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Ohayou Minna! How's it goin'? Since I've started watching High School DxD recently, I have this idea in my head that I can't stop thinking about it. In this anime, dragons exist right? Like for example, Ddraig, Albion, Ophis and so forth. Well, I was thinking, since Natsu's a dragon slayer and trained by a dragon, he could actually fit right in into the anime! Now that idea won't stop invading my head so here it goes.

The Flame Dragon known as Igneel is a High-Class Dragon in the Underworld. He was wandering around the Underworld when he spotted a newborn toddler with pink hair in a basket. Being a kind and loving dragon which is his personality, he took him under his care and name him Natsu Dragneel, his adopted son.

Now to the timeskip of six years later, Natsu was on Igneel's back as he took him on his weekly fly rides as father-and-son bonding. But this particular day is special as Igneel is going to meet his old friend and fellow High-Class Dragon, the Sky Dragon known as Grandeenay. From there, Natsu meets Wendy Marvell, who was two years younger than him and apparently Grandeenay's adopted daughter. From then on, Natsu and Wendy were practically inseparable as they had a older brother-younger sister bond, a strong sibling relationship.

Timeskip to twelve years, Igneel sent Natsu to the Human World wanting Natsu to explore and getting the experience outside the Underworld as a human because 'there's more to the world than meets the eye'. Natsu just shrugged, since he wanted to visit the Human World anyway, and was inwardly excited. Just before he went there, Grandeenay asked him a favor to take Wendy along and take care of her, wanting her to experience life at the Human World as well. Natsu agrees and vows to protect his little sister no matter what. Igneel also gives a while scaled scarf to Natsu as a present to show that his presence will always be there with his son no matter what.

FYI, Natsu and Wendy here won't be known as Dragon Slayers, they will be known as apprentices of their respective dragons.

Natsu has unlocked his Dragon Force. Wendy will unlock hers during training before the rating game against Raiser.

They will also be staying together at a two bedroom apartment.

Since they're practically human, Natsu and Wendy can be devils. Wanna make them devils or not is your choice.

Natsu is a Third-Year student at Kuoh Academy and will be the most popular male student alongside Kiba while Wendy is a First-Year student and will be good friends with Koneko.

This Natsu here is not-so-idiotic, smarter and more mature, though he's still reckless and still has a short fuse, while Wendy is a little shy around people and a klutz, but not so much.

The pairing will be a NatsuXHarem or it would not be a High School DxD crossover. Rias and Akeno will be in the harem. You will decide the other girls yourself. Wendy's pairing is undecided.

Well, this is my first challenge. I hope I'm not too demanding about what I want in the story. PM me if you want to accept the challenge and change something in the story. I would be glad whoever took up my challenge in making this story and I hope the ones who took up this challenge will update the story frequently. That's all for now. Ciao!