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A certain brunette was thrashing in her room on her bed.

"N-No... p-please d-don't... l-leave me alone..."


"Huff huff..." A small brunette was huffing as half eaten human beings were chasing after her.

They made gurgling noises as they ran after her, keeping on her pace.

"Leave me alone!" Tsuna said as she ran faster, but it was futile as the zombies gained the same speed she was running on.

She tripped and fell on her face. She quickly got up on her knees, dirt covered her clothes.

"W-What?" Tsuna turned to see what exactly made her trip but froze. It was not a what but a who.

A woman with brown hair, she could tell because the rest was covered in blood, her right eye was gone and the socket was hanging off from the inside, maggots were feasting from the inside as her left one was hanging out barely attached to the veins. The waist and down was gone as if she was ripped apart, blood was marred on the spot where she was laying and what appeared to be her liver along with her stomach that was still attached to her body.

"T-Ts... u... n-na..." The dead woman said as she held he ankle tighter, making Tsuna go pale.

"HIE!" The brunette screamed as the rest of the zombies caught up and jumped her.


The brunette jumped out of bed causing her to fall out but she ignored it as she was gasping in air. She then proceed to put both of her small hands to her mouth hoping that this will help in controlling her breath and to not make any more noises so that the others will not hear. When she had her breath under control she got out of bed.

Her whole body was shaking bad making her unable to walk without support so she had to use the wall as a support. She tried walking to the kitchen to get some water which was difficult as she almost tripping on thin air. It took her a while but she succeeded in getting to the kitchen and managing to serve herself a cup of water. She took a sip before she ended up dropping the cup as her hands shook violently again.

She remembered her dream, big brown eyes looked down as the cup slowly fell, and she saw red liquid instead of clear liquid. Tsuna started to freak out but managed to cover her mouth from screaming, her eyes widening even more. The glass made a loud noise as it broke into pieces breaking her from her memory.

"Crap." She said as she bend down to collect the big broken pieces with her hands. While she was doing this another presence made their way to the kitchen.

"Tsuna?" The voice was laced with sleepiness as the person spoke and fully entered the room to see what the brunette was up to.

Tsuna gasped and was lucky enough to not have cut herself with the big piece of the pointy part of glass, she sighed before turning to the voice and was surprised to see Reborn.

"R-Reborn?" She said surprised and mentally cursed herself as she stuttered.

Said man raised an eyebrow at her.

"That's my name."

Tsuna then turned away from him and continued to pick up the pieces. Reborn felt somewhat offended by this act of the brunette.


No response.

"Oi, I am talking to you so answer me Dame-Tsuna!"

Still no response from Tsuna, he watched as she got up and just noticed how badly she was shaking. She threw away the broken glass when she saw a hand reach for her, she did the only thing she knew what to do.

Reborn reached out to grab her shoulder and ask her if she was ok but was met with a fist to his face. Both brown and black eyes widen at the action. Brown for getting more lost in the nightmare.

"I-I-I..." Tsuna did not know what to say as she put her fist down. She then looked down to face the floor, "I'm sorry..."

Reborn just looked at her, now fully awake, and cursed himself as he left his guard down. The brunette then used this distraction and high tailed it out of the kitchen and ran to her room. Reborn still in shock managed to see the small blur of brown run past him, he quickly followed and caught up in no time.

Tsuna had about a couple of inches left for her to close and lock her door when a big hand stopped her from her mission. Brown eyes looked up to see black eyes. She gulped.

"H-How may I help you, Reborn." She said as she looked down to the floor instead of his eyes.

The black-haired man was quiet for a long while. He dropped his hand from holding the door and instead put his foot there.

When she had enough of the silence she tried to close the door but instead of the hand there was a foot making her stop for the second time. Tsuna tried closing it again hoping that it will work but it did not. She could not even move his foot an inch.

"What do you want?" Tsuna asked, Reborn could hear the demanding tone in her voice and saw her stop shaking.

Reborn said nothing and pushed the door, without effort, open and grabbed the brunette's hand pulling her inside the room. Tsuna was surprised at the action happening and allowed herself to be pulled. Reborn layed down on her bed and pulled the brunette down next to her.

"Oof!" Tsuna said as she met face first with the bed. She was about to question the man when she saw the look in his eyes.

'Go to bed or suffer the consequences,' was what she read in his black beady eyes. She obeyed and stayed on her stomach but face the opposite side of Reborn.

A couple of minutes passed when Reborn deemed it safe to out his arm around the brunette. Thinking that she was asleep he went to his thoughts.

'Maybe allowing her will not be a bad idea? But I have this feeling that something will happen, but what is it?' Reborn thought missing the small smile that appeared on the brunette's face as she turned around to face him and hug him back.

The Next Day

Nana smiled and hummed a happy tune as Luce and her cooked breakfast for everyone in the house hold. Lambo walked in the kitchen and saw them.

"Good morning Mama and Luce," The green-eyed teen said. He looked around the room but did not see Tsuna and Reborn. "Where are Tsuna and Reborn?"

This made the women stop what they are doing to look around for the missing people.

"Ara? Now that you mentioned it I have not seen them." Nana said as she was done cooking and put away her apron. Luce following suit.

"I checked inside Reborn's room earlier and saw no one. I was thinking he went on one of his many morning walks but I guess he did not go. Shall we go see Tsuna-chan?" Luce said with a smile that hides something.

"Hai." Nana said. All three of them went and entered Tsuna's room without knocking.

"Tsu-" Lambo stopped dead on his tracks as he saw the scene in the room. Nana and Luce silently squealed at the sight.

There on the bed was Tsuna and Reborn hugging each other for warmth, the blankets were thrown on the floor next to Reborn's side of the bed. Reborn has his right arm around Tsuna's waist while the other was used as a pillow for his head.

Tsuna has her face buried in his chest with her left hand holding onto his night-shirt, the other was put in between her chest and Reborn. Their legs intertwined together although the bed was to small for Reborn he still made it work some how.

Nana went to get a camera, when she found one she turned off the flash and took a picture as quickly as she could then saved it for someone else to see.

The sound woke up Reborn he cracked his eye opened and saw the crowd. He growled at them, Luce getting the hint ushered the others out.

Nana let herself be pushed out while Lambo wanted to get some answers but none the less also allowed her to push him out the door.

Reborn then went back to sleep but checked the clock to see what time it is.

'Huh, she has an hour til she needs to get up. Well more warmth for me.' Reborn thought to himself and went back to his previous position with the brunette in his arms. He put his face on her hair smelling the sweet smell on her.


Tsuna was half asleep and half awake.

'It's so warm... I do not want to get up right now.' The brunette thought, she snuggled up closer to the warmth . 'It's so nice... warm... breathing... and huggable... wait a second breathing? Huggable?'

Tsuna now was full awake and had her eyes wide open. She then remembered the events that happened yesterday. She feared to look up and see who she knew she will see.

'Please let me be wrong... please...' Tsuna thought and looked up to see his face inches from hers. She blushed and held in her scream that wanted out. 'Oh god... oh god his face is too close I can even smell his breath.'

Tsuna tried wriggling to get out of the hold, but stopped when the arms around her waist tightened. Not ten seconds later did she hear the fedora man growl at her.

"Stay still, I want to sleep." Reborn said as he got more comfortable with her.

Tsuna did not say anything nor did she breath because she knew what happens when someone wakes up Reborn. Let's just say that Reborn hates it when someone wakes him up before his 'time to get up' as he likes to call it.

Tsuna stretched as much as she can to look at the clock and found it to be almost noon.

'Wow, I slept in... WAIT I'M SO LATE FOR SCHOOL!' Tsuna thought as she was shocked that she was so comfortable with the person that caused her to have nightmares.

"Just go back to sleep since it's already late for you to go to school." Reborn said but was hit on the head by a sauce pan. "Ow."

"Reborn let her go, you already made her not go to school the least you can do is get up and Tsuna do you mind helping your mom and me down in the Cafe?" Luce said as she put down the pan and hid it behind her back.

"S-Sure let me just get ready and I'll go..." Tsuna said as she got up, Reborn finally letting her go, and left to the bathroom with some clothes in her arms.

"Now Reborn," Luce said with a smile.

Reborn visibly twitched as he caught that smile, his only thought was 'This could not end well.'

And then Luce began to tell him.

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