Protecting, vice versa

Chapter 1: Where the request comes.


"HIIEEEEE! Why do they want the us to join the war?" "Because all of you are strong". Let's just say that a mafia war has started between North Japan, Europe and China. The Prime Minister of Japan has requested the Vongola 10th famiglia to help them. Now they have to protect both the country and their identities. Rated T in case. OC included. [After Curse of the Rainbow Arc]

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*Extra edit, they had about one year of peace, and they could go through their 3rd year in peace and graduate peacefully (Tsuna's connections gave him a place in Nami High).

Italy, 20XX, 5:48pm

A wise old man, who seemed wise only because of his white mustache and white hair, held up his finger as an orange flame sparked on it. Putting the lit finger in the middle of the top portion of the paper, the flame spread to the paper. In the middle of two patterns, the flame sparked brightly, as if it had a life on it's own.

Indicating a direct order.

Clearing his throat to alert the many men in black (I suppose zombies have arrived before as there were small dried blood stains in hidden corners. Wait- that was Iemitsu's blood.) in the room, he signaled to one bulky one. Behind the shades of the rest of the men, their eyes sparked with irritation for their time has just been wasted. Ahh, the habits of old men trying to seem wise.

Seeing the wave of the hand, the chosen one immediately strode over without wasting a second. In a slightly cracked, cheerful but wise tone, he hummed a little while saying the following sentence;

"Please send it to Reborn."

Timoteo held out the letter, in which the bulky man accepted it, placed it slowly in his jacket's embrace, and strolled out of the room-


The man in black started sprinting at record speed in fear.

And, when the silhouette of the chosen one disappeared out of the picture frame which hid the room, the old man's cheery face came back in a split second.

"I wonder what will Tsunayoshi-kun's reaction will be when he sees the contents of the letter..."

Nono chuckled, putting his closed fist by his mouth in habit.

"He was really sincere when he requested me to tell my dear grandson about the current situation..."

20XX, Namimori High School, Namimori, Japan

It was a small dark figure, shrouded in a presence so small, almost no one noticed him. Well, except for those trained mafiasos.

A green chameleon crawled up onto a currently 1-year-old Reborn's arm, bright yellow eyes blinking at it's master with a letter in his mouth.

Taking the rolled-up paper into his stride, the onyx-eyed baby asked his faithful partner; "Another message from Nono, Leon?"

Giving a slight nod-how the green chameleon actually understood the langauge and actions of humans is bound to remain shrouded in mystery-Leon licked his face indicating a 'yes' and proceeded to rest on the baby hitman's head, for he had travelled quite a distance.

Reborn then removed the seal, and did a thumbprint scan to confirm the identity of the reader. (Well, no one will ever know how it got installed on the letter itself.) After the verification, the flap of the letter peeled open by itself. (Again, how they had installed that kind of technology into one thin sheet of paper, we will never know.)

Upon taking out the letter, an orange dying will flame burnt brightly in front of his eyes at the top of it.

'A direct order from Nono, again?'

Scanning the handwritten words on the letter, one of Reborn's eyebrows raised slwoly due to the contents of the letter.

"...I see. Nono wants Tsuna to join the war." he smirked, emitting a vibe that was filled with both evil intentions and worry. Feeling the sudden rush of malicous intent, Leon woke up in shock.


He then hopped off the railing he was sitting on, facing the direction to Namimori High.

"Well then, let's tell Dame-Tsuna the news."

20XX, Class 1A, Namimori High School, Namimori, Japan

"HIIIEEEE! Reborn! What are you doing here in school!?"

With his trademark scream, Tsuna pointed at the sudden appearance of the bahy hitman. Which led to the sudden turn of heads to his direction.

Please remember, Reborn had reduced his presence. So literally, no one can see him, but TRAINED mafiasos.

The baby hitman sighed in exasperation, for his lessons on acting like an actual mafia boss still rendered useless to the brunette's natural dame (1) personality.

Noting the fact that he was recieving stares from all of his classmates, the to-be Vongola Decimo scratched his head sheepishly, and said in his usual cute and fluffy tone; "Ah, sorry, sorry."

With raised eyebrows, the students all turned back to their lunch slowly.

Tsuna turned his shaky head back to Reborn, who remained indifferent.

"Anyway, I'm here to convey a message from Nono." Reborn now sat on the window grill, unrolling the message sloely, and held out the letter for the Neo Vongola Primo to-be to see.

Nono's dying will flame continued to shine brightly, despite the long journey from Italy to Japan.

"Usually, it'll be a direct order, but this is to me and you." Reborn read slowly, as he, too, had not figured out why Nono had made it seem like a direct order.

"Thus, it is a message."

Well, I guess seemingly-senile old men may not be that senile after all.

Tsuna's eyes squinted- not only was the handwritinf nearly illegible, but the words were not in Japanese...

Tsuna pointed at the seemingly alien words, or at least to him. "What language is this?" The brunette asked the ex-Sun-Arcobaleno questionably, not knowing that...

"You should have learnt it, Dame-Tsuna. It is Italian."

Cue kick to Tsuna's head. Ahh, the troubles of having an abusive baby.

In an attempt to retalliate-


"That's not an excuse for you. Italian was the language I made you learn within two days using an encycopedia. Furthermore you passed the test."


"Any method of learning is legal to the Vongola."


Cue Gokudera's hand appearing in front of Tsuna's mouth.

With his mouth spreading into a wide smile, Gokudera's eyes sparkled with loyalty to his beloved Juudaime. Or now Neo Vongola Primo-daime, I guess.

"Juudaime, please let me handle this."

Seeing the swirl of softness in his irises, Tsuna couldn't help but sigh, put on a small grin let out a word filled with relief; "Gokudera-kun..."

The brunette was mentally relieved, as usually, someone's eyes would give someone away. However, Gokudera's eyes showed nothing but soft yet stern loyalty, so most likely the silverete will solve this without any problems-

"Because dynamites are always the way to go, Juudaime!"

-Maybe not.



"It was lucky the principal assumed it was simply a terrorist attack, Juudaime."


When the safety of everyone was guranteed and the assurance that there was no terrorists of some kind in the school, the students shuffled back into the building, which now had a hole leading to the classroom of 1A.

To let the students of class 1A recover from the explosion, the principal shifted them to the air-conditioned library.

However, the seemingly non-suspicious but are super suspicious people in the mafia world moved to one corner, and talked in whispers, as if having some kind of illegal gathering. However, not all the mafiasos, only the Vongola Guardians his age.

That included Chrome, Yamamoto and Gokudera, the weak boss Sawada Tsunayoshi that is only one hell of a strength pack in Ultimate/Hyper Dying Will Mode, and the most trusted assassin of 9th boss of Vongola that assumes the old man to be senile, Reborn.

Holding out the letter and putting it in the middle of the 5, Tsuna leant in and whispered; "It's a message to me and Reborn, but it also has things to do with you, so please read it-"

"-however, your poor boss can't read Nono's sophisticated handwriting. So please read it for him." Reborn continued the sentence the brunette had wanted to stop, for he felt embarrased for not being able to read Timoteo's handwriting.

Yamamoto, a born Japanese, would of course, not be able to read it.

Chrome had a sore throat, so she couldn't speak too well.

So, the only option left was Gokudera.

Hence everyone looked in the bomber's direction, having arrived at the same conclusion at the same time.

Gokudera, noticing the helpless stare from his boss, immediately snatched up the letter with a sense of pride, and cleared his throat;


"HIIEEEE! WAIT!" Tsuna waved both his hands in front of him, frantic. "THAT'S TOO LOUD, GOKUDERA-KUN!"

Gokudera paused before he read the next sentence, and started knowtowing repeatedly and screaming "I'M SORRY JUUDAIME!"

Yamamoto started laughing at the brunette's panicky actions and the bomber's head bangs against the floor. "Maa, maa! (2) After all, only all of our classmates are staring at us!" The swordsman stopped his laughter and said that sentence in a cheerful tone, before continuing to laugh.

Tsuna stared at Yamamoto, running the words through his mind again.

Only all of our classmates are staring at us!

The brunette, shakily, turned his head towards the rest of the class.

Yes, they were staring at the suspicious group, and that includes the relief teacher.

"H-HIIEEEEE! I'M SORRY! WE'LL QUIETEN DOWN!" The brunette squeaked, doing the infamous "Sliding Bow" (Beelzebub refrence)

"This is a library, Dame-Tsuna. You quieten down first."

"B-Bossu, it's embarrassing having them to stare at us..."

"I'M SORRY JUUDAIME!" *bang* *bang*

"Juudaime, should I continue reading?" Gokudera blinked innocently at his boss, not knowing if he should continue narrating- or translating- the contents of the letter or not.

Having recovered from the previous situation, Tsuna nodded and gave a small smile at his faithful right-hand man, his fluffy brown hair swishing along. "Yes, please."

The group all leant in to listen to the translation. (Italian to Japanese)

"Dear Tsunayoshi-kun,

RE: Prime Minister's request

I have a request from the Prime Minister of Japan for your guardians and you to fight in the war between mafiasos, which is going on in North Japan, Europe and China. As he knew that your guardians and you reside in Japan, he came to me to request that you help, since paperwork still take up about 11/12 of my day.

Please consider carefully. Since the Prime Minister does not know your face or your name, he has requested for me to send this message to you. I hope you can come to a decision soon, or the Prime Minister might resort to drastic measures to convey this message.

Yours faithfully,


Well, with the previous situation, whispering was to be a must. But still, it was kind of lucky for the suspicious-looking group to be away from the others, or someone might have heard all the mafia stuff.

Again, Tsuna's face paled. It really was one event after another. Though they had gone through one year of peace. BE GRATEFUL; you have ONLY recieved some hellish training.

"Why do they want us to join the mafia war-" the brunette whispered, nearly 'HIIEEEE'-ing at first, yet again, but cut halfway in the middle of his sentence. A war meant many people were dying, and if prolonged, it could spread to places where his loved ones resided.

However, now that he was in high school, the sheer amount of schoolwork and formulas could make him go insane. Furthermore, Reborn's satan-like trainings made his everyday life more abnormal than the days when he was in middle school. Although he would like to stop the war before it ended up in a situation like the TYL! Byakuran case, he himself could go crazy now.

In other words, it was going to be a hard decision, whether he and his guardians wanted to fight, or not. Rather, it was a decision between his mental health which could lead to some internal unstability within Vongola with the ill health of the upcoming boss (which could lead to another crisis) or people from around the world dying like flies.

And Nono, there's your grandson's reaction. Not as "exciting" as you may have hoped it would have been. Sometimes, when people mature, things become less fun. Sigh.

Reborn did an internal grin, and yet he sighed. The baby hitman was both happy and sad that his student had grown so much in about 2 years.

Yamamoto's eyes, which had been dazed for most of the time when Gokudera was busy translating, blinked back into the current society. "Tsuna! I heard the word 'mafia'! What's happening?" The swordsman blurted out loud, not knowing the mistake he had just made.

And it was around the same volume as Gokudera's shout of "DEAR TSUNAYOSHI-KUN".

And emphasis was placed on the word "mafia".



Tsuna's face started to get paler, and his breathing got faster, more furious and heavier. "Mafia... mafia..." The brunette repeated, his sight getting blurry and his head whirling.

And then Gokudera's face also paled.

"JUUDAIME! ARE YOU HYPERVENTILATING?!" The silverette quickly held out both arms, grabbing the two shoulder blades of the brunette and started to shake his dear boss. And when a mafiaso is shaking you, please do not expect it to be very... light.

And so Tsuna's face got blue from the intensity of the shaking.

The Rain Guardian of the Vongola, dtill not knowing the error he made, continued grinning at the brunette, now half concious. "Oh, sorry Tsuna, but you should be okay right?" Yamamoto pat Tsuna's head, and continued to laugh innocently.

Cue red tick mark on Gokudera's head.

"YAKYUU-BAKA! YOU JUST MADE JUUDAIME HYPERVENTILATE! HOW CAN YOU LAUGH?!" Gokudera literally threw Tsuna to the ground with the amount of force he used to shake his dear boss turned around in an instant, the argument at hand/his loyalty to his boss seemed to be more important than the boss himself.

"But Tsuna should be okay, right?" Yamamoto questioned the silverette, a "I AM BLUR" literally floating above his head.

And thus, a one-sided argument developed from that point.

Chrome, noticing the fact that no one was really caring about the first man she probably kissed, (Hint hint, when Chrome first appeared.) leant over with a concerned look swirling in her single eye.

"Bossu, are you okay?" the Mist Guardian whispered, her voice shaking a little from being awkward in these sort of situations.

The boss to be simply sighed.

"Yeah, I am.. I just got shocked for a moment there because Yamamoto said 'mafia' out loud..." wait. Yamamoto said the word mafia out loud.

With his Hyper Intuition sighing at him, literally, Tsuna turned his head towards the class like a rusted robot- static and rigid movements were made with his head as he faced his classmates. And yes, indeed, again, almost all his classmates were staring at the small group.


"H-ahhaha! Didn't you know Yamamoto was talking about a mafia movie? It was really bloody though..." Tsuna stuttered with a quick excuse, laughing nervously after spouting his "mafia movie" reason. If I may say, I would think that it was more of him quickly thinking of a lame method to conquer this situation, the stiffness of the question nearly crossing the line to make even the dumbest people shake their heads.

Raising their eyebrows, the people who looked up at the commotion went back silently to doing what they had been doing before they looked up, after thinking that it was just some of Dame-Tsuna's mishaps.

Then, Gokudera stopped the one-sided argument and turned his head around, remembering his top priority- protecting his dear Juudaime as one of the responsibilities of being a right-hand man.

"Juudaime! You're awake! Are you okay? Do you need water? Do you need to see a doctor? Do you need-ahh?"

Gokudera's stream of questions of his supposed overprotectiveness came to an adrupt end when he saw his dear boss shaking his head lightly, making sure not to make his condition (he nearly vomitted, and now still felt so) worse with the wave in gravity.

"Gokudera-kun, don't worry too much about me. I'll be fine, ne?" the brunette gave an innocent-looking smile, and sparkles seemed to fly off his face.

Cue Reborn kicking Tsuna's head. And thus may the existence of the sparkles now vanish.

"So, whats your answer to Nono's letter?" the baby hitman did a solmersault in midair, sitting down right after he landed on the same window grill where he "miraculously" appeared from.

From the usual rowdiness, it was a 180° change in the atmosphere now.

Since she has been on a "I must speak up more!" campaign, as suggested from Mukuro, Chrome looked down and said in a near inaudible voice so as to break the silence; "I-I think you should accept, Bossu..."

She stammered, BUT IT IS, INDEED, ONE MORE STEP TO HER GOAL OF SPEAKING UP MORE! Oh, how happy Mukuro-sama would be!

As Chrome fangirled in her heart, no evident traces of it showing on her face, the Rain Guardian of the 10th Generation of the Vongola then grinned at his boss. "Yeah, Tsuna! You would protect lives again!" Yamamoto casually nudged the brunette, grinning like the baseball idiot he was, gaining a death glare from a certain bomber. The word 'again' was emphasized, and it referred to the Future Arc.

Realising that he was the only one who hasn't spoken, the silverette's eyes changed from a glare of death to eyes similiar of a fangir- I mean, fanboy's- and pumped his fist with the letter into the air, crumpling it by accident. "You should accept, Juudaime! Let's show everyone your prowess!" The Storm Guardian of the 10th Generation of the Vongola cried out, as if it was a declaration of war.

The brunette stared blankly at the 2 eager faces and 2 poker faces, as if expecting his answer at that very point of time.

However, he still has not decided the path for everyone to take.

"Not only me, but everyone's identities..." Tsuna looked up, somehow looking straight into the eyes of everyone at the same time, giving his first reason. "B-but, so many pe-people are dying..."

Looking away and trailing off, the brunette, with eyes of indecisiveness half opened, grabbed his arm with fear and the feeling that he was lost, the grip on it looking extremely pained.

But Reborn knew better than those statements- they were bascially the tip of the iceberg of his thoughts. Well, you could see how deep he dug into the situation and his choice of actions.

The baby hitman knew it was hard to come to a decision for this, as the whole of Vongola, too, would be endangered.

"Dame-Tsuna. You should really think carefully. Tell me your answer tonight." Reborn said, a serious look shining across his large onyx eyes, then used his hand to tilt his fedora down, the habit he had gained after always trying to look cool when he was an adult. To the previous statement, the guardians all nodded and continued staring at their agonized boss.


'...this is too taxing! I have to find a way to get away to think calmly...' the brunette started perspiring rapidly from the stress he was getting, even though Reborn himself told him that his answer could be given tonight.


The suspicious-looking group in the corner looked around for the source of the noise- and saw the baby hitman looking at his stomach.

"...but for now, I'm going home to eat Maman's food." Reborn, who had been on Yamamoto's shoulder most of the time, hopped down and landed a distance away from the group. And then he looked back with a slight shadow on his face, and a glint in his eyes, signifying a warning to a certain person for "punishment" should a certain response not be given; "See you later, Dame-Tsuna."

Then in a blink of their eyes, the ex-sun-arcobaleno disappeared. Well, the title of the top hitman isn't just for show, after all.

Tsuna sighed at the fact that his stress was all gone now, and stood up to "escape" from his stress, and ask the others on their opinion.

"I should go ask all the guardians about their opinions on this matter." The brunette announced to the groip, holding a clenched fist our, and some light rays somehow shining behind him as if he was some holy presence. The three guardians then stood up, all speaking at the same time in different tones, but one message was clear-

"Let us go with you!"

The three then walked alongside the future Vongola Decimo, despite said person's protests to stay in the library.

"Toilet for all of us please!"

"...I am suspicious of your intentions since one girl is going along with a group of guys."


"Nevermind, just go!"

20XX, Japan, Namimori High School, Namimori High School Disciplinary Office

"Herbivores and omnivore, do not crowd here." The skylark sipped his tea, and before continuing, placed his teacup down onto the saucer he was holding. "Recess break is about to end." Hibari eyed the four with a sharp glare, on the verge of biting them to death, as they had just barged into his privacy of drinking tea and were about to break the school rule of not roaming around school when it was not recess break.

"Hibari! We need to ask you something!" Yamamoto said without a care in the world, not sensing any tension, as usual. However, his voice, somehow, was deeper then usual, and the swordsman's brown eyes were of a darker shade of colour. The Cloud Guardian flinched in the slightest for a moment at the fact that two emotions that were polar opposites were being used together, but then sipped his tea, regaining his composure, before;


-showing the sign of approval for them to talk.

"Should we protect the innocent citizens from the mafia war?" The Mist Guardian immediately stepped up to talk, as if to persuade the skylark to join them.

...AND YET AGAIN, THAT WAS ANOTHER STEP TO HER GOAL OF SPEAKING UP MORE- as suggested by her dear Mukuro-sama.

And as she fangirled, which caused a little spike of deadly aura around said skylark (2), the raven-haired discipline head of Namimori High and Middle just managed to regain his composure while speaking calmly;

"I will do it if it is to maintain the peace of Namimori." The Cloud Guardian opened an eye, still glaring at the group. At first, the group was delighted, until they realised Hibari didn't mention if he was going with them.

But Hibari hated crowding.

And it seemed he was going to crowd with them.


"I won't crowd with you."

As if he could hear the thoughts of the 1A students, he gave a sudden notice of his independence while closing his eyes. It looked as if he was ignoring the presence of the four, who remained silent, as if waiting for a response from the disciplinary head.

"Now stop crowding, herbivores and omnivore."

Another sudden sentence. The four sweatdropped with the weirdness the skylark has been showing them, and remained still for a short while from shock, until-

"Unless you would like to break school rules. I'll bite you to death."

In an instant, the skylark had both his tonfas out, as well as his X Bracelet,with his aura alone creating a breeze in the room.

3 minutes after they entered, they quickly left the office.

With applause waiting for them outside to celebrate their survival.

"H-Hibari-san! Why are all the papers strewn around?!"

*sip* "Clear them up for me."


20XX, Japan, Namimori High School, Class 1E

The four young mafiasos walked in, with contonuous applause behind their backs.

Cue extreme shout of extremeness.


Such an ear piercing shout was forever going to be their greeting.


The four squinted at the noise level, while the rest of his classmates, with ear plugs, continued their daily routines in school. Well, Ryohei's shouts were forever this loud, so his classmates had to be physically and mentally prepared, yes?

Cue pineapple head appearing behind the boxer.

"Kufufufu... Sawada Tsunayoshi, Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Takeshi and my precious Chrome. Why are you here?" Mukuro smiled creepily at the four, his creepy smile and head hovering on the top of the Sun Guardian's head. The four shivered, and suddenly noticed; why weren't the others noticing him? He was supposed to transfer to Namimori High-

"I transfered back to Kokuyo High. Kufufufu..."

...Well, that explains it all.

Chrome nodded a little, again talking in her sweet, yet small, voice: "That's an illusion only we can see."

Behind the backs of the boss, the Storm Guardian, and the Rain Guardian, cue kudos from yours sincerly to his subornate. After all, he was the one who had initiated the plan for his dear Chrome to speak up more.

They can pass off perfectly as a couple; but that's in my opinion.

And with their blurness when not in battle, the three couldn't notice the thumbs up.

"Che! Use honorifics! (3)" The bomber clicked his tongue, irritated at the way one of the Mist Guardians called him. They were not that close, and in this kind of situation, honorifics are a must.

Mukuro raised an eyebrow, whild the rape face still remained. "Or would you like to be called..." The pineapple struck a thinking pose, before striking his index finger up in the air; "Octopus head?"


Cue sticks of dynamites.

"Oya oya, now you want a fight?"

Cue trident.

And the two struck each other with a death glare, weapons out of their sockets, wherever they were kept.

Tsuna- nearly to the point of 'HIIIEEE'-ing.

Yamamoto- still has no idea on what was going on.

Chrome- still fangirling over Mukuro's thumbs up.

And the most unexpected one of all that usually makes situations worst actually cuts in-


Now Ryohei turned around to face the floating head, which to the others looked like they were having a verbal argument with... air.

Gokudera hid his sticks of dynamites, before proceeding to nod, and seemed to calm down. "Indeed, Lawn-Head is the only one allowed to call me that-"







Let me change my previous sentence- Even though the boxer can stop a fight, he is bound to make another one.

Finally regaining his senses, the brunette screamed with the intention of not letting another class be destroyed-


Finally, they had calmed down, with Gokudera apologising furiously again while banging his head onto the floor, and Mukuro's illusionary head continuing to float in midair. Well, as for the boxer, let's just say that he had EXTREMELY calmed down.

Yamamoto, not realising the commotion they had caused, continued on with a face of blankness as he questioned the brunette: "Ne, Tsuna, shall we continue?"

Tsuna nodded, internally sighing at the depth of the swordsman's knowledge.

"Eto... please come here first..." the brunette signalled to the pineapple and the boxer, so as to attract their attention. Raising their eyebrows, the two leaned closer to hear what the brunette was going to say, as it seemed to be a whisper.

But Chrome asked, part of it to continue of her campaign of speaking up more, and part of it so as not to take risks, as Mukuro might start teasing the brunette in his own way for his own pleasure, and it might activate this certain 'risk'

Cue Reboyama-sensei.

"Vongola Dictionary. Risks. Meaning one, doing something that could be a danger to your life. Meaning two, Angering any one of the Vongola guardians, or even worse, their boss."

Okay, Reborn, shoo, shoo, we dont really need your commentary- WAIT DON'T POINT THAT GUN AT ME-

"Mukuro-sama, Sasagawa-san, should we protect the innocent citizens from the mafia war?" While, behind the scenes, mayhem was occuring, the female pineapple asked the two, and it was just at the right time- Mukuro was whispering dirty, dirty things into the brunette's ear, nearly activating the boss to be's 'risk', with Ryohei being his un-understanding self as usual, asking 'WHAT IN THE EXTREME WORLD IS GOING ON, SAWADA?!'

Which just added more stress to the lock securing the brunette's 'risk'

With the male Mist Guardian sighing, the two stepped back from the boss.

Ryohei, at first, looked like he was thinking, and then answered with his udual EXTREMEness: "I DON'T GET IT, BUT IF IT MEANS SAVING LIVES TO THE EXTREME, WHY NOT?"

Facepalm from all of the present Vongola. The amount of density from the boxer is just TOO. DAMN. HIGH.

Mukuro, who didn't really need to think when it came to the mafia, then added behind the boxer's answer; "Kufufu... why not? We'll get to torture more people, ne, Chrome?" The male pineapple snickered to the female one, who simply sweatdropped, and in order not to induce 'risks', she quickly stammered out, "Hai, Mukuro-sama."

The brunette nodded his head, to signify that he had recieved their responses, and signalled to the other 3 to quickly run back to class, or they would be late for their next class.

Please do not forget that it is currently lunch break.

20XX, Sawada Residence, Namimori, Japan

"I'm home, okaa-san..."

"Welcome home, Tsu-kun- ara, Tsu-kun, why do you look so tired?"

The brunette's back was lunged forward, and limped around like a ghost, just because of what happened to what was supposed to be a meeting in the Namimori High rooftop after school.

(What happened? Read on first.)

With one leap that seemed to waste all of his remainding energy, the brunette proceeded into rest mode.

But something caught his attention before he could sleep.

What was that sharp object his mother was holding in the air?

Half of it was covered in red liquid.

It glinted in the light.

"Okaa-san! Put that down! It's dangerous!" As if he had just gulped down some potion to restore all of his energy, Tsuna hopped off his comfy premises and frantically waved his hands in front of him as a habit, nearly 'HIIIEEE'-ing in the process, yet again.

"Why? What's wrong?"


"Murdered? What do you mean?" Nana blinked, waving the knife around without a care in the world, the red liquid being flung around, before turning back to continue chopping up beetroots.

Yes. Beetroots give off red liquid. Please remember this before such incidents repeat again.

"Oh, Tsuna, you're home! Welcome back!" A voice interrupted the brunette's sudden downcast mood from the embarrassment from misunderstanding situations. The tone was slightly scratchy, cheerful, yet had a deep tone of some kind...

To find out the identity of the person, the brunette turned around to the stairs...

Only to find no one there.

And cue a blond haired man jumping down the stairway in one hop, wearing a slightly dirty white tank top!


And the world turned black from the sudden turn of embarrassment to shock.

"O-oto-san! Why are you back home?" Tsuna gaped, staring at his father A.K.A the head of the CEDEF A.K.A the Young Lion of the Vongola. The real meaning behind the seemingly innocent sentence was:

I thought you were in Italy doing mafia stuff? Why come back with such suddenness?!

Iemitsu simply grinned, as if replying without a voice. But it had a dark edge to it, like there was supposed to be some news behind.

"More importantly, you should look at the news."

...forget that I said he replied without a voice, he did.

"Huh? The news? Why?" Tsuna looked on at Iemitsu with his head slightly tilted, but noted the dark edge to the statement; seems like the innocent act was all to keep Nana from worrying.

And so the television was turned on.

The moment the TV flicked on, the moment the light rays met the brunette's eyes, the moment the images formed in Tsuna's eyes, confusion had changed to suprise.

Ahh, the fast changing emotions of Sawada Tsunayoshi nowadays.

The next thing you know, the brunette had stumbled onto the sofa, the frames on the television screen overwhelming him.


On the screen, the Prime Minister was wiping tears away from his eyes with a handkerchief, his men in black doing the same, as he was reading from a paper that pretty much seemed to be a script.

"A-are these the drastic measures Grandpa was talking about?" Tsuna sweatdropped, thinking out loud, while at the same time regaining his balance.

Then, realising the Prime Minister was about to speak, the brunette kept his ears up.

"Thus, I hope Vongola 10th and his guardians will help us in this time of crisis. We have limited manpower in the northern part of Japan, and we know that Vongola 10th and his guardians are residents of Japan. So, please, help us!"

Finishing his sppech, t he Prime Minister stood up slowly...

...and did a 90-degree bow.


Blackout again.

"Drastic measures indeed..."

Tsuna ruffled his brown hair, sighing at the fact that the Prime Minister would actually bow like how Gokudera does to a "useless" 17-year-old like him.

He'd even go that far to do that on the news- the news? Wait; THE NEWS?!

If it was on the regular channels, wouldn't he be sort of screwed...?

With perspiration dripping furiously down his face, the brunette pressed the 'menu' button on the remote furiously.

"Why is this television so slow?!"

Finally, it popped up, and the brunette hurriedly checked the channels.

"Please don't let it be on the daily news... please don't let it be on the daily news..."

Your prayers shall be answered; apparently, that was the Vongola private television channel.

With one sighof relief, the boss to be hopped down onto the couch inhaling and exhailing all his stress out, then he realised the something that was off about this channel-

"What the- they even have something like that?!"

And now your answer shall be answered again.

"Yes, they have."

Cue roundhouse kick to Tsuna's head.

"ITTE!" Tsuna hopped back to avoid any more punches/kicks, then rubbed now the protruding bump, crouching down in pain.

"So, Dame-Tsuna, are you going to help the Prime Minister or not?" Reborn pointed Leon-mallet at Tsuna, with the clear sadistic intentions of beating the brunette up.

"HIIEEEE! WAIT! WAIT!" Now Tsuna hopped up yet again, both his arms up in defence.

'I won't want to get smacked by Reborn again...

There must be a distraction somewhere...

May the distraction come-'


Tsuna, you are one lucky guy. Just in one day, your 'hopes and dreams' have been answered thrice. THIRCE.

And, as for now, Leon transformed back on a command by it's master.

"Fine. I'll give you more time to think." Reborn flicked his fedora up a little, a sign signifying one chance given (to the brunette) "Reply after dinner."

With that, the bahy hitman walked into the kitchen, and plopped down onto the chair, napkin pushed into his neck collar as if he were a baby, and tapping the ends of his spoon and fork on the table.

"Maman, is dinner ready?" he could be heard asking Nana, the tone in his voice seemingly striving to hear a yes, for his stomach yearned for it.


"Of course not!"

Well, that answer was to be expected, as Iemitsu's arrival would always result in a table full of dishes being replenished almost every time. Well, it's probably just a Nana habit.

"I've already prepared some dishes for Iemitsu's welcome back party, so help yourself first!" Her voice reverberated through the doorway of the kitchen, making the excitement in her voice even more amplified. With that, her son peeked into the kitchen, curious as to what his mother had prepared, as the Young Lion of Vongola's arrival would always result in a whole lot of mayhem in the kitchen with the overflowing amount of food.

And yes, it was the same result as when Iemitsu came back for the first time in the anime.

The table looked like it had been tended by chefs from a top-quality restaurant, except that it was made by one enthusiastic mother.

The table looked like an international buffet;

Sushi with crispy seaweed, raw and freshly cut sashimi kindly provided by a certain sushi chef named Yamamoto Tsuyoshi;

A whole bowl of piping hot spagetthi with bright red tomato sauce and toppings of shredded chicken and mushrooms which had been cooked seperately;

A crispy brown decorated with cranberry sauce and cherries, and a few different kinds of sauces to create the burst of a variety of flavours;

And of course, as prementioned, the beetroots. They were fried until they were about 3/4 crispy, and seasoned with cinnamon powder along with a little bit of grounded ginger. (4)

If these were the only dishes, it wouldn't be similar to the first time Iemitsu came back. So, of course, there were a whole lot more food than those few.

Cue a starving Lightning Guardian.

"Nyahahaha! Lambo-san shall take all the food!" The said cow started running to the kitchen, and while passing by the television, he was lifted into the air by a certain brunette who just remembered that he had forgotten to ask one more person the question that had to be answered before the day ended.

"Lambo, let me ask you a question."

Before he could complain about being stopped halfway between him and his paradise of food, Lambo heard the sentence from his nii-san (5). Questionably, the cow-kid looked up, wondering what the boss to-be would ask.

"Somewhere near us, there's a mafia war. Should I protect those not invovled?"

Lambo thought that the answer should be obvious- until he saw the amount of seriousness on the brunette's face.


The cow kid fully understood that there was more to the question spoken, but still responded;

"Of course! Bad guys deserve to die and the good ones deserve to win!"

Lambo smiled, hoping to make the tension Tsuna was facing lesser, before squeezing out of his nii-san's grip to continue his path towards the paradise of food.

Tsuna sighed, knowing the intention behind the cow's smile...

Thank you, Lambo.

...before walking into the kitchen.

When the brunette entered, somehiw,everyone was already inside the kitchen, eating as if there was no tomorrow.

I-pin, crunching down on the dumplings specially prepared for her,

Fuuta, happily slurping down his spagetthi,

Lambo, trying out the fried beetroots,

Bianchi, attempting to steal the snake inside the snake soup,

Reborn, silently eating his coffee pork ribs,


"Nana~ there's beer right~?"

Iemitsu, A.K.A The Young Lion of Vongola, A.K.A The Head of CEDEF, donned in a simple attire- a white singlet and dark green khaki pants.

With the sentence being said in a sleazy manner.

"Of course, dear!" Ignoring the tone of the sentence said, this time, Nana held up a safter piece of equipment, a soup ladle. But still, it scared Tsuna as it was red with diluted tomato puree.

Raising their forks, two of the youngest pipped up at the same time; "Maman's food are the best!"

Raising her head from slicing cabbages, Nana smiled like she had always done; "Why, thank you!"

Fuuta slurped up his tomato soup A.K.A diluted tomato puree A.K.A what Tsuna had assumed to be blood, and now raised his soup spoon which, too, looked like a murder weapon. (Cue Tsuna shivering)

"Maman should be a chef! My ranking book says she'll be the best international cook in Japan!" The Ranking Prince grinned, small bits and pieces of spinach stuck in the gaps of his teeth, which in turn got him a word of thanks from the Young Lion's wife and a pat on his head.

Of course, everyone would comment on the piping hot and delightful meals... but just for today, one person had kept quiet while chewing his food.

And, that one person is this certain, fluffy haired, herbivourous but EXTREME (in Dying Will Mode) person.

He just kept eating, absorbed in his thoughts.

One or two times he would snap back to the real world and try to comment on his mother's scrumptious food, but remembered the question he had to answer, and then thus he would float back into his thought processes again.

Not even once did he notice Reborn snatching food off his plate.

Not even once did he see the small smirk on his father's and on the ex-Sun-Arcobaleno's face.

Not even once did he notice the commotion Lambo and I-pin were making.

Oh- and also, he didn't notice the puzzled look on his mother's face for the smirking of her husband and the constant daydreaming of her son.

20XX, Sawada Residence, Tsuna's Room.

Series of events after dinner:

-Got whacked out of the house with Leon-mallet thrice

-Shot with the dying will bullet twice

-Had to make up a situation to the police twice

-Threatened by Leon-gun at point blank four times

...before Reborn started to feel tired and decide to sleep. (Of course, on Tsuna's bed, with booby traps around it)

Tsuna, not wanting to experience the sadistic hell of Reborn the next morning, decided to review the many consequences he had thought over and over again during dinner and during his dying will moments.

'...To help or not to help...?'

Tsuna kept tossing and turning on the floor, half of the reason being due to the uncomfortable platforms, and one of his legs accidentally went under the strings of the booby trap, kicking the bedframe, resulting in waking Reborn up.

"Do not disturb my sleep, Dame-Tsuna." And almost immediately, Leon gun had come out again, right in the middle of his forehead.

Update in series of events after dinner; Threathened by Leon gun at point blank 5 times.

"HIIEEE!" Cue epic skidding back into the wall behind him, barely missing the string to activate the booby trap. "I-I GIVE! I GIVE!"

Frantically, the brunette waved a white flag which had, apprently, appeared out of nowhere.




Update of series of events after dinner:

-Shot with the dying will bullet thrice.

-Had to make up a situation to the police thrice.

When Reborn went to sleep again, in the midst of wearing his pyjamas, Tsuna's Hyper Intuition suddenly nudged a thought at him, making his eyes shine with suddeness.

His hand released the grip on his clothes, as if suddenly losing it's life, as the brunette's mouth remained half open, a shade covering his eyes at the question which had been brought forward;

What if your friends or relatives were caught up in the war too?

Biting his lip, the boss to be fell back onto the ground, pyjamas still half-buttoned, his eyes sparkling with the soft moonlight radiating off the full moon.

"I've... decided," the brunette murmured, his lips still slightly pink from the sudden bite.

Reborn, who was awake all the while, pulled out the duplicate bubble from his nose, smirking at his 2nd student's actions.

"I've decided to... protect them."


EDIT (08/06/14): This will be mantained in it's original state except for some grammer and vocab edits here and there to mantain it's humor, so enjoy~

The guardians are gathered (except Mukuro, who was temporarly away, enjoying his memories of looking at some panties of girls.) They wanted to help Tsuna make his decision quick and fast.

Gokudera then brightened. "How about, Juudaime, you reveal to everyone that you are Vongola Juudaime?"

"Try to refrain from revealing our identities," Tsuna sighed.

"How about we use baseball balls, and then throw them with all our strength at the enemies? It would be like; WHOOSH, then, WHISSHH, then WHAM! into the enemies' face, and then people will all think it was just someone randomly throwing a baseball?" Yamamoto suggested, grinning, using his method of explaining, as usual.

"A baseball that fast would look inhuman!" Tsuna sweatdropped.

Chrome raised up her hand slowly. "Me and Mukuro-sama can make them go away with illusions and they won't know where we are..." she whispered.


"Thing is, there might be illusionists in that group of mafiasos, and they will see that there are mafiasos in Namimori High. But good suggestion, Chrome." Tsuna smiled.

(But of course, Chrome was fangirling so much, she barely heard it.)

Ryohei then shouted while grinning; "WE SHOULD HAVE A BOXING MATCH WITH THEM TO THE EXTREME!"

"These are mafia enemies we're talking about, not boxing opponents, onii-san!" Tsuna facepalmed.

Hibari, who was standing in the corner, simply raised his tonfas, 'hnn'ed, and left the rooftop.

Tsuna shook his head, which the skylark caught through to corner of his eye through the door to the rooftop.

Silence. The guardians simply stared at each other for the next few minutes, with occasional 'EXTREMES'. That awkwardness was finally broken when the door slammed open.

"Kufufu, I suppose I can help you decide," Mukuro smiled proudly at his 'grand opening', now not an illusion.

Everyone stared at Mukuro, yet no reaction. Okay, so maybe that didn't break the awkwardness.

A red tick mark appeared on Mukuro's forehead. This wasn't the reaction he was expecting!

Finally, Tsuna spoke up. "Geez, stop scaring us like that Mu-" Tsuna stopped halfway. Everyone now stared at him. Tick. "Na..." he started softly. Tock. Mukuro's eyebrow raised.

"Na...NAPO-HEAD!" Now Tsuna was rolling on the floor with laughter. Finally, the EXTREME legend of Napo-head has spread to the rest of the family.

Mukuro twitched. Uh oh, the risk was coming.

Tsuna stopped his hysterical laughing. " Did I do something wrong?" he stammered out, sweating. Mukuro's fists clenched. Suddenly the air was filled with a heavy killer aura. Almost everyone shivered.

Except.."SAWADA! If we're done, let's do an EXTREME warm-up!" Yup, Ryohei was dumb enough NOT to understand the risk. He grabbed Tsuna's hand and started dragging a frozen Tsuna down the stairs.

"N-No! Wait! Tsuna-nii is going to play with Lambo-san!" Lambo quickly ran past Mukuro and down the stairs, with a wet patch in between his legs. As young as he is, Lambo still understood the 'risk'. That patch smells. It's yellow.

Meanwhile, due to some internal staring battle, Yamamoto and Gokudera were having another one-sided argument by the sidelines. (Gokudera: -glares- How dare you hyperventilate Juudaime this morning. Yamamoto: -looks back- Huh? But isn't he fine now? Gokudera: -twitch-)

"Mu-Mukuro-sama, lets go home now..." Chrom timidly tugged on Mukuro's hand.

Silence was all that came from Mukuro. Chrome backed away, knowing silence was a huge factor in the risk. The killer aura became heavier. "Chrome...lets punish those uncivillised imbecilles, shall we?" a sadistic shine came from Mukuro's eyes. Chrome froze, then nodded hesitantly.

Mukuro smiled creepily, then grabbed Chrome's hand and started running down the stairs.

"OIIIII! YOU BASTARDS! DON'T CALL ME NAPO-HEAD! YOU WON'T ESCAPE ME!" a girly shrill scream came from Mukuro.

For the first time after Mukuro joined the Vongola, he screamed.

And his voice broke.

AND hell did he scream like a girl.

Giggling silently, Chrome remembered Daemon broke his voice whenever he screamed too. (Daemon occasionally visited Chrome as now the melon head was attratced to her, and would scream when Mukuro interrupted with a sadistic glint in his eyes after that with the intention to beat the pineapple head down.)

And hell did he sound like a girl as well.

Was it by chance that Mukuro heard it? Because he looked at Chrome with that same sadistic glint in his eyes after she said it. Ahh, heriditary traits.

(1) No good.

(2) Well, well!

(3) Examples of honorifics are '-san', '-kun', -sama'... well, you get the idea.

(4) I have no idea if this dish exists. Seems tempting, though.

(5) Brother

EDIT (08/06/14): Yes, yes, I know that Tsuna's decision was to be expected but... if he had declined, this whole story would have taken another way. =w= Well, anyway, look forward to the next edit and new chapter soon. I'll do my best to write fast! Also, for now, there might be more instances of Mukuro being in Nami High, because that was the original storyplot. OwO

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