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Chapter 1: Cobalt

Brittany's POV

School starts back on Monday. I'm slightly excited about it, but this year will be harder. I have to write my dissertation for my Doctorate. I had finally decided I want to obtain my Doctorate's over the summer. I know it will be hard and I will not have much free time between that and all my classes that I teach. Yes I, Brittany S. Pierce, am a professor at Howard University. I know most people wouldn't expect that and even have a hard time believing such, but I am.

I remember back when I was in high school and told some of my friends I applied to Howard University. Some did not believe me and thought I was joking. I can understand why they would think such. I mean a suburban white girl like me from Allentown Pennsylvania applying to a HBCU is somewhat unbelievable, but I did. My English professor Mr. C was behind me on my choice and even told me his mother-in-law went there on a minority scholarship. Mr. C helped me with my application for the university and even helped me apply for scholarships. I did the early action for all the colleges I applied to, but I was hoping for my top choice the most. By the beginning of December, I had heard from most of the universities except three and Howard was in that bunch. The second week of December came and that's when we saw it. I had come home with my mom from somewhere I can't remember anymore, she grabbed the mail and handed it all to me. I saw this huge package from Howard and was like in shock. All I was able to say was I got in. My mother asked how did I know and I simply told her if it was a reject then they would not have sent this huge packet. We went inside and I tore into the package and of course I was right. I had gotten in and they were giving me a full ride. My mother was in tears from happiness and told me to call my dad. My dad was thrilled, but was still worried about me being out on my own in DC. My mother grabbed the phone and started talking to him about everything.

The next day I went to find Mr. C before homeroom to tell him the good news. Once I found him and told him, he turned so red from excitement I swore he was part tomato in that moment. He had grabbed my cheeks then pulled me into a big hug. I know in most schools these days the hug would have been inappropriate, but I went to Allentown Central Catholic High School where hugs from teachers were fairly common especially when it came to seniors around this time of year. My friends were happy for me and some were still very shocked that I was going through with this. I guess that was to be expected since most weren't even planning on attending college outside of the state of Pennsylvania. Señora Rios I think was possibly happier than Mr. C, actually I know she was.

She had started teaching at ACCHS my junior year, so I never had her as a teacher, but she was my "baby sister" Deydri's Spanish teacher. Through Deydri I got to know her and she even got me out of trouble a few times. She actually talked me into joining Ski Club my senior year since she was one of the chaperones. So I had told her the big news after school because I wanted to actually have more than 5 minutes to talk to her about it all. She told me how proud of me she was and to be careful with the girls down there. She knows about my love for the ladies and was totally cool with it. She made me promise to always wrap it up even if the girls tell me that it's cool without a condom. Oh, did I forget to mention that I have a penis. Yeah I am one of the rare ones to be born with a penis. My parents found out pretty much right after I was born since my mother is like "test" crazy and had them test me for like every single thing up under the sun to know if I will have any medical conditions in the future.

Anyways, Señora Rios is always on me about sex and making sure I am being safe since she found out I was having it. I didn't even tell her, but she knew from the way I was walking. WTH?! I swear that woman is like psychic or something because it was literally the first day of senior year, when she pulled me aside and gave me a 20 minute lecture about it. I was majorly late to my first class, but she wrote me a note. So this little lecture about the DC girls was expected. I know it's because she loves me like a daughter, so I take it in stride. She tells me I better keep in contact with her after graduation especially since I have her cell phone number. And it is a promise I have kept til this day.

So yes, little ol' white Catholic school girl me, went to Howard and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Sociology AND Dance. Double majoring was hard, but I wouldn't have changed my decision even though it took an extra year to complete both degrees. I had somehow managed to have a decent social life to the point where I pledged and am a Delta. I also had an extremely active sex life. I mean what can I say the ladies love me and it seemed word had spread about how I am in bed with LB. Little Britt, LB for short, is above average. 7 & ¾ inches to be exact in length and the girth, well the ladies always say I fill them up and always need time to adjust.

Once I had my Bachelor's degrees and went to graduate school, yes I also obtained my Master's in Sociology from Howard, my social and sex life had calmed down some. It was more so on my part because the girls were still trying to throw themselves into my bed, but I was staying focused on the task at hand.

That was 2 years. I got lucky that one of the Sociology professors was retiring after I graduated from the Master's Program and the department chair offered me the teaching position. She loved how dedicated I was to my studies and the school that she couldn't just let me go without offering. I took the job without hesitation; I mean this was totally my dream job, to be able to teach at my alma mater and the benefits were AMAZING! Like if I wanted to go for my Ph.D. it would be free of cost. I mean yes my entire college education was free of charge including graduate school for my master's, but to know I had the choice to receive my Ph.D free of charge was like to die for. I knew I wouldn't do such right away because honestly I could use the break plus I wanted to get use to teaching and finding my rhythm with that.

So we are here in the now and I am going for my Ph.D at my alma mater. Like I said it is going to be a tough year for me with my class load. I teach 5 sociology classes; 3 of them are Sociology 101 which by now I can do in my sleep, but my other 2 are specialty classes. One is Hispanics in America and the other is Sex and Gender. I am the only professor to teach those two classes and they are always filled to the maximum capacity. Actually all my classes are filled to the max before any of the other sociology professors. I guess between that Rate-My-Professor website and word of mouth, I am supposedly the sociology professor in high demand. I don't mind that my students love me and my way of teaching. It is actually a confidence boost to know that they are learning and understanding the material with my different teaching style, but I never let all the praise go to my head.

I am pulled from all of my thoughts when I feel my phone vibrate. I look down and see that it is Quinn calling me so I answer it.

"Hey Q. What's up?" I say.

"Hey B. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out tonight before the semester starts back up for you twice over" she says with a laugh.

"Haha very funny Q. Don't hate on me for wanting to get my study on once again" I say.

"I'm not really teasing, but seriously Britt you need to go out and cut loose before you dive back in. You will barely have any free time and I know the only way I'll get to see you is if I go over to your apartment, which is kinda in the hood, and make sure you get a cooked meal because I know how you are when you are on a roll" she says.

"First off, Metro Place is not in the hood. It is perfectly located for all my needs. Secondly, and I hate to admit this, but you are right about needing to go out before the craziness hits" I reply back.

"YESSSS! Okay we are going to hit up Cobalt tonight with Blaine. Make sure you look hot as shit to the point that I'd want to go for another ride on LB" she says with excitement in her voice.

"Okay. Want to meet up here since Blaine and I live in the same apartment building and are literally next to each other" I say to her.

I hear her audibly groan before saying "Fine I'll be there at 9 so we can metro it down to the club. Later B."

"Bye Q" I tell her before I hang up.

Lucy Quinn Fabray, she goes by Quinn because she hates her first name. That girl is my best friend along Blaine Anderson. We are all around the same age, but I am the youngest of the bunch. I met the two of them at Cobalt actually. They were there together. Both of them are from Maryland and grew up together. Blaine was nursing a broken heart, so Quinn took him out to find him some and to break him of his funk. While there, we all got to talking somehow at the bar, and the next thing I know is Quinn and me are out on the dance floor drunk as hell making out like it is nobody's business. The whole time Blaine is laughing his ass off at us and taking pictures, that is until some hottie scooped him up. Blaine being drunk as well stumbled over to us breaking up our make out session to say he is leaving with the hottie. I tell him we should leave too especially with LB aching from all the sexual build up.

While heading to the metro I found out Blaine and I live in the same apartment building and are actually neighbors. It's kinda weird how we have never ran into each other on the floor before. So we all head to Metro Place, once there the hottie and Blaine stumbled into his door. While Blaine is trying to open it, I am also opening my door. He asked Quinn if she was crashing at his tonight, but the lust in her eyes told me otherwise. I told him she can crash with me and he then had the biggest smile on his face before saying have fun and being pulled into his apartment. I laugh at him and go into my own apartment with Quinn, where I put it on her all night all over my apartment. Let's just say I had her walking funny for a couple days after that night.

We did the whole friends with benefits thing for like a year. Both of us knew we didn't want/couldn't have a relationship and it was a good way to stay safe and not do the whole one night stand all the time. Now she has been in a relationship with Mike for almost 2 years. He's actually cool with the fact that I, one have a penis and two used to sleep with Quinn. It was actually Blaine who was shocked that we were able to maintain such a great friendship for so long especially with some of the incidents Quinn pulled. Yup good ol' Quinn got jealous a few times when women would approach me and flirt. Me being me took it in stride, but Quinn would damn near get into fights with the women. That's when I knew we could only be friends who have sex occasionally.

Blaine is currently seeing this guy named Sebastian. They have been together for about 8 months now. It has been a little rocky and has definitely had its ups and downs, but they seem to be doing alright. Sebastian is a pretty hot guy and seems to genuinely care for Blaine, but sadly I don't think he is the one for Blaine. I actually hope he doesn't come out tonight and it is just our trio. Thinking about that now, I look at my clock and see its 7:30. Shit I need to start getting ready.

45 minutes later

I am feeling and smelling so fresh and so clean. Currently I am standing in front of my closet in just a towel, trying to figure out what the hell I am going to wear tonight. I must have been standing there for a while and in some kind of trance because I didn't even hear Blaine come into the apartment.

"Dark blue skinny jeans, red top with your black heels" he whispers in my ear.

I jump slightly from being broken from my trance and not knowing he was right next to me. I grabbed what he said and nodded at him before saying "Thanks. You always know how to make me look sexy."

"What are best friends for?" he says before dropping down onto my bed.

I smile at him before dropping my towel and start to put on the clothes he had picked out. Blaine knows about LB and has seen LB on a frequent basis actually. The first time Blaine saw LB his eyes bugged out and he made a comment that if he was bi, that he would pounce on me right then and there. I laughed at him and that was all that was said; now it is like second nature to walk around naked in front of him. I swear he is so used to it that people would think I am fully clothed with how we interact. It's a good thing too because I like to walk around the apartment naked or just in a white beater and boxers. I wear the latter whenever Quinn is here in respect to her and Mike's relationship. Sebastian I can care less about because he is not Blaine's forever and plus Blaine put him in his place about the whole thing.

"So you ready for the school year to start?" I ask him.

Blaine is a professor at UMD, the University of Maryland, he teaches English and literature courses. Over the summer and on weekends he teaches piano lessons.

"Ah. Somewhat. I want to change up some of the reading material and composition topics, but the department chair is being an ass about it. I mean we should incorporate a couple of different books into the curriculum. Sometimes I wish my department chair is like yours. They actually listen to your requests and inputs to the point that some of them went into the curriculum" Blaine says.

I sigh. "Blaine. You know my field has more give than yours does. Yes, my department chair is a wonderful, brilliant woman, but she is also a little unconventional as well. Which is why I think we get along so well and why she takes my request into consideration" I tell him.

Before he can answer, the both of you hear the front door open and close. I look at the time and see it's already 8:40. I have on my clothes already and just need to do my hair and makeup.

"Dammit Britt. You aren't ready yet?" Quinn says.

"Obviously not Q. Plus you are 20 minutes early" I reply.

"Whatever" she says to you before plopping down next to Blaine. "You have been distracting her haven't you?" Quinn says to Blaine.

"No. We have been fairly productive actually and like Britt said you are 20 minutes early" Blaine replies back to her.

Quinn rolls her eyes at him before looking at you. "Just hurry up. I trying to get my drink on as quickly as possible" Quinn says.

I roll my eyes at her and continue on fixing up my hair.

40 minutes later

"Why do I always subject myself to this?" Quinn complains.

"Because the metro is the best mode of transportation for us when we know we are going to drink" Blaine replies calmly.

"Whatever" Quinn huffs out.

I just stand there shaking my head at the two of them. How they interact is amazing. If I didn't already know any better I would think that they were siblings. I guess in a way they are having grown up together. I sometimes wish I had that. All of my friends from high school are now pretty much just Facebook friends. I say Happy Birthday and we do a brief catch up when that happens. Other than that we have no kind of contact. It makes me sad thinking about it from time to time, but my friends now make up for such.

We finally arrive at DuPont Circle and make our way to Cobalt. We have been coming here for years now and know everybody who works at Cobalt. "Hey David" I say to the bouncer before giving him a hug.

"Hey Britt. How are you?" David asks.

"I'm good and you?" I reply.

"Just peachy Hun. There are some beautiful women tonight so have fun" David tells me with a wink.

"Thanks Big D" I say to him before heading inside. I see David say hi to Quinn and Blaine. He blushes some when he says hi to Blaine though. I swear I think he has a crush on him. I just shake my head at them and continue inside.

Cobalt is packed tonight. I head over to the bar first. I need to get my drink before heading out onto the dance floor. I get to the bar, which is packed, but one of the bartenders sees me and winks at me. I know I'm golden right there. After 5 minutes the bartender, Ashley comes over to me and hands me my drink once people make some space for me to get through.

"Thanks Ash" I tell him before handing him my card. Yeah Ashley is a guy. It is actually a very common name for guys in England, which is where he is from.

"No problem love. I'm here til 1, so if you don't cash out by then, I'll close your tab for you and track you down on the floor. Okay" Ashley tells me.

"Cool. Thanks again Ash. You are far too good to me" I tell him.

"Hey anything for my girl especially with how you always tip me so generously" Ashley tells me.

I laugh at that. "Of course, who wouldn't tip you with that heavy hand of yours" I tell him with a wink.

He laughs and blows me a kiss before going to help another customer. I turn around and remember that Quinn and Blaine are MIA. I start to head upstairs to the dance floor before they pop back up in my line of vision with drinks in their hands.

"Forget about us?" Blaine says with a chuckle.

"Nah. Just had to see my other favorite gay about a drink" I say while lifting up my drink slightly.

Blaine laughs then turns so we could all head upstairs. We get upstairs and I eye up the dance floor. I sip on my drink for a couple of minutes before looking at Blaine and Quinn then tilting my head to the floor. They get the hint and follow me onto the floor. We make our way to the middle and Blaine and I make a Quinn sandwich with me behind her and Blaine in front.

We dance and goof off some. Blaine signals he is going to get us some more drinks. I shout out Ashley to him and he gives me a thumbs up. Q and I continue to dance with Quinn grinding into me like it's nobody's business. I love to dance so I don't mind and LB is like trained not to react to Quinn's body for a long time now, so I don't have to worry about that issue. After about 10 minutes of dancing like that with Quinn, Blaine pops back up drinks in hand. I take mine and tilt my head to say I'm going to the side of the floor. Blaine nods his head in acknowledgement.

As I am making my way off the dance floor something or better yet someone catches my eye. I see this beautiful Latina. Black long hair, pouty lips, slim waist, amazing boobs and an ass you can bounce a dime off of. She is wearing a strapless black dress that hugs her body in all the right places and shows off her assets beautifully. I feel LB twitching in my jeans just looking at her. I see that she is with a fashionably dress black girl and white guy, but that will not deter me from going to dance with her.

Santana's POV

I am at Cobalt with Cedes and Kurt tonight. Mercedes and Kurt wanted to go out before the semester starts. Mercedes and I are juniors this year at Howard, while Kurt has already graduated this past spring. We actually grew up together with Kurt right here in the DMV, but Kurt is 2 years older than us. Kurt owns his own fashion magazine and it is extremely successful. He started it his junior year at American University and it has blown up since. We all live in the same apartment complex together, but Mercedes and I share an apartment together, since Kurt was in the middle of his lease when we decided to give up living in the dorms and couldn't break it. Kurt has a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment while Cedes and I have a 2 bedroom with a loft, 2 bathroom apartment. We wanted the loft for whenever family decides to come over and crash which my cousins are notorious for doing.

Now we have been coming to Cobalt for years even when we were back in high school using our fake ids. I think they always knew we were underage because even though our ids said we were 21 they always just shook their heads at us and chuckled. We were always too scared to try and get drinks because we didn't want to ever get kick out from the club. But now we are old enough and are definitely making up for it.

We have been here for about an hour now and I am working on my third drink already. One of my cousins works here so we get drinks at a discount every time and luckily I can handle my liquor to an extent. We are all on the dance floor goofing off when I see Cedes smirk. She is facing me and I am trying to figure out why in the world would she just randomly start smirking at me. Now I am a lady lover and Kurt is flaming so hard he could start a forest fire by himself, but Cedes is straighter than a flag pole. So her looking at me like that means she is up to something or. I don't get to finish that thought before I feel someone come behind me and lean in close to my ear.

"Wanna dance beautiful?" the mystery person asks me.

I turn my head slightly in their direction and my heart just stops for a second. I am face to face with like the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. I step out some and turn all the way so I can face her completely. She is absolutely breath-taking. She has the longest legs I have ever seen, slim waist, nice ass, small perky breasts that have me wanting to just nibble on them all night, nice thin lips, sparkling blue eyes that I could just drown in and not care, and beautiful blonde hair. In three words she is "my dream woman". I see she has a small smirk on her face that tells me I got caught checking her out, but I shake that off quickly.

"You think you can keep up with me?" I ask her.

She smirks at me. "The real question is can you keep up with me?" she says.

Before I can even reply she grabs my hand softly and leads me further onto the dance floor. I turn my head to Kurt and Mercedes and see Mercedes still has that damn smirk on her face and Kurt is laughing. Those bitches knew I have a thing for blondes and didn't even give me a heads up. I swear I don't know why I am friends with them sometimes.

Returning my attention to the blonde, I see we have gotten to a decent spot on the floor. She slides up behind me and finds a groove to the beat. I gotta admit not only is she sexy as hell, but the woman can keep a beat. Hell she is kinda making me look bad because she is that good. After a few minutes she leans in close to my ear. "Brittany" she says.

For a second I am thinking why is she calling me Brittany then I realize she is telling me her name. I turn my head slightly back towards her and say "Santana."

"That's a beautiful name." Brittany tells me.

I smile and we continue dancing and taking sips of our drinks in every now and then. We have been dancing for while together when I hear one of my songs come on, Ester Dean's "Drop It Low". I turn around to face Brittany and drop down in front of her before spinning back around and coming back up. Moving back up I grind my ass hard into Brittany's crotch and feel something. I'm not sure what I feel so I continue grinding back into to her hard. I hear her let out a moan and I turn my head to look at her with my eyebrow quirked. She smirks at me and grabs onto my hips and grinds even harder into me. Maybe she is one of those chicks who like to wear a strap on. Thinking about that now actually turns me on even more than I already am. All this dancing and drinking is making my head spin in a wonderful way. She even got us more drinks somehow without even leaving the dance floor.

We are still grinding into each other and I swear I feel the supposed strap on twitch against my ass. I grab the back of her neck and pull her even closer to me and turn slightly so I could ask her. "Are you wearing a strap on?" I ask.

I hear her chuckle before she says "Nope."

I turn more to look into her eyes before letting go of her neck and grabbing her crotch.

I gasp once I feel it move slightly and twitch underneath my grasp. I hear her let out a long moan. Before I could form words she says "Yes I am a girl and yes I have a penis. Is that a problem?"

I shake my head no once the words have sunk in a little because it really isn't a problem. If anything it is kinda a plus. Yes I love to lick the V, but she still has tits I can nibble on. Shit what am I thinking? I am acting like I have a pros and cons list for a potential relationship with her and I only just met her.

We continue dancing and drinking because what can I say I love to dance and drink. I feel slightly bad because I left Kurt and Cedes, but they understand and by my 6th drink I don't feel guilty anymore. I see a guy come up to us and hand Brittany a card before walking away. I wonder what time it is. Before I think to check my phone, Brittany leans in and says "I am gonna head home, care to join me?"

I nod my head yes because shit how often does your dream woman pop up and invite you back to her place? Try like one in a billion chances. So she grabs my hand, jeez her hands are so damn soft, and leads me off the floor. On our way to the stairs I see Kurt and Cedes. I wave to them and point to Brittany. I see them laugh and shake their heads. Cedes shakes her phone at me and I knew what she meant. She wants me to text her once I get there and/or call her if Britt turns out to be some kind of nut job. I nod my head at her. I bring my attention back to Brittany who nods her head at some guy with way too much hair gel and a blonde chick. I see them smile our way, but I honestly could care less.

We leave the club and head to the metro. Once we get on the metro she pulls me close into her. She has her arm around my waist and is keeping me steady the whole ride. Once we get off at her stop I see that it's the same stop as my apartment. I don't say anything though because honestly I am extremely turned on right now and am trying to simply make it to her apartment before I implode. When we arrive at her apartment I see she lives in the same complex, but one building over.

I think I am about to tell her as much, but next thing I know we are in her apartment and I am pressed up against the door with her lips attached to mine. And holy shit her lips taste like ripe mangoes! All my brain cells are pretty much fried once I felt her lips on mine and I don't even think I care. She is grinding her dick into me and I let out a loud moan. I am pretty sure my panties are completely ruined, but once again I don't care. This woman has me dripping wet and ready to explode.

Next thing I know I am saying "I need you inside of me NOW!"

I don't know when it happened, but her heels are already off and she is working on taking off my dress and panties. Once those hit the floor I grab her top and fling it up over her head and somewhere in the entryway. I reached for her jeans, undo them, and push them down her thighs. Once they reached her ankles she kicks them off then grabs me by my waist and hoists me up against the wall. My legs wrap around her waist and I can feel her dick touch my core.

She hisses. "Shit I can feel you are dripping wet already"' she says.

I don't respond with words right away, instead grab her dick and rub it through my folds getting it nice and wet. Once I think it is good and ready I look up into her eyes and say "In me now."

She is more than happy to oblige and pushes into me slowly. Holy shit she is huge.

"Oh my god you are so tight" she moans out.

"Ugh. God you are so big" I say.

She continues pushing inside of me and once she is all the way in, she gives me a minute to adjustment which I am grateful for. After I give her a nod she starts moving in and out of me slowly. I feel so full with her inside of me. Even back when I was dating guys I never felt this full.

She moans out loudly. "God you are so tight. You feel sooo good" she pretty much moans out.

"Faster" is all I can manage to get out, but it does the trick. She starts pumping faster and harder into me. I am kissing and sucking on her neck to the point I think they will be marks there for a few days. She is continuously moaning and she thrusts into me.

I squeak when she hits my spot. After that she keeps hitting my spot like it is her mission to keep me moaning and making noises that even I didn't know I could make. I feel that coil in my stomach twisting tighter and tighter. I know I am not gonna last much longer.

"I'm close" I tell her.

"Me too" she says before picking up the speed even more.

I am trying to meet her thrusts, but since I am up against the wall mid-air it is slightly difficult. I feel that big O about to hit.

"I'm about to..." is all I get out before I am hit by what I think is the biggest orgasm I have ever had. She is still pounding into me at a speed that is unreal.

"I'm about to cum" is all the warning I get from her before she explodes inside of me, which throws me into another orgasm.

She is still pumping in and out of me, but at a slower speed. Once she stops she looks into my eyes and before kissing me. Jeez her kisses are completely out of this world.

Next thing I know I am moving away from the wall and further into the apartment. Once we get to what I am guessing is her bedroom she lays me down on the bed softly. I don't know how but she is still buried deep inside of me and semi-hard.

She looks down at me then leans forward to kiss me again. I know I am drunk, but that kiss made me feel things I haven't felt before and can't even explain. Once she pulled back from the kiss, she smirks at me. "Ready for round two" she says.

7:30 AM Monday morning

Mercedes and I are eating breakfast together. She had made us some grits, eggs, and bacon. I cannot express how much I love her for this. It ain't no secret that Mercedes can throw down in the kitchen. I am a good cook as well, but my ass is always too lazy to cook. I do cook when her or Kurt ask though, well after I give them a hard time about it first.

As we continue to eat Mercedes keeps throwing me looks. I know she wants to ask me something and I have a good feeling what that something is because she kept asking me all weekend since I walked through the door Saturday morning. So I clear my throat before saying "What Cedes? I know you want to say something because you keep on looking at me."

"You still haven't told me about Blondie. You usually say something about the girls you hook up with, but this one I can't get anything out of you" she says.

Cedes is right I do usually say something about the females I get with, but for some reason I don't with Brittany. What was it about her that has me keeping this to myself? It's not because she has a dick, Mercedes is the most open-minded person I know and wouldn't care about that at all. So what is it about her? Maybe, even in my drunken state, I felt a connection with Brittany. I haven't ever felt so connected to somebody like I did with her. It actually kinda scares me, if I am being completely honest about it. Even the morning after there wasn't any awkwardness between us. Shit Brittany even made us breakfast and we ate in a comfortable silence. Afterwards we had swapped numbers and she gave me a sweet lingering kiss goodbye. We had texted each other off and on yesterday for a little bit because she had stuff to get ready for work today. I didn't ask what she does because I rather have that conversation in person. I look back up at Mercedes who is waiting for me to respond. So I take a deep breathe in.

"She's different Cedes. I don't know why or how, but she is. She's not like my other hook ups I had before. Shit we even had breakfast together and not to mention we swapped numbers. When do I ever trade numbers with a one night stand? And she lives in our complex! Same floor, but one building over. We can actually get to her apartment by walking through the parking garage. I, I just don't know Cedes" I say to her.

She looks at me in an expression I can only say is shock or disbelief. She opens her mouth, but then closes it right away while shaking it again. She then opens it again and says "Wow Tana. Just wow. I can actually say you have me stunned. I knew you thought she was hot, but I didn't expect this at all. You haven't dated anyone since...well HER. Is that what you think you want to do with Blondie?"

"Her name is Brittany and I honestly don't know Cedes. Part of me thinks and wants to see her again. And the other is saying this is too good to be true. It's been a long long time since I haven't dated anyone, but I think I want to take that leap with her or at least hang out with her. I have a strong feeling she may want the same too. I think I am just going to go with the flow with her" I tell her.

Mercedes smiles at me. "I think that's a great idea. Now let's finish eating because we have to catch the metro soon to make it in time for our first class" she says.

09:30 AM On Campus

"God I hate the metro. Why did we have to take this early class again?" I ask Mercedes.

"No you don't hate the metro" she says. I give her a look that screams you are on fucking crack if you don't think I do. "Well okay maybe you do hate the metro, BUT you hate the dorms more. And we are taking this early class because it is the only one" she says.

"Ugh. I hate when you're right. I hate that we need to take this class. The only upside is I heard the professor is awesome" I say.

"I don't NEED to take this class. I can take any one of the upper level Sociology classes. But you wouldn't stop whining about how it would be great to have a class together this semester and how if I was a good friend I wouldn't leave you running solo" she replies back.

"Whatever. I did not whine" I say, but then she gives me a look and I cave. "Okay MAYBE I did whine just a little bit, but you have to admit it will be nice to have at least one class together" I tell her.

"Yeah it is" is all she says.

We continue walking up hill towards the upper quad. "We should have waited for the shuttle" I say.

"I swear Santana your ass is lazy as hell. We are going up the easy hill too. Plus we would have been late to class if we had taken the shuttle. Now come on sugar plum, move that ass" she says while slapping me on my ass.

"Ugh. I still hate that we have to climb this damn hill" I groan out.

"They don't call Howard the Hilltop for nothing" she says with a laugh.

We continue our trek up the damn hill and finally make it to the upper quad 7 minutes later. Yes I was keeping track. "We are in Douglass Hall right?" I ask her while trying to catch my breathe.

"Yeah" is all she says sounding a little winded too.

We make it to Douglass Hall two minutes later and we make our way towards classroom 163. We get to the classroom and it is one of the smaller classrooms. We enter the classroom and see that a few students are already in there, but the professor isn't. There are only 25 seats in the room which is the maximum capacity for the class. I look at Mercedes and throw my head towards the back and she nods. We make our way to the back of the classroom and grab the two seats closest to the window.

Mercedes pulls out the textbook, while I pull out my iPad and keyboard. We decided to split the cost of the textbook since we live together and will obviously be studying together. Mercedes and I have a solid plan that works for when we have classes together. She follows along in the book highlighting and I typed the notes the professor writes on the whiteboard or shows on PowerPoint. The system works beautifully for us.

I am so focused on setting up my iPad and keyboard that I didn't see the professor walk in. Mercedes starts tapping my arm repeatedly. "Hold up Cedes, let me start up the app real quick" I tell her. But Mercedes then slaps my arm. "Ow. Shit Cedes that fucking hurt" I say to her as I look at her. She has her Holy Shit look on her face right now. "What Cedes?" I say.

"Bbbb-londie" is all she gets out.

I look to the front of the class and see her.

"Good Morning Sunshines! I'm Professor Brittany Pierce, but most students call me Ms. P. Welcome to Hispanics in America" Brittany says while looking around the classroom.

All I know is, that all of the color has drained out of me and once she locks eyes with me, then all I could think of and say is "Fuck My Life."

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