The kiss that Phil and Jon were sharing, was heated to say the least. Their tongues lapped against each other and worked in unison as they held each other. Both were half naked and both were also well aware that this was leading to something, like it had done so many times before.

Phil sighed into the kiss they were sharing and allowed his hands to venture down, he groped Jon's ass hard, claiming it as his yet again. Jon moaned, with slight apprehension. He wasn't entirely sure if he wanted this, but the fact that it felt so damn good was definitely tipping the scales. Jon was constantly fighting with himself, but he knew there was no way out of this. Especially if he wanted to keep his title. Although he couldn't deny his feelings for Phil. In light of recent events, it was harder for him to submit completely.

Phil's dick was pressed up against Jon's leg and he could feel just how excited his WWE Champion was. Jon always felt a slight sense of pride, knowing that he could excite Phil with just a few simple touches.

Jon finally broke away and made his way down, leaving small kisses along Phil's jawline and then venturing to Phil's neck. He stopped and toyed with his supple skin using his tongue before biting down and sucking on Phil's neck. It only took Phil a few seconds to push Jon away though.

"Stop it, you know you're not aloud to do that." Phil moaned in a lust filled yet firm voice, he was trying desperately not to break the atmosphere these two men had created. Jon was here to do one thing, and that was get Phil off. That's hot this whole thing worked. Phil had to constantly remind himself of that fact though, more often than not he would find himself slipping into an emotional trap.

Jon did as he was instructed and carried on down to Phil's chest, leaving small kisses in a perfect line, all the way down to the waistband of Phil's briefs. If Jon was going to do this, he wasn't going to do a botched job. Jon toyed with Phil's briefs as he continued to kiss the waxed skin beneath his lips.

"You sure know how to drag this shit out don't you." Phil shook his head and lifted his hips away from the bed, removing his own briefs before Jon had the chance to. He threw them to the floor with no thought what so ever and returned his hands to behind his head. His dick stood proudly, waiting for attention.

Jon knew what he was being asked to do. He had done it a dozen times already. Without a second thought he took Phil's length in his hand and stroked it a few times, watching as Phil closed his eyes and allowed himself to relax. The top of Phil's dick was glistening with pre-cum and Jon took a deep breath before finally taking Phil in his mouth.

"That's it, you little slut." Phil moaned as he felt his dick being worked by Jon's tongue. "You get better at this every time you do it, you know that?" Phil allowed a small smirk to cross his face, knowing that he had complete control over Jon at this point. He allowed his hand to move down, tangling his fingers in Jon's hair, forcing the United States Champion to take a little more than he could handle. Jon, however, was accustom to Phil's rough nature now.

Phil moved his hips slowly, making sure to tug on Jon's hair every so often. He needed Jon to know who was in charge here. Although Jon already had a fairly clear idea. He was Phil's bitch. Not that he'd ever admit such a thing to anyone else. Jon did everything and anything Phil asked of him. At first, it wasn't through choice, but over time Jon had learnt to accept it, and even enjoy it. It felt nice to have someone lust after him so badly.

"Fuck... Jon. Oh fuck, just like that." Phil groaned and pushed Jon down even harder, forcing yet more of his dick into Jon's mouth. He was close already and Jon knew that. Phil didn't take long at all when he knew he had little time to work with. Jon took that as his cue to speed up and so he did. Moaning at the same time, knowing damn well that the vibrations sent Phil crazy. Deep moans were coming from Phil as he continued to face fuck Jon desperately.

Phil finally released himself, he felt a surge of energy rush through his body as his orgasm took over, giving Jon a good mouthful in the process. Phil's moaned trailed off as Jon swallowed quickly. He slowly pulled himself away from Phil's dick and sat up on his knees, watching as phil's sweat glazed body tried to recover.

Once he had given himself a few moments, Phil sat up and looked at Jon, his own eyes were hazy and he looked completely worn out. His short brown hair was a fluffy mess and Jon couldn't stop himself from smiling. He had to admit, that Phil definitely had his cute moments.

"What are you smiling at?" Phil asked, clearly annoyed. Jon shook his head, dismissing the question with a simple 'nothing'. He crawled off of the bed and collected Phil's sweatpants for him. Phil turned and sat himself on the side of the bed, pulling his clothes back on quickly, trying not to make any eye contact with Jon if he could help it. He didn't want to risk bringing up emotions that he knew were battling for dominance at that moment.

Since Jon was busying himself with putting on his own shirt, Phil took that opportunity to check his phone. It was already late, he hadn't realised just how long and intense their make out session had become. Phil had a radio interview early the next morning and he needed to at least attempt getting a few hours sleep. When his gaze returned to Jon, he was already dressed, with his jacket tucked over his arm. Almost as if he was waiting to be dismissed by his owner.

"You always make this bit so fucking awkward." Phil threw his phone onto the bed and stood before walking a few paces towards Jon. He knew what Jon wanted but that didn't mean he always got it. As of late, Phil had been a lot more strict when it came to their relationship. Their agreement. Tonight however, Phil was feeling generous. He wrapped his arms around Jon's waist and pulled his slut in for yet another heated kiss. Phil pressed his lips hard against Jon's and as usual, Jon allowed himself to submit to his owner. When Phil slipped his tongue into Jon's mouth, they quickly battled for dominance and as usual, Phil won. He bit Jon's lip hard, and then smiled as he pulled away.

"When did you start enjoying this so much?" Phil asked, a slight hint on concern in his voice "I mean, I remember when you hated it, it wasn't that long ago."

Jon shrugged, the smile that was previously on his face left quickly and he pulled himself away from Phil.

"I don't really have a choice do I, so I figured I might as well make the most of it."

Phil smirked, his usual enticing jackass smile.

"No, you don't have a choice." He teased "Now get out of my room, slut."

Phil slapped Jon's ass playfully, and the brunette didn't need any more direction. He hastily made his exit, and Phil closed the door behind him, without another word being said. Next time Phil needed Jon, all he had to do was call or text and Jon would be there as soon as possible. That's how this thing had worked from the very beginning. Both men, however, knew that something had changed between them. It wasn't clear when that line had been crossed though.

When Jon returned to his own hotel room, he tried hard to go back to his usual tough guy exterior. The room was empty, as far as he could tell. He usually shared with one of his team mates, or Claudio. Since the four of them constantly travelled together. Luckily this week Jon was sharing with Colby. Jon had a soft spot for his more reserved team mate. Partly because Colby was openly bisexual. Not that Jon was planning on telling anyone about his late night activities, but if he did, Colby would be the one to understand.

Jon perched himself on the edge of his bed and studied his Championship belt. He always kept it on top of his backpack, at the foot of his bed, only moving it when he needed it sleep. Somehow, the glistening American flag and 'Dean Ambrose' plate didn't have the same appeal as it had a few weeks ago. In fact, Jon wasn't really sure he cared about the title at all any more. Since Jon had begun to comply with Phil's demands and their relationship had grown, his threats of taking away the belt had become less frequent. Jon really couldn't care less any more, but it wasn't just his title that was in the hands of Phil Brooks.

Jon found himself lost in his own thoughts as he considered how he had gotten himself into this situation. Joe and Colby had both been so excited when they were told they were going to become Tag Team Champions. They both believed that they had excelled so much in a short space of time... that it was a genuine reward for their hard work and efforts. What they didn't know was that the only reason they had those belts was down to Jon making a deal with the devil himself. The only reason the Shield had come so far was because Jon had agreed to become Phil's bitch.

Now, fast forward a few months later and here Jon was, not caring about anything but the time he spent with Phil. For some reason, he constantly longed for Phil to call or text. He wanted the attention because it was the only attention that really felt genuine.

A/N: Props to my best friend (EMMIABROSEBTICH) for getting me into writing again. She really encouraged me to get back into fan fiction and so I am. This story is named after the song by the band Fort Atlantic. Definitely go look it up if you get the chance, it's just lovely. This story is going to be a long and bumpy ride, so I hope you enjoy it!