Uhh Hi guys

I know it's been a while since I updated french girls. I'm really sorry about that. Like I started writing the next chapter but the thing is I kept procrastinating when I would finish it. And now it's like, a long time has passed. And I didn't procrastinate because I didn't want to write the story, believe me, I love french girls and I have already planned out the whole story.

The thing is, I fell out of writing for a while. Like school started and I started work and just, writing was forgotten. I transferred all my documents from my writing tablet onto my laptop so I can't write on the go. But I want to change that because I have so many other fanfic ideas that I want to write and I want to finish french girls. So I'll have you know that I will start writing again.

But there's another reason for writing this.

I am going to finish french girls and will start updating again soon. However, I want to do something about the previous chapters. For a while I have wanted to re write the chapters that I have already posted, explain things more, take out the unnecessary chapters. So I will be working on that first before I update any more chapters. I'll probably leave the story up for now. But when the next update comes, just keep in mind I changed some things in the previous chapters.

So yeah. Hope all you people who still like this story will wait for this.