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"You told him...you're a twin?"

"Ugh. I panicked okay?"

"But a twin, really?"

"I didn't know what else to say. How else was I supposed to explain a male who looked exactly like me running into Mr. Rivaille?"

The line went silent for a minute. I heard muffled chuckling on the other end.

"Armin! Don't laugh, this is serious!" I whined. The muffled chuckling turned into full-out laughing.

"I'm sorry, it's just, why didn't you deny being a twin?" Armin said in between his laughs.

There was silence again as I thought about what he just said.

"ARGH, I just couldn't okay!" I hit the end button and dropped my phone on my bed. I flopped down and stared at my ceiling.

Yeah Eren, why didn't you deny you were a twin, hmm? Said the annoying voice in my head.

Well...because Mr. Rivaille would have brought it up sooner or later, duh.

That's not certain. He could have just forgotten about it.

There's no way. We would have bumped into each other more and then he would have figured out the secret.

Oho, so are you saying you wouldn't avoid him?

No, I'm saying he would get more suspicious if I started avoiding him.

Are you sure you weren't just lonely without him showing affection for you?

Hell no.

Don't lie. You missed the flowers coming every morning. You missed delivering his coffee. You even missed his sad attempts at flirting. You missed him.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

You say you hate it when he tries to get close to you, but that's not the case. You don't find it pathetic and annoying, you actually find it cute and enjoy it.


Don't deny it Eren.


Deep down, you actually...

"AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" I yelled as I grabbed my head in frustration.

My room was silent. I closed my eyes. I thought about what the voice in my head was about to say. Mr. Rivaille's image popped into my mind. Suddenly my stomach felt all weird and my face started heating up.

My eyes shot open as I jolted up. I slapped my cheeks. Clearly I was not feeling well.

"I need some air," I grumbled to myself. I grabbed my shoes and jacket and walked out the door.

*. *. *.

"Armin, I think I'm sick," I said to the blonde sitting across from me. He was casually sipping his drink while I lamented.

"You better not hear Mikasa hear that," he joked. " She'll be watching you like a hawk 24/7."

Armin placed his drink down and looked at me. I groaned and placed my head on the table. I heard him chuckle.

"It's not funny," I grumbled. "My stomach feels weird, my face heats up whenever his name is mentioned, and I think his failed attempts at flirting are cute. Arminnnn, help meee!"

"Well, I would if I could but," he trailed of.

"But what?"

He chuckled again. "I would help if you were actually sick. Technically, you have a type of sickness, but it's a special type. It's nothing to be so worked up about; it's not fatal or anything. You're lo-"

"DON'T SAY IT!" I yelled. I was standing, pointing my finger accusingly towards Armin. He just looked at me and took another sip from his drink. He was probably used to my outbursts, I had known him since forever.

"Eren, people are watching."

Sure enough, heads were turned and staring at our table. I sat down slowly, still breathing heavily from that outburst.

"I am NOT in love with anyone," I said.

Armin raised his brow at me. He shrugged and said, "Whatever you say Eren." After finishing our food in silence, we got up and left the fast food joint.

After walking around, Armin said he had to leave. We said our goodbyes. So I was left sitting alone, in the park.

And there just so happened to be couples constantly walking through the park. Everywhere I looked couples were on dates, holding hands, laughing, doing all that sentimental crap.

Ugh. Sucks to be single.

I need to get a girlfriend.

There's no way she would get past Mikasa. And besides, I don't roll that way.

Then get a boyfriend.


If I get a boyfriend, maybe Mr. Rivaille will-

Yeeaaah, knowing him, he'll probably-

Point. This is Mr. Rivaille we're talking about. He's "Humanity's Greatest Businessman". He'd use his manipulation skills and vast connections to find a way to see through the relationship, if it's all just to get rid of him.

I got up from my lonely bench and started walking home. The minute I got home though, a single though crossed my mind.

Why not just tell him?

I froze.

Why not just tell him? I couldn't tell anyone, not even Mikasa! If I told him, I would be fired. I would never be able to find another job again. Everyone would shun me. No one is to know. I can't tell anyone. I won't tell anyone about that.

No one can know about that.

Especially him.

Levi POV

"Heichou, here are the books you wanted," said Petra, entering my office, carrying a large pile of books.

"Thank you Petra," I said, examining the books as she placed them on the desk. "I apologize, for asking you to do this on your day off. And on such short notice as well."

"It's not a problem," she smiled, "anything for you Heichou."

That's Petra for you. So nice. So dedicated. It honestly made me feel so lucky to have someone like her around. It made my heart swell a bit when she said, "Anything for you Heichou".

Not that I'd ever admit that out loud to her.

I cleared my throat. "So, Petra, where did you find all of these on such short notice?" I asked.

I knew she worked fast, but bringing in all these books after just calling her 10 minutes ago? I looked over to her. She was twirling her thumbs nervously.

"Umm, I...know a place," She said hurriedly.

I raised my eyebrow at her. She started blushing. There's no way she could have bought all these books, even with a discount on them. Picking up a book to flip through, I could see there was little scribbling on some pages. Secondhand books?

"Hmm, is that so," I said as I flipped through more pages. "Very well then. That is all, you may leave."

She smiled, bid a quick goodbye and left. As soon as I heard the door close, I grinned.

With the help of these books, I'll win over Erin for sure.

I could see it now. Erin would be mine in no time. She would be so impressed. There's no way she wouldn't fall for me. I was giddy with excitement.

"Now where to start," I said to myself.

I scanned the book titles. Ideas were filling my brain; ways to get Erin to be my woman.

"Hmm...this? No...How about...That'll never work. Maybe...this?" I mumbled as I was flipping through all the different articles and chapters.

"Aha!" I said as I found the perfect book. This book would bring my plans into action. I opened it up and started reading.

"Pick up lines Chapter 1: Classics"