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Dear Mister Weasleys Please stop persuading first years to hug Professor Snape, its traumatizing for him and them while I'm on the subject of Professor Snape, Why are you two so fascinated about whether he can burp the alphabet or not?.
Do not make me have to write to your mother to make you stop.
Professor McGonagall

Dear Minnie Threatening to tell our Mother is very low of you, we always thought better of you, but I guess we were wrong and on the subject of Snape,
it's good for him to be hugged and if he just told us whether he could burp the alphabet or not we wouldn't be fascinated about it anymore.

Sincerely Fred and George P.S how upset would Snape be if someone accidentally blew up his office?

Dear Mister Weasleys

Do not call me Minnie and accident or not if Professor Snapes office gets blown up he'd be very angry as would myself and the Headmaster as for me threatening to tell your mother, it wasn't a threat it was a promise.

Professor McGonagall

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