I have revised this story. As I was sure that I could rewrite somethings in a better way. And as such, all posted chapters (from the Prologue to Chapter 7) have suffered modifications. That being said, all previous declarations have been maintained, and only the chapters themselves will have been altered.

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In the Twilight verse, this story takes place after Bella "awakes" from her zombie state and starts to speak with the others again. In The Vampire Diaries, this starts in season 2.

Disclaimer: Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are property of their own respective creators.

Summary: Even though Zachary was the "last" Salvatore, he was never the last of his family. When an unexpected visitor drops by looking for him, what are the Salvatore brothers to do? What link does Bella have with Zach?

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The door of the Mystic Grill opened, and a woman came out. A cascade of long brown hair framed chocolate-brown eyes set in a heart-shaped face with prominent cheekbones and a thin nose. In one hand, she carried a carryout bag while, in the other, she had a cell phone, on which she was typing furiously. Her name was Isabella Swan.

She kept on walking towards the parking lot, where she had previously left the car she had rented. She was so absorbed in her thoughts, she never saw the person coming toward her.

"Oh!" Isabella bodily crashed into them. "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there."

It would seem that even though adulthood had somewhat cured her of the clumsiness that had plagued her throughout her life, and she did not trip over thin air as often as she did during her teenager days (painful days, those were), little accidents – like the one that had just happened – would always be a part of her life.

"Don't worry, it's okay. I also didn't—Isabella?" The one that she had collided against and that had called out her name was a blonde, brown-eyed woman with a pixie haircut, dressed in a police uniform. Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes.

"Oh! Sheriff Forbes!" Elizabeth Forbes was someone who reminded Isabella greatly of her father, Charlie: police officers married to their work and with daughters who, though they loved very much, they had an estranged relationship with. Well, that wasn't true. Though Isabella and Charlie's relationship hadn't had the best of starts – due, in part, to their reticent nature – she was proud to say it had become way better during the last few years. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, though I'm surprised to see you here," answered the blonde.

Yeah, Isabella would be surprised too if she saw herself on the streets of Mystic Falls. There was only one reason why she would appear in the small town, after all, and that was to visit her cousin, Zach Salvatore. The Salvatore Family was one of the town's Founding Families and Zach, last she knew of him, was not only a member of the Founder's Council, but also their main supplier of vervain (and that was something she should not know about, but did either way).

"Yeah. It's been a while since I last visited Zach… so here I am," said Isabella, shrugging. She did not miss the way Liz furrowed her brows. A smidgen of anxiety sprouting in her chest at the strange reaction, but she forced herself to ignore it. Certainly it was nothing she had to concern herself with, right? If something had happened, someone would have informed her previously; Liz wouldn't have simply stood there with a frown on her face.

"Well, Sheriff Forbes, I better get going. It was good to see you," and she continued her trek to the car. She had a cousin to visit.


Liz stared at the retreating brunette, mind working furiously. She was thoroughly confused. Doesn't she know that Zach's not here? Liz thought it strange. The Salvatore would have never lost the opportunity to see his cousin if he could help it. Since they had met, a few years ago, the two of them had adored each other – everyone in town knew that. If he had known Isabella would be coming to visit him, he would have made sure to be there for her. And if he was not, he would have at least warned her.

Seeing as Isabella was around, she clearly didn't know, and that bewildered Liz immensely.

By the time that Liz snapped out of her thoughts to explain the situation to the brunette, Isabella was already driving away from the parking lot. Oh well, she shrugged, Damon and Stefan will surely know what to do. And she went on her way.


Inside the rented car, Isabella made her way to the Salvatore Boarding House. She was excited to see her cousin again. Though the fucker better have an explanation about why he isn't answering his phone, she thought with narrowed eyes. She had been trying to speak with him for a few months already, and Zach did not even have the decency to call her back, which meant that, despite all the excitement, she was also angry. And the Sherriff's reaction had not been promising, now that she thought back on it. She wondered if he was angry with her. She tried to think of anything she could have possibly done to garner such a response, but nothing came to mind. So now all the anxiousness she had been feeling before arriving in town was rearing its ugly head. What if something had happened to him and that was why he had not answered her?

She inhaled, held her breath, and then exhaled slowly, trying to calm herself. It would not do her any good to get herself worked out before she knew what was really going on. She really wished Angela had come with her; she was extremely good at keeping Isabella calm. Besides, Zach loved Angela as much as she herself did, and Angela found the stories that Zach told about the Salvatore family fascinating. Not that Isabella didn't as well; she just didn't hold the same amount of interest as Ang. Though their fascination only extended so far; for example, the both of them still got the creeps every time the brothers were mentioned.

She felt a chill go down her spine. She should not be thinking about them. Even the possibility of ever meeting them was close to none. They only appeared every other decade, and both had been around in the 1990s, according to Zach. If they made an appearance, her cousin would tell her, right? Her mental pep talk was not enough to make her unease go away. In fact, it only made it increase.

So lost in thought – again – she did not realize that she had already arrived at the Boarding House and had been sitting inside of the stopped car for a while now. Startled, she turned it off and exited. The chill persisted. Every step she took in the mansion's direction only made the wish to turn around, get back in the car and drive far, far away stronger. What the hell was going on with that house? She had been coming and going for years and this had never happened, what was different now?

After some calming breaths, she found the courage to ring the doorbell – of course it took her a while to do so, what with the strange feeling and all – and wait for Zach to open the door. If it had been any other day, she would have simply barged in without announcing herself, knowing that he would be waiting for her. However, he had been incommunicado, so she decided that her appearing out of nowhere would be surprise enough. She had already prepared the angry tirade she would go through the moment he opened the door, even. She heard the handle and steeled herself, but when the door opened, it was not Zach who was behind it.

The man who opened the door was taller than her and, from what she could see from his dark shirt, had a well-built, toned physique. He appeared to be in his early to mid-twenties, having a light complexion with olive undertones, a strong bone structure with high cheeks bones and a solid jaw line. His dark hair was casually disarrayed, hanging just over his ears and framing his face. For a finishing touch, a pair of strikingly intense blue eyes, contrasting wonderfully against darkened lashes and eyebrows, stared straight at her chocolate orbs.

He was incredibly handsome, she concluded and felt herself blush. Mystery man surely saw it, if the smirk he was sporting now was anything to go by. This was one sexy man who was completely aware of it and the effect his looks had on the people around him. Confident.

"Hello there." His voice was low, seductive. Even his voice is sexy, her subconscious decided. She felt her blush getting darker. His smirk widened. "How can I help you?" His blue eyes raked her body from head to toe and she suddenly felt self-conscious. She let her eyes drop, suddenly unable to face the stranger, and bit her lip; her shyness was making itself known.


Damon's eyes lowered and darkened to a smoldering blue at the display in front of him. This wasn't what he was expecting when he heard the heartbeat at his door, that was for certain. Whoever this brunette was, she looked extremely delicious, especially with all that blood close to the surface. Innocently tempting or temptingly innocent, he couldn't decide which. When she looked at him through her lashes, it took all of his self-control to not let his vampire side show so he could sink his teeth on her. In more ways than one.

"I'm looking for Zach Salvatore," she answered him bashfully. "Is he in?"

Damon felt himself freeze (all previous thoughts momentarily pushed aside, to be revisited lately. Probably), though his outward appearance did not change. He was too experienced at acting to give himself away to a stranger. There was a human – a hot and tempting woman – at his door looking for his nephew. Where had Zach found her, and does she have a sister? That was the first thing that passed through his mind. Though he forcefully pushed that train of thought aside when his brain finally processed what was happening here. There was someone at his door looking for his nephew! The nephew he had killed months ago! The nephew that everybody thought was out of town on family business! So why was there someone knocking on his door and asking for Zach of all people?! He let his eyes go over her form again, taking in all the details. Who was this woman?

"I'm sorry to say," he eventually said, "but Uncle Zach is out of town on family business."

She furrowed her brow in response, and Damon thought that would be it. She would turn and leave. Instead, she focused on him and studied him. He mentally raised an eyebrow, wondering what could possibly be going on inside her head. Then he saw a shiver going down her spine and felt the predator inside, already agitated, stir. It had been a while since he had last indulged himself with warm blood straight from someone's vein, and the brunette in front of him certainly smelled delicious. Mouthwatering.


Isabella had always prided herself on her observational skills. To uncover a family of vampires just by watching them was no easy feat, after all (even if she had had a little help, though Jake would never know that it was his fault she had a name to go with the species). So, when she saw the minute stiffening on the dark-haired man's body, she grew nervous. It was enough for her to ignore his looks and focus on the 'dangerdangerdanger' that her brain had started chanting as soon as she had laid her eyes on him. The chill was spreading and her wrist was tingling. His answer had only made her grow even more concerned. What was going on? Who was he?

Okay, he called Zach 'uncle'. Her brain was thinking furiously. Did they have other family members that she did not know about? Zach had never mentioned anyone else, so she had assumed that it was just them (and her father). Besides, he would have mentioned it if he was leaving the town – if not to her, then to Angela, just in case one of them was preparing to visit him (to avoid exactly what was happening now).

She considered the man in front of her. There was something about this handsome stranger that made her uneasy… that was enough to awake the instinct of self-preservation that she and everybody else around her had been sure she had lacked. She rubbed at the cold scar on her wrist. The source of the tingle. She unconsciously shivered. Something dark, dangerous. Just like him.

"Oh!" Though disappointed that she would not be able to see her cousin, she was sure that something was going on now. She just did not know what. Honestly, she wasn't sure she wanted to know. "Do you know when he is going to come back, Mr. …?"

"Damon Salvatore." She was sure that her insides had just turned to ice.