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Chapter 9: Cataleya

Santana's POV

10 October 2013, 0758

"I fucking hate traffic! Shouldn't these dumbasses already be at work by now?! Move Bitch!" Brittany shouts while honking the horn at the car in front of us.

"We probably should have taken 301" I whisper to myself. Brittany doesn't hear me thankfully because she is in a foul mood right now. I go back to thinking about the dream Titi had a couple of days ago. What the hell could it possibly mean? We already know I'm pregnant. Shit why couldn't Titi have like a roadmap or something to deciphering some of her dreams. I do wonder if she writes them down once they are figured out for future reference. I feel Britt's hand on my arm, so I turn my head to her. "What?" I ask.

"Are you okay sweetie? You've been quiet pretty much the entire ride. What's going on in that beautiful head of yours?" she asks.

I sigh because like the rest of us, Brittany had no idea what the hell the dream could have meant either. She even offered to go to Books-A-Million to find a book on dream meanings. "I'm thinking about Titi's dream again. I mean she knew it was about us because we were both in it, but she said she knew it definitely dealt with me beforehand because of the Cattleyas. Like what more could there possibly be. We already know we are going to have Little Flan" I say.

I see Brittany smile at the use of the name. "I love that you are using the name. And I'm shocked nobody calls you by Cataleya. I mean there's always that one family member that calls you by your middle name. My Aunt Chloe calls me Susie or Susie Q. I've never heard her call me Brittany once" she replies.

"My abuelo was the one who gave me the name and everyone respected the fact that only my abuela could call me by that. You don't hear it now because well you already know" I say trying to hold back the tears.

"Yeah I know. Let's get back to why you are still trying to solve the dream. I thought we were going to just let it reveal itself and not drive ourselves crazier because of it. I do still think it means I should find an online florist in Colombia that ships flowers internationally. BUT since you shot that down and seem to not want to let it go, let's rehash the dream again" she says.

"Really?" I ask.

"If it will help you remain calm about our appointment then yes. Plus it will keep me from wanting to ram the car into the back of grandma just to help her move a little faster" she tells me with a smile.

I turn more in my seat towards her. "Okay. So Titi said it started off with just three Cattleyas in a single flower pot on the windowsill on a bright sunny day. Then we show up smiling while looking at those flowers. She said I was leaning into you with my head resting on your shoulder and that you had your arm wrapped around my waist" I say.

"Hmmmm...I honestly have nothing besides the whole ordering the flowers from Colombia idea" she tells me after a minute or two.

"Ugh...this is so frustrating!" I say moving in my seat to face forward again.

"I'm sorry sweetie. Let's think about something else. What do you want to eat after our appointment? Or do you just want to go straight to Laurel and I whip up something there, so you can rest before your dad takes us to the airport?" she asks.

"I really want IHOP, but I rather eat it at papi's. So can we put in the order to go while we are heading that way?" I ask.

"Sure. Anything you want" she replies.


We had finally got to the hospital at 0830 and went straight to the lab. Thankfully we got there when we did because there was a 20 minute wait before it was my turn to get my blood drawn. After that Britt and I went to the Starbucks in the hospital and she bought me a banana nut muffin and some apple juice that I devoured and drank before we even reached our waiting room. So we have been sitting in here since reading some of the Parenting magazines, waiting to get called back, which should be happening any moment now. I feel a hand on my arm that is not on the side that Brittany is sitting on. I look up and a smile spreads across my face.

"Hey dork" Lisa says.

I roll my eyes at her and stand up out of my seat to pull her into a hug. "Hey Lisa" I tell her.

"You ready to come on back? Never thought I'd be checking you in" she says with a laugh.

"Yeah. We're ready. Come on Britt" I say as I grab her hand.

She squeezes it once and we follow Lisa to our room. Once inside the room Lisa extends her hand to Brittany. "Hi. I'm Felicia" she says.

"Hey. Brittany" Britt says accepting the handshake.

"Awesome. You guys can sit and I'll take Tana's vitals in a few minutes" Lisa says.

"So Lisa...how are the girls?" I ask.

"Lisa? I thought you said your name was Felicia?" Britt says.

Lisa chuckles. "My family calls me Lisa for short, but some friends have picked it up as well just like Tana here. You can call me either one. We'll be getting to know each other throughout this little joyous ride" she tells Britt. "And the girls are doing great. It was hard to come back to work 2 weeks ago, but if I had to have my little baby in daycare might as well be at this wonderful hospital" she replies.

"Yeah I guess you are right about that one. How did munchkin's first day at kindergarten go? And has she liked it so far?" I ask.

"It went pretty good. You know she didn't want to leave her little sister at home" Lisa says with a laugh.

"Ha! I heard Jenny did the same thing with me when she had to start school" I say.

"I can believe that. So let's get started. I've got all your paperwork that you guys filled out and I see you did wrote down a little extra for me Tana...so thanks. That just makes it where all I have to do is get your vitals. Now your father gave me and Michelle a heads up about your unique situation" Lisa says while rolling the vital signs machine towards me. "I hope that's okay with you" she says while looking at Brittany.

"It's fine. We gave him permission to do so. We figured it would help move things along more smoothly instead of me trying to explain and take up time during our appointment" Brittany replies.

"Smart move" Lisa says as she wraps the cuff around my arm then gives me the thermometer to hold under my tongue.

She starts the machine and places the pulse ox on my middle finger after retrieving the thermometer from me. She writes down my temp and waits for the rest of my readings. The machine finally beeped about a minute later. She wrote down the vitals as I removed the cuff and pulse ox.

"Great vitals. So I'm going to enter all of your info into the system. Most of your labs should be done by now and so Michelle will go over those with you. So while I'm doing that, Tana you strip and put on the gown and drape the sheet over your lap. You'll be getting a full physical. Pap included" she tells me as I cringed. "I know I know. That sucks, but it has to happen. I already brought in the ultrasound machine so I won't see you again until after your appointment. Have fun guys" she says while pulling the curtain and then leaving the room.

"Damn that sucks, but on a side note she seems cool" Brittany says.

"Yeah she is and her little girls are so beautiful" I say as I stand up to start taking my clothes off.

Brittany nods and starts folding my clothes as I take them off. Once I'm finished I hop up onto the exam table. Thankfully, I'm only sitting there for like a minute before we get a courtesy knock at the door before it opens, but the curtain remains between us.

"Hey. How did you know I'd be ready?" I say.

"Because if it takes you longer than 5 minutes to strip and put on a gown then there must be something wrong Santana" Michelle tells me from behind the curtain.

"Fine you're right" I say.

"Good" Michelle says then moves the curtain. She looks at Brittany and extends her hand "Good Morning you must be Brittany" she says.

"Good Morning Dr. Hill and yes that's me" Britt replies as she shakes Michelle's hand.

"Oh you call me Michelle" she says before looking at me. "Ready to get this party started Tana?" she asks. I nod. Brittany's hand slips into mine and I turn to look at her. She gives me a wink from her seat that I didn't see she pulled over next to me. "Awe. You two are precious" Michelle says breaking us out of our stare.

"Anyways, did my papi threaten you for details afterwards?" I ask.

"Of course, but he knows better than to try that with me" she says then gives me a wink. "Okay. So most of your labs that could be done today came back and they look great for the most part. Your iron seems to be a little on the low end of the normal range, so we will keep an eye on that. I see here from the info you gave Lisa that the first day of your last menstrual cycle was the 12th of August correct?" she says.

"Yes" I reply.

"Okay. So that means date of conception was around the 26th of August. It could be a couple days before that date or a couple days after. Does that sound about right?" she asks.

I look at Britt and she is looking at me already. We nod at each other because we already knew it was the day we had sex in Britt's office. We both look back at Michelle and Brittany responds for us. "That's correct and...uh...will the morning after pill effect our little one because she took it a few hours later that day?" Britt asks.

"From what we know there aren't any risks of birth defects. I also haven't heard of any studies to test that knowledge unfortunately. BUT from my own experience with women who have taken it and still got pregnant, their babies had no birth defects. So I wouldn't try to worry about that too much" Michelle tells us and then looks back down at her iPad. "Now with those dates confirmed we are looking at a tentative due date of May 19th, but as we know your little bundle may decide to show up earlier or later than that date" she tells us with a smile. She then turns serious as she looks at me. "Now I know you aren't on any medication except for your allergies, but with your history we have to be mindful of your mental state. I know it has been years since you've had any issues, but we have to stay ahead of the game just in case" she tells me before looking at Brittany. "If she starts not to seem like herself outside of "mood swings" call me as soon as possible" she says before looking back at me. "There is a risk of you becoming depressed again and not to mention that postpartum depression can happen for you. I need you to let us know if it feels like it's making an appearance again alright" she tells me as Britt squeezes my hand.

I glad I told Brittany all of this a few days ago so she knew it could be a possibility before Michelle brought it up. "I will. Hawk eyes over here, has it covered" I say with a small smile.

"Damn right" Brittany says throwing a wink at me.

"Good to know" Michelle says then clapping her hands. "Let's get the physical out of the way so we can get to the part I know you two are anxious for" she tells us.

Michelle moves fluidly through the physical while asking me questions as she goes. Once she finishes up my pap smear, she pulls the ultrasound machine closer to us while I remain in the stir-ups. "Now time for the fun part...well sort of. Your little one should be far enough along that we can hopefully hear their heartbeat. Now this may feel weird Tana, but try to relax as much as possible" Michelle says as she slowly inserts the ultrasound wand.

"Your vajayjay just ate Hermione's wand" Britt whispers to me.

"Britt!" I squeak out and Brittany just smirks at me.

We look over at the machine and watch as Michelle pulls up the picture on the screen and adjusts the sound.

"Woah. It sounds like symphony of continuous beats. Is the heartbeat supposed to be that fast and what's up with the picture?" Brittany asks as we stare at the screen trying to figure it out.

"Hold on a sec" Michelle says as she scrolls through her iPad real quick. "Ah ha! I knew I thought I saw that" she says to herself before looking at us, but more specifically at Brittany. "Multiples run in your family correct?" she asks.

"Yeah. My dad and his sisters are triplets. And my paternal grandfather is a twin, but there is supposedly a story about him and that he along with my great uncle ate their other sibling in the womb. Wait a minute. Are you trying to say" Brittany states drawling out the last word.

"Yes. Yes I am. That isn't just one heartbeat that's three heartbeats. You two will be having triplets. See" Michelle says with a smile on her face as she points to each little one on the screen.

I look at Brittany. Her face is the definition of complete and utter shock. I, on the other hand, am in absolute disbelief. What the fuck?! Triplets?! No freaking wonder my jeans felt a little tighter today and it looked like I had a damn pooch! I thought it was my damn imagination. I look back at Michelle. "Are you freaking kidding me right now?!" I say before looking back at Brittany, who now has a smirk on her face. "Why are you smirking? This isn't something to smirk about Britt! We're having triplets! I have to pop out three heads the size of the Hulk's fists through my poor vagina! My vagina will be ruined after that! Get ready to put on some swim trunks after they're born because you'll be pretty much going swimming down there" I say to her.

She smiles at me then places a sweet kiss to my forehead. "That's fine. Now look at the beautiful little ones that we've created" she tells me.

I deflate after that and give in to what she said. I look at the screen and listen to their little heartbeats. I feel my eyes watering up. I can't believe we created them. I squeeze Brittany's hand again and look at her. "I know. I can't believe it either" she tells me. I feel the tears escape from my eyes. Brittany reaches with her free hand and wipes them before giving me a kiss.

"Okay. Sorry to break the moment, but need to tell you some more information in light of this new discovery. You have a very high chance of going into labor weeks earlier than your due date, but don't be alarmed by that because it is normal when it comes to multiples. I'll have Lisa grab you both some of the books we have about multiples. You will probably start showing a lot sooner than if you were having only one, which unfortunately means new clothes will be entering your wardrobe. Now I'll make 2 dvds for you guys and print out a dozen copies of the ultrasound, since I know you and your families will want a copy of the little trio" Michelle says.

She removes the wand from inside of me and works on getting the copies made. Once she is done, she hands everything to Brittany. "I'll send Lisa in with the materials and books. Congratulations" Michelle says as she pulls the curtain and exits the room.

I start getting dressed and see that Brittany is smirking again. "Why are you smirking again?" I ask.

"Oh. I will let you know in the car" she tells me.

I nod and finish getting dressed. Lisa comes back into the room a few minutes later with all of the materials and congratulates us. We say our goodbyes to her after we tell her we'll call to schedule our next appointment once we look at our schedules.

We leave the hospital without running into my papi and head to the car. "I'm going to have to trade in this car for a truck or something" Britt says.

"Yeah. I'll have to as well" I say as we slip into her car. She turns on the car and plugs in her iTouch. She starts scrolling through the songs like she is looking for a specific one. "So we are in the car now...do you want to tell me why you were smirking now?" I ask.

That damn smirk appears on her face as she continues scrolling, but she nods to acknowledge my question. About 45 seconds later a beat pulses through her sound system and I roll my eyes when I recognize the damn song.

I got the magic stick
I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice
I hit the baddest chicks
Shorty don't believe me, then come with me tonight
And I'll show you magic
(What? What?) Magic (uh huh uh huh)
I got the magic stick

"Please tell me you are joking? I know this damn song didn't go through your head in there" I say to her.

"Sweetie. I'm sorry, but I do have the magic stick. I've got a freaking MAGICAL PENIS! Three! We have three of us growing inside of you! How can you not say that I've got the magic stick" Brittany shouts with excitement towards the end.

I just shake my damn head at her and laugh. "Okay hun. Can you and your magical penis head towards IHOP now please? Because Huey, Dewey, Louie, and I are majorly craving some cheesy eggs and grits along with some strawberry cheesecake pancakes. Oh and some bacon!" I tell her.

"Hey. How do you figure they are all boys? We could have a little Webby in there ya know" Brittany says with a smile as she pulls out of the parking lot.

"Would you rather Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 instead of Huey, Dewey, and Louie?" I ask.

"No, but I totally plan on getting them onesies and t-shirts with that on it" Britt tells me.

"That would be cute. Okay how about Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather? Or Banzi, Shenzi, and Ed? Mickey, Donald, and Goofy? No no. I got it. Berlioz, Tolouse, and Marie. That way it's not just all boys and all girls even though Banzi, Shenzi, and Ed was a mix too" I say and tilt my head towards Britt to gauge her reaction.

"We have really been watching a lot of Disney lately haven't we? I'll go along with Berlioz, Tolouse, and Marie because I do think we have a little girl growing in there" Brittany says with a laugh while extending her right hand and placing it on my abdomen.

I smile. "Good. Now let's feed them!" I say.

At the airport

"Ya know. I really do wish Titi would dream about some damn lotto numbers because her dreams are truly accurate in their meanings. I mean, who would have guessed that 3 flowers in a single flower pot meant that we are having triplets. I swear she better not dream about their sex before we find out and tell everybody ahead of time" I tell Brittany as we stand in line waiting to board the plane.

"She won't. I mean this time she called you and hasn't said anything to anybody else. Hell we were the ones telling people because we couldn't figure out the dream. Now we know though. Did you send her a text letting her know you figured out the dream?" Brittany replies.

"No. If I tell her we figured it out then I'd have to tell her we're having triplets. You saw how my papi was grilling us in the car on the way here. I just want to keep this between us just a little longer. Like just for the weekend at least" I respond.

"Okay. That sounds good to me" Britt says as we hand our tickets to the stewardess.

"Speaking of trips. We have to eventually make a trip up to see your parents and siblings to tell them. I know we talked about it and that you want to tell them in person, but do you have any idea when you want to make that trip. You still want me to go with you right?" I ask.

"Of course I want you to go with me. And I don't know when exactly. Maybe...the weekend after my birthday. Gives me time to let Jay know to be there with Mia and the kids since they will be coming from Ohio" Britt says as we make our way to our seats.

"Okay. Good. While on the subject of trips...Jake and I talked about possibly flying out to Seattle for like a week after the semester ends, but before the Christmas holidays. Would you want to go with us? Noah will probably go too. Cedes and Kurt might tag along as well since they haven't been in a couple of years. I just want you to meet Titi Callie and Tía Arizona along with little Sophia. Plus we can take a trip down to Forks and be total Twi-hard geeks" I say as I sit down in my window seat.

Brittany laughs as she sits down next to me. "You had me sold when you said Seattle. I've never been to Washington and it's on my bucket list to visit all 50 states" she says before giving me a light peck on my lips.

"Great. I think being outside of the DMV will be good for us just like this trip plus who can turn down going to the real life Emerald City" I say with a smile.

"Ha. True" Britt says.

We fall into a comfortable silence as the passengers continue to board the plane and find seats. About 20 minutes pass of me leaning on Britt's shoulder and her playing with my fingers when they finally announce that they were closing the door. They airplane crew went through their normal procedures. The pilot announced that the flight time will be about 3 hours and 20 minutes. So I just adjust myself into a slightly more comfortable position and just wait for when we can turn our electronics on.

"Comfy?" Britt asks.

"Yeah" I reply.

"Good" she says and places a kiss to the top of my head.

"Hey. You think Quinn will actually change her attitude after the talk you guys had?" I ask.

"Yeah. I do. She cares too much about our friendship and her relationship with Mike to continue down her current path" Britt says.

"I am sorry it all came to this" I say.

"Hey" Britt says while nudging me to lift my head to look at her. "I don't like that you guys got physical, but I am glad everything was thrown out into the open. I guess I was really oblivious to her jealousy when I should have known better and I'm sorry for that. She knows better now. I told you that as soon as I got back from my talk with her" Britt tells me while staring into my eyes.

"I know you told me, but I hope you are right. She's one of your best friends and I just don't want to be the reason you guys don't remain that" I tell her.


I hear the door open and close. Daemyn lifts his head off my lap briefly, but sets it once Brittany comes into view. She looks like she just went 12 rounds with Laila Ali. "Hey. How did it go?" I ask.

She plops down next to me and pulls me into a kiss. "I'm sorry. I really didn't see it" she tells me.

"She admitted the truth to you?" I ask.

"Yeah, but it's not all what you think though. I mean she admitted to being jealous of you and what not, but it wasn't in the way you think. She loves Mike a lot. She is or was jealous of you because of the way I act and look at you she said. You already know we never were in an actual relationship and she was jealous of that. She doesn't or didn't comprehend what is so special about you that I'd want that with you and not her. She just couldn't understand what was wrong with her that I didn't ever want to be with her in a relationship. I mean it was all kinds of confusing when she was trying to explain that because I did have a girlfriend or two after we stopped the benefits part of our friendship. And when I said that she just said she knew that they weren't going to last long" Britt tells me.

"But she said I wasn't going to last long either" I say in a low voice.

"I brought that up too and she said that she was trying to just get in your head. Like to scare you off because she can actually see you sticking around and that was the green monster talking. After that we just talked a little bit more. She asked for my forgiveness" Britt says.

"Did you give it to her?" I ask.

"No. I told her that once she apologizes to you and that when you are ready to forgive her then so will I. I truly am sorry for all of this" she replies.

"You aren't really at fault B. So you don't have to apologize to me. Umm...did you tell her that we are expecting?" I ask.

"No. She doesn't have the right to know at this point. Once she's truly forgiven then I'll tell her, but not before. Plus I'm still pissed she laid a hand on you. I only want supportive friends and family surrounding us right now. Okay sweetheart?" she says.

"Okay. How's her face by the way?" I ask more out of curiosity because I know I did some damage.

Britt chuckles at that. "You just wanna know how badly she looks. I'll give though. Her right eye is still a bit swollen and there is some definite bruising. And her nose was broken. She went to her doctor this morning to get it checked out. Didn't know I was dating a boxer" she states with a little smirk.

I laugh at her because I am definitely not a boxer. "Funny. A girl has to know how to throw a punch when you have cousins like Jake and Noah. I can't tell you how many times I got into it with females behind those two alone. I even got into a few because of Finn and Bash. That was before Bash realized he was gay. I think Mercedes is the only girl I never fought when it comes to Noah. Actually she has gotten into a few fights too because of them along with her older brother Lincoln. And before you say anything I don't know why the Jones' named their kids after cars" I state.

Brittany laughs hard at that. "I was totally going to ask that! Anyways, good to know you can hold your own...BUT remember what I said last night let me hand the fighting for like the next 8+ months. Even afterwards I don't want you throwing any 'bows at chicks" she says.

I nod. "Okay" I reply.

"Good. So are you really alright with all of this?" she asks.

"I'm a little iffy about Quinn and just want to marinate on all of this for a bit. I just need a little time is all. Is that okay?" I ask.

"Take all the time you need" she tells me.

End of flashback

"Maybe in a couple of weeks. I'll be ready to talk to her and accept her apology" I say.

"There's no rush sweetie. Truly take all the time you need" she replies.

80 minutes later

I'm super horny right now and Britt is watching last night's premiere of Arrow on her iPad. I don't know how she feels about joining the mile high club or if she already has, but I've been feeling this way for like the past 10 minutes and it's not going away. Since the blankets are too small to share we each have our own. So I decide I'll slip my hand underneath her blanket. I slowly make my way underneath the blanket and start to massage LB through her sweatpants. Brittany throws her head in my direction and takes off her headphones.

"What are you doing?" she whispers.

"B. I really really need you right now" I whine in a whisper.

Brittany sighs and just shakes her head. I know she is going to help me out, but I can see the wheels turning in her head right now trying to figure out how to make this work. After a minute it looks like she figured out a plan. "Okay. This is what you're gonna do. You will head down to the bathroom at a fast pace acting like you have to throw up. I'll follow close behind and knock on the door to have you let me in. If they hear any noise from you because you don't ever seem to know how to keep it down we can blame it on Berlioz, Tolouse, and Marie. How does that sound?" she asks.

I nod because the need is building up and I just want her right now. I jump up out my seat and head to the back at a fast pace like she said. I reach the toilets and thankfully they are all unoccupied. I slip into one and wait. Not even a minute later I hear Britt knock. I let her in and she locks the door back.

"God this is a tight squeeze" she says.

I drop my sweats down and look at her. "Less talking, more undressing" I say grabbing her sweatpants and pushing them down along with her boxer briefs.

I see that Britt's already semi-hard. I grab her dick and give it a few pumps to get her completely hard. I turn around so that my ass is facing her now. I feel her slide LB through my lips a couple of times. "Damn. You're dripping already" she whispers into my ear.

I whine and thrust back into her. Next thing I feel is her entering me. "You have to keep it down sweetie" she says as she thrusts into me quickly.

My moans are escaping from my mouth, but not as loudly as I usually am. Britt grabs on to my tits and massages them through my shirt as she continues to pump in and out of me. I honestly don't know how much longer I will last at the rate she is going at. The bathroom is filled with my moans and her low groans along with the soft slapping of skin. I can feel my juices sliding down my thighs.

Britt moves her right hand from my tit to my clit and starts slow circles on it. I let out a small squeak. "Shhh. Sweetie. Gotta keep it down" she whispers through labored breathes.

I feel like my body is on fire and I am about to explode. Britt senses and feels that I'm close and picks up her thrusts while speeding up her fingers that are still on my clit. Brittany groans when I thrust back into her hard. "Just. Let. Go. Honey" Britt breathes into my ear.

After two my pumps a feel myself explode and I can't hold in the somewhat loud moan. Britt continues thrusting into me for another minute before cumming inside of me. Britt groans as she slows down her thrusts before stopping. She stays inside of me and just leans forward on me a bit. "You will be the death of me one of these days. I swear" she mumbles into my back then places a kiss on to my shoulder.

"We are going to have to shower right away once we get to the hotel. I can't be a sticky mess when I meet your aunt" I say as I feel Britt slowly sliding out of me.

"Yeah. I know. Hurry up and pull your sweatpants up so we can get out of this hot box. Do you feel better now? You think you will be good for the rest of the flight?" she says as she pulls up her boxer briefs and sweatpants.

"I think so. We're halfway through the trip. I should be able to hold out until we land" I say with a smile.

Brittany just shakes her head at me. She looks me over and nods towards the sink before pushing the flush button for the toilet. We both wash our hands and I splash some water on to my face. Britt opens the door just as a flight attendant is passing by us and gives us a look.

He looks like he is about to say something, but Britt holds up her hand. "I suggest you say nothing unless you want to be the one holding my girlfriend's hair back from now on every time her morning sickness rears its ugly head" she tells him. He pulls a face. "Didn't think so and could we get some sprite or ginger ale please. Thank you" she says grabbing my hand and walking back to our seats.

We get back to our seats and I look at Britt. "Clever one, but if karma decides to bite us in the ass and give me some exorcist type of vomiting from now on I'm blaming you" I say.

Britt smiles and gives me a kiss. "You've been lucky so far and only throwing up with certain foods. I think it's safe to say as long as we keep you from those foods you won't be vomiting like the exorcist child" Britt says and throws me a wink.

"You better hope so" I reply as I get comfortable in my seat for the remainder of the trip.

Brittany's POV

The rest of the flight went by smoothly. I kept having that flight attendant bring us sprite and ginger ale until the final time he came with 3 cans of each with 2 cups of ice. Santana and I gazed out the window during descent. Once the plane reached the gate and the pilot turned off the seat belt light, it was an orderly fashion of leaving the plane thankfully.

"I'll get in line for the rental car if you wait for the luggage. I should have it before all of our luggage passes on the carousel hopefully. If not don't try to bring it to the rental place, I'll come to you. Alright" I say.

"You know I can manage the luggage easily" Santana replies as we continue heading towards the baggage claim.

"I know, but I prefer it if you don't. Please" I tell her with quick glance at her.

"Fine, but I'm only a little over 8 weeks and not an invalid. FYI" Santana replies with a huff.

"I know. I just rather you and your little pooch not try to strain yourself. My suitcase isn't the lightest thing" I say with a small smile. Her little pooch is cute. I did notice it the other day and thought it was just from all the seafood we ate, but nope it is definitely because of our little swirls. I'm just glad I can comment on it now since there is a valid reason that she is already showing just a smidge.

"Hey! I do not have a pooch already!" she exclaims.

"Aww sweetie you actually do, but it's okay. You're carrying around three so it's expected to show earlier than normal" I reply with a smile.

"Ugh. Don't remind me. I was hoping before that it was my imagination or just from eating a lot. Oh look there's the rental place. I'll meet you over at our carousel" she tells me.

"Okay and if someone offers to help lift the luggage for you do not let your pride take over. We are in the south. Men tend to do that sort of thing without any underhanded agenda here" I tell her before pulling her in for a kiss.

"Yeah yeah. Get in line now. There are only 2 people waiting" she says before leaving.

I get in line and turn back on my phone. I send all the obligatory texts to say we landed safely. Santana's parents were the first ones to reply back thanking me and telling me to enjoy ourselves. Blaine said to bring him back some tacos. Kurt via Mercedes said to grab him some authentic cowboy boots if we go somewhere with them and that he would pay me back when we got home. Holly had told me to get her a purple cowboy hat. Now that may be hard to find.

Aunt Charlie asked what time Santana and I would be at the house. I look at the clock behind the counter of the rental place and saw it was 1642. By the time we get everything sorted here with the car and luggage it will easily be after 1700 and that is traffic time. Just dandy. I text her back saying I'll let her know once we get to the hotel because I have no clue if 281 will be nice to me or not. I feel my phone vibrate again, but don't get to look at it because I'm being lifted off the ground and swinging left to right.

"COUSIN!" I hear a deep voice shout while I hear some people in line behind me laugh.

"Dork. Put me down!" I say while trying to wiggle my way out of his arms.

He puts me down and spins me around to pull me into a proper hug. "It's been too long since we've seen each other" he tells me.

"I know. I know" I tell him.

"Where's your woman?! I'm dying to meet her. This is like EPIC! Gemma is beyond excited to meet her since you've never brought anyone to meet the family before" he says.

"She's over at the carousel while I get this car situated" I tell him moving up to the counter.

I greet the lady and hand her my driver's license and reservation information. I look over at my little cousin. He's in his TSA uniform and it looks like Gemma made him get a haircut. I turn back to the lady once she made a copy of my license and is now printing out the rental agreement. I sign the paperwork once she hands it to me. She gives me my copy, license, and the keys to the rental. We exchange goodbyes and I leave the counter with my dork of a cousin following.

"Aunt Charlie is cooking up this big BBQ for you guys tonight. I don't get off until 8, but Gemma and the kids will be there by 6 to help with the food. I'll be over as soon as I get out of here" he says.

"Good. I'm looking forward to some ribs and macaroni & cheese. How are the kiddies doing? How is Ashley doing in school these days?" I ask.

"As good as can be expected. You'll see once you get to the house" he replies as we continue over to the carousel.

We near the carousel and I'm looking for Santana. I spot her after a few seconds. I point over to her and doofus drops his mouth open. "No way. You're lying. You totally didn't pull that hottie!" he exclaims.

I smirk. "Get you're drooling over with now because yeah she's totally mine" I reply as I see her about to grab my suitcase.

My coz sees it too because he moves with a quickness and scoops it up for her real quick as I come up behind her.

"Thank you. You didn't have to do that" Santana says.

"Yeah he did" I say.

"Hey. Got the keys?" she asks.

"Yeah got it all situated" I say turning towards my cousin.

"No problem. I'm Sam by the way" he replies sticking his hand out to her.

Santana quirks an eyebrow and looks at me. I smile because I know she is trying to figure out why he is introducing himself. "Sweetie. This dork with the big ass mouth is my little cousin Samuel Evans" I say.

"Oh" she replies looking back at Sam. She extends her hand to shake his hand. "I'm Santana" she says as she grips his hand. I see the smirk on Sammy's face and before Santana can register anything he's pulling her into a big hug.

"Nice to meet the one who has finally whipped our Brittany" he says before releasing her and looking at me. "And you are only older than me by two months" he retorts.

"Still older. Anyways. Thanks for grabbing my suitcase baby coz. We need to head over to the hotel and you need to get back to work. We will see you later. Alright. Love ya dork" I tell him while giving him a quick hug.

"Nice to meet you and see you late" Santana says as she grabs the handle of her suitcase.

"Later guys!" Sam exclaims as he heads back to whichever part of the airport he is working at today.

12 October 2013, 1039

Only an hour and 20 minutes before this thing is done. This conference has been a serious bore and I can't wait for it to be over with. I stare at my phone and wonder if Santana is up yet. I know she loves to sleep in especially since we've been up late every night since we got to San Antonio. The non-conference hours have been just amazing so far.

I truly have to thank Holly again for sending me down here. This conference may be boring, but I like how Santana and I can just be out in public without a care in the world. Last night was just simply wonderful. Walking down the River Walk and eating at Zocca just felt amazing. I do think we will probably be spoiled with all this freedom before the trip is over.

During the day on Friday, while I was subjected to death by PowerPoint, Gemma along with Rhyan and Kelly scooped up Santana to keep her company. Rhyan is only 3 and Kelly is 15 months, so I know Gemma was thrilled to have another adult to talk too.

Santana had met Aunt Charlie, Gemma, Ashley, Rhyan, and Kelly at the BBQ Thursday evening. Ashley and his affectionate little self was all over Santana the whole night. I had told Santana it was a 50/50 chance of how Ashley would be with her because of his Autism. He's always been affectionate with me, but he's not that way with everybody. He knows a few words and is very picky with food for an eight year old. His favorite word is no of course, but he definitely shocked Santana and I along with the rest of the family when he said baby while touching Santana's little pooch. It wasn't because it was a new word, it was the fact that it was a word rarely used unless there was a baby present or a pregnant woman was around. I swear that kid has a sixth sense or something because once again he is spot on. He definitely let that one out of the bag for us and we couldn't even use Kelly as an excuse since he was inside sleeping in his playpen. My family asked a bunch of questions and congratulated us. I told them not to say anything to anyone else since we haven't told the rest of the family yet. Aunt Charlie wasn't too thrilled about keeping this from my dad, but understood. We didn't tell them about Santana carrying the trio though because we still wanted to keep that bit of news to ourselves a little longer.

Santana thought it was pretty cool how the kids' names were the opposite of what she would have normally expected. Santana said hearing Ashley and Kelly made her initially think they were girls and not boys. Along with hearing the name Rhyan she automatically thought a boy instead of a girl. I told her how Gemma is from England and named the boys after her grandfathers. I knew Santana would catch that Gemma is from England because her accent is still there and she still uses some words that us Americans don't use like loo.

Damn I see only 10 minutes have passed when I look down at my phone again. Oh well fuck it. This song has been stuck in my head and it will be a good laugh for her.

Outgoing text message to Beautiful:

Girl you should know that, I've got you on my mind,
your secret admire, I've been watching you...

At night I think of you,
I want to be your lady, Baby
If your game is on gimme a call boo...
If your love is strong Ima give it all to you...

After I sent the text to Santana, I send one to Sam asking if he got the tickets for Sea World from ITT yesterday. Sam has been in the Air Force Reserves for the past 3 months now and because he is still in the military he has base privileges, which means we can still get discounts or deals. Buying passes to Sea World is a lot cheaper on base than it is at the gate. I thought he was going to stay active and do his 20, but with Ashley and finding this awesome school down here for him changed those plans. So he went reserves after 8 years on active duty. I do wonder how long he'll stay with TSA before he jumps ship. I give him 6 months tops before he goes back to running into burning buildings. I know Gemma was the reason why he went with TSA when he got out, but being a firefighter has been something he has always wanted to do because of Jason. Jason is the reason why Sammy did AFROTC, why he went into the Air Force and why he chose that AFSC. Well I guess it was a good thing that he went in because that's how he met Gemma.

I feel my phone vibrate in my hand and see it's from Sammy.

Incoming text message from Sammy aka. Vuvuzela Lips: Yeah. I got it covered. Still meeting at my house at 1300 right?

I swear if I didn't come from a military family I would have been trying to figure out what 1300 was. I send him a quick reply telling him we'll be there. Santana still hasn't replied so she must be asleep still. Ugh. Still have 50 more minutes left.

90 minutes later

"So have you heard from your other cousins if they will be coming up here to visit?" Santana asks.

"No. They can't make it this time. Marcus was able to get some gigs out in New Orleans this weekend and the twins, Donald and David, had told Aunt Charlie they are already out in New Orleans with Marcus. You'll get to meet them the next time we come down here" I tell her with a smile as we pull into Sam's driveway.

"Your family really does have a lot of multiples" Santana says with a little laugh and shake of her head.

"Actually the twins are my Aunt Scarlett's boys and I think it was more of an age thing or it was on their dad's side of the family. Haven't heard any family history of multiples on my mother's side" I reply as I get out of the rental.

"It is cool how your maternal cousins are close with your Aunt Charlie and even call her that. You already know we do that craziness in my family, but it's refreshing to see other families do it too" she says once we reach the side door.

"Aunt Charlie is the baby of the trio and is also the coolest of my aunts, but I will deny that if you ever get the chance to meet the others" I tell her with a smile.

We reach the backyard and Rhyan notices us first. She runs over and gives Santana a hug right away. "Hey! Where's my hug?" I say to Gemma's mini me while bending down to her height.

Rhyan gives me a mischievous smile and before she could take off running I scoop her up into my arms. "Britt-Britt let me go!" she screams out as she starts wiggling in my arms.

"NEVER!" I shout and do an evil laugh before giving her kisses all over her face.

"TANA! HELP!" Rhyan screams out.

"She can't help you" I shout out through a laugh.

"Alright alright you two. Settle down. We need to hit the road" Aunt Charlie says as she comes over to grab Rhyan from me.

"SHAMU! I WANT SHAMU!" Rhyan yells out as soon as her feet hit the ground, running towards her parents.

Everyone laughs at Rhyan's excitement and starts heading back out front. "You two can ride with me and Ashley" Aunt Charlie says.

I nod my head. "Sounds good" I reply.

Everyone piles into the two vehicles and head to 1604. Aunt Charlie and Santana talk in the front while Ashley and I play games on his iPad in the backseat. Little man is kicking my ass in this game his school uploaded onto his iPad. It only takes about twenty minutes to get to Sea World from Sammy's house. Aunt Charlie pays for both vehicles and springs for the premium parking.

We exit the vehicles and I go to grab Santana's hand only to be intercepted by Ashley, who grabs both of our hands. Santana must have seen what happened because she just smirks at me and shrugs her shoulders.

After Sammy gets the stroller set up for Kelly and Rhyan, we all head to the entrance. "So Britt. You know how you and Santana told us about that 5K you guys did last weekend?" Sammy says.


"Sammy. I swear on everything that is holy that it was EVERY TWD Fan's dream! Like no lie. The fucking obstacle course was INSANE! I was like faking out those zombies and even low crawled at one point! I was like this damn untouchable ninja! Santana was even able to somewhat keep up with me!" I said loudly.

"HEY! I can run you know" Santana exclaims.

"I know you can baby" I cooed at her before turning back to Sam. "She did fucking AMAZING! I'll admit I was worried at first because she's pregnant, but the zombies can't tackle you or anything like that. So I just had to worry about her slipping on grass or some part of the obstacle, but thankfully none of that happened. And we "survived" the 5K. Four of our friends, Kurt Blaine, Quinn, and Mercedes did get caught though, but Mike, Jake, Noah, Finn, and Sebastian "survived" with us. You should totally do it if it comes close to you down here. Oh and don't get me started on how we all played zombies in the afternoon race or the off the chain Apocalypse party afterwards..."

End of Flashback

"Yeah. Why?" I ask as we each go through the metal detectors.

"Because it's coming down here to Texas. It will be held in Austin on the 7th of December. Aunt Charlie already volunteered to keep the kids so Gemma, Marcus, Donald, David, and I can go" Sam says glowing with excitement.

I look at Gemma. "You are on board with this? It does have mud pits and what not" I remind her.

"I lost a bet to him a couple weeks ago and he is cashing in with this. On top of making another bet that he will be one of the top three males" Gemma replies while rolling her eyes.

"Ha! Are you only saying that because I told you that Santana and I were in the top 3 females? Or was it that I told you that Mike, the dancing ninja, got 1st and that Jake placed 3rd?" I ask.

"I can run circles around them dudes. They ain't got nothing on me" Sam says loudly.

Santana laughs along with Gemma and Aunt Charlie while I just shake my head at my cousin. "You know those boys would have placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th if Noah didn't trip at the last 100 yards and knock into Finn, who bumped into Sebastian. I mean those knuckleheads actually strategized and formulated a plan in like the first 10 minutes of us arriving at the field. They ended up getting 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th instead. So I wish you luck my young Padawan because you are gonna need it with all the military members you have down here just itching for a good challenge" I say with a laugh.

"Whatever" Sammy mumbles as we laugh about it a little more.

"I want SHAMU!" Rhyan shouts out cutting through our laughter.

"Alright let's head that way. I see on the map a show starts in 30" Aunt Charlie says.

As we make our way to the location of the show Rhyan continues to chant Shamu and I have no idea how in the hell Kelly is sleeping through her shouts. I can only hope that our little ones can sleep through anything because I can only imagine the chain reaction if one starts to cry.

I guess I was lost in my thoughts for a few minutes because everybody is looking at me and Ash is tugging on my hand. "What?" I ask.

"I said I refuse to sit in the Splash Zone. Gemma, Ashley, Kelly, and I are sitting further up. Are you sitting with us or with Sam, Rhyan, and Aunt Charlie?" Santana asks.

I smile at her for saying Aunt Charlie. I don't even think she realizes she said it. "I'll sit with you guys" I tell her before leaning forward and giving her a peck on her lips.

She smiles at me. "What was that for?" she asks.

"Because I can and for you just being you" I tell her. I look at the others. "Aight. Let's get some seats. Meet back here after the show" I say.

Later that day

We all are at Pappadeux waiting for our food. The day at Sea World was a lot of fun. After the Shamu show which left Aunt Charlie, Sammy, and Rhyan looking like wet dogs we went around the rest of the park. We watched the Sea Lion show, the Azul show, and the Beluga whale show. The sharks were awesome and I loved seeing Santana and Ash's faces light up as they swam past us. My favorite though was Dolphin Cove, which is no surprise seeing how I do have a tattoo of a dolphin on my back. Santana was even able to coax Ash into touching one of the beautiful creatures and thankfully Aunt Charlie was able to capture the precious moment on her iPhone. Watching Santana interact with Ashley, Rhyan, and Kelly just shows how she has a way with children. Yeah I've seen her with Gabby before, but that's her niece and sometimes people have more patience when it comes to their own family.

Sammy wanted to get on a couple of rides at the park and I was the chosen one to get on those rides with him. After that we all got funnel cake before hitting up the souvenir shops. Santana and I bought the kids' stuff animals; a sea turtle for Kelly, a killer whale for Rhyan (who she named Shamu), and a dolphin for Ashley. Gemma and Sammy got Santana a stuffed penguin at Rhyan's request because Santana did impersonations of the penguins from Madagascar at the penguin exhibit. They also bought me a dolphin key chain at Rhyan's request once again. Santana and I got each other those cool necklaces that have your name written on a grain of rice. All in all the family outing to Sea World was beyond a freaking success in my book.

After we left the park we detoured to Sam's house first so Sam, Rhyan, and Aunt Charlie to change clothes before we went out to eat. Aunt Charlie must have known she was going to get wet because she had brought a change of clothes to Sam's house.

They let us choose the restaurant seeing as how they live down here and can eat at any of the places whenever they truly want. Since Santana was craving some seafood and had never had Pappadeux, I figured kill two birds with one stone. So that's how all eight of us are sitting here now. Aunt Charlie's girlfriend Bianca, who she has been dating for the past 2 years, got off of her shift at the hospital and was able to meet up with us. I swear Aunt Charlie has some serious game. I'll be the first to admit that Natalie and Nicole's dad is smoking hot and I'm not even attracted to guys at all, but Bianca is downright walk off the magazine model type hot. None of us can deny it. Hell Nicole was even jealous of her mom for having such a gorgeous girlfriend.

The conversation at the table was endless and truly all over the place. Everyone was hopping from topic to topic. One minute it was about some video on YouTube and the next it was about tomorrow's episode of Once Upon A Time, which we will all be watching at Aunt Charlie's. Bianca and Gemma are now talking to Santana about her major while Sammy helps Rhyan with Angry Birds on her iPad.

The waiter shows up with our food and as he hands out the entrees, I look around the table. I can't help, but smile because Holly giving me this trip and bringing Santana with me was the best damn decision I could have ever made.

14 October 2013, 1930

"You know Aunt Charlie you didn't have to come with us to the airport" I say.

"Oh hush child. Of course I'm going to see you two off" she replies with a tsk at the end and a wave of her hand before turning towards Santana. "Did you enjoy yourself down here sweetheart?" Aunt Charlie asks her.

"Definitely. It was a great vacation and it was so good to finally meet some of Britt's family. I can only hope everything goes as smoothly when I finally meet her parents" she tells Aunt Charlie.

"Ah. Yes. That will be an event that I can't wait to hear about" Aunt Charlie says in a mischievous tone.

"Auntie!" I exclaim.

"What? I'm only speaking the truth and you know it" she says to me and then turns to Santana again. "Don't worry about my brother Chris. He will absolutely adore you. Now my sister-in-law, Sharon will be the interesting factor" she says with a smirk.

"Come on Auntie. Don't scare her" I say in exasperation.

"Not trying to scare her, but please do let her know about your mother. She is polite when she meets people and will hold a conversation, but she is a downright judgmental bitch 90% of the time. Still don't know how she managed to get Chris to fall in love with her. She must have a killer pus-" Aunt Charlie says before I cut her off.

"Okay. We get it. Definitely don't want to hear the rest of that sentence" I say.

"Whatever. Anyways, do you guys have everything? I'll send the hats tomorrow for you" she asks.

"Yup. We double and triple checked everything. Only need to buy a couple dozen tacos once we get passed security. Thanks again for everything" Santana says.

"No problem sweetheart" she says pulling Santana into a hug. Once she releases Santana she pulls me into a hug. After she pulls back she looks at us both. "Text me or call me when you guys find out more about your pregnancy. I can't wait for another little one to spoil" she tells us with a smile.

Santana and I look at each other briefly before Santana nods. I quirk my eyebrow at her to make sure I'm reading her nod correctly. She smiles at me and nods again more firmly before tilting her head towards my aunt. I look back at my auntie and throw her a smile. "Well actually you'll have three more that you get to spoil" I say.

Aunt Charlie looks at both of us, then down at Santana's abdomen, then back up to our faces before understanding lights up her eyes. "No way. Triplets?" she says in disbelief and awe.

We nod our heads at her. "Yes. Triplets. We had found out at our appointment on Thursday morning, but we just wanted to keep it to ourselves for the weekend" I tell her with a huge smile on my face.

Aunt Charlie jumps up a little and squeals in delight before grabbing both Santana and I into a hug. "I'm sooo happy for you guys! I know it may seem overwhelming just thinking about it, but trust me it was great growing up with your dad and Aunt Chloe. Having not just one, but two siblings with me especially in school was a relief. Not to mention having someone in the house ready and willing to play...it was just a really great way to grow up. Trust me you'll love having a trio. Just ask your grandparents. Once you have a system in place it will all seem like a piece of cake...well that's what your Nana told me" Aunt Charlie says.

"It does seem very overwhelming Aunt Charlie. I just hope they all sleep like Kelly because it seemed like an earthquake could happen and he wouldn't wake up" Santana says with a chuckle.

"Hey I was thinking the same thing earlier when Rhyan kept shouting out for Shamu!" I tell Santana.

Aunt Charlie chuckles at us. "I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for you two with that. Just keep me informed. I'd love to come out to visit once they make their presence in the world" she says.

"We will. June or July will be your best bet for scheduling a trip up to the DMV. Gives us a little time to try and work out a system so you won't be coming to visit complete chaos" I say as I see Santana going through her purse.

"Here. We had a ton of copies made for the family" Santana tells Aunt Charlie as she hands her a copy of the ultrasound picture.

"Aww...I remember when Nicole and Natalie were this small. Thank you sweetheart. Lord knows my girls are done giving me anymore grandchildren. They keep telling me that Tristan, Xavier, Lucas, and Leia should be enough to quench my "grandbaby" fever. And yes before you ask, Natalie did name Lucas and Leia because of Star Wars. My baby Natalie was obsessed with the series and she is the reason why Britt and Sammy love it too" Aunt Charlie says with a laugh as she looks back down at the picture.

"They will always be worse than me Auntie" I retort.

"Says the one who called Sam Padawan earlier today and made a comment at the BBQ on how cool it would be if Santana delivered on May 4th" Aunt Charlie threw back at me with a smirk.

"Whatever. We need to get through security now. I love you and we text you to let you know we arrived safely" I say giving her another hug.

"Take care of this one. I like her she's truly special and a keeper" Aunt Charlie whispers to me before pulling out of the hug with a huge smile plastered to her face. "Love you too" she says before turning to Santana.

They exchange hugs and well wishes before we turn to head towards security. I grab Santana's hand and lace our fingers together. "Thank you" she says softly.

"For what?" I ask as we get in line at the security checkpoint.

"For this trip. For bringing me to meet your family. For the amazing time we spent down here alone and with your family. They were so kind to me and went above and beyond to include me. So just thank you" she tells me.

I smile at her before leaning down and giving her a kiss. "Thank you actually. Thank you for coming down here with me. Thank you for meeting my crazy embarrassing family. Thank you for being so sweet and attentive to Ashley, Rhyan, and Kelly. Thank you for going out and spending time with Gemma when you truly didn't have to. Thank you for also going out with my family period because I do know that they can be crazy and a bit much at times. Thank you for the time we did spend by ourselves. And just thank you for being your wonderful self. You are the first person I ever let meet my family and I can't express how happy I am that it was you that they got to meet" I tell her.

Santana has tears in her eyes and pulls me down for another kiss. It feels so good that we are able to do this so freely. We pull back from the kiss and I wipe the couple of tears that sprang free from her eyes. She gives me another smile at the action before taking my hand and lacing are fingers together.

"Come on. Let's get through this checkpoint so we can go buy like 7 dozen tacos" she says.

"Ha! That's so true! I bet Noah and Mike could eat 5 dozen by themselves" I reply.

Santana laughs before saying "Ain't that the truth."

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