This scenario contains characters and situations
created by George Lucas and owned by Lucasfilm
Ltd. No money in being earned and no
infringement is intended. Sentences in '***' are
from the Star Wars Radio Drama Episode 1: A
Wind to Shake the Stars, and were written by
Brian Daley.

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Dedication: This is dedicated to all young
causalities of war, whose dreams are
never entirely fulfilled.

Once Upon a Tatooine Dream
by Bria
Thursday, February 26, 1998

*Biggs, You should have been here.*
The Rebellion has won the Battle of Yavin.
If only you were around.

My best friend.
*You were the one that made things happen.
You always were number 1.*

I will surely miss you.
You saved my life.
You helped me back home.

Those Tatooine sands seemed so dull after you left home.
You were the one who stood up for me.
You believed in me and encouraged my dreams.

I was so surprised to find you.
I was elated that I would fly with you.
I was horrified when you died.

But rest assured in the Force.
I will live on and fight for justice.
I will honor your memory.