I didn't realize replacing the prank ending would mean readers who already reviewed Chapters 46/47 would prevent readers from posting reviews to the actual endings. Sorry about that. So, this afterword is meant to give anyone who wants to post a second review on the complete story a chance to do so without having to log out or do any jerry-rigging. If you missed the prank, sorry about that too. I thought it was pretty funny.

Secondly, I have to say thank you for everyone who made it to here. This is the first time a novel-length story of mine has actually been completed, and I know it's largely because I had people who actually wanted to read it. Your kind words and regular views were a huge motivator. So while I may have started the writing for me, I feel like I finished it for you. Again, thanks.

Lastly [spoiler warning], yes. There is a sequel in the "works." I haven't actually started writing, but I know what happens. Hopefully I can start posting it in the in the Spring and when I do I'll post a link HERE. Oh, and I know the title.

Lilim Division: Tyrannis

That said, keep on the look out and thank you so much for reading.

- Sir Vaden