It didn't take long for Kate to track her sister and Garth, Stinky got his scent skills from his mother after all

Lilly and Garth were at Tony's den, looking to move in

"Oh my," Kate said smelling the odor off her sister

"Hi Kate," Lilly said "What brings you here?"

"Runt is okay isn't he?" Garth asked worried his nephew might have caught a cold or was hurt from his experience earlier

"He's okay," Kate said sniffing the air some more "I see they were right about you two. Oh Lilly I'm so happy for you both,"

"I'm proud of Garth to," Tony said giving his son a pat on the back. "You'll make excellent Alphas,"

Kate went over and hugged her sister

"How'd the pups find out?" Garth said

"They said you were in love, and smelly," Kate said "I just put two and two together."

"What's it feel like Kate?" Lilly asked "Carrying pups I mean,"

Kate gasped "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!"

"Well we don't yet," Lilly said "Probably be a week or so until we do,"

"Looks like you already got the glow though," Tony said "Just like your mother did once, Garth"

"Oh," Kate said happily "Reminds me of when I told Humphrey I was expecting,"


"I'm sure you parents will know what's up with you," Humphrey said as he walked to Eve and Winstons Den with his mate

"I just hope Marcel can forgive me for..."

Kate threw up

"Again?" Humphrey said "What did you eat Kate?"

"I told you I didn't have anything..."

Humphrey saw she was about to blow again and quickly jumped out of the way before he got a puke shower

Soon enough they were at Kate's parents den

"Oh hello Kate and Humphrey," Winston said "Eve look who's her for a visit,"

Eve stepped out of the den

Yet when she saw her daughter puke again

"Huh! Kate!" She said worried

"Eve lept onto Humphrey


"Mom he did nothing," Kate said "I've just been feeling..."

Eve used Humphrey as a shield as Kate tossed her cookies once more

"Sorry about that Humphrey," Eve said "C'mon Kate lets go check you out,"

Kate and her mother went into the den

Humphrey went to wash off

When he got back, he saw Eve and Winston nuzzling there daughter, and smiling. Eve was crying tears of joy

"You're all better Kate?" Humphrey assumed

"I'm better than okay," Kate said "Humphrey, I'm pregnant!"

Humphrey eye grew wide with shock, his brain trying to process this amazing new. Then he passed out

-End flashback-

"Hehe," Kate giggled "The look in his face,"

"That'll might be you soon son," Tony said to Garth

"I won't pass out," Garth said

"Watch out for the morning sickness," Kate warned

"Ya, your mom also gave me a shower to when you were in her," Tony remembered

"Will do," Garth said

Kate left the hopefully expectant wolves to there meal

Garth put his paw on Lilly's belly again

"How are we going to survive a whole week? The suspense is murder," he said

Kate had just returned to her own den

"I'm back," she said

"Did Aunt Lilly eat the magic puppy seed?" Claudette asked

"Magic puppy seed?" Kate said

"Ya," Runt said "Dad said that Aunt Lilly was smelly cause she rolled around in special flowers to find a magic puppy seed,"

"A seed that when you eat it makes puppies grow in your tummy," Claudette said

"I'm quite surprised that is were wolves come from," Stinky said

"Maybe we should find one for you to mom," Runt said "That way you can have more pups,"

"Or I could eat it," Claudette said

"Why dose it only work when girls eat it dad?" Stinky said

Kate looked at Humphrey

"Hehe," he shrugged seeing what he now started

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