Summary: Arthur Pendragon has been dating his girlfriend for three years, but he has also started a new relationship with his sister's best friend. Who will he chose in the end? And will he be happy in long run?

Part 1

Arthur Pendragon smiled when he saw his girl walk into the café, He had been dating Gwen since high school and now that they were in college Arthur found himself drifting away from her, but for some reason Arthur couldn't understand was that he didn't care about the huge gap that had formed between them.

"Hi baby" Gwen smiled as she sat down.

"Hey, so I ordered for us I hope you don't mind" Arthur replied looking down at his phone.

"Of course not, you know what I like, so why the lunch date?" Gwen asked.

"Oh… I Have to be at my parents for dinner" Arthur lied, He knew he would get away with it, His parents didn't really like Gwen and his sister well she can't stand Gwen, so Arthur knew she would never find out he lied to her.

"Oh I wish I could come" Gwen muttered picking at her food.

"Is everything okay?" Arthur asked.

"Yes I'm just a little under the weather is all" Gwen smiled.

Half way throw lunch Arthur's phone when off and Arthur said his good byes to Gwen telling her that it was his sister and he would see her tomorrow.

Once Arthur had left the café a dark haired man came over and sat down with Gwen, "Hello Love"

Arthur walked into the library and over to a small table at the back where he knew he would find the man he was looking for.

There with his nose in a medical book was Merlin, Arthur's boyfriend; they had become friends the first year of college thanks to his sister Morgana, who wanted her brother to get along with her friends. Arthur had been seeing Merlin secretly for the past year now, both Gwen and Merlin had no idea about the other and only Morgana knew Arthur was dating two at once, she didn't like it, Arthur can still remember her nagging about breaking Merlin's heart and how she couldn't care less about Gwen's heart.

"Hey love I got you lunch" Arthur smiled and leaned down to kiss his boyfriends cheek.

"Hey handsome, thanks Looks like I'm going to be here all lunch" Merlin smiled and put his book down.

"How was class?" Arthur asked taking his sit next to Merlin.

"Good, we learned about the human body" Merlin smiled and pulled out a ham salad sandwich from the bag.

"Oh, so will you be asking to practice on me" Arthur winked

Merlin laughed and leaned over and kissed his boyfriend, "We still on for tonight?"

"Yes, I booked the tickets this morning" Arthur smiled.

"Hey did you get lunch for yourself?" Merlin wondered.

"I ate at lunch time" Arthur joked.

"Haha, just because you have lunch before me doesn't mean we can't have lunch together" Merlin told him.

Yeah but I use that time to be with Gwen Arthur thought.

"Your right, tomorrow I'll get lunch for both of us" Arthur smiled.

"No, I will get lunch for us and meet you by the bench near the lake" Merlin smiled.

Later that night Arthur and Merlin sat in the back of the cinema popcorn between them as they got ready to watch 'The Change up'.

"Thanks for taking me Arthur" Merlin smiled as he popped in a hand full of popcorn into his mouth.

"No problem, I wanted to see the film" Arthur smiled.

"I think Ryan Reynolds is just mmm" Merlin smirked.

"Oh really now?" Arthur chuckled.

"Yes but he has nothing on my sexy as hell boyfriend" Merlin winked.

"Sexy as hell? Really?" Arthur smiled.

"Of course, he got thrown out of heaven because he was too naughty and kicked out of hell for being too tempting, Good thing I can handle the prat" Merlin laughed.

"Why you" Arthur laughed.

"Baby I had to, I could see your ego growing, and soon you won't be able to fit in the door" Merlin smirked.

"You spend too much time with my sister" Arthur muttered.

"Shh it's starting" Merlin said as the lights went down.

Arthur placed his arm on the back of Merlin's chair and settled down to enjoy their date when he noticed two figures settling down three rows down from them.