"Crap" Flippy looks at his clock and sighs. "She probably thinks I'm out drinking again." It's 1:48am when he walks up to the door and tries to open it.

"She locked me out. I'd do the same thing if it was me." He sadly looks up at their bedroom window hoping to see her looking down but she's most likely asleep in their bed.

"Knowing Flaky, she didn't lock the window." Flippy climbs up the tree carefully, and pulls out his Bowie knife. He slips it through the slit and pulls the small latch up. He pushes their red curtains aside and climbs through the window into their darkened room; looking around he sees the outline of his girlfriend's body on the bed.

Shes asleep as far as he could tell and he even knew that she wouldn't want him in bed with her so he is going to sleep on the couch downstairs. Not wanting to sleep in his clothes, he goes to the closet and starts to change into some pajama pants.

He is finally taking his cameo pants off, when it makes a loud thud from his belt hitting the floor.
"If you're drunk again, don't bother coming to bed." Flaky said. He heard her roll over to face him, to see if her assumptions were true.
Flippy knows what happens when he drinks and because of it, he drinks. A never ending cycle of heartache and pain.

"I'm not drunk, I have problems that I can't let you deal with, and if you hate the way I deal with them, go live somewhere else then." He regrets what he said as soon as the words left his mouth. Flippy hangs his head low with regret as he starts towards the door. He hears shuffling from the bed, her start to whimper and then start to softly cry. Immediately he stops and feels his heart shatter for what he just said. He never means to hurt her, but he does anyway.

"Flaky.. I didn't mean it.." Flippy walks towards her and notices that she's only wearing one of his shirts and underwear, but she stops him.

"No! Don't come near me!" Flaky cries, but he can see straight through her, she needs him dearly right now. Her beautiful brown eyes are bloodshot and got tears are streaming down her face.

"Flaky.." He crawls up on to the bed, gets close to her and wraps his arms around her as she tries to push him away. He pulls her chest to his and tightens his hug on her.

Flaky continues to struggle away from his comfort, but its pointless for he's strong than her. She ends up giving into the embrace and crying the remaining amount of tears into the crook of his neck.

In response to the unprepared for action, he gently pulls her on top of him while sitting up against the head rest of the bed so she it sitting on his lap. Her legs be on either side of him and let's her head rest on his chest as she cries. He slips a hand under her shirt and rubs her smooth back, he unconsciously traces little hearts while doing so.

Ten minutes later she's finished and adjusts herself so they are both more comfortable in the very intimate position. Flippy fixes her shirt so it covers her more properly and Flaky, in turn, takes his hands to hold against her heart. They stay like that for what feels like an eternity together.

Flaky then moves to lay her head on Flippy's shoulder and entangles their legs together. Flippy wraps his arms around her back and around her small bottom, resting his hand in her hip. He kisses her goodnight and pulls the blankets up around them as he is so happy that he will have his Flaky be here with him, to help him through his problem. He may have found a new cure but a new addiction, the beautiful girl that he is with right now.

"Flaky.. I love you."

"I love you too Flippy, I never stopped."