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A conversation between Varro and Simeon.

After TJ had provided his wound, Simeon waited with a pissed facial expression at the door to the infirmary that she was finished with Varro. He didn't miss that she treated the other man different. Her features weren't hardened and her gaze not cold. Simeon could literally see that she treated Varro's wound far more gentle and carefully. He didn't want to be treated with kid gloves, but what should this behavior towards Varro be? The two talked, but Simeon couldn't understand what their conversation was about. But he didn't need not hear a word to understand what was going on. What he saw gave him enough to be much worse tempered than before: The looks, which the two threw each other to, the cautious smile of Varro ... damn, he'd never seen Varro smile! And then now? Here? Opposite this bitch from the earth!? Slowly Simeon believed he was the only one here who was still allowed to call himself a Lucian.

When TJ had finally finished her rounds, Varro and Simeon were escorted out of the infirmary back to their ā€˛quarters". They didn't talk all the way through, but the glance that Simeon threw to Varro spoke for itself. When the district door closed behind them and they were alone at least for a brief moment, Simeon took the word.

"What's wrong with you, man?" He hissed. Varro turned to Simeon and looked at his face for the first time since they had left the infirmary. Simeon was waiting for Varro to reply, something like 'What do you mean? What should be wrong with me? ', but he didn't do him this favor. Instead, he looked at him expectantly.

Simeon bit his his lower lip angry. He hated Varro's stoic silence.

"Listen," he continued in a low voice, "I realize that you want to get into the pants of Mrs. Medic and I even understand that somehow 'cause she's really hot ... but do you have to behave like a deserter asshole for this? You're prattling always that we should help this joke of a Colonel and shit like this ... I thought we stick together and die rather than to make common cause with the Department of failures!".

Varro had let Simeon speak, even if his words had asked him after the first sentence to land his fist in Simeon's face. But he controlled himself and showed no emotion to the other Lucian. But after Simeon had uttered the last words, staring at him with a mixture of an angry and defiant expression out of arrogant looking eyes, Varro grabbed the much smaller man by the collar. He picked him up and slammed him roughly to eye level with a thud against the wall of the room.

"First." Varro began with a quiet yet firm voice, "I have to thank Tamara my life. She'd made no distinction between friend and enemy, and if it wasnt Tamara there, I would've simply bled to death. She takes care of scum like you, not because she acts under order, but because she wants it and that even though she was just recently on the brink of death and lost her baby. I've gotten a much higher opinion of her than of you, so be careful how you speak of her, Simeon. And second," he said, letting go of Simeon, who rubbed his aching neck, "I'm not going to be starving to death on an alien planet or getting shot here. If we want to survive, we must work with the crew of the Destiny. Together. We are about to be sold on the next planet and even if we should find the Alliance for some completely insane reason there - which I think is absolutely absurd - what do you think they'll do to us? Kiva is dead and the mission failed, do you think that anything would stop them from executing all of us?" Varro let his words ease down. He forced Simeon down with his gaze until he could no longer withstand it and grudgingly stared at the floor.

"Thought so." Varro said and took a step back. "The Destiny is now our new life. And you'll get away with it and you'll do anything to Colonel Young to be useful." Varro continued, giving Simeon no chance to say something to it. When he turned away from him, he could feel how Simeon's look was piercings his back like daggers.

When he was finally far enough away, Varro let out a sigh of relief and closed his eyes for a moment. Simeon was unreliable. But he would be able to control him. The welfare of all Lucian on the ship depended on him - Varro had no choice.