Finally, the time has come

Often I wondered if I ever would have the heart to leave
But now, the choice seems plain

It's time for me to let go

But it is so very hard
And often I worry,
Not about my own well-being

I worry for Sam

Poor, dear Sam

For I want him to live in happiness,
to live a full life, to be rid of his torn feelings

And he cannot do so as long as I stay

I look him in the eyes,
and I say my last words to him
Please, do not cry, Sam

You must understand

We ride forth together
One last time
And already I can see it,
That which has plagued my dreams
And beckoned me with its irresistible call

The Sea

And to my surprise,
I find silent tears trickling down my face

But no, it cannot be so,
I hastily wipe them away

I must be strong

For Sam's sake

Then the gates come into view,
The ship rocks lazily on the tide
And so many thoughts run rampant in my mind

I think of all the days I awoke to his cheerful call,
I think of the wonder in his eyes when he beheld the Elves

Then I think of Mordor,
But I cannot begin to understand his grief, I think,
when he took me for dead

And I remember the great sense of bliss and comfort I felt,
When he cradled me in his arms
Upon finding me once again

And then I wonder if Sam really knew how I felt
I realize I never truly came out and said it,

I never got to tell him that I love him

But maybe he did not need to hear it,
For we seem to have this extraordinary capability
To read each other's eyes, and thoughts

To read each other's hearts

And so, I say no more words to him,
But kiss him gingerly on the forehead,

My final affirmation for my feelings for him

Then, I take the most reluctant steps
I have ever taken in my life
I turn to climb the vast white ship

I am borne across the great expanse of the Sea,
But always my eyes remain fixated on Sam

And just as he becomes naught more than a speck,
I hold aloft the Phial,
And a faint glow seems to glimmer all around him

Then he passes out of sight

But suddenly, my heart is lifted
The sound of voices, beautiful beyond words,
fills all the air and soothes the soul

I close my eyes as I breathe in the sweetness of the air
And sigh in contentment

Everything will be all right

"Farewell, my faithful Sam
Till we meet again..."