Protecting, Vice Versa notice

Hi guys. Firstly, I did change my username (because the previous one was a tad embarrassing for me), so firstly apologies for the sudden change.

Secondly, this notice isn't about dropping the story, even though this is the first time I'm updating PVV in 1.5 years (and it's a notice). Until about a month before, I was in a huge writer's block, probably because of my national exams then as well as a lack of inspiration. Right now I've only started crawling out of it because of Yuri on Ice, that's why I started writing a new story on it.

My main priority right now will be updating the YOI fanfic, maybe a chapter every 2-3 weeks.

But don't worry, I, too really want to finish PVV and ultimately slam down the Ye Shan familglia. And make sure no one dies in the process (lol). However it will still take me some time to get myself in order to write PVV. I also have an increased amount of school work now, so it'd be hard.

However I will try updating it within 1-2 months.

Thank you for always following PVV all this while, and really, thank you especially to the long time readers who still came back to see it even after I was gone for a year the last round.

Thanks for reading this really bad apology and notice. I'll be repeating, but I'll really give it my all into writing the next PVV chapter when time allows.

Really, thank you. Until then,

meteorr (13/05/2017)