Stay With Me

Disclaimer: Utapri isn't mine!

Pairing: TokiyaxOtoya

A really short oneshot. Just for fun. Enjoy!


That famous singer was way out of reach for some people… except… a certain redhead in Saotome Academy. He lived under the same roof, inside the same room, sharing the same bathroom- okay that started to sound lewd but yeah. Ichinose Tokiya, famously known as HAYATO in the entertainment industry, was his roommate, who studied in this academy together with him.

"Tokiya, help meeeeee…"

"Tokiya, I don't understand…"

"Teach me, Tokiyaaa."

"No," was the only reaction Otoya gained from his famous roommate. His expression remained unchanging, ignoring all Otoya's maneuvers to at least communicate properly with the blue-haired man. Tokiya was so cold that even Otoya was having trouble communicating with him. Usually their conversation went one way from Otoya to Tokiya, or some scold and short, sharp remarks from Tokiya.

Even though so, Otoya found himself getting fascinated by the blue-haired man. He was close yet distant. And it challenged Otoya in a way.

Otoya always found Tokiya missing in fixed schedule, and later he knew that Tokiya was singing near the pond. His voice was beautiful, unique in some way, and that fact fascinated Otoya even more.

Sometimes Otoya saw Tokiya staring to the calm water, without a word. As if he had a world on his own. Otoya wanted to join him, but Tokiya never wanted to share his world, let alone his feelings.

In other time, Otoya saw Tokiya staring at Nanami Haruka, his close friend from class A. Otoya was aware that a lot of people liked Nanami, possibly including Tokiya, but he didn't want to share Tokiya. Not Nanami. He kept Nanami away always, sometimes stealing a glance of Tokiya.

Tokiya was hurt.

What is the most important, Otoya?

Your happiness, or Tokiya's?

Do you want to let him go?

"No…" Otoya mumbled. "I don't want to let you go, Tokiya."

Otoya was slipping away from his sanity, but he didn't care. He wanted Tokiya, all he wanted is him.

"Your happiness?" Otoya laughed dryly. "You will be happy, if you choose me, Tokiya. I'll be sure to make you happy."

"No… don't leave." Otoya's eyes began to water. "I know I am so selfish… but… the hell? What do I want to do? I don't want to hurt him, I love him! Why… and why I want to see his eyes, displaying those hurt expression? Why?"

Otoya began to question his sanity.

"Why am I being so mean? I felt that certain happiness wherever Tokiya display that hurt. I love his widened eyes whenever he saw me with Nanami. I love his surprised expression whenever I leaned to Nanami," Otoya said to himself, and the wind sent his words to the sky.

To the sky that was silent, to the sky who couldn't judge.

To the trees that could only wave their leaves.

"I can't let him be with anyone but me."

"He will only look at me and me alone."

"Ne, Tokiya… stay with me."