A week had passed now, a week full of flower scented puppies

"Darn," Runt said nothing in this patch either

"Mom and dad said it only comes to wolves who love each other very much," Claudette said

"But we love each other, and we love our mom and dad a lot to," Runt said

"Maybe we should be doing this at night," Stinky said "Mom and dad said it's magic. Maybe it gives off a magical glow,"

Just then a moaning sound was heard

"Oh," Lilly said sickly

"Don't worry Lilly," Garth said "I'm sure your mom and dad will know what's wrong with you,"

"Aunt Lilly, Uncle Garth!" the pups said looking to play

"Not now pups," Garth said "Lilly isn't feeling to good,"

"What's wrong with her?" Stinky asked

"She's been..."

Just then Lilly puked right in front of the pups

"Ewwwwww," the said

"Doing that a lot," Garth said

The two older wolves continued on to Lilly's parents

"Aunt Lilly must have ate a bad seed," Claudette said

A short time later Lilly was at her parents den, getting checked out

The experience was like Kate and Humphrey pretty much

Lilly puked, Eve got mad, Lilly calmed her mom down. At least nobody got a puke shower

Garth waited outside of the cave nervously

"Garth," a voice said

The big alpha wolf looked over to see Tony, Kate, Humphrey, and there pups

"The pup said Lilly wasn't feeling good," Kate said "I got worried,"

"Aunt Lilly ate a bad seed didn't she?" Runt asked

"Seed?" Garth said "Well I guess it might have been some bad berries,"

"No," Claudette said "The..."

The little pups sentence was cut short as Lilly came out of the den

Eve and Winston were nuzzling there daughter, and smiling. Eve was crying tears of joy

"This all seems very familiar," Humphrey said

"You're all better Lilly?" Garth said

"I'm better than okay," Lilly said "Garth , I'm pregnant!"

Garths eyes grew wide with shock, his brain trying to process this amazing news. Then he passed out

"I knew it," Kate said

"The puppy seed worked! The puppy seed worked!" the pups said

"Puppy seed?" Tony said confused

"It's a long story," Kate said

The pups went over to Lilly's tummy

"Hi cousins," Runt said to her belly

"Can they hear us?" Stinky said putting and ear to his aunts tummy

"We should talk so loud," Claudette said "The must be really tiny still,"

Lilly giggled at the cute pups

"How long are they gonna be in there?" Runt asked

"About five weeks," Eve said

"Five weeks?!" The pups said

"You guys were in me for six weeks to," Kate said

"What were doing in there all that time?" Stiny said

"Mom wolves must have cozy tummies," Runt said

"Ugh," Garth said coming though "What happened,"

"Aunt Lilly just told you she's gonna have puppies," Claudette said

Garth passed out from shock again

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