Epilogue: Kousagi

Just because everything's changing
Doesn't mean it's never been this way before
All you can do is try to know who your friends are
As you head off to the war
Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light
You'll come back when it's over
No need to say goodbye
You'll come back when it's over
No need to say goodbye

The four third graders walked in a straight line away from the group of adults without giving another glance back behind them.

"Mama..." Mina growled as she kept her hand on her hips in an irritated fashion. "I don't think she has a serious bone in her body." She complained. "I don't think she has ever done anything important in her life!" Mina yelled into the air.

"All of them are too carefree." Rei agreed. "With their weekly 'Sailor Muscles Meeting'..." She said in an irritated voice. "What does that even mean?" It was the same thing every week when they made their way towards cooking class, but this week it was hiding an even bigger worry and chagrin.

"Rei-chan! Ami-chan! Mina-chan! Mako-chan!" The four froze and their backs straightened as they cringed at the sound of their names being used by that voice.

"Her again..." They said in unison with agreed annoyance. Mako's back slacked and she leaned forward in order to view each of her companions.

"We sh-should at least make an attempt... considering we're-"

"It was a dream!" Rei shouted turning towards her.

"Your father said that even most dreams have more meaning then people realize." Mako countered a bit quietly, and Rei rolled her eyes dramatically.

"My father only knows what mom tells him!" She said. "The crazy kook!"

"You're just jealous that you take more after your dad. Your spiritual sense is horrible!" Mina commented, and Rei turned angrily towards Mina ready to pounce on her as Ami's face had fallen into a violent frown as she seethed clutching her fists in front of her.

"Taught by dumb Kousagi..." Ami hissed, and Mako took a step in front of them cautiously as their emotions continued to flare.

"We should let her come with us, I mean, if we're going to be a team-"

"It was just a dream!" Rei shouted again turning to face her. Behind them they heard Kousagi's feet slowing on the pavement as she neared them and once they turned slightly they could see her offering them a bright, radiant smile.

"Guys!" Kousagi cried out happily after finally reaching them. "Where we going today? Somewhere fun?! Will there be food?!" The four girl's turned away from her, and began to walk faster away from her, and Rei dragged Mako by the arm behind her. "Wait!" Kousagi called out after them, and as she stepped forward she tripped on a bump in the side walk. A panicked feeling ripped through the four of girls walking away from her, and they each gasped as they glanced over their shoulders quickly and their eyes widened. Kousagi began to fall forward with her hands held out in front of her.

"Kousagi!" They let out fearfully as they turned back to catch her. Rei got there first and caught her mid-fall; her arms wrapping around her protectively. There was a moment of utter silence as the four stood with their muscles tense. The panic began to subside as Rei stood with Kousagi safe in her arms, and their breathing returned to normal. It had been the same as before... When they had seen the sky glowing fearfully above them and they had felt The Earth calling out for help. One thought had entered each of them at the same moment: "We have to help Kousagi!" It was a drawing they had been unable to refuse as their hearts had beaten wildly in search of her, and then they had found her. They had completely transformed as their fear unlocked something deep inside them; a magical power that had surged through their veins.

"It was just a dream..." Rei reminded herself as she remained tense and Kousagi shifted her body as she looked up at her with a bright smile. A smile Rei had never paid attention to how genuine it actually was despite the four of them always picking on her.

"Arigato Rei-chan!" Kousagi cried, and Rei's eyes narrowed as she again hardened her heart against the soft pink-haired girl. The other three stood wide-eyed beside them as Kousagi picked herself up and began to walk past them. After a moment's hesitation they finally found themselves following her as she continued to talk. "So, where are we going?!" She asked before beginning to prattle along about her favorite subject: food! They continued to walk along with her in the middle of them, and she was beaming happily as they went along. "I'm so happy we're going to be friends now!" Kousagi declared loudly at the end of her rant as she turned towards them, smiling so wide her eyes closed.

"Friends?" Rei asked with her eyes narrowing more tightly, and Ami seemed angered by this as well. Mako and Minna stood uncertain for a moment, and then Mako looked towards her shoes shamefully. Kousagi nodded quickly.

"Mmm." She confirmed happily. "After all, we're a team now!" Kousagi declared. The anger on their faces lightened at her words, and Kousagi turned as she continued walking towards their cooking class. None of the other four girl's could get the word 'dream' out of their lips as they followed after her; uncertain of what to do about her. It had just been a dream... Just a dream... Rei's muscles relaxed as she gave in, and she could feel the others do the same. Kousagi would always follow them around no matter what they said to her, or how hard they bullied her. She was just like a spring. Kousagi's hands moved out in front of her as if she were reading a sign. "Sailor Senshi!" She cried excitedly, and then her excitement died a bit. "It's going to be so scary!" She realized and then she hunched over as she stopped in her walk and the other four stood behind her expectantly. "I hate scary things!" Kousagi cried out placing her hands on the sides of her face as she shook from side to side. The others slumped as they let out a loud sigh as one. They stood up straight again and Mako tilted her head questioningly.

"S-Sailor Senshi?" Mako asked.

"It.. was... just... a... dream!" Rei said at the same time in an exasperated manner. She was more like her mother then the others had given her credit for. Kousagi turned back to them and nodded happily.

"Just like Sailor Moon!" She said with her eyes sparkling and the others froze, and several eyebrows raised in disbelief.

"Sailor... Moon?" They mumbled together and it had a familiar feeling to them. Kousagi nodded.

"Like the stories Chibiusa would always tell me when I would wake up from a bad dream!" Kousagi declared loudly. "I want to be just like her now! I won't back away from anything! I'll face the scary things!" Kousagi continued turning around and marching onward. "Especially now that we're going to be friends!" The others gave up again and Mina face palmed as they continued to walk. Kousagi was just too much... "Ohh! Something good did happen!" Kousagi cried out happily and she moved her arms inwards almost as if she were hugging herself, and she was just a pile of bubbly laughter. "Just like that pink cat said!" The others almost tripped over themselves.

"Pink cat... said?" Ami repeated. Kousagi turned uncertain why they seemed so surprised. In truth, she had been the only one the nameless, pink cat had actually spoken to.

"Now I know it was just a dream!" Rei declared. "Cats can't talk, Kousagi!" Kousagi crossed her arms in a pout and she stomped her foot.

"It did happen and the cat did talk!" She argued back childishly and both Rei and Kousagi found themselves bickering as the others stood off to the side watching in surprise. A few feet behind them a small pink kitten with a golden crescent moon marking sat with a small smile as she watched them: the new Sailor Senshi. The five girls began to walk together again as they talked, or really, continued to bicker loudly, and the cat followed a ways behind them as she minded her time.

"As long as stars are born, the battle will never truly end..."

"But even if this galaxy dies, a new Galaxy Cauldron will be born somewhere else... Light and Darkness will always be born again."

"Yes, a new future will always be created, and that is the way it should be: light and darkness, battles, hopes, life and death. Happiness and sadness... At the end of a battle, there is hope for a new future. As long as the stars shine we are okay, we won't lose. We will never lose..."

Usagi looked upwards towards the beautiful blue sky as sunlight cascaded all around them as they sat at the table, and the ancient conversation's lesson filled her with peace even if she couldn't remember the conversation itself. A peace filled her and she continued to stare upwards with her hand shielding her eyes from the sun's harshness. "One day..." Usagi thought not fully understanding her thoughts. "The darkness will come back. It always does, and until then... I will keep the star in my heart burning brightly." Usagi lowered her gaze and a smile returned to her face as she watched her friends talking playfully with several rounds of deep laughter. "I will stay strong, and protect what I love." She leaned down against the top of the table as she joined into the conversation readily. "I will protect the hopes and dreams they entrust in me... Always."

The End

SEQUEL UPDATE!: There WILL be a sequel to this and it will directly link to this story. There will actually be two sequels. One is just from what I have dabbled in order to develop the New Senshi and the relationships between The Shitennou and Senshi. As well as investigate Chibiusa's existence in this future. It was more for me, but I have an interesting idea and can be found in my list of stories starting July 5th! Just in time for the new series! :) It would sort of be like... an in-between sequel... LIKE LION KING 1/2! :0 It's entitled "Parallel" because I'm uncreative and also the song by Heffron Drive. The other will be title "Time Passages" and will not be posted for at least a few more months as I outline it more in detail and finish up some other stories! I'm pumped about it! :) It will deal more with... Chibiusa, and, well... Chibiusa... and... other things the paradox would have caused, or... prevented. I guess it will be a lot heavier in the amount what you'll see of Setsuna, and the Amazon Quartet (Another reason taking so long as I slowly figure out their characters more). I'm excited, but also know I have to take my time since well... I can't tell you. "Spoilers" ;) Anyways... keep an eye out for it.

Notes (Don't Care? Move to 'Gratitude Corner' Bellow): Not sure if this falls under the epilogue category or just another chapter, but oh well.

So... Yay! So a few things. I had a total of four different endings for this story, and just know this one is the happiest. By far. And it is also the best. I think... It was never the plan at the beginning to end up creating The Parallel Sailor Moon universe, and it originally did go back to Crystal Tokyo. But... it just didn't happen and be glad it didn't because it would prove how evil I really am when the final sentence came around (Think about the title of the story a moment). The second ending I played with had Usagi disappearing from the timeline as she wrote the others a new one and then coming back when they remembered her. It was actually from me watching too much Doctor Who and I had set it aside as a 'No' pretty early and I'm glad I did. My cousin and I watched the Live Action Sailor Moon *indirect spoiler?* over spring break two weeks ago and... haha... yeah. That.

Oh, and if you haven't watched that version yet do so! I'm a manga weirdo, but I really, really, really liked it. LOVED IT! ("Motoki you adorkable dweeb!") Though... again Artemis gets ripped-off in the human transformation department! *snaps*

Anyways, back to notes:

So, like I said this was not how the story originally ended and I'm sorry if you have NO CLUE as to who the heck Kousagi is (Noticed a reference to her in Act 0 of PGSM and was quite stoked!). Read the short story "Parallel Sailor Moon" if you want to know who she is.

Don't want to? Well... okay...

Just know they bully the poor girl constantly and I was actually being almost too kind in writing this chapter! Kousagi is that one kid everyone at school somehow made an unspoken agreement that she would be the butt of all the jokes and the bullying. Then... she ends up getting the better of them, and I'm sure eventually actually becoming friends with them. "You go girl!" *sigh* I love Kousagi... The little munchkin! She doesn't stop eating. :O

And as for The Shitennou... I always through they were in Crystal Tokyo anyways! So its no surprise as to how this ended for me. I mean... Neo Queen Serenity revived The Sailor Quartet from stone and they were in the exact same situation The Shitennou were. So I think, eventually, they regained human form. Perhaps not. Maybe too much time would have passed or something, but I think its reasonable to assume they are somewhere in Crystal Tokyo. If not... poor Mamoru! He is doomed to be surrounded by women for eternity!

One last thing: The end conversation is Sailor Moon, Galaxia, and some Chibi Chibi at The Galaxy Cauldron. Just to tie all loose ends together since I kept throwing that in everywhere!

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Didn't like the ending? Why? Tell me (Love constructive criticism). Just think it wasn't happy enough? I will give you one last song:

I beg your pardon? I never promised you a rose garden
Along with the sunshine there's gotta be a little rain sometime
I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden

I could sing you a tune and promise you The Moon
But if that's what it takes to hold you I'd just as soon let you go...
But there's one thing I want you to know
You'd better look before you leap still waters run deep
And there won't always be someone there to pull you out
And you know what I'm talking about
So smile for a while and let's be jolly love shouldn't be so melancholy
Come along and share the good times while we can

I beg your pardon? I never promised you a rose garden!
Along with the sunshine there's gotta be a little rain sometime...

TTTTHHHHEEEE EEEENNNNDDDDD! *Opera singing involved there =.=*