that made Mom" asked a little annoyed by knowing

Garth : " I am entangled in roof, and then we tried to attack , luckily escaped " said

Hutch came in to us with an angry Eve behind him "I told them altered

Humphrey : "Do not worry there is no way to know where we are," said

Candu , " is one of the best trackers , it will take to find them," said

Garth : " for the first time I agree with the coyote , it is impossible for us to go" I said

Hutch : " how is it " I asked confused

Humphrey: "We instant transport here because we do not leave any trace that you can continue" to explain

Mooch : " can do that," I said surprised

Garth : " Humphrey can , is a technique called " I said

Mooch : "Great " I said

Garth : I approached Candu and Hutch and ask them upset, " because I was left alone with Eve "

Candu : " Nothing personal, but literally told us we left, and we appreciate too our throats , to disobey " explain

Hutch nodded in confirmation

Garth : next time at least tell me, I have a suit of armor to go into space , I can stay there until I return, " I said

Hutch : " I have in mind," said

Humphrey : "it is safe to return ," I said

Garth : " as you know " I asked

Humphrey : "because Winston and came home " to explain

Garth : "Well it is more secure " I said , pay , and we left the store, "where is the house " they ask

Cortana : " 750 meters north of here," I said

Humphrey : they came here " ask them curious

Hutch : " I drove " to explain

Garth : " came to a store on a military plane " asked

Cortana : " I said it was not very good idea," I said

Hutch : " that we have no car," I said with a shrug

Garth : " I have a basement full " said

Hutch : " I'll remember ," I said

Garth : I rolled my eyes , and then we all jumped on the pelican , when we note that Kate , also was coming

Humphrey : " Hi Kate" I said cheerfully

Kate : " hello, that made all " ask them curious

Lilly : " Mom would ask buy milk " to explain

Kate : " and that " I asked confused

Garth : " to distract them while we attacked " explain , raising the tone in the last piece

Kate : " DID YOU " ask them upset with my mom

Humphrey : "Yes, but we were able to escape ," I said

Kate : "We have to talk to Mom " said annoyed

Garth : " if they speak other than in my house , I do not want to destroy it " I asked

Lilly : " I agree with Kate , we have to talk to mom, and is now more important than before, to see who has super strength , and that could really hurt them or kill them ," I said with concern

Humphrey : " and before I could ," I said sarcastically

Kate : "let's talk to her " Lilly told

Lilly : I nodded and followed

Humphrey : We watched as the two entered the house , " while trying to convince Eve to not kill us , you know where I can put one thing I use to train" I asked Garth

Garth : " So Big " I asked curious

Humphrey : " a little larger than the jet Lilly " said

Garth : " it is perhaps a spaceship " I asked surprised

Humphrey : "Well, it was before " I said smiling

Garth : I thought for a moment and said , " you can put it over there " I said pointing a fairly large space on one side of the house

Humphrey : " Thanks" I said as I went over there

Garth : " by the way in which this " I asked curious

Humphrey : "here" I said as he showed a capsule

Garth : " I recognize this technology , can shrink and store large objects, but are very expensive , so it is " I said surprised because I had one, and he knew that

Humphrey : " I remember is it was a gift ," I said

Garth : "That would explain it ," I said

Humphrey smiled and prepared to launch the capsule

¿Kate, And Lilly can convince Eve not to kill Garth and Humphrey?, ¿What will be in the capsule that has Humphrey?, ¿How many shops have to buy Garth to whet the appetite of Humphrey?, Keep reading to find out, not forget to write reviews of how they think the story so far