So, I didn't like the sequel to much.

Animation was cheesy, only 45 min, it's a Holiday Special (those always suck), Eve is still ugly, and Lilly and Garth are probably not going to get pushed anymore in future movies. Or have puppies of there own

They are making a Halloween special, and puppy sports competition thing

Lionsgate is just gonna run them into the ground to make a quick buck. That's something I'd expect from Disney and/or Dreamworks.

At the very least perhaps we'll get some RuntXPrincess fic's from it

Okay, rant over. Gonna try to make this thing

It had been a some time since Humphrey and Kate's pup, Runt had been taken by Kings rival pack. Then saved by his family, and a few new bear friends.

And speaking of Runt's family, his Aunt Lilly and Uncle Garth were still enjoying their free spirit life style.

In was night time in Jasper, Lilly and Garth had just returned to there home after a bit of howling and fun at the Moonlight Howl.

"Whew," Garth said as they got to a large patch of tall grass "That was fun,"

"You've really improved," Lilly said remembering how bad Garth used to howl

"I learned from you," Garth said

"Hehe," Lilly said

The two wolves went into the grass and lay down, looking at the beautiful, starlit night

"It's breathtaking isn't it?" Lilly said

"Not as much as you," Garth said

"Oh Garth," Lilly said flattered

"Me," Garth joked

"Oh, trying to be funny eh?" Lilly said "Just you wait,"

Lilly dashed out of the grass

"Lilly?" Garth said confused

"Ah!" he heard Lilly cry

Garth jumped out of the grass, only to see his mate laying on a piece of tree bark, waving her paws in the air

"A turtle," Garth guessed remembering her cute turtle related jokes

"Yep," Lilly said "You always used to love it when I did these,"

"Stinky, Claudette and Runt did to," Garth said

"Ya," Lilly said "They did,"

Lilly seemed to space out for a bit

"Lilly?" Garth said

"Oh," Lilly said snapping out of her trance

"What was on you mind?" Garth asked curious

"Just thinking about them," Lilly said

"Their only a short walk away," Garth said "We can go to Kate and Humphrey's den tomorrow if you want. I'm sure they..."

"No Garth," Lilly said "Not them, puppies,"

Garth's eyes grew wide with shock

"Lilly, you...You're thinking about puppies?!"

"Well..." Lilly began "I do love being with you, and sleeping out in the stars, but don't you ever want to be...more?"

"Well..." Garth began "I..."

Just then Garth's nose was filled with an intoxicating aroma. A special kind of odor

"Lilly, you're in heat aren't you?" Garth said

"Yes," Lilly said

As if by magic, when she said that, Lilly looked like the most beautiful wolf in the world in Garth's eyes

"I see Kate and Humphrey, my sister is so happy with her pups. Sometimes, I wonder if we'll ever have that kind of joy." Lilly said

"We could," Garth said

"You do want puppies?!" Lilly said surprised

"I'd love to have pups with you," Garth said "I love you Lilly,"

"I always thought you'd dodge that question if I asked," Lilly said "I mean with the way we're living and all,"

"Well we will need are own den," Garth said "I think my dad's still up for giving us his,"

"Great!" Lilly said happily

The white wolf then turned around and lifted her tail up

"Lilly?" Garth said

"We have to lay turtle eggs before we become parents," Lilly said

"I'll be your turtle," Garth said

The wolves went back into the tall grass, in no time the sounds of intimacy were heard from them

And as they shared this moment of passion, new life was being sent to grow within Lilly

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