"Hey you, I've missed you." Phil started as soon as the phone had stopped ringing. He felt extremely guilty and at fault after avoiding Jon for the past two days. At the time, his reasoning seemed logical. However, now that Amy had gone back home to Georgia he didn't seem to keen. He hated the idea of hurting Jon. Just the thought of it made him feel disgusted in himself.

"Hey..." Jon's tone was a lot more sober as opposed to the way he usually spoke to Phil. "Finally decided to stop ignoring me? That's big of you... Let me guess, you want me to come over right?"

"Kind of." Phil sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to find anything to distract himself. He picked at one of the loose threads on the hotel bed sheet and sighed. "I've just had a lot to think about over the past few days. I didn't mean to ignore you completely."

"Is that an apology?"

Phil had to think over his answer. He was never one to apologize, although he was completely and utterly in the wrong at that very moment in time.

"...Yeah, I guess it is." He answered, trying to keep his composure. "Are you really that fucking mad at me?"

His question was followed by a horrible silence, before Jon finally took a deep breath.

"Yes." his answer was blunt. His voice filled with that heavy tone that Phil hated hearing. "I know I shouldn't be but you have been a complete ass to me lately. I mean what kind of person just ignores someone? At least send me a text or something."

"Were you worried about me?"

"No, not really."

"Did you miss me?" Phil twisted his own words. He knew exactly how to distract Jon from being caught up in his own little storm of negative emotions. He knew how to get back onto Jon's good side rather easily. Jon was a hard person to figure out, but after you spend enough time with him, you begin to master the way his emotions work. At least that's what Phil had found over the past few weeks of them being 'together'.

"Yeah, okay fine. I did fucking miss you." Jon shook his head, this time frustration getting the better of his as opposed to upset. "Is that what you wanted to hear from me? I missed you. I still fucking miss you."

"Well then, come see me." Phil smiled down the phone, knowing that his careful questioning was going in the right direction.

"Alright... fine." Jon looked around his room his his shoes, he was already dressed having just come out of the shower thirty minutes beforehand. "What number is your room?"

"206" Phil bit his bottom lip, a sly smile spreading across his lips slightly. He had gotten exactly what he wanted. He needed Jon to come over and make him feel good. After spending two days with someone who had filled a void momentarily, he knew Jon was the person to make everything better. He had a way with words and actions that Phil just couldn't explain. He was special in his own way and Phil craved the man that he had grown to call his own.

"I'll be there in a few." Jon hung up the phone, without so much as a good bye. Phil couldn't help but feel his heart sink slightly as the cold shoulder Jon seemed to be giving him. However, he knew that after a few minutes in each others company, that Jon would be back to his usual self.

Phil busied himself in his hotel room as the minutes seemed to take forever to tick past. He wanted to see Jon right that second, but he knew Jon would come in his own time. Phil had no problem with admitting that he was extremely impatient. When he wanted something, he wanted it then and there.

The next few moments seems to drag along. When Phil heard the door knock, he felt his whole body tense up. He had no idea why Jon was driving him this way. Generally speaking, Phil had always been good at keeping his cool around other people, however for some reason he was feeling like a smitten teenager. Perhaps the phrase 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' was in fact very true.

"I can't stay for long, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Jon asked almost as soon as Phil had opened the door. He didn't allow a moment to be wasted. He knew he had to stand his ground with Phil, he was mad and he couldn't fall into Phil's charm. That was exactly the opposite of what he wanted to happen. No, he needed to teach Phil a lesson. This time the tables had turned.

"Can't you come in for a few minutes?" Phil pleaded. Jon sighed to himself. He took a moment to consider Phil's offer and then reluctantly stepped into the now pristine hotel room. Phil always kept everything in it's place. He was overly keen on being tidy when he was away from home.

Jon heard the door click shut as he made his way to the hotel bed. He sat himself down on the edge and watched at Phil locked the door. For some reason he felt like a mayfly being drawn into a UV light. He knew he shouldn't, but Phil just had something about him that turned Jon to putty in his hands every time they were around each other.

"I've already apologized. I don't know what else you want me to say." Phil started. He smiled innocently and leant against the door which he had just locked. His eyes met Jon's but a similar smile was not returned. Instead Jon stayed blank and withdrawn. He didn't know what he wanted from Phil. His emotions were a mess.

"What is this?" Jon asked honestly. It was a question that had been floating around his head for the past week or so, only now had he bucked up the courage to ask. Phil didn't answer, instead he shook his head in misunderstanding.

"I mean... what is this? What is going on between us?" Jon elaborated. Phil found himself at a loss for words. He had a feeling this question to arise at some point, however he hadn't expected it to happen at that moment.

"I really don't know how to answer that." Phil replied honestly. He watched Jon for a moment before realising that it was indeed a very serious question. Phil took a deep breath and tried to ready himself for the conversation that was to follow. He traced Jon's footsteps and sat down on the plush bed, leaving just a few centimetres between them.

"I don't get it. I mean, I really don't get what we are. This whole thing started of as a stupid agreement and I'm pretty sure it's progressed to something deeper than that." Jon paced himself. He didn't want to come off as weak or emotional, he only wanted to have his thoughts heard.

"I guess it has." Phil agreed. "Is that a bad thing?"

"You tell me."

An awkward silence filled the room. It was clear to both of them that they had feelings for each other. Somehow they had made that distinct without saying as much. Phil knew this was the kind of emotional drama that he usually hated dealing with, for some reason it was different with Jon. He knew that this conversation was coming and he was actually somewhat ready for it. A few answers bounced around in his head. He could have gone a number of different ways, but in the end he decided that the truth was probably the safest avenue.

"I like you." Phil laughed as soon as the words had left his mouth. "I sound like a child saying that. I do think you're special though."

"Well, I like you too." Jon laughed as well, breaking the awkward atmosphere that had filled the room. Phil's eyes met with Jon's and this time something had changed. The look they gave each other seemed to be the most sincere look they had ever shared.

Naturally their lips met, the kiss starting off as something soft and subtle. Phil's hand delicately snaked it's way across Jon's crotch, resting on his hip and pulling him closer, closing the gap between them. Jon playfully bit Phil's bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth before letting it go. His worries were slowly disappearing to the back of his mind. He knew what was going on between them was a work in progress, and while he wanted to push further he knew he couldn't. For now Jon had to be content with the fact that they liked each other. Which was a start, if nothing else.

Phil took their kiss to the next level and forced entry to Jon's mouth. His tongue lapped against Jon's and their moment intensified. Jon forgot about all of his other commitments as once again he was lost in Phil's charm. He allowed Phil to take completely control him. It had been something he had missed over the past few days, something he was now craving. Even if he refused to admit it.

Phil pushed Jon back onto the bed, straddling the man he now called his own. Their length's gaining first contact in over two days, separated only by the fabric of their jeans. Phil moved his body in such a way their their dick's rubbed against each other, gaining a deep growl from Jon in the process. Phil could already feel Jon's length hardening at the small flakes of attention he was receiving. Phil's lips made their way down to Jon's neck and he attacked the sensitive spot that he was now very familiar with. Jon's entangled his fingers with Phil's hair, he allowed his body to submit completely.

"Fuck..." Was the only word that Jon could comprehend saying. He found himself lost in lust yet again. Phil knew exactly how to work Jon. He was in complete control of the man below him and of course he used that to his advantage. A small mischievous smile spread across his face as he broke contact with Jon. The United States Champion groaned, he was still in need of attention.

"No, come on.. don't stop." Jon teased "Pay attention to me."

"You sound like a girl when you say that." Phil was still straddling Jon's hips, his hands rested on either side of Jon's body. He was completely trapped... not that he minded at all.

"Seriously... why did you stop?" Jon pushed his question. His length was now throbbing inside of his briefs, which were giving him absolutely no release. His hands made their way up Phil's legs, feeling the toned muscles beneath his fingers before finally settling on Phil's ass. He groped needfully and pulled Phil a little closer, trying to gain whatever friction he could in the process.

"I have an idea..." Phil spoke almost as if it were a request. "I just don't know if you'd be into it."

"Well, you never know unless you tell me."

Phil stayed silent. He decided to just go for it, it was probably a lot better than explaining what he had in mind. He didn't want to ruin the atmosphere they had already created. He moved closer to Jon, their lips connecting yet again in a deep and passionate kiss. Phil's fingers made their way up Jon's shirt, he felt the hard muscles that complimented Jon's stomach and already the anticipation was killing him.

Soon they began to undress each other. First their shirts made their way to the floor, Jon used that time to explore Phil's chest with his lips. Something he had always wanted to do but never had the chance. He left small kisses all over Phil's inked skin, stopping only to lick and playfully bite Phil's nipple, gaining moans from the WWE Champion which only spurred him on more.

They quickly uncovered themselves, leaving nothing on their bodies. Jon bit his bottom lip and he looked Phil's body up and down. Taking in every inch of the man that owned him. Phil was a vision of perfection in Jon's eyes. He could do no wrong. They embraced each other yet again, now completely naked and vulnerable. The way they both liked it. Their lips barely touched, instead messy and needy kisses were placed everywhere else they could possibly gain access too. Phil ground his hips into Jon's body, making their lengths rub against each other. Bare skin teasing bare skin. The sensations they were feeling were on overdrive.

"So..." Jon panted, pulling away for a mere moment. "What was your idea?"

Phil had only ever been taken once in his life, and that was during the experimental stage in his early adult years by his closest friend, Scott. To everyone else he went by his nickname 'Colt'. Phil and Colt shared a bond that was deeper than friendship. They were both curious in their younger years, and during one evening after wrestling training, one thing led to another.

"I want you to take me." Phil's words were met with a reaction from Jon that was quite unreadable. Confusion mixed with excitement.

"This isn't a joke, right?" Jon questioned. "I mean, you really want me to take you?"


Phil knew that he needed to show Jon how much he meant to him. He was still confused, and undecided on Amy. However, in Phil's mind she was a completely different issue. All that mattered now was the man that way laying naked on his bed. He wanted to prove to Jon that their relationship went deeper than just pointless sex.

"Just like this right?" Jon looked Phil's body up and down. The thought of seeing Phil riding simply excited Jon even more so. He wanted to see Phil's body moving in ways he hadn't seen before. Phil had intended on riding, he needed to stay in control. Regardless of who was the 'chick', he had a need to stay in charge.

Phil again said nothing, instead he reached over for the small bottle of lubricant that stood next to his phone on the small table next to the bed. Jon noticed, and realised that Phil had anticipated this happening. Given the situation he would let it slide, since there was no way he would give up seeing Phil riding him. He couldn't help but feel slightly provoked by the fact that Phil knew this was going to happen. Jon questioned whether he really was that predictable or not.

Phil moved himself so that he had access to Jon's dick. He used a generous amount of lube to ready Jon's length. The tingling sensation began to kick in after a few moments and Jon knew he was in for a treat.

"Have you ever done this before?" Jon asked. He laid still on the bed, allowing Phil to prepare everything.

"Once." Phil answered, his hand still working Jon's length. He discarded the bottle somewhere in the room, not caring where it landed. He only had one thing on his mind now.

"So... you're basically a virgin." Jon uttered, unsure if he really wanted his words to be heard by Phil.

"Don't be a pervert." Phil repositioned himself. Despite his harsh comeback a small grin had crossed his face. Jon noticed and decided to keep the rest of his comments to himself.

As soon as Jon's length made contact with Phil's puckered entrance, they both had to try and contain themselves. This was a new experience for Jon, and one that Phil hadn't felt in a very long time. He slowly pushed back on Jon's dick, moving slowly to try and maintain the immense pain he was now feeling. Stopping was not an option though. Phil knew how amazing it could feel once you had passed the pain and he was anticipating that.

"Fuck... you're so fucking tight." Jon panted. His hands had made their way to Phil's hips and he was now guiding the WWE Champion. Phil could feel his control slipping away so he pushed Jon's hand off. He pinned Jon to the bed forcefully, a playful smile crossing his face. Jon's hands rested just about his head, restrained by Phil. Their lips met in another deep kiss. As their mouths locked Phil continued to work his way down, until Jon's entire length was completely enclosed by Phil's tight passage. Jon couldn't help himself as he allowed a deep moan to cross his lips.

Soon Phil began to rock his body, moving up and down Jon's dick at a relatively slow pace. He needed time to adjust to the feeling, having not experienced it in such a long time. The pain was white hot, but it was also mixed with undeniable pleasure. Phil pulled away from Jon and studied the body below him. Completely and entirely at his disposal. He kept Jon's hands pinned to the bed, refusing to budge and allow Jon what he wanted.

Jon's closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the feeling. It was unusual and different to having sex with a girl. However he couldn't deny that his first experience of fucking a guy probably couldn't have gotten much better than this. The lubricant was still making his dick tingle and burn in the most pleasurable way. That, added to the tight heat of Phil's passage was enough to make anyone go completely crazy.

Phil quickly became used to feeling Jon inside of him. He would even admit that he enjoyed it. Although he would definitely not be making a habit of it.

It wasn't long until Phil had sped up, Jon knew he wouldn't last at all long if it continued like this. Every sense was on overdrive. As he opened his eyes he could see the pleasurable look plastered across Phil's face. The sensual moans that were leaving Phil's lips along with the closeness of their two bodies only drove Jon on. Despite the fact that he was inside of Phil, he was still being dominated. He had no choice but to lay there and take whatever Phil was giving to him. Not that he would complain about such a thing.

Phil continued to ride, his speed increasing gradually as the need enhanced. He moved his body so that he was upright, Jon's dick finally hit that bundle of nerves that drove Phil over the edge. He had released Jon's hands and now Jon was unsure of what to do with himself.

"Fuck..." Phil groaned, his body continued to move, at this moment in time he was only concerned about his own pleasure. "Get me off Jon. Please, I fucking need it." He speech was broken by his breathlessness. Phil looked so attractive at that moment. Jon couldn't help but admire the body on top of him. He moved his hand down and wrapped his fingers around Phil's length, stroking almost mechanically. He was too lost in the moment to really know what he was doing. All he knew was that his own orgasm was building up fast.

After a few moments that were filled with nothing but desperate moans, Phil came hard. White streams covered Jon's hand and stomach as Phil rode it out. The visual of Phil coming completely undone was enough to also push Jon over the edge. However, before he had a chance to cum, Phil pulled himself off. Still recovering from his own high, he wrapped his hand around Jon's length and began stroking fast. Jon balled the bedsheets up in his fists as his dick throbbed. Again, white streams of cum covered his stomach, accompanied by a deep groan on Jon's part. It took him a more than a moment to recover, but as soon as he had he opened his eyes and gave Phil an exhausted smile.

Neither of them really knew what to say. So instead they said nothing. The sex they had just shared was short and sweet, but perhaps more pleasurable than anything else they had done in the past. Phil sat back slightly and regained his breath before finally getting up to go to the bathroom. He returned with a warm wet wash cloth. He used the cloth to clean Jon's stomach.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." Phil laughed. He folded the wash cloth in half and leant over to kiss Jon. It was a quick peck, but that small motion meant a lot to Jon. When Phil began to dress himself, Jon decided to pull himself up and gather his things. Only now had he remembered that he was meant to be meeting Joe and Colby when he made a 'quick' detour to see Phil. However, what he and Phil had just done was definitely a lot more fun than sitting in a bar full of guys watching whatever football match was being shown.

Once Jon had pulled on the bottom half of his clothing, he made his way to the bathroom to freshen up. He stopped in front of the mirror and quickly used the sink to wash his hands. He checked his neck and chest for any bite marks and then fixed his hair. It had been messed up slightly during their heated session. As he pulled on his shirt he looked down at the sink. Only then did he notice the pink hair straighteners that were placed next to the sink. Confusion filled his thoughts at first, but as realisation set in, he felt horribly used. There was no possible other explanation.

Jon had to argue with himself as to whether he should confront Phil or not. Of course that's what Phil was doing over the past few days. Jon quietly scolded himself for being so damn stupid. His heart throbbed, the horrible aching and hurt that he was feeling just didn't seem to shift. That, mixed with anger was definitely not a good combination.

He took a deep breath and continued to fix himself. Pulling on his leather jacket over his shoulders. He decided to pull his shoes on as well, since there was no way he was going to be staying around. Not now. No fucking way.

As he left the bathroom, he saw Phil wearing nothing but his jeans loosely around his hips. He stood playing on his phone. Jon felt nothing but hatred towards the WWE Champion. He was temporarily blinded by rage.

Phil looked up and noticed that Jon was already fully dressed.

"Are you not staying for a little while?" He questioned. Jon fell silent. He eyed Phil for a second too long and felt his anger taking over.

"You know what? Fuck you Phil. I'm so fucking done with you." Jon answered harshly. He made his way to the door, leaving the room in a hurry and slamming it behind him. Phil was left in an eerily quiet room. He watched the door, expecting Jon to come back, but nothing happened. Instead Phil was left in his own confusion and misunderstanding.

A/N: As per request... a bit of "role reversal". Again, apologies for taking so long to update, last few weeks of college/student life and everything is so hectic that I rarely have time to write any more. Please do be patient with me!