Summary: Arthur Pendragon has been dating his girlfriend for three years, but he has also started a new relationship with his sister's best friend. Who will he chose in the end? And will he be happy in long run?

Part 6

It has been three years since Arthur and Merlin have broken up, since their hearts were broken and in those three years a lot changed, one of them that Merlin and Arthur came to the conclusion that they would become friends instead of lovers, the other change was that Morgana found herself pregnant and was more than happy to move in with her boyfriend slash finance.

When college ended Merlin and Arthur were the best of friends and together they talked about taking the next step in their relationship and soon they were living together as roommates and once again as boyfriends, having started their relationship over and from the ground up it had become stronger than when they first started dating, Merlin got a job at the local hospital while Arthur became a lawyer in his father's company.

And as they have a way of doing the years passed much quickly for either man and soon they had been dating for five years not counting their college years, when Arthur asked Merlin to marry him but the life of a surgeon is never over and before Merlin could answer he was called away.

Disheartened Arthur got in his car and drove over to his sister's home only to end up getting hit by a drunk driver and ending up on Merlin's operating table.

Unable to be of any help to his dying boyfriend Merlin paced the halls of the hospital waiting for any news good or bad, and after what felt like forever Merlin finally got the answer he was waiting for.

Tears in his eyes Merlin fell to his knees at the words, his Arthur was alive!

After 17 hours of life threatening surgery Arthur was finally out of the woods and on his way to recovery. Merlin sat by Arthur side holding onto his hand just in case god wanted to take Arthur from him once again, having found out that Arthur had indeed died twice on the table.

When Arthur finally opened his eyes the first thing he saw was Merlin sleeping next to him, a death grip on his hand and the engagement ring on his ring finger, for the first time in a long time Arthur let himself cry tears of happiness at the sight even though his chest was killing him and his right leg hurt like hell but that didn't matter because Merlin was wearing the ring, because in the near future they were going to get married and live happily ever after.

And that is just what they did, forever is not easy and they had bumps along the way but even old and grey they loved each other till their last breath and even though Arthur had to live on for a year after his Merlin had passed he smiled every night as he went to sleep and that is how his son found him the morning of his death smiling and in his hand their wedding picture.

Up in heaven Arthur found himself wrapped up in the arms of his soul mate and realised that even in death they still had each other.

The end!

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