I joined the Attack on titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin fandom and I Looooooooove it! Was I the only one that cried at the beginning of episode 21? (why did petra have to die?! Like I finally got caught up in the manga and I really liked petra because she was nice, and then she freaking dies. Even worse when her dad went up to Levi and said she had so much to live for. )

Anyway, I ship Riren. Hard. Enough said.

This story was inspired by a pic I saw on tumblr. And it was female eren not being allowed to leave Levi's side. So then I was like, what if instead of Eren wanting the attention of Levi, Levi was the one going for Eren? So I put that in a workplace AU for it to make more sense. Then BAM and we have this lovely story. And to make it even funnier...well, you'll just have to read on and find it ;)

I don't own attack on titan/Shingeki no Kyojin because HAJIME ISAYA does.

Eren POV

Ding dong

Ding dong

"Ugh," I grumbled. I pulled the blankets over my head to try and drown out the doorbell. Maybe then whoever was ringing the damn thing would go away.

Ding dong

"Jeez," I shoved off the sheets and shuffled out of bed. I slapped my hand over my mouth to cover the yawn that was trying to escape. Slowly, I made my way through the apartment to the door.

Ding dong

"I'm coming!"

I opened the door - not caring if I looked like a complete mess - and glared as I was met with a delivery person carrying a large, expensive-looking bouquet of flowers.

"Flowers for Ms...Jaeger?"

I grabbed the bouquet and flashed a fake smile at the confused delivery person, then I closed the door in their face. Of course, as soon as I looked at the bundle again, I quickly grimaced.

Bet I can guess who these are from I thought as I made my way to the kitchen. Setting down the flowers on the counter, I made myself a cup of coffee. Might as well start getting ready, seeing as sleep would be out of the question. He would know I was awake. I shuddered at the thought.

Looking again at the bouquet, I noticed the card peeking out of the flowers. And yes, I'm just calling them flowers because I don't even know the names of these ones anymore. The bouquets keep getting more and more extravagant. Before it was simple stuff like daisies and sunflowers. Then it went to magnolias and hydrangeas. Then it was mixtures of different flowers. Then the guy started sending me exotic flowers that I've never heard of!

Anyway, I sipped my coffee as I read the card attached. These flowers are nothing in comparison to your sweet aroma *spit take* My eyes widened as I continued reading the note. If only your beautiful being could be put into a flower. I'd plant an entire field of your essence. From, you know who

"More like he who should stop trying," I said as I tossed the card in the garbage. I brought the bouquet to my nose and sniffed. These smell really nice, and they are quite beautiful. Hmm, I think these would go nicely on the bathroom windowsill...

I stopped. Did I just think of keeping these?! Horrified, I wrenched them away from my nose and threw them across the room. Slapping myself on the cheeks to wake up, I put my cup away and went to get dressed.

I hated getting dressed. It was such a hassle. Especially with putting all the...extra details on. I struggled as I tried getting into the pencil skirt. Plus, womens' shirts button on the other side - why can't all shirts button on the same side? After getting dressed, I grabbed my wig and makeup kit to finish my look off in the bathroom. I checked myself in the mirror to make sure I looked okay.

My phone buzzed on my night stand as I got the rest of my things ready. I checked to see my sister's text I'm outside already. I texted her back saying I was coming, making my way to the door. A quick look over my shoe selection, I opted for the black high heels to match the pencil skirt and white blouse. Mentally slapping myself for thinking so girly, I exited my apartment and made my way outside to my sister's car.

"How was your morning, sis," she said, smirking, as she checked out my choice in clothes as I got in the car.

"Same old, same old. Got another bouquet again, " I said lazily as we made our way to work. Looking over, I noticed Mikasa's eyes darkening.

"I don't like how he fawns over you so much, what if he becomes a crazy stalker?"

"What, you mean like you?" I said jokingly. She gave me a glare and playfully punched me.

"I'm not a stalker, I'm just worried about you."

"Yeah right Mikasa. I'm perfectly fine with handling things by myself. I'm 20 for crying out loud!"

She laughed as we approached our workplace. She parked the car and we both got out and walked towards the main entrance. But before we entered, she suddenly had this serious look in her eyes as she stopped turned to face me.

"You know, sooner or later that someone's going to find out you aren't a girl, Eren."

And shiver went down my spine as I took in what she was implying. I looked at her, smiling reassuringly.

"Mikasa, don't worry. I won't let that happen."

There was no way I was letting anyone else know that I, Eren Jaeger, was a male disguised as a female.

Done chapter 1! So, who the heck is this mystery guy sending Eren flowers? Why is Eren disguised as a girl? How did he end up in this situation? Find out in the next chapter. Please read and review. Tell me if you want to see more of this.