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Ok so the prologue will have two parts and is set 3 years before the actually story.

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Alec POV -3 years earlier

Alec stepped out of the taxi, throwing a 20 dollar bill at the taxi driver and nodding for him to keep the change. Quickly going up to the bouncer and flashing own of his sisters many fake ID's, he hurried into the club, stopping for a second as the heat and smell of sweat overwhelmed him. After taking a moment to compose himself, he began searching through the club for his sister, desperately hoping that she wasn't off in some backstreet with someone she met at the club. As he was searching through the club, Alec did a double take as a pair of yellow and green orbs caught his eye. Taking another glance, Alec saw a pair of cat like eyes starting at him, belonging to one of the hottest guys Alec had ever seen.

Shaking his head quickly and moving on, Alec tried to ignore the many bodies shoving into him as he searched for his sister.

Eventually, his searching was rewarded, as he found his sister Isabelle dancing with a very handsome guy with blond curly hair. Grabbing her hand, Alec whispered in her ear that she needed to go, and began dragging her towards the entrance.

"Aleccc," slurred Isabelle, who was quite clearly drunk. "Stop tryin' to ruin my fun."

"Come on," said Alec desperately, still trying to drag his sister towards the door.

Isabelle stopped and threw her drink over her brother, crossing her arms and swaying slightly.

Alec help the heat rising to his cheeks as people turned to see what was going on.

"You always ruin my fun," slurred Isabelle, "you need to just lighten up and go with the flow!"

As she said the last part of her sentence, she tried to make a wave with her hand to explain what she was saying, but having had too much to drink, she fell to the ground.

Now, feeling like he had never blushed so much in his life, Alec tried to support his sister by putting her arm over his shoulder. Being a scrawny boy, he could barely hold her as he began to drag her towards the door again.

Distracted by the flashing lights and weight of his sister, he wasn't watching where he was placing his feet, and tripped over someone's foot, losing his glasses in the process.

Hurriedly combing the floor for his glasses, he ignored his sister as she unsteadily got back to her feet and started whining at him some more.

"I believe these are yours," said a beautiful voice above Alec that barely even sounded human.

Looking up and going even redder, Alec saw the man with the cat like eyes standing over him, holding his glasses.

"Um...thanks," said Alec quietly as he accepted his glasses and grabbed his sister again, wishing that the ground would swallow him.

He started walking towards the door again, frowning when the weight on his shoulders considerably lessened.

Looking over, he saw the handsome man with the cat like eyes had taken Isabelle's other arm and was helping Alec carry her out of the night club.

When they got outside, the strange and beautiful man called a taxi and then turned to Alec.

He took a minute, and looked the young boy up and down. Alec looked down, wishing he was better looking as the man stared at him.

Alec was not a popular boy. He had left his Doctor Who marathon at home to hurry to his sisters aid when he found she had snuck out and was still wearing his big black rimmed glasses along with a holey sweater and pair of baggy, too long jeans.

After a moment, the handsome man handed Alec a piece of paper. "Have your sister call me when she's better. She was too young to come here, but she'll definitely be the type who should be at my parties in a year or two."

"Uh...ok," muttered Alec, still holding his sister, who appeared to have either passed out or fallen asleep.

Just then, the taxi came, and Alec guided his sister into it before awkwardly turning back to the awkward stranger. "Uh, thank you...um.."

"Magnus," the stranger replied, stepping back from the taxi. "Have her call," he added, a commanding ring to his voice.

Alec nodded and told the driver their destination, trying to clear his head of thoughts about this strange man who went by the name of Magnus.

"Izzy, what were you thinking," said Alec angrily as he handed his hungover sister a glass of water. "You are way too young to go to a nightclub!"

Isabelle shrugged and leaned her head back on her pillow. "I wanted to see what it was like."

"You don't even realise how embarrassing that was for me," muttered Alec.

"I'm sorry Alec," said Isabelle, her gaze softening. "But it was important to me."

"Lets just forget it," sighed Alec. "Oh, by the way, some guy told me to get you to call him. Said that you were the type of person he wanted at his parties in a year or two."

At this Isabelle immediately perked up, nearly forgetting her hungover state for a minute. "What?! Why didn't you tell me this before!" She exclaimed. "Who was he?"

Alec shrugged. "Some dude called Magnus," he said indifferently, trying to hide how much he had thought about the guy since last night.

At this, Isabelle let out a large gasp and dived for the phone. "Give me the number! He's the most popular guy in Brooklyn! His parties are the best, and totally exclusive!"

Alec sighed, handed her the number and left her to make her call. He honestly couldn't believe he was letting her call Magnus, but then again, he knew she would never forgive him if he didn't tell her and she found out about it.

Magnus POV

Magnus got home from the nightclub at about three in the morning, and immediately headed to bed.

He woke up a few hours later, climbed out of bed and began his daily makeup and hair ritual.

Magnus was just applying his eyeliner when his mobile rang. Sighing, he fished it out of his pocket and answered.

"Hello?" He said gruffly, still tired from last night.

"Un hi," said a voice on the other end of the phone, that was clearly excited but trying to keep her cool. "I'm Isabelle Lightwood. My bother told me that you wanted me to phone you. He met you at the nightclub last night."

"Oh yes, of course," said Magnus, smiling to himself. "Isabelle! It's great to meet you at last. Look, you're too young at the minute, but you definitely make the cut for my parties. I wanted to talk to you about this now so I don't forgot you, but call me back at the end of this year, and I can guarantee you'll be going to some of the parties of your life."