A/N: Hello everyone! Like everyone knew by now, my computer died a few months ago because I wasn't taking good care of it. But now I got an iPad to help me write this newest story based on the first Record of Agarest War game, Record of Agarest War: Xover Edition! This is my first M rated fanfic filled with action, violence, romance, a little bit of humor, a little bit of death scenes and sex scenes. It is an huge epic crossover with Renee from Mew Mew Power as the main character which spans five generations. So here is the epic opening inspired by that hit anime, Attack on Titan!

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Guren no Yumiya plays

Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

We see an ancient mural before it crumbled into pieces revealing the title of this story with chains going fast for a while before stopping and the screen goes up.

Fumareta hana no namae mo shirazu ni
Chi ni ochita tori wa kaze wo machiwabiru

We see some characters in a field with weapons on the ground, we turn to Leo, a grown up Ellis and Renee with a strange bracelet on her arm in thought.

Inotta tokoro de nani mo kawaranai
Ima wo kaeru no wa tatakau kakugo da...

We then see a corrupted army laying waste to a village.

Next we see an army of zombies from the HOTD universe, monsters from the Monster Rancher world and monsters from Agarest in a stand still like walking postion.

We then cut to a forest with an army of good in the fields with Ladius and many characters from different dimensions doing some salute before charging into battle.

Shikabane fumikoete susumu ishi wo warau buta yo
Kachiku no annei ...kyogi no han'ei ...shiseru garou "Jiyuu" wo!

We see the Dark Knight's face (Not his real face) in a close up, then we see murals from the beginning of Record of Agarest War and then Thoma leaping into the air.

Next we see Duran floating high in mid air as he acts surprised.

Torawareta kutsujoku wa hangeki no ←Koushi- da jouheki no sono kanata emono wo hofuru《Jäger》
Hotobashiru 《Shoudou》ni sono mi wo yakinagara tasogare ni hi wo ugatsu-

Then we see Fuyria, Elaine and Luana naked and transparent as Leo charges at the Gridamas army with Renee and Dyshana's help.

Next we cut to Generation 2 with Valrie, Yayoi and Sherfunir also naked and transparent as Ladius and Kat from Gravity Rush did some moves similair to the AOT opening on a Gouki.

Next we see Lavina, Faina and Noah also naked and transparent as Thoma and Yuri Lowell fight Summerai's army.

Next we cut to Winfield and other gunslingers firing at zombies and monsters.

Next we see Duran running angrily with his sword ready with Hildegard, Silvi and Ryuryu naked and transparent in the background as Duran leaps from a cliff, attempting to strike down Moo's true form from Monster Rancher.

Guren no Yumiya!

We see the Raigan flag and Vashtor doing some epic moves in a black background.

We see Zerva and some anime and Touhou characters leaping out a forest in mid air, then we see more of Leo's group along with anime and game characters leaping into the air, ready for battle.

We see an army of Dark Knights glaring at the screen as the screen goes sideways and some black silhoutes in the air at a steady pace as we view scenes too epic to describe.

We see Leo, Renee and Ellis battle ready in split screens.

The final scene shows the three along with their allies minus the women chosen by Dyshana looking at the sun.

Generation 1

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Have you ever pondered, just pondered, if there are gods other than the Almighty in this vast universe, or omniverse? Do they have different ideas? Do they look out for the humans or other creatures? Do they even look after our well-being in the first place? Alternatively, do they war against each other in the battle of good and evil? No one knows, I'm sure, but here's a thought: If a god was to place ideas in a bottle for another to use, what if they shake it up and mix it with another idea? Is it for good, or for evil? Our story begins in a world that the gods created, Agarest, where an evil godly being has broken the balance between dimensions...

"Ugh... What happened...?" A 15-year-old girl mumbled to herself as she rubbed her head.

This mystery girl had purple hair that reached up to her shoulders. Almost as if it was a theme, she wore a purple jacket with a white-and-red striped t-shirt underneath. She only wore black shorts to cover her bottom, and, just as an added bonus, her feet were clad in purple shoes.

She looked around, her eyes finally losing the haze of slumber. This place did not look familiar to her at all! She was certainly not in her bed, and to be honest, her room never looked so... "fantasy"-like. Beside her, she noticed a gold pendant with a heart on it.

"... What's this? I feel like I know this pendant from somewhere, but where?" The girl mused in confusion as she picked it up, placing it around her neck for safekeeping; hey, if it could be hers, no sense in wasting it!

Soon after, something else also caught her eye. On her other side was an unique bracelet with a red ruby embedded in it. The woman looked at the odd object in a trance-like state. Somehow, something was telling her to put it on, and to make matters worse, she couldn't ignore the voices within.

Therefore, without a second thought, she picked it up, placed it around her right arm, and got it in place. For a moment there, she thought she heard a faint evil laugh, but she shook it off. It was then that something appeared on her belly. A strange purple symbol of some kind, fully created and decorated, was now seemingly a part of her flesh. She looked at it in shock and confusion, before saying with displeasure; "Just great... I got a tattoo on my stomach..."

The woman sighed as she lifted herself from the ground and started to move to find a way out of this hellish place. Unfortunately, she stopped and noticed the bushes nearby rustling. Alarmed, she got ready for battle. She didn't know if she had any kung-fu practice of any kind, but she had to defend herself from whatever was behind those bushes.

Her heart beats ever so faster... Whatever is in those bushes... she mentally reminded herself to prepare for whatever comes out of them.

Out of the bushes, almost like a streak of lightning, a 21-year-old man and 17-year-old girl came running out.

The boy had long black hair, an open black shirt with the sleeves rolled partway up his forearm, light green eyes, black pants that matched his shirt, and a pair of grey boots that went about half-way to his knee. He also wore an iron knuckle on his right wrist, and on his left wrist was a gold bracelet with a red jewel in it. A sheathed katana could be seen tied around his waist.

The girl's eyes were a shade of crimson, and her hair was long, black, and in twin ponytails, courtesy of the double light blue bows in her hair. She had what looked like a short, black dress with detached black sleeves at the shoulder. Around her neck was a black and white frilly collar with a blue ribbon to go with it. Finally were her boots, which were black with slight white frill at the top, and went up to her knees.

The confused girl figured the clothes these odd people were wearing were of a fashion sense she had no experience with. Still, she sighed in relief; at least there were some other people here.

"Who are you?" The girl asked as she folded her arms and look at the two newcomers with a glare.

"Heh... Is that some way to greet people?" The man remarked sarcastically with a smirk that was also sarcastic. The girl figured he has a calm and tough personality.

"You should mind your manners!" The pig-tailed girl frowned. "At least tell us your name."

"Not unless you tell me yours, first..." The woman countered with a deeper frown.

"Oh fine... if you insist, I'm..." The pig-tailed girl stopped in mid-sentence, trying to think. Why couldn't she remember her name?!

The man looked at the pig-tailed girl with worry. He also couldn't remember his name… for the moment.

Suddenly, the purple-haired woman remembered something… Something important.

"… My name is Renee Roberts..." The woman now known as Renee introduced herself, still glaring at the newcomers as if she doesn't already trust them.

"... Yuri Lowell. Nice to meet you, Miss Roberts..." Yuri did a mock bow.

"... N-Noire... B-But it's not like I'm gonna buddy buddy with you or anything!" Noire muttered in annoyance as she looked away. Renee also looked away, she can tolerate Noire a bit, but still..

"Do you have any idea where we are?" Renee asked as she looked at the skies in thought, trying to remember where she came from and how she got to this strange place.

Suddenly, she noticed a tattoo on Yuri's right hand similar to the one she had, only black with a grey ring and a green ruby on top of it.

"Hey... did you get that strange tattoo from… whatever it is you're wearing right now?" Renee asked, perplexed that she found someone who is in the same situation as her.

"Hmm?" Yuri raised an eyebrow as he noticed the strange tattoo on Renee's belly. "Huh, so you got it too, huh? Well, for some reason, I can't get it off- the ring, I mean- no matter how I tried." Yuri shrugged, not caring about his dilemma or even Renee's.

"S-So... If we have no idea where we are or who we are, then how the hell are we gonna survive whatever this place is?!" Noire growled, stomping her feet in frustration, fearing they are trapped in a world they have no knowledge of and without some of their memories.

Before they decided to answer that, they heard a girl's scream. They were understandably alarmed.

For some strange reason, Renee couldn't resist the cry for help. Without hesitation, she rushed to the source.

Yuri sighed and remarked: "She's even more troublesome than you, princess..." Yuri ran after Renee.

"S-Shut up, knight!" Noire growled as an anger vein on her forehead appeared as she too rushed towards the source.

When they got there, they saw a young girl with pink hair and pointed ears. She wore a white blouse, with matching white shoes, a large white ribbon, and white frilly wristbands.

She was cornered by a large purplish humanoid. Its appearance was somewhat monster-like, what with the large horns, three clawed fingers, a unique "cattish" face with a large mane, and unique "bird" feet.

The three out-of-place people looked at the humanoid figure staring at the girl.

"What... What the hell is that thing? And it's attacking a little girl!" Noire gawked, but regain her cocky attitude as she made a rapier appear and grabbed it. She then pointed her sword at the humanoid.

"Heh. Fight first, ask questions later, eh?" Yuri commented as he unsheathed his katana, held it in his left hand and got into a battle position.

"..." Renee also got into a battle position even though she had no weapon or power to arm herself.

"..." The humanoid was silent as he noticed the odd circle of heroes and got into a fighter's stance. He extended his fist and used the bring it gesture.

Suddenly, two people came up to the battle about to befold: a young man and a woman.

This man wore a long white overcoat with matching white boots, grey undershirt, and black pants. He was also wearing a unique-looking pendant around his neck. Perhaps the most interesting thing about him, though, was his sword, which glowed a faint golden light.

Next was a woman with white-green hair. Her outfit was somewhat bold, being a revealing black top and a black dress with the sides of it removed. She also had a light bluish, semi-transparent silken scarf around her neck and hanging from both her sides loosely.

"We're too late!" The young man growled as he charged into battle, without thinking clearly.

"Wait..." The woman ordered stoically, she seems... devoid of emotion, almost.

"Looks like we got more people to fight... Just great..." Yuri muttered as he blocked the man's sword with his own.

Renee noticed the humanoid was about to hit the man in the back. "Noire, help that man!" She ordered.

Noire was both confused and annoyed that someone was ordering her around, but she nodded and blocked the humanoid's attack on the man.

It was then the elven girl spoke up by shouting "Stop it. All of you!"

That stopped the fighting. The young man rushed up to the girl and checked for wounds. "Are you alright?" He asked in concern.

The girl pointed to the humanoid creature and told the man calmly "He... Borgnine protected me."

"Who's Borgnine?" Noire blinked, wondering what the hell was going on.

Yuri sighed, shook his head, and replied with: "I believe Borgnine is the one we were fighting..."

The humanoid now known as Borgnine was silent as he folded his arms and remained mysterious.

The young man blinked and asked the girl: "Where did you meet him?"

The young girl looked away, feeling a bit confused and responded with "I'm not sure." Clearly she had no idea either. "All I know is that he shows up to help me when there are bad people around."

"I see... But what about those other three?" The young man asked as he turned to face Renee, Yuri and Noire with a suspicious glance.

"We were about to help this girl when this whole misunderstanding occur." Renee corrected him with a cold tone as she looked away, but not before looking at the young man and blushing a little.

The young man smiled. "My name is Leonhardt. You have my gratitude. Thanks to you four, I will be able to keep my promise."

"Th-Thank you for saving me..." the young pinkette says to Noire.

Noire huffs loudly, crosses her arms and puffs out her chest, "Hmph. Consider yourself lucky that we didn't need to do too much."

The pinkette giggles, "Still, thank you very much!" she happily says while bowing lightly to Noire.

Noire's face, now slightly flush with embarrassment stutters "Wh-Whatever! I-I didn't do it to be thanked!"

"Renee Roberts. Nice to meet you, Leonhardt..." Renee stated nonchantly.

"Yuri Lowell, and I like to keep out of trouble if I can." Yuri smiled.

"N-Noire... And I wasn't helping so I can be this girl's friend or anything!" Noire looked down and kicked the dirt.

Borgnine stated without emotion "My purpose is to protect my master. Nothing more."

"Master?" Leonhardt was confused about the master bit.

It was then the mysterious woman spoke with a calm demeanor. "Your curiosity must wait. If she was attacked, that means there may still be soldiers nearby."

Leonhardt nodded and said "Your words ring true. Let us find sanctuary then. We can talk once we are safe." He then remembered something. "I do not believe I actually know your name."

"I'm... Ellis." The girl now known as Ellis smiled.

"Ellis... A fine name." Leonhardt smiled.

"Yeah. Cute name you got there, Ellis." Yuri smiled also. Ellis was silent as she blushed in embarrassment.

It was then the woman turned to Leonhardt and asked "Where shall we go?"

"With luck, this path will lead us to a town or settlement." Leonhardt theorized, but he couldn't help but wonder why his mysterious woman friend was eyeing Renee, Yuri and Noire. He also noticed the strange tattoos on Renee and Yuri.

It was then Ellis beamed with excitement. "We don't need luck! I've been through this wood many times. I know the way!"

"What luck. Lead the way, Ellis." Yuri smiled.

"J-Just don't get us lost or anything." Noire mumbled to herself, she must be a bit shy.

Ellis giggled. "You can count on me! This way, my friends!"

Almost everyone was following Ellis, but the mysterious woman stood still in thought.

'So he has brought them out of their worlds so he can spread his evil across the universe...' The woman thought to herself as she followed her companions.

To be continued...

Next chapter: The Hyperactive Girl and the Black Swordsman

A/N: Well, how was that? This is my ultimate crossover masterpiece and I got a blog covering what will be here in this story. Anyway, next time, Dyshana explains everything to our otherworldly heroes and Neptune from the Mk2 universe (Noire is also from the Mk2 universe) and Kirito from Sword Art Online will join our heroes in the second chapter, so stay tuned!