DISCLAIMER: Black Canary was created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino. Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) was created by Joey Cavalieri and Joe Staton. Batwoman (Katherine 'Kate' Kane) was created by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, and Ken Lashley. Raven was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. I do not own any of the main characters involved in this story. This story exists in my own fan-made continuity and should not be considered to be part of any already defined by the comics, television series, or movies, though it takes cues from other established continuities created for Birds of Prey, Justice League Dark, and Teen Titans.

Also, I should probably warn you all now that I was listening to a lot of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Advent Children OSTs while writing the action scenes. lol

For the average person, it's the little things in life you treasure the most. A warm summer's day with a cool breeze in your hair. Seeing the smiles on everyone's faces as you pass them by. Maybe even some accompaniment from the opposite gender. For the average person, this is considered a good day to be alive.

Even Dinah Laurel Lance, also known as the ass-kicking super-heroine, the 'Black Canary', enjoyed all these things. Mind you, the cool breeze running through her long, blonde hair was because she was speeding on her motorcycle down the streets of Platinum Flats. Also, her 'male accompaniment' were a gang of bank robbers in a van that she was chasing, who were shooting at her, just barely missing the sleeves of her dark blue jacket. And as far as the smiles on the faces of people she passed by...Well, she was hoping she'd create more, once she was done beating the snot out of the crooks.

Finally deciding enough was enough after a few minutes, but feeling it might be best to hold back on her BIG play, Dinah brought her feet up to the seat of her bike and flipped off it hard. As the criminals in the van took aim on her, Black Canary reached into her jacket and retrieved a sansetsukon, a three-section-staff, and spun it hard and fast while still in mid-air, deflecting the bullets. She then landed on the roof of the van, giving the middle section of her sansetsukon a twist to release small sickle blades from the ends of the other two. Stabbing them into the roof of the van, she pulled back hard on the middle section, tearing a hole in the roof just over the driver's seat.

"CRAZY BITCH!" the driver yelled while the mobster in the passenger seat tried to shoot her with his pistol, failing miserably.

"Your mother really should've taught you to watch your mouth!" Black Canary shouted back before making a precision swing with her sansetsukon, hooking onto the steering wheel and hauling it clean off.

Seeing as how the driver no longer had control of the vehicle, Dinah decided now would be a good time to bail. Leaping off the van, she caught hold of a light post with the sickles of her sansetsukon, spinning down it to the sidewalk. Sure enough, not even ten seconds later, the van crashed into a fire hydrant and slammed into the side of a building. Readying her weapon in case the robbers still wanted a fight, she relaxed as she saw them stumble out and proceed to surrender as they heard sirens in the distance.

With a grin, Black Canary retracted the blades on her sansetsukon and returned it to its place in her jacket. She then jogged off, ignoring the cat calls and wolf-whistles directed at her. She was used to them, wearing the costume her mother made famous: The black bustier, loose jacket, fishnet stockings, and pirate boots. However, right now, she had to find her motorcycle, hoping it wasn't in too bad a shape when she found it.

Eventually, after a minute or two of searching, Dinah found that it had come to a halt in the softest place possible: A heap of garbage in an alley. She sighed, realising this meant she'd have to wash it when she got home, but that was still better than having to call a mechanic. Hauling it out of the trash and swinging her leg over it, she revved it back to life and peeled out into the streets, weaving between cars as she made her way towards her pad.

Well, that went a bit better than my usual bank robbery bust, Dinah admitted. Still, I need to come up with a better way of shutting down the vehicle than ripping out the steering wheel or crushing the thing with a Canary Cry. Maybe some kinda device that'll shut down the-

Black Canary's thought-process was cut off as a giant boom in the skies caught her attention. Looking to the sky ahead, she saw what looked to be a swirling red and violet vortex open up in the sky, like some other-worldly portal. After a few seconds, it closed, but it was replaced with an equally frightening image: A young woman falling from where it was, showing no signs of stopping.

Thinking quickly, Dinah shot her motorcycle forward, looking for anything she could use as a ramp to propel herself through the sky. Finally, she saw it: A car hauler parked on the side of the street. Going as fast as she could push the bike to go, she drove up and onto the car hauler, launching herself like a rocket into the air. Unfortunately, she saw the angle she was sailing at, the distance she was away from the girl, and how fast she was falling, and could just tell she wasn't going to make it, meaning she had one choice left.

Please, please, PLEASE don't let me break anything this time, Dinah prayed as she took a deep breath and aimed her head straight down, letting loose a Canary Cry that rocketed herself harder and faster. Sure enough, she found herself making a ton of distance, and at just the right moment, she reached her hands out and caught the girl that fell from the sky. Unfortunately, now this meant trying to find somewhere to land. However, luck struck again as she saw what they were coming in on.

"...Least now I won't have to wash it!" Dinah cried.

With a giant sploosh, Black Canary found herself, the girl, and her motorcycle landing in a public pool. Grabbing the girl, she hauled her back to the surface and to the pavement around the pool. Immediately checking her pulse, she saw it seemed oddly normal, as was her breathing, despite seemingly being unconscious. It was only now that Dinah began to register the girl's appearance. She wore a blue hooded cloak over a darker blue bodysuit, along with lighter boots and gloves. A belt of red jewels wrapped around her waist, a similar jewel found at the neck of her cloak. A logo resembling a raven adorned the chest of her bodysuit. Pulling her hood back, Dinah noted the girl looked to be in her late-teens, with shoulder-length violet-blue hair, slightly pale skin, and a red gemstone on an Anja chakra on her forehead.

"Hey, girl, wake up!" Dinah exclaimed, giving her a gentle shake as a crowd started to form.

After a few seconds, the young woman's eyes opened, revealing violet-blue irises to match her hair. "...Where...?"

"It's okay," Black Canary assured her. "You're in Platinum Flats."

The girl blinked, looking at Dinah and the other people closing in on them. "...Is this...Earth?"

"Of course it is," Dinah replied. "...Who are you?"

"...My name is Rachel," the girl answered. "Rachel Roth. But everyone calls me-"


Everyone present turned to face the source of the voice: Another vortex, only this one was hovering just over the ground, a figure stepping through it. It was a young African-American man, wearing a dark brown hoodie. Despite this covering most of his face, Dinah could clearly pick out not one, but TWO pairs of glowing red eyes. He stared at the young woman angrily.

"You shouldn't have run, Raven!" he barked. "Father TOLD YOU to STAY PUT!"

Rachel, or Raven as the boy was calling her, sat up, looking at him defiantly. "...You can tell our father to leave me alone, Jared. I will NOT aid him in taking over the realms, and no one can make me. I'd rather die!"

Dinah just looked back and forth between the two, trying to piece together just what in the hell was going on. Just as she thought maybe these two were simply crazy, she watched as the boy, Jared, clenched his fists and teeth hard, his body seeming to expand slightly as his hoodie began to rip against the strain. It was at that point that Black Canary put it all together and realised it: These two weren't human.

"If you'd rather die, I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!" Jared shouted, tossing his hoodie off to reveal dark brown cornrows on his head and a white tank-top on his torso. However, this too started to tear a little as he suddenly grew into a grotesque, muscle-bound giant, at least eight feet tall. He let out a roar, and at this point, the civilians in the area decided it might be a good idea to flee for their lives. He charged at Raven with fists big enough to punch her head clean off, but at the last moment, Black Canary grabbed him by the arm, using his own momentum to toss him into the pool.

"Cool off, ugly!" Canary yelled, helping Raven to her feet. "...C'mon, we gotta get you outta here."

"You shouldn't be helping me..." Rachel muttered.

"Hey, if you'd rather stick around with hi-" Dinah started to retort before her motorcycle was suddenly flung out from the bottom of the pool and crashed a few feet away from them.

"...Not so much," Raven decided.

"GRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH!" Jared roared at the top of his lungs, the water in the pool being forced up into the sky.

The two women ran from the public pool, abandoning Black Canary's motorcycle for now, as she was just as confident she could outrun the giant as she was her bike wouldn't be driving anywhere at the moment. However, her hopes were dashed when Jared suddenly leaped out of the now empty pool and landed ahead of them, creating a small crater in the ground. He growled at the two, his red eyes staring at Dinah with murderous rage.

"Hot damn!" Dinah swore. "He can jump pretty far for a big guy!"

"Not quite as impressive as..." Raven muttered, clutching onto Black Canary's hand.

Canary looked back to her. "...As impressive as whaAAAAAAAAHH!"

Dinah was cut off as she was quickly pulled up into the sky, Raven hauling her with her as she soared through the air. Black Canary looked back down at Jared, who roared at them, giving chase on the ground.

"You can fly?!" Dinah demanded. "Why the hell didn't you do that when you were falling?!"

"It's telekinesis," Raven replied. "And I can't do it if I can't focus. Coming through the portal almost knocked me out, made it impossible to concentrate...kinda like talking to you right now is hindering it a little."

"I'm sorry, but I just...I have so many questions, like what are you, anyway?" Black Canary went on.

"A demon," Rachel answered. "...Well, half-demon, anyway. My mother was human."

Dinah gulped, looking back down at Jared, who was still chasing them. "...And him?"

"His was, too," Raven explained. "Our father sired many children, but there were seven of us that possessed massive amounts of his power, and is this REALLY the best time for you to be asking for exposition?"

"That's actually a good point, and go up, go up, GO UP!" Canary suddenly yelled.

Raven tried to increase her speed and altitude, but too late, as Jared had leaped off a rooftop to reach them in the sky. He threw a fist forward, but Black Canary let loose a Canary Cry. The impact of his massive fist on her attack created a shock-wave that sent them all tumbling down, with no soft spot to land for Dinah and Rachel...until an arrow was shot out between two buildings that hit the ground, releasing a giant inflatable mattress of sorts that was sealed in the arrow. The two hit the mattress safely, bouncing across it until they rolled onto the pavement.

"...So, getting into trouble without me?" a female voice asked from a nearby alley.

Black Canary rolled her eyes, turning to face the woman. She wore a black and purple bodysuit, with matching boots, gloves, and cape, and a black mask. She carried a simple wooden crossbow, and wore a belt with a quiver attached and different gadgets to affix to the tips of her arrows. A small cross hung from a silver chain around her neck. She smirked at Dinah, her on-again, off-again partner/rival.

"Lucky I was in the neighbourhood, right?" the woman asked as Dinah dusted herself off.

"Nice timing, Huntress," Canary admitted. "Though, a few minutes ago would've been great, too."

AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, let's get some details outta the way. First off, you'll notice I gave Dinah a new toy. ^_^ I was watching a review of All-Star Batman and Robin a while back on Atop The Fourth Wall, and she was using a sansetsukon to fight some criminals. I just remember thinking "You know what? The rest of this comic is frigging stupid, but THAT is pretty awesome." So I decided I'd let her have it here, but then I was like "No, no, I can't JUST give her an ordinary sansetsukon, it's gotta have something unique to it." So, I modified it so that it was a sansetsukon that turned into a kusarigama, or chain-sickle, knowing there was tons I could get out of a weapon like that.

With Raven, I decided to go with a blend of her appearances in her comic book mini-series and in the Teen Titans animated series. Although not nearly as pale as she appeared in the cartoon, especially since I'm planning to have the palest member of the team be the fourth member, who will be joining next chapter. Also, her personality and powers are very much a blending of the cartoon and comics, so expect to see more of that in the future. Finally, I decided to give her the name Rachel Roth right away, as opposed to choosing it as an alias later.

Huntress' costume is her Year One attire, albeit with some slight alterations to her belt, adding a quiver to it. Also, decided to give her trick arrows, à la Green Arrow, though I promise they will get less goofy than the ol' giant inflatable mattress trick. Once again, I would just like to make it clear that this is Helena Bertinelli, not Helena Wayne, though I would just like to note that my main exposure to the character is from Justice League Unlimited, so her personality and how she gets along with Black Canary will be directly inspired by that.

As for Jared, I get that his powers in the comics were to influence the sin of wrath in other people, and he will be doing that in other chapters, but he'll also be very susceptible to wrath himself. The same will occur with his brothers as they appear in this story. Also, while he'll have his other abilities too, I just liked the idea of making him a berserker, who can jump super high and can shove pool-fuls of water into the air. Matches his position as the wrath pretty well.

Anyway, that's it for this chapter. Check in next time as Black Canary, Raven, and Huntress try to escape from Jared, and the fourth member of the team makes herself present. Ja né!