Naruto the Moonlight warrior

Naruto: Hey awesome looks like I'm starring in a new fiction sweet

Kilroy: Wait how did you get in here

Naruto: Well you see I found this door and I went through and found this so what's the new story going to be about.

Kilroy: Right so here's the summary of it, basically Naruto [you] gets banished after bringing that ungrateful Uchiha scum back to the village. But when you turn up at the valley of the end you meet sailor Pluto. Basically it turns out that you are the long lost Prince Naruto of the Moon Kingdom and older sister to Serena or Sailor moon. Basically you become this guy called the Moonlight warrior you get this cool armor and sword that's again The Fusion swords from FF7 advent children, seriously Zabuza's sword has nothing on it, Omni slash will also be your finisher. You're going to be Three years older than everyone else. But hidden under a disguise as people won't fear a short bumbling idiot.

Naruto: that sounds pretty cool I actually can't wait to experience it. Oh who am I going to end up dating, will it be one of the sailor senshi or what.

Kilroy: actually it's going to be Asuna-chan you know Fem-Kyūbi, she's going to be the spitting image of Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagen. She won't be a bijū in this, she's a Zenko a benevolent Kitsune spirit,

Naruto: sweet sounds like a plan dude

Kilroy: while your hear mind doing the Disclaimer for me

Naruto: sure dude,

Okay listen up people Kilroy7087 does not own Me or Sailor moon We belong to our respectful owners. Okay all done bro now start the Story now

Kilroy: yeah yeah here were go





Story begin

Naruto had had it. He was through with the leaf, through with his so called 'friends', his teacher, and even more he was through with this stupid disguise.

That's right the Uzumaki Naruto everybody knew and loved to hate was not what he appeared. From an early age he was beaten stabbed and left for dead so many times. One night when he was eight he was so severely beaten that he was sent to his mind-scape

~flashback a go go baby~

Naruto or should i say Naruto as he hated that name, people would laugh at how he was named after a ramen topping so he renamed himself Naruto meaning tempest or storm he also liked how Naruto also meant maelstrom but that name just reminded him of all the abuse and hate shown to him. Anyway Naruto awoke in what appeared to be a sewer. He wondered forward until he came across a huge cage. From within he could hear crying, he went towards the cage and inside he could see a girl who looked to be eight years old with crimson red hair she was in a purple kimono with fox prints all over she had nine fox tails waving around her and two cute little fox ears on top of her head

"Hey miss why are you crying?" Naruto said looking at the girl his heart going out to her

"Cause this is my fault" she said "it's my fault they all beat you, why they all hate you despise your very existence"

"What how is it your fault, you do t appear to be dangerous and from what i can tell it would be very hard for you to get out of this cage" Naruto said

"The reason it's my fault is because i attacked your village eight years ago" she said

"Wait You mean to tell me you are the Kyūbi no Kitsune but I thought the Fourth Hokage killed you" Naruto said astonished that he was in the presence of the Fox demon known to topple mountains and cause tsunamis with a wave of just one of its tails.

"Yes I'm the Kyūbi, surprised to know that the great Kyūbi no Kitsune is Female" She said with a little anger with the last statement

"No I can't believe she's this cute" he said, Kyūbi blushed at this surprised at his answer "then name is Naruto Uzumaki, may I be so rude as to ask your name" He asked

"It's Asuna, and thank you most people don't ask me my name they just call me by my title and demand of me power or to obey them" Asuna said

"Well Asuna may I ask Why you attacked the village cause based on my first impression you don't seem to be the type of person to just up and attack a village unless provoked, and why do you look to be about my age" Naruto asked her

"Well the reason I look to be the same age as you is because of the seal i think, I believe that because the shinigami sealed me in you he reset my age, so i'm now the same age as you, but really i'm only 300 years old, I have nine tails because of the power given to by the Rikudo Sennin I really only have 3 tails, and i'm a Zenko a good fox, Inari sama to guard the land of fire. Now the reason why I attacked the village, well as you deduced I was not I under my own will. You see I was sleeping peacefully in my den in the mountains of Hi no Kuni [Land Of Fire], when suddenly I was attacked by three ninjas, one looked like a Venus fly trap, one looked like a walking fish and the third looked like something out of a horror film, however the one who put me under his control was an Uchiha, I believe he said his name was Madara, anyway he put me under his Tsukiyomi and the last thing I remember after that was waking up here." Asuna said.

"Well how's that your fault, you weren't in control, these villagers ain't nothing but idiots" Naruto said convicted "Listen I forgive you but you have to do me one thing"

"What's that Naruto-kun?" Asuna asked not knowing her addition of the affectionate suffix.

"I want you to be my friend and I'll be yours" Naruto said with a smile. All Asuna could do was nod as the words would only have got caught in her throat.

After a while she managed to calm down and find the right words.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, to show you my thanks how would you like it if I was to train you to be the greatest shinobi in the elemental nations." Asuna asked him

"How would I like it, I'd love it Asuna-chan" Naruto said, Asuna blushing at the affectionate suffix.

~Flashback a no more~

And with that a great friendship was made. Asuna would help Naruto with his training giving him great teachings on the ninja essentials such as Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu and kenjutsu as well as Fūinjutsu after they found out who Naruto's parents were when they overheard a meeting when Naruto went to see the hokage of course Naruto used the ventilation ducts to get in however when he heard the meeting and about his parents he was furious. Naruto Uzumaki or should I say Naruto Namikaze son of The Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō or Konoha's Yellow flash, Minato Namikaze and the Akai chishio no Habanero or the Red Hot Habanero Kushina Uzumaki. this lead to his developing his disguise, basically the Loud mouth knucklehead with the bright orange jumpsuit, but to be honest that was all he could get as the shops wouldn't sell him anything else, he also had to hunt for his food cause he would eat nothing but ramen, don't get him wrong ramen is great but only on the odd occasion.

Asuna also used her youkai to influence his body's growth so by the time he was 15 he looked to be about 18 and he had his father's hairstyle, in remembrance of course. He also managed to find a replica of his father's outfit as a genin, but this all was hidden by a complex Genjutsu that not even the Sharingan could break through cause it was a Kitsune illusion.

Now anyway getting back to the present. You see Naruto had just been banished from his hometown of Konoha. Why you ask? Well you see this spoilt little rotten insignificant speck of rat shit know as Sasuke Uchiha had left the village so of course they call the idiot to go retrieve him cause under his disguise Sasuke is his 'best friend'. Oh joy he was such a great friend that he shoved a fucking chidori Straight through his chest. So he bet the shit out of him and dragged him back, but oh no the village didn't like that. Oh heaven forbid that the gift from Kami herself be harmed, he got a head injury from the pink howler monkey known as Sakura Haruno and yelled at by the pathetic excuse of a son, student, teacher Kakashi Hatake. Who let me remind you was Minato's student but oh no Kakashi preferred the Uchiha cause he was a prodigy.

And that old hag didn't even bother to stand up for him in the council when they decided to banish him. Oh she screamed and yelled but Tsunade didn't bother to pull a single muscle to try and stop them, she could of pounded the whole council but no she didn't want to cause she would lose her position as hokage and her money, which would mean going back gambling trying to make it big.

And don't get him started on that pathetic waste of matter known as Jiraiya, his godfather mind you. He was to busy peeping on women to help out his godson. Well Naruto had it, no more.

"Kai" he said with his hands in a ram seal. This dispelled the illusion and his disguise "Fuck them all is what I say, they can all rot in hell, I just hope they liked my going away present"

He summoned a shadow clone with the familiar Cross seal "You know what to do" and dispelled the clone. Oh yeah did you know that shadow clones gave the user back their memories. That's right Naruto who could summon thousands of clones was able to learn in days what a person would learn in years. What he did there was have the clone transfer the memory to a clone he had hidden back in konoha at the Hokage Monument, under a Kitsune illusion.

-Back in Konoha -

You see the night before he was banished he did a little project. Basically he remodelled the monument to capture what he felt his parents would have done. When his clone got the memory to unleash hell, unleashed he did.

What konoha witnessed was three being destroyed by well-placed explosive tags, and the fourths head re-designed to feature a scowl on his face, and right beside him was a full body sculpture of Kushina Uzumaki her hair divided into nine tails. Her katana branded ready for killing. Underneath in blood red paint was written,

'You better beg for mercy from us konoha for betraying us and our Son signed Kiiroi Senkō and Akai chishio no Habanero'.

-With the remaining loyal [and I say that with as much venom as I can] Sannin-

In her office Tsunade and Jiraiya, sat drinking sake, sure they were depressed about losing Naruto but there was nothing they could do the council was absolute. Jiraiya could have revealed his heritage but then Iwa [Rock village] would send assassins to try and kill him, not like he already had enough assassins try that from his own village.

Suddenly Shizune burst through the doors looking like she had seen a ghost.

"Jiraya-sama, Tsunade-sama look at the monument someone has destroyed it" she said pointing to said monument.

"WHAT" Tsunade exclaimed, she and Jiraiya rushed to the window to see what had happened. When they saw what happened they went completely still. They knew what the message meant and what it meant for konoha now.

"Oh no, Jiraiya he knows, how does he know" Tsunade said frantically.

"I don't know hime [princess] I didn't tell him that's for sure and I know sensei didn't tell him" Jiraiya said, then he went even paler, even as pale as Orochimaru himself "The Namikaze compound he must have found it, but then that would mean, oh shit Tsunade we need to get him back"

"Why what could be wrong Jiraiya" Tsunade said. That's right folks, Naruto found his parents' house. But instead of leaving it there for the konoha trash to claim it theirs, he had left explosive notes with a timer seal meaning they would go off at a certain time. He had set these when he first heard of his banishment, he took all his parents belongings and sealed everything into marked scrolls. Konoha was rocked by an explosion and left Jiraiya and Tsunade cursing thinking they were under attack. Suddenly an anbu nija appeared wearing a hawk mask.

"hokage-sama the Namikaze compound has been destroyed" Hawk said.

"WHAT" she yelled.

"That's why we need to get him back hime he has all the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan scrolls with him, we need to get them back." The Pervert said.

And with that Tsunade and Jiraiya got a squad together to retrieve the Namikaze Heir.

-Back with Naruto-

Naruto had found him back at the Valley of the End. He was thinking where to go from here he could go to the hidden mist village or maybe Cloud village. However his musings were cut short as a blinding light appeared in front of him. From out of the light a woman appeared in front of him. She was absolutely gorgeous, curves in all the right places. She had green hair and pink eyes. She was dressed in a very revealing sailor fuku. She wielded a staff that looked like it was used for something other than as a weapon. What was weird though was that she seemed familiar, it didn't help that Naruto was having these dreams of castle of some sort and people who he could not name but he recognised them or at least he did in the dream.

"My prince I have found you at last" she said "I have been searching millennia for you, oh I'm so glad to have found you" she finished embracing Naruto in a hug, in his mindscape Asuna was getting pissed off.

"Whoa, lady what the hell are you talking about, I ain't no prince I'm just some orphan" Naruto said pushing the woman away.

"Well maybe in this life, however in your previous life that's a different story, here let me show you" she said and with that she touched her staff to his forehead. Unlocking repressed memories of another life and also unlocking his hidden powers.

In the memories Naruto finds himself in a beautiful palace on the moon? Yes that's right this was the moon kingdom, it was all coming back to him, he was Naruto the Prince of the moon kingdom, first born son to Queen Serenity and older Brother to Princess Serenity, but he always called her Serena cause that suited her better than the same name as their mother. He also remembered the other princess of the other planets, they were also known as the Sailor Senshi. Then he remembered what happened, they were attacked by Beryl. They girls were sent to earth to be reborn, he was too however beryl had opened a portal to another dimension sucking him in before she was defeated by his mother.

He also received information on who the senshi and his sister were now, he also knew that they were in danger from beryl's plans.

"Setsuna-oba-chan" Naruto said hugging the women crying "I'm so glad to see you again"

"Now, now my prince, all is well now" Setsuna aka Sailor Pluto said "Now I believe your sister and the other Princesses need your help no?"

"Of course, Setsuna-oba-chan, I would like nothing more than to get as far from here as possible, however would it be possible for you to do something for me" Naruto said wiping his tears.

"And what would you have of me Naruto-kun" Setsuna asked

"Can you free my friend Asuna-chan, please I've been trying to get her free however nothing would work." Naruto said showing Setsuna the seal. Looking at the Seal Setsuna glared, she knew what type of sealing that was, however she knew exactly how to get rid of it and release the prisoner without harming the prince.

"Of course Naruto, now just relax now this won't take long" she said twirling her staff weaving her powers she then touched the staff against the seal which disappeared,

"Celestial door open" she said, beside her a tall golden door appeared. The door opened with a loud groaning sound and it opened slowly. From out of the door stepped Asuna in all her nine tailed glory. She now looked different from when they had met when Naruto was eight. She now was a head smaller than him with him being 5'10 compared to her 5'9. Her curves beginning to show at her young age of fifteen. [Remember that's how old she is in demon years]. Her hair was done in a single high ponytail with bangs framing her face [again picture Yoko from Gurren Lagen]. She still had her kimono which was staring to show her womanly figure, whereas before it was baggy and hid her figure. When the two friends locked eyes they were over ecstatic to see each other, quickly embracing each other in a hug

"Naruto-kun I'm so glad to be able to finally hug you and not be trapped behind those accursed bars" Asuna said

"I know Asuna-chan and even better still we don't have to stay in this accursed shinobi world where we would be hunted for the rest of our lives for who we are and are power." Naruto said giving her one of his foxy grins.

"That reminds, nice idea with the monument, I bet they are kicking themselves now" Asuna said with a grin of her own.

"Okay love birds we need to get you guys through the door so we may get as far away from here as possible" Setsuna said. With that comment the two 'love-birds' blushed furiously.

"Setsuna-oba-chan, knock it off it isn't like that" Naruto said however he and Asuna both muttered "yet" low enough neither heard it.

"Calm down Yūshi [nephew/someone considered one's own child], I'm only teasing, now let's get the door open" Setsuna said. She twirled her staff again and threw it in the air. This action caused another flash of bright light and a door to appear. The door was very large, about half the size of the gates to konoha, and it was silver with crescent moons emblazoned all over it. It was through this that Naruto and Asuna would find them travelling to the Milky Way Galaxy far from their galaxy. [For those of you that don't know Pluto has power of time and space so technically she's travelling through time and space to get them to our earth].

As the three started to head through the door, they were stopped by shouts coming from behind them. Turning to look at who it could be, Naruto and Asuna were quickly angered. Before them stood Jiraiya, Kakashi, Tsunade and a few of the genins, probably brought along to guilt trip him into coming back, however he heard what they all called him when he was being forced to leave, they all called him demon, just because of the fact that's what their parents called him and just because he did his duty, well fuck them if they thought he would bend to their will anymore, he now had a new purpose and a previous life to return to.

"Wait Naruto, don't leave" the perverted hermit began.

"Don't you even talk to me you sick perverted fuck I hope my mother annihilates you for what you asked me to do that time at the hot springs when we first met and fuck off if you think I'm going back with you, you two-timing no good rotten fuck. You betrayed not only me but my parents as well." Naruto said pointing at the hermit "And your pathetic if bringing these people here was going to somehow miraculously get me to go back with you to that cesspit of a village just to return to being your scapegoat and punching bag, okay so fuck you" he said pointing to Jiraiya.

"Now wait just a minute Naruto we just" Kakashi tried to say

"Fuck you" Naruto interrupted.

"Brat you better shut up and listen for a minute." Tsunade said trying to get him to calm down

"Drop dead you worthless old bitch" Naruto shouted.

"Naruto-kun stop, and come back with your friends" Ino said,

"No fuck off you worthless skank ass bitch you only tolerate me right now cause who my father is right now, if I was still the no-clan orphan you all liked kicking around then you wouldn't give me the time off day, no you'd rather give it to Sasuke-kun, so do me a favour and find the highest cliff and jump please," Naruto said.

"And fuck all of you, you two timing pieces of shit," he pointed to the rest of the rookies which included Chōji, Shikamaru wasn't there as he was on a mission plus it would have been too 'troublesome' Naruto thought with venom 'the only thing troublesome is their worthless existence the only good they do is battle strategy but yet my dad was also adept at that', Tenten, Neji, and Kiba was there. Hinata wasn't allowed to go as she was attending some clan business with her father as was Shino. All of those present had turned away from them after it was announced he was to be banished and when it was announced that he contained the Kyūbi which they did seeing as he no longer needed the protection of that law 'fucking fat load of good it did anyway' Naruto thought.

"Wait Naruto you need to come back to claim your heritage" Tsunade said.

"Oh don't worry hag I have my heritage right here nice and safe on my person where it belongs." Naruto said

Turning around Naruto, Asuna and Setsuna all headed into the door, however Naruto gave them all a memento to remember him by, him flipping them the bird with the biggest shit eating grin he could muster. When he went through the door it closed behind them. Tsunade had broken down crying, from between letting Naruto be banished and what he said to her, Tsunade couldn't take it, and what was worse was when he was banished he said how she was like the mother he never had.

Jiraiya also was thrown into a state of depression, he had not only let down his student but his godson as well. Kakashi was also very sombre, his last link with his beloved sensei was gone, he would admit that that was the only reason he kept Naruto around was to remind him of his sensei, however that link was gone now and he was truly the only one left from his old team. The genin were beside themselves, that wasn't the Naruto they knew, he wasn't loud or obnoxious. He was cold, ruthless, and very harsh. His words cut deep. Forever ingrained into their memory was the image of Naruto leaving this world while giving them the bird.

-With Naruto and Asuna-

When they stepped through the door the trio of travellers appeared before a ruined castle. Naruto knew where he was, this was what was left of the moon kingdom. Looking around Naruto was overwhelmed as this was home now in ruins.

Suddenly they were surrounded by light. When it suddenly subsided they were surprised to see the castle in less ruin then it was just moments ago before them was the long dead Queen Serenity. Naruto was confused as he didn't know what was going on.

"Mother is it really you" he asked however the queen merely shook her head negatively

"I'm afraid not my son although it is good to see you safe. I am an imprint left here for when your sister, the other princesses and you yourself should ever find yourself here. I was here to remind you of your past life but I can see Setsuna has already done that. However you have yet to receive your inheritance" Queen Serenity said

"What do you mean mother" Naruto said looking puzzled

"Well my son as i and your sister have possession of the silver imperial crystal you have ownership over the platinum galaxy crystal." She said "which holds the same if not more power than your sister's crystal." Said crystal floated in front of Naruto. Suddenly it glowed and then disappeared. On Naruto's arm appeared a watch with a thick leather strap it was red in color and held the crystal underneath the clock-face.

"This is your Moon Sage watch just like the sailor's make up pens and you r sisters locket, this will allow you to transform into the Moonlight warrior, knight of honor and justice guardian of peace and all that is good." Serenity said "In order to transform you need to say the words 'Moonlight warrior magic transformation' just remember that my son and protect your sister" Serenity said hugging her son one last time before disappearing. The castle returning to its ruined state. Naruto cried but at least he got to see his mother one last time.

"How is my sister, Setsuna-oba-chan, I'm sure you had kept watch over them" Naruto said regaining his composure

"Well herself and the sailor senshi has visited hear already and serenity has unlocked the silver imperium Crystal. Unfortunately your friend and her love prince Endymion has been captured by Queen Beryl, also their memories of their previous life has been unlocked however memories of you have left to be unlocked as there was connection between you and them however they should remember upon meeting them" Setsuna said

"Okay take us to earth please Setsuna i believe my sister to be in need of some comforting.

"Of course Yūshi" Setsuna said. Opening another door they disappeared to reappear back on earth.

-With Usagi-

Usagi was currently in her room, she was depressed even though she and the senshi had won a major victory over Beryl, she reclaimed the silver imperium crystal and regained her memories however her love Mamoru or Prince Endymion had been taken by Beryl. Also it felt as though she was forgetting something, something or someone very close to her, even the others were having the same problem , they just couldn't figure out who or what they were forgetting.

"Luna I going crazy, I keep dreaming about the Moon kingdom however there's this older boy who I just can't seem to remember but I know he's important somehow." Serena said to her cat, Luna her advisor and guardian.

"Of course not princess, I have the same dreams so I believe you are not going crazy, I believe things will be made clear soon enough" the cat said in a British accent.

-Back with Naruto-

When they arrived on earth, the trio found themselves in the Juuban district, unfortunately Setsuna couldn't stay as she needed to return to minding the gates of time and space as she had been gone too long. So with a farewell and good luck she vanished.

As soon as she was gone, Naruto and Asuna embraced each other in another hug, Naruto spinning around

"We're free Asuna-chan, no more konoha no more traitors or council or anything we are free to live our lives together in peace with only ourselves to answer to" he said laughing for joy

"Oh Naruto-kun it's so wonderful" Asuna said overjoyed not to worry about people after her for her power.

After they finished hugging the checked their surroundings. They were currently in a clearing up on the hills near enough the city. That could wait till tomorrow however. It was getting late and the pair was tired from the day's events. So getting out one of his emergency tents he had sealed in a scroll Naruto prepared it for the night. Each getting their own futon, they both fell asleep as soon as they hit their pillows.

-Early the next morning-

Naruto got up early and left a shadow clone so Asuna wasn't left alone

He went to the shopping mall and using a genjutsu took clothes for Asuna and himself. The genjutsu was to make as if no one was in the shop when the staff reviewed the security cameras. He then sent a bunch of clones disguised as random people to find out about where he was and all about the rest of the world.

Next he headed to the bank which was opened thankfully. He went asking if he could get some currency exchanged however he found out he had money from a previous era so they got it appraised by someone from a local museum, it turned out he had of 250 million yen or so he opened a bank account to contain the money. With this he was given a cheque book debit card and the works.

Next he went to the real estate agency and bought a pent house apartment in the city near enough to the shopping mall and game crown arcade. Which he didn't know about yet. The next thing on his list was to get Asuna and himself set up in their new apartment. As he left most of his equipment with Asuna he homed in on a Hiraishin [Flying thunder god] kunai and flashed to its location. That's right ladies and gentlemen Naruto knew his father's signature jutsu and it only took him a month to learn and master it, seeing as he was an Uzumaki Seal expert, and the Uzumakis were BAMFs [Bad Ass Mother Fuckers] when it came to Fūinjutsu. Not only that but he took the rasengan and mastered it before he even made that stupid bet with Tsunade he just faked not mastering to con her into coming home with them. Not only that but he took it to the next level, what I mean by that is that he added elemental chakra manipulation to it which was his father was aiming for. With that he created his Fuuton Rasenshuriken or Wind style Spiralling Shuriken. In order to use this jutsu though without the millions of microscopic wind blades tearing his arm to shreds he took his wind manipulation to the extremes. After he mastered cutting a water fall he went and cut across a river much like Moses parted the red sea. Then he used his wind chakra to cut into mountains eventually cutting out patterns, which was how he made the sculpture of his mother on the monument. With all this he was able to control the Rasenshuriken completely even going so far as to be able to throw it.

Anyway when he appeared beside Asuna he found her to be still asleep in the tent. Walking up to her he shook her gently to get her to wake. She woke up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes in the cutest way, which made Naruto utter 'Kawaii' however with her hearing she was able to hear it making her blush.

"Morning Asuna-chan" he said cheerfully.

"Morning Naruto-kun" she replied sleepily. After she woke up she exited the tent, which Naruto sealed back into the scroll. He then took out another scroll marked 'food', he unsealed some meat and vegetables and went about cooking breakfast for them. After they ate breakfast Naruto took out the scroll he sealed the clothes he got into and took out some for Asuna

"Here Asuna-chan, we don't want to stick out too much now do we" He said. He gave her the clothes and took out some for himself

"Thank you Naruto-kun" Asuna said upon taking the clothes. She went into the forest to change and when she came back, Naruto had trouble picking his jaw up off the floor. She came out dressed in tight blue denim jeans, a cream sweater that fell over her shoulders and hugged her curves, and Vans slip on shoes.

"Wow, you look amazing Asuna-chan" he said finally picking his jaw off the ground. Asuna then blushed a crimson red

"Thank you Naruto-kun you don't look bad yourself" she said, taking in his appearance. Naruto had on a pair of Black and blue Vans high tops. He had on a black pair of cargo jeans. A simple red t-shirt, and a hooded jumper. It was Naruto's turn to blush

"Thanks Asuna-chan" he said, "Now let's go move into our apartment that I got for us". Asuna perked up with that, she nodded and they headed towards the apartment. When they arrived at the apartment complex they were amazed at how tall the building was, it was much larger than Naruto's last apartment building. When they got to their apartment Asuna was surprised to find that it was a pent house suite apartment. They walked in and was surprised at the size of the place. There was a huge Living room with a large couch and Big flat screen TV [he bought the apartment as it was furnished so he wouldn't have to go out and get new furniture]. The kitchen was also huge with a nice marble island in the middle of it. There were already pots and pans and plates and glasses inside the cupboards and hanging up, however the fridge and freezer wasn't stocked so they would have to go out to a supermarket and get some groceries. There was three bedrooms, a master bedroom with full en suite bathroom. Then there was also two guest bedroom's with en suite bathrooms as well. However when they saw the bedrooms Asuna was thinking over something. You see in the seven years since they became friends Asuna had developed a crush on Naruto, to be honest what girl wouldn't, he was kind and sweet and would go to the ends of the universe for you. He always put her before himself. Ironically enough Naruto had develop a crush on Asuna as well, she was just as if not more kinder than Naruto was and he enjoyed the time they shared together in the mindscape. Anyway Asuna was thinking It over and she figured now was as good a time as any to tell Naruto her feelings

"N-n-naruto-kun, I was wondering if we could share the master bedroom, if it would be possible" she said stuttering a bit.

"Well it wouldn't a problem but can I ask why you want to share a bedroom" Arashi said blushing up a storm.

"W-well y-you see I kinda gotten use to falling asleep being able to feel your presence inside the seal and to be honest I don't want to be alone anymore Naruto-kun, especially seeing as I kinda sorta like you a lot" she said muttering the last part

"Wait what was that last part" he said doing a double take.

"I said I Love you" she said raising her voice a little.

"Really is that true Asuna" Naruto said blushing even further

"Yes I think I've loved you a while after that night when you first came to me in the mindscape. The way you always treated me as person and not a monster like the rest of the world." Asuna said "I didn't want to say anything for a while cause I was afraid you would reject me and then our friendship would be over and and" she started rambling however she was silenced when she felt Naruto kiss her. Melting into the kiss she began to kiss back and it turned into a very passionate kiss only stopping when they needed to breathe.

"To be honest kohime [Fox princess], I think I fell for you around the same time, even harder when you were training me, which I will always be thankful for, as you were always kind and helpful when I asked for help you gave me hints and you were always encouraging." Naruto said, Asuna blushed at the nickname, she hugged him and gave him another kiss and gave him one of the most wonderful smiles he had ever seen, it was one that he could see that she loved him and all her love was put into it.

"Thanks Naruto-kun, thank you for being my friend and now my lover" she said blushing even harder at the last part.

"No problem my beautiful kohime, for you I would travel the four corners of the globe and then some for you," he said. And with that the newly made couple got their bedroom done up with their personal flair. Naruto his scroll placed on the bookshelf. Asuna had the closet filled with their clothes. When it was all finished hey headed into the living room and sat on the couch, Naruto sat at the end with Asuna snuggled against him.

"So what's next on our to-do list Ruto-kun" Asuna asked.

"Well if we're going to be living here, we need to sign up for school as it wouldn't look good if we didn't, after that we're going to need groceries. After that we just relax, we'll wait for Beryl to make her move and get ready to help the senshi." Naruto said taking on a serious expression. "Now why don't we head over to the local high school and sign us up." He said

Asuna nodded she didn't really want to go to school as she figure it would be just as tedious as that pathetic ninja academy back in konoha. They got up and headed out into the city. After searching around they found the Juuban highschool. Walking into the building they found the secretary and ask for the principle. When called they were ushered in by the secretary. The principle was an average looking fellow brown hair, brown eyes, wife and two kids.

"Ah Hello and what can I do for you today Mr….." he drifted off looking for a name.

"Good day sir I'm Namikaze Naruto and this is my girlfriend Uzumaki Asuna" Naruto said "We're here to ask you if we can attend school here, you see Asuna and I have just returned from abroad"

"Ah of course Namikaze-san, let me just fill out the paperwork and I can have you two starting tomorrow, is that suitable for you" the principle replied

"Of course that suits us find" Naruto replied. Asuna and Naruto were handed out the basic information forms and everything was officiated and Naruto and Asuna was ready to start school the next day. After that the couple went to the supermarket to get their groceries.

-With Usagi-

Usagi was currently with her friend Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako at the game crown arcade. Her friends were trying to cheer her up, as she was still upset over the loss of Mamoru, not only was he kidnapped but he was brainwashed by Beryl to work for her. Minako decided to bring Usagi to this new hair salon to cheer her up. Little did they know the Youma Mitsuaami was looking for the moon princess to steal the silver imperium crystal. She attacked Minako, thinking she was the princess, however they got the wrong one. Usagi and Minako transformed into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, and charged the youma. However they began having problems as Usagi was unsure of herself and was only second guessing which caused her to get hit by most of the youma's attacks. The fight was then brought out to the streets.

This is where Naruto and Asuna come into the picture. The couple were returning from the Grocers with their shopping down when they spotted the Youma attacking. The couple gave each other a look and nodded. Asuna went home with a shadow clone with the shopping while Naruto stayed back to deal with the Youma.

Naruto was trying to think 'what was it Mother said to say to transform' he thought thinking hard

"Ah screw it, let's do this" he suddenly exclaimed

(play Mounting the Fighting, Viewtiful Joe's fighting theme from anime)

"Henshin a go go Baby" Naruto said striking a pose where his left fist was held at the hip and right arm with index and ring finger held down but arm thrown upwards diagonally across his chest (Viewtiful Joe's pose don't Worry I'm only stealing his pose not his clothes).

Suddenly Naruto was bathed in a brilliant white light and when it dimmed he was decked out in a futuristic Knight's armor (Picture Shepard's Armor from ME3 just silver and no N7 on it) behind him was a huge sword that could split into seven different ones.

He threw a Hiraishin Kunai towards the top of the Hair salon and flashed onto the roof when the kunai passed the roof, and he plucked it out of the air. He then threw it down in front of the youma to get it's attention.

The monster jumped back "What who threw that show yourselves right now" it yelled

"I am a man who fights in the darkness to protect the light, a seeker of peace and justice I am the Moonlight warrior and I will vanquish you in the name of the moon" Naruto now the sage knight said. 'Moonlight Warrior, who is he and why does he sound so familiar' Usagi thought.

ML warrior disappeared in a flash and reappeared in front of the youma and swung his sword to bisect the monster through the waist however he missed as the monster jumped back. MLW then took a sword off his main one and sheated the bigger one. The new sword being easier to swing even though he was able to swing the bigger sword like it was made of cardboard. MLW rushed the youma, slashing in a diagonal fashion. The monster blocked it with its scissor hands. Getting fed up with this Naruto formed the cross hand sign and shouted "Shadow Clone Jutsu" three clones went to intercept the monster. They all attacked pushing the monster's reflexes to the limit. Finally one of them got in and stunned the monster and then the three of them kicked it high in the sky

When Mitsuaami was high enough the clones dispersed and Naruto jumped up while shooting the swords sky wards. The monster was surrounded by the swords. Naruto then got to the same height "Namikaze Ken no atsu: Omunisurasshu [Namikaze Swords arts Omnislash]" Naruto then began a dangerous dance incorporating many of the swords slashing and dicing into the monster all the while recombining the swords. When the last sword was locked in place the youma exploded with light and turned to a pile of ashes, signalling its defeat.

"Dusted" Naruto said

(End: Mounting the Fighting)

Naruto then began to walk away but was stopped by two sets of "Wait" he turned around to see Sailor Moon and Venus walking towards him. He instantly knew who they were as their costumes did nothing to hide their faces his did as he had a face mask much like the perverted one-eyed bastard Kakashi, and he had a helmet on with a tinted visor but the mouth area was uncovered. He also had a red scarf.

"Ah Princess what a honor" He said bowing "and Sailor Venus, glad to be of assistance and all but I must take my leave but I will see you again soon" he said

"Who are you" Sailor Moon asked

"I am the Moonlight Warrior" he said giving an eye smile. The girls sweat dropped at this.

"No I mean really. Who are you?" she asked with the most serious face she could muster

This actually made Naruto chuckle cause his sister was never a really serious person.

"Well that's me to know and you to find out, however I will give you a clue, you never were too much serious were you Imōto" he said and disappearing in a yellow flash.

Usagi gasped, did she have an older brother she didn't know about, she would ask Luna.

"Wow what a hottie" Minako said. Usagi had to sweat drop at that

"How could you tell the only thing we could tell was that he had blue eyes" Usagi said

"Yeah but I could tell sorta like a six sense" Mina replied. Usagi just rolled her eyes at that. With that they headed home.

-With Naruto -

Naruto flashed inside his living room. Sitting down on the couch he relaxed.

"Taidama [I'm home]" he said turning in the TV. Asuna came in from the kitchen, went over to him and snuggled up with him on the couch, and kissed him

"Okaeri nasai [welcome home]" she replied "So have you revealed who you are to them yet or did you give them an obscure hint but then reveal something big like being Serenity's brother or something" she asked

"The latter" Naruto replied "they'll know by tomorrow, hopeful my appearance at school tomorrow will spark some memories" he added. 'Everything will be explained tomorrow Imōto' he thought to himself

And done

Okay so this ain't chapter 7 of new dimension but don't worry that's coming soon. This actually came about after reading a Naruto/Sailor Moon crossover well actually several of them. I thought the whole transformation saying was kinda cheesy so while I was watching Viewtiful Joe, it hit me what if Naruto said fuck it Henshin a go go Baby and I came up with this.

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