International Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Chapter 2
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"Excuse me?" Dean wasn't buying it. Nuh-uh, no way in hell or on earth. This was not the way it was meant to go down. It was much easier to believe the first part of this guys story, that he wanted to arrest them, that he was the part of some wacko parody of the Men in Black franchise was something he was not about to buy.

"All perks, no downsides, not really anyway. Will you listen to a proposition?"

"Ehrm, well, we," Sam started. He still felt out of his depth. This man was strange, and they made a living of handling strange so that they couldn't understand what was going on was saying something. And like Dean he didn't think the story was particularly likely.

"Yeah, you might not have gotten the best first impression of your potential boss," the man continued, sheepish grin at full capacity. "Sorry about that."


"I am the one who started up the Bureau, it's rather recent. My people, you will find out about us eventually, anyway we do not get involved much, but with what's going on, the supernatural things of this world acting out, I realized that it was only a matter of time before they become a real problem, and after some things happened to me earlier in life I got enough standing to do something about it."

"Your people? Why don't I like the sound of that," Dean muttered.

"You might not to begin with, but we are the good guys."

"Now it's okay to say good guys? Just before you used it to mock us."

"Dean," Sam warned.

"He was asking for it."

Sam glared. Dean looked back, but Sam came winning out of the nonverbal argument.

"Agent Potter, would you explain what's going on?"

"Agent? Ah, Sammy! He's not a real agent. International Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, come on! That's just a stupid made up name!"

Potter smirked. "You should hear the other suggestions, they were even worse. Maybe IBSI is of better liking to you. That's what the normals know us as after all, we let them come up with their own interpretation of what the initials stand for. We couldn't very well go around saying what we really do, people might think we were crazy. "

"Tell me about it," Dean snarked.

"The important thing is that the people that matter do know, and by growing through the legal channels that were available to me I was able to create an organization that has the authority to do what has to be done. We outrank any organization you can come up with and are established in over two-hundred-and-twenty nations worldwide. We have the right to use violence, to take prisoners, to impersonate any agency, and when speaking to them it should be enough to tell them that you're working for IBIS, they don't know what we do, but the sure as hell know when we show up we are the ones controlling the game."

"Okay," Sam said nodding.

"Good, you're considering it."

"I sure as hell aint," Dean muttered under his breath, earning himself another glare from his brother.

"The thing is we need more agents," Potter continued in a slightly louder voice, "and people like you are exactly who we need. People, who are prepared to do what it takes, but have the sense to think before they act, well most of the time anyway. We could train people, but this isn't something you learn over night and we haven't got the time. Ergo I have been tracking down hunters across the states for a few months now. It's not easy as you are all so paranoid, but that's what we're looking for so I shouldn't complain."

"Okay," Sam said again. "What else can you tell us about this?"

"Well, as I mentioned FBI won't trouble you any more, that means that your criminal records will get wiped, a nice clean slate. You get access to all of our recourses, guns, silver, unlimited supply of holy water, info, you name it we either got it or can get it for you."

"It sounds good," Sam said, beginning to relax slightly.

"I'm glad you think so, Mr. Winchester. Then there are other practical things, insurance, health care, we've got ways to stitch you up like nothing you've seen, and then the final perk: you will get paid for the work you do."

"There must be a catch." Dean said, eyes narrowed in suspicion. This Potter person was much to smooth. Starting out like he had in the grave yard and now all these perks if only they agreed to work for him.

"The catch is that you will occasionally be assigned missions, and when you are, you have to take them, not questions asked, no reservation, but they will be important. You are also required to write short reports on all your hunts and send them back to us. We are trying to expand our information base and every bit helps. My interest is to keep people safe and to do that I need good people to call upon and information to make it possible to do the job. It is a simple as that."

"Alright, say I believe you, what would the pay be?"

"Dean!" Sam hissed.


Potter smiled. "What would you say to 9000 dollars a month?" He paused taking in their reaction, which were just blank faces. "No? Okay, maybe I wasn't clear enough. 9000 dollars each and I suppose we can throw in a bonus or two for a job well done every once in a while."

Dean smiled back now. Sam though made wide eyes. "That much?" he asked.

Potter shrugged. "It's a high risk job, they pay only shows that."

"Where does all the money come from?"

"Here and there, we get by on a lot of private funding, but the governments worldwide are interested in keeping people safe too, and that is a service we are able to provide."

"Would you excuse us for a minute?" Sam asked. "Dean, come on."

They walked away a few paces, standing so that they could still see Potter. "You know what, Sammy. I'm starting to like this guy," Dean said with a broad smile.

"You would just because he offers us money, but can we trust this?"

"Perhaps not, but it would be great. I'd know you'd be alright once I'm… you know."

"Once you go to hell you mean?"


"Perhaps they can help you with that too."

"No, Sam, I've said it before; if we try anything you die so we won't."

"Well, I don't know, what do you think we should do?"

"Make sure he isn't a demon or anything else, and if he's clear we should accept."

"Just like that?"

"9000 dollars each month? Hell yeah."

Sam shook his head. "Do you have any holy water?"

"Not on me, it's in the Impala."


They walked back to the Agent.

"What's the consensus?" he asked.

"We're thinking about accepting," said Sam.

"I'm glad to hear it."

"Christo," Dean said none too subtly.

The man blinked but his eyes remained the same. "I guess you don't trust me."

"Not yet," Dean answered.

"I get that. Hmm. So here's what I think you should do. Go back to Mr. Singer talk to him. Look me up or whatever. If you are interested come see me here." He walked up to them and handed a slip of paper to Sam. "You need to be there within two weeks; otherwise I'll surmise that you want nothing to do with IBSI."

"You expect us to just show up?"

"Sure. I'll give you a run through our operation and once you've got a feeling for it, we can have you perform a trial run before you become permanently employs. So, I'll see you."

The agent turned and walked away without another world, leaving Sam and Dean standing there by the still smouldering remains in the dug up grave.

End Chapter 2

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