Another week had passed.

Lilly, the once lean, beautiful white wolf. Was now becoming the tubby, beautiful white wolf

Her stomach had produced a small puppy bump.

Nothing to big yet, just enough for any of the other members of the pack to tell she was pregnant.

Still, even though she had a small bump, she was really hungry

Kate had just gotten back from a hunt, a caribou leg in her mouth as she walked home

Yet as she was she on her way to Humphrey and her pups, she noticed Garth carrying and entire caribou on his back

"Garth?" Kate said putting down her meat "You okay there?"

"Ya, I'm okay Kate," the big alpha said "This is nothing to me, into fitness and all y'know,"

"Ya," Kate said "Do you have friends coming over to your den or something?"

"No," Garth said "This is all for Lilly,"

"Oh," Kate said "She's gotta feed the pups,"

"You should hear her stomach growling," Garth said "It sounds like a bear's in there,"

"Trust me," Kate said "I know,"


Humphrey walked into his den, the omega battered and bruised as he dragged half a caribou into the den. "Garth makes it look so simple,"

Being an omega he wasn't used to hunting. Yet with his alpha mate knocked up, it wasn't like she'd be bringing any meat home for a while. Garth had tried training Humphrey, yet the omega still had a way to go. Long story short, his hunting trip had turned into something of a rodeo as he hung onto a stampeding caribou before managing to bring it down.

"Kate, lunch," Humphrey said

"It's about time," Kate said "I'm starving,"

Just then a huge roar was heard

"Ah!" Humphrey said "Kate get back, a bear must have followed me home,"

"Uh, Humphrey..." Kate began

The omega did his best brave growl "Beat it bear! This meat's for my expectant wife! If you want to get to her and the meat then you'll have to go through me!"

"Humphrey..." Kate said

The roar was heard once more

"Okay!" Humphrey said mustering all the courage he could as he dash out the cave ready to fight

"AH!" he cried ready for battle, only to fall down the small ledge there den stood over, onto the rocks below

"Humphrey are you okay?" Kate asked worried

"Ya. Ouch!" Humphrey groaned in pain "I don't get it, where's the bear?"

"That wasn't a bear," Kate said. The roar was heard once more, it was them. The pregnant wolf pointed to her tummy. Runt, Claudette, and Stinky were very hungry, and they were telling Kate just that.

"Do you have a whole pack pack in there?!" Humphrey said surprised

-End flashback-

"Good thing you're a good hunter," Kate said "You're gonna need all your skills to fill Lilly and the extra bellies she got in there now.

"I'll believe it," Garth said

With that they went on there way to there homes

"Lilly, I'm home," Garth said "I got us some..."

"MEAT!" Lilly said as she jumped onto the dead caribou and began to dig in

Garth and Tony could only watch in awe as she nearly turned the entire thing to bones. Not even Mooch, Humphrey's tubby friend could do such a thing in one setting.

"Geez son," Tony said "How many pups did you put in that omega?"

Garth was in to much shock and awe at his mate's eating to respond

"Mmmmm," Lilly said rubbing her tummy," That was delicious, I think the pups should be...

Just then a small rumbling was heard from Lilly's belly

"Well I have to go back out and get meat for us anyway," Garth said to his dad

"Pick up some berries to if it's not to much trouble," Lilly said

"You got a very fertile mate," Tony said said to son

With that Garth went out to go get more food

Back at Kate and Humphrey's den

"Lunch time," Kate said

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" her pups said

"What is it?" Kate asked

"We did it!" Runt said "We found a puppy seed,"

"You did?!" Kate said surprised

"Ya, we found it in a rock," Stinky said " We weren't sure at first but it glowed like you said, so it must be it. Claudette go get the magic seed so we can be sure,"

The little girl wolf went to a corner of the den

"Now you can eat it and have more pups," Runt said

"I wonder how many will fit in there?" Stinky said looking at his moms belly

"Oh, um, well...You see pups..."

"Okay," Claudette said "I got the..."

Just then the tiny alpha tripped and the "seed" shot out of her mouth into the air

"Ack," Kate said, the pups magic seed flying right into her own mouth

"Don't worry Kate," Humphrey said giving her a pat on the back, which caused Kate to swallow

"She ate it!" the pups cheered

"I just swallowed a bit of rock crystal," Kate whispered to Humphrey

"Dose this mean we have to..? Y'know..." Humphrey said

"Hi pups," Claudette said to Kate's tummy "I'm your big sister Claudette,"

"And I'm Runt," Runt said

"And I'm Stinky," Stinky said

Kate and Humphrey looked at each other, wondering how'd they'd explain all this to the pups

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