A/N: Ok. To distinguish the two Hinata's, I'll be specifying them by sexy Hinata and shy Hinata. =D

And, if there's any confusion, RTN Hinata and Sasuke are in the Naruto world. It's just like "Road To Sakura" wherein the Sakura of the Menma world is in Naruto world. There were reviews that I need to hear "Road To Charasuke" which I already did btw. I've been listening to it a lot since I just love Charasuke's cool suave playboy voice. *insert fangirl squeal*

Chapter 2: Road to Clarification

"Menma!" Hinata said as she put her arms around Naruto and kissed him straight on his lips. Naruto's eyes widen as he slowly pulled her off him.

"Hi-hi-hinata!" As he pulled her off him, Naruto heard a sudden thonk and glanced back.

"Hinata!" Naruto stepped back and analyzed the scene. There were two Hinata's. Two. Two! He kept looking back and forth at the two.

"Ahhh! Souka! Bunshin!" Naruto clapped his hand with his revelation. Though, not everyone agreed to him.

"Baka!" As Sakura punched his head. Sexy Hinata then glared at Sakura.

"Oi, Haruno. I don't care if you're the hero's daughter. Lay a hand on him one more time and I swear I'll kill you." She then helped Naruto. Sakura couldn't help but be intimated by her again. The last time she felt like this was when they were on their world, the Genjutsu world.

"Menma… daijoubou?" Sexy Hinata smiled at him. Naruto rubbed his head and looked at her.

"Men… ma? Hero's daughter?" Naruto then looked at Sakura. She narrowed her eyes yet nodded in understanding.

"Oiiiii~ Hinata! Well… the real Hinata! Wake up." Kiba fanned the fainted Shy Hinata.

"Are you telling me that I'm the fake one here Inuzuka?" Sexy Hinata glared at him with her Byakugan. Kiba nervously chuckled.

"No! That's not it, Hinata-chan!" "Shit, this Hinata's scary!"

"What Kiba means is that you are not the Hinata we know. For one thing, the Hinata we know doesn't dress and act like you. I'm sure everyone agrees." Shino backed up.

Sexy Hinata raised a brow and looked at everyone in the room. She knows them and they know her but the problem lies on the fact that she isn't the one they know. Looking at them closely, they weren't also the people that she knew. Neji-nii and Lee, fortunately, aren't ogling at her like she's some piece of meat. Kiba really reeks of dogs when in fact, she knows deep inside her heart that the Kiba she knows is truly a cat lover. Shino doesn't seem to mind the bugs that surround him. Gai-sensei looks very energetic which made her cringe as she saw him giving her a "youthful" wink… whatever that is.

Sexy Hinata sighed and looked at her counterpart. Shy Hinata was slowly regaining her consciousness. While turning off her Byakugan, sexy Hinata bent down unladylike, per say, as her legs were wide open and looked at shy Hinata with jaded eyes.

Shy Hinata couldn't help but blush on her actions- her counterpart's actions. Both were looking at each other, analyzing the similarities and differences. Both had the same face, hair, eyes, and well-endowed chest. What makes them utterly different is on their actions and demeanour. Shy Hinata couldn't help but regain her habit of poking her fingers together. Sexy Hinata couldn't help but glare at it.

"Stop that!" Sexy Hinata said as she parted shy Hinata's fingers. Holding her hand, Sexy Hinata pulled shy Hinata up as now they were standing.

"What's with your outfit? You look too conservative! You should flaunt what you have! Well, what WE have!" With that, sexy Hinata couldn't help but emphasize her body by just putting her hands on her waist. With such action, her chest jiggled and the hem of her shorts went higher. Not only that, it emphasized her curves.

The men in the room couldn't help but blush at her suggestive action. Neji glared at them especially on Naruto and Kiba. Shy Hinata couldn't help but blush even further and tried to shield herself.


"Stop that stuttering! It's unbecoming! I-" Sexy Hinata was shushed as Sasuke (somehow he got off the Chakra Constraint) patted sexy Hinata's back and placed his arm on shy Hinata.

"I can't believe you're even scaring yourself, Hinata." Sasuke said to the sexy one. He then looked at the shy one and smirked. "Now, this Hinata is really cute."

"Now, now… Don't be scared of your other self, Koneko-chan. Even if you both look alike, you are definitely cuter." Sasuke smiled and somehow got a rose in his hand and gave it to shy Hinata.

"Koneko-chan?!" Ino and Sakura couldn't help but be shocked at what Sasuke said. Sasuke glanced at them and suddenly smiled.

"Ah~ don't worry, both of you can also be my Koneko-chan." Sasuke approached them and handed them each a rose. Ino and Sakura blushed and glared at each other. Sasuke also spotted Tenten. He smiled at her and gave her a rose. Tenten couldn't help but be confused and suspicious. The men were already glaring at him. "This is definitely NOT the Sasuke we know."

Tsunade couldn't help but sigh. She then looked at Shikamaru. Shikamaru got her signal and casted a shadow jutsu on Sasuke and sexy Hinata.

Sasuke and sexy Hinata froze.

"What the?"

Tsunade cleared her throat.

"This is certainly something I wouldn't expect. For now, the only people I want in this room are Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura, Naruto, Hinata, Neji. For others, you may go and keep this confidentially."

Kiba almost argued. Tsunade glared. "No buts. Dismissed." Then, it was only the persons she called were left in the room. Tsunade looked at the window.

"Even if you're not one of the people I called out, you do have a part here Kakashi." Kakashi then stepped inside the room. He was still holding his Icha Icha book on his hand. He greeted everyone in the room.

"Yo!" Kakashi smiled. He then looked at Sasuke. His bored eye gazing into him. Sasuke raised a brow.

"I never knew there would be the time you'd be so tired and slow. And I thought you told us that reading porn is a disgraceful activity. Tsk. Practice what you preach, Kakashi." Sasuke mockingly said. Kakashi blinked. He didn't expect this kind of response.

Naruto couldn't hold it and laughed out.

"What the hell are you talking about teme?! Kakashi-sensei is one of the perverts here in Konoha! That's even his greatest weakness!"

"Tsk. I never knew you could laugh like an idiot, Menma." Sasuke smirked at him. Tsunade couldn't help but raise a brow.

"Speaking of which, why are you calling him Menma?" Sasuke looked at sexy Hinata. She also had the same confused face.

"Tsunade-sama, I believe we don't understand you. We are calling him Menma because he is Namikaze Menma, son of the Yellow Flash of Konoha." Sexy Hinata replied to the question of the Hokage.

Tsunade looked at Sakura and Naruto and couldn't help but think. "Is this the work of Madara again? No… it wouldn't be. Why would Sasuke and Hinata be here?"

"Well, for one thing, his name isn't Menma. His name-" Naruto cut her off.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of Konoha!" Naruto grinned brightly at both of them.

Sexy Hinata couldn't help but blush. This was made her like Menma… even if this wasn't the Menma she thought. They really looked alike though this Naruto was more energetic than Menma. And his hair doesn't have hints on being dyed black. Menma liked to color his hair black though he was often reprimanded by his mother.

Sasuke couldn't help but scoff. He was just like Menma-baka annoying and loud, though he could really agree that this one was really more annoying and loud than Menma.

"How dare you cut me off you baka?!" Tsunade glared and hit him.

Everyone around him, even Sexy Hinata and Sasuke, sighed.

Shikamaru then collapsed.

"Shikamaru!" Ino gasped.

His chakra couldn't keep up the jutsu anymore. Shikamaru had been in a mission and using the jutsu for a long time can really deplete his chakra. The shadows that bind sexy Hinata and Sasuke were going back to Shikamaru.

Wasting no time, Sasuke and sexy Hinata looked at each other and immediately escaped. This wasn't their world. They know it. Based from the people, the other Hinata and the talk they had, this wasn't the Konoha they know. What they do know is that they need to plan about this and go back to their world.

"Shikamaru!" Naruto shouted at him. Sakura glared at him.


"We just came back from a mission, Naruto! Don't blame it on him!" Ino defended Shikamaru. Naruto looked down and said.

"Gomen Shikama-" Shikamaru stopped him.

"Don't be, Naruto. I didn't think more about my limits." Sakura then healed him while Ino was holding him.

Naruto then decided to go out and go after them when Tsunade stopped him.

"Where do you think you're going?" Tsunade glared at him.

"Baa-chan! Obviously, I'm going after them!"

"You don't need to, Naruto. That could wait. I don't think they're planning on going out of Konoha. Besides, they're already being tracked am I right, Kakashi?" Kakashi nodded. Neji and Hinata both activated their Byakugan and they could see different tracking dogs spread out.

"What we need to know is why they are here and why are there another Hinata and Sasuke. Is this even Madara's doing?" Tsunade sighed for umpteenth time.

This is another trouble. Even more trouble when this doesn't get solved and the council hears about it.

Shikamaru sighed. "I knew it. They were really trouble. How troublesome."