One Last Good-bye

(a/n: I just wanted to say thank you soooo much to those of you who reviewed my last lil
attempt at LotR poetry, aka "Goodbye, Master, my dear"... It really encouraged me to
keep writing, especially since I don't consider myself to be much of a "poet". That said,


Suddenly it all seeps in
But why, master?
How I longed to keep you near

Always and forever

So am I now fated to keep you
Only in my heart?

And suddenly, I see it,
And may there forever be an enmity between It and me

The Sea

A power I cannot endure,
A power I cannot save my master from
And it will bear him away
Away from all hope, from all reassurance
away from the Shire

Away from his Sam

I am torn up inside
I promised never to leave his side

But how can I go?

Not leave without dear Rose
and sweet Elanor?

But how can I stay?

Without cursing every moment I am away from him
Without worrying for him, thinking about him constantly
Wishing I could hold him close

One last time

And yet he tells me to be one and whole
How, master?
I can't do it without you

I need you, Mr. Frodo

But still, your heart is set
I can see it in your eyes

Worse than any wound I ever could receive

I ride beside you for the final time,
avoiding your gaze

So you can't see the tears running down my face

My vision becomes blurred,
but I make out the shape of a looming gate
And a great white ship bobbing gently on the water

The ship that will take you away from your Sam

I want to cry out,
Take you by the hand and fall to my knees
And beg you to stay here with me

But I know it would be in vain

My senses become paralyzed
There's so much I want to tell you

Tell you how deeply you will be missed
How each moment you're gone will make my heart grieve all the more
To profess my unconditional love for you

To simply say good-bye

But I cannot find the words

Or maybe we do not need words
Perhaps there is some unseen understanding
Maybe you know, somehow, what I meant to say

And I pray you understand how very much I care for you

I stand, rooted to the spot, my senses at a loss
Until I feel a tingling sensation on my forehead
Where my master kisses me farewell

Then I watch as he climbs aboard,
And I look upon him one last time

Then the ship slips away,
My world comes crashing down

I feel weak

Weak like I have never felt before

I stand in silence,
Save for the haughty waves,
mocking me in my sorrow

My tears flow incessantly
but still I feel numb

And then, like a beacon of hope,
I catch one last fleeting glimpse of the star-glass,
And the meaning of my master's words suddenly take form

Yes, I must fulfill his last wish,
To keep alive his memory for as long as I shall live,
and the memory of all those who fought alongside us

And I need not be all alone,
I still have precious Rose, and Elanor and a family to think about
And after that, we shall see

The time has finally come

No looking back

Then a warmness returns to heart and limb,
Gently, I place a hand over the Red Book,

A smile plays upon my face

"Farewell, Mr. Frodo,
Till we meet again..."