Chapter 8

One Month Later

"So there I was, just getting ready to go for the thunder down under when someone starts pounding on my door." Carlisle is telling me.

I vomit into my mouth a little. I mean I don't need to hear about him going down on my (hopefully) one day mother-in-law.

We're at the grand opening of Maven's Haven. I'm extremely proud of the work that Edward and I put into getting the advertising out there and spreading the word. We've had a lot of fun working together, both in and out of the office.

Carlisle snaps his fingers in front of my face.

I take a deep breath. "Sorry, Carlisle. I'm listening."

"So I grab the first robe I can find, open the door and what do I see?" he asks.

"What?" I deadpan. I have a feeling I'm gonna want to puke in my mouth. Again.

"The new tenant that moved in below Edward, and let me tell you Bella she was pissed. She wanted to make a noise complaint. Any guesses as to what type of noise she was complaining about?" he asks me, waggling his eyebrows like the pervert he is.

I blush, realizing that she heard us fucking, and complained-again. So I'm a screamer too, who knew? Edward just really is that damn good.

He points his finger at me. "That's right young lady. You need to tone it down during your little sexual escapades. She threatened to go to the police next time."

I glance at Edward; he's standing in the corner of the room, surveying all he's built. I'm so proud of him in that moment that even the threat of jail can't bring me down.

I turn back to Carlisle, and with a smirk say, "Carlisle, the next time the bitch complains tell her to remove the stick from her ass, the overgrown hair from her pussy, and get laid."

He snorts a laugh. Alice, who's been sitting across from me listening to our conversation gives me a high five.

We all burst out laughing. Edward appears behind me, kisses the back of my neck, and asks what's so funny.

With a slight shrug of my shoulders I turn in his arms and kiss him softly. "Just handing out some friendly advice," I tell him.

Edward kisses me harder and I melt against him.

"Did I ever tell you about the time I blackmailed Carlisle into telling me about the pretty girl I saw in the window across the alley?" Edward asks, pulling me into a hug.

I shrug. "It rings a bell, but you'll have to refresh my memory."

He doesn't have to, of course I remember.

The morning after Edward had rid Heather of her triangle of curls, he'd confessed to to having talked to Carlisle about me. Apparently Carlisle had told Edward everything he wanted to know.

All in all, it was all worth it. There are moments where I'm still insecure and wonder what the hell he sees in all my crazy, and there are moments where I'm still convinced it won't last forever and he'll break my heart.

But he's worth the risk, and Heather is happy to be so loved … and still so bare.


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