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SessKag, Inuyasha x Harry?

October 31st, 1981

"What is it, Kirara?"

Blue eyes glanced down at the nekomata with concern, seeing that the demon cat wanted her to follow, "Is it something important?" She asked with concern, looking up when her life companion stepped up beside her.

"I smell a human," Sesshoumaru stated, his golden eyes glowing in the night and Kagome glanced at him in pure surprise, "He is not far."

"A human? Out here?" Kagome asked incredulously, looking around at the surroundings to where Kirara had brought them, "This is just a large field! Why would there be a human out here?" Her voice lowered in her concern.

Kirara pawed at her leg, her tails twitching as she let out a mew and obviously wanted them to follow her, "Okay, where is the human?" Kagome moved to follow the nekomata, moving quickly through the foliage.

It was only a few minutes later when Kirara stopped, circling around a bundle of blankets and sniffed it curiously. Kagome gasped, bending down quickly to scoop it up and was surprised to hear quiet sniffling within the blankets.

"Amaterasu-sama!" She sucked in a sharp breath when she unravelled the blanket, seeing a small baby boy that gave off almost silent cries, "What happened to you?" Kagome rubbed his tiny cheek, entranced when he opened his eyes to reveal a brilliant green that reminded her of a certain fox.

"There are no others around," Sesshoumaru glanced around as he finally caught up at his leisure, "However, there is an odd scent on this human pup."

Kagome furrowed her brows, cuddling the baby up to her chest and glancing at her mate with concerned eyes, "This baby isn't normal," She simply stated, "I can sense that there is a magical aura around him."

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes, smelling the odd scent was that of some sort of half-breed, "Come, let us go home."

His mate smiled brightly at him, hearing no comments that she would have to leave the baby behind (not that she would ever do so), but it only made her love for him grow warmly, "Let's go, Kirara. I'm sure he's hungry." The nekomata leapt onto her shoulder, observing the now sleeping baby with her large red eyes.

Neither Kagome or Sesshoumaru knew that an entire would was desperately searching for the missing baby that was intended to be delivered to number 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey, England.

And neither of them cared.