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Summary: She was the one with the hunter inheritance. He was the one that used sarcasm as a defence mechanism. She was the one who made friends with two people of a future pack. He was the one with the best friend destined to be an alpha. They both were the ones to decide to go into this full-on; the werewolf business and a relationship...

The One:

Chapter one:

Moving to a new town wasn't abnormal for Max, but moving to this town in particular, it was. Her mother had expressed her deep hatred for Beacon Hills a long time ago when they had lived there, and had always done it throughout her childhood as well. Even Max and her brother, Charlie, had grown up to hate this town and what it had apparently done to their mother. As Max had grown older, she had learnt more and more for why her mother hated this town. It was the town where her grandparents – her mom's mom and dad – were brutally murdered by an animal when she was seventeen. When they moved back, her mother had stuck away from that side of town and would only venture that way to see her best friend, before her best friend's was killed in a fire almost six years ago, along with her best friend. That was when they moved away again, right after the Hale house fire. Thirteen people had been killed in that fire, innocent human beings, and Max, being ten, had suddenly seen that the world wasn't always the greatest place.

She still remembered the Hales, even today after six years of not seeing them. She remembered that Mr Hale always used to ruffle her hair and call her 'kiddo'. She remembered that Mrs Hale always used to smell of cookies and used to hoist her up on her hip and spin her around like it wasn't any trouble. She remembered Laura Hale, their first born daughter, braiding her hair, and playing dress up with her. Then she remembered Derek. Her first crush. He was six years older than her, and he always used to play catch with her when his friends weren't there. When his friends were there, he never even used to acknowledge her. Perhaps it wasn't cool to hang around with a ten year old then. She knew that the Hales were lovely people, and as her ten year old mind tried to comprehend why someone would do this too innocent people, she watched as her very heavily pregnant mother and her father try to pack up all their stuff to move out of town.

That was when her mom had reached breaking point with this town. But for some reason, her mother was still drawn back. While Max had only moved out and back in to this town once, her mother, Camilla, had moved out and back in twice now. This was their third time moving, but their first time moving as a family to this town.

Sat in the back with her brother, she looked out in to the trees and noticed the Hale house, standing tall and proud despite the fact that it had holes, and chunks missing, and that it was burnt and charred. She noticed that her mother, sitting in the passenger seat in front of her, had noticed to, and she laid a hand on her mom's shoulder trying to comfort her.

"So, you guys excited?" Her mother asked, coughing to clear her throat.

Charlie perked up. "About what, Mama?"

"About your new home, silly," Camilla said, laughing slightly. "You excited about getting a new room, Charlie?"

Looking over to her brother, Max couldn't help but grin at his beaming smile. Her little brother was a bundle of cuteness; big doe blue eyes, with a mess of dark brown curls on top of his head, and his little chubby cheeks perked up when he smiled. Adorable. Well, when he wasn't annoying her to no end.

"I am!" He exclaimed. "Can I have trains on my wall? OH, OH! And cars?"

Her father, Steve, chuckled. "Buddy, how about we move in before you start decorating, all right?"

"Okay," he said, defeated.

Max nudged him. "Hey, if you're super nice to me, and don't wake me up earlier then you need to, I'll take you to the store and buy those train and car stickers for you, yeah? How about you think about where to put them, yeah?"

While Charlie was busy contemplating where to put the train and car stickers in his bedroom, Camilla and Steve looked back at her in a sign of thankfulness.

"Mom, when am I allowed to get my car?" She asked suddenly, in hope that if her parents love her so much right in that moment, they will turn around and tell her that she could pick any car she wanted, whatever the price.

"Soon, okay?" Her mom said, "but nothing expensive because your dad and I really can't afford it."

"Okay," She replied, frowning slightly. "How am I going to get from school and back?"

Reaching the house, her mom showed her exactly how she was going to get to school. Over two weeks, while Max and Charlie had been at their grandparents' house, Camilla and Steve had been unpacking their stuff and moving their furniture into the house. The last few boxes were packed this morning and brought in the car with them.

"You want me to commit social suicide and ride a bike?" She asked, quite loudly. "Mom, I haven't ridden a bike in years, and even then I wasn't that good."

Her mom rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm not expecting you to be Olympic champion standard. This is an efficient way to get to school. And you'll be saving the environment while doing it, which is always a bonus."

"Mom, since when have you cared about saving the environment?" Max bent down and poked at the rusty metal chain. "This really doesn't look safe."

"Stop being such a drama queen and get inside and help unpack," Camilla grumbled, shoving her daughter towards the front door.

"Dad, Mom's trying to kill me and she called me a drama queen," she yelled out. She yelped a little when she saw her dad right next to her, and she tried to calm her heart by putting a hand over it.

Steve gave her a kiss on the forehead and carried on walking. "That's nice, honey."

"So, you wouldn't care if Mom stabbed me right now?"

"What was that?"

Max rolled her eyes. "Don't worry about it." She looked at her mom. "Got a box for me to unpack away from you?"

Her mother gave a small slap to the back of the head with a fond smile. "Don't be such a smartass. Go help your father while I unpack the kitchen."

She watched as her mother walked out before muttering, "All I do is get abused in this family…"

"Max! Max!" Max groaned when she recognised Charlie's voice, and covered her head with her pillow. "Maxie! Mama said you have to wake up!" When she groaned and made no move to get out of bed, she heard his little footsteps pad away and his little voice shout, quite loudly, "MAMA, MAX'S NOT WAKING UP!"

Max sighed, knowing that she wasn't going to get any more sleep, and rolled onto her back. Staring around her room, she saw that she had yet to put up her posters and her mirror and make this room her own.

"Max, honey, you need to wake up," Her dad said, coming in. "Why are you so God damn hard to wake up in the mornings?"

"Maybe I take after you," She grumbled, pushing her dad out of the way so she could shower ready for her first day at school.

Climbing out, she brushed her teeth and looked at her appearance. Some people said that she looked more like her dad then her mom; she had his eyes, his hair colour, his nose and his height. But people said she was more like her mom in personality; funny, sarcastic, grumpy-in-the-mornings. Max had to admit – she definitely was grumpy in the mornings. But wasn't every teenager when woken up at six thirty by their little brother?

Walking back to her room, she opened her wardrobe to look what she could wear today. She wasn't a total girly girl, but she wasn't a total tomboy either. She was sort of mix between the two – on some days she'd feel like dressing down in jeans and a baggy t-shirt, but on other days, she felt like grabbing a skirt and blouse and heels, curling her hair, and acting as girly as ever. Today, she was feeling girly.

Rummaging around, she found what she wanted to wear. Bringing out the black skater skirt, she set it on the bed before finding a decent looking white blouse with lace. Pairing it was brown heels, and a brown belt, she was finally ready for her first day at school.

She wasn't really worried about school. Since they had moved around almost three times just after Charlie was born, she knew how starting school went. She'd be embarrassed from all the attention she'd get by being the new girl, then she'd meet some friends and then she'd fit in until they moved again. Hopefully, that was until after she graduated because she really didn't have that far to go now until she did.

Right now, she was little nervous for school. Okay, a lot nervous. Butterflies were churning in her stomach as she tugged her skirt down a little more. No point delaying it, Max, she thought to herself, just go for it. Just do it. Do what Nike says for once.

"Right, do you know what you have to do, sweetie?" Her mom said as she pulled into a parking space in the car park outside the school. The people gathered outside already were looking at her, trying to get a look at the new girl.

"I think I'm okay, Mom," she said. "How many times have I done this now?"

Camilla rolled her eyes. "Call me when you want picking up and I'll come straight away. Unless you meet a new friend and they can give you a lift home."

"Okay, Mom," She said. "Bye, Charlie. You have fun at school too."

"Bye, Max!" He exclaimed. "Mama, let's go!"

"You impatient boy, you!" Camilla laughed. "See you later, Maxie!"

Max grabbed her bag and tugged her skirt down a little more before walking towards the school. Looking to her left and right, she saw that mostly everyone was staring at her, all curious about the new face that had just stepped out of a new car. This is what she hated most. The fact that people stared at you and made you feel uneasy because they were too curious for their own good.

Going down the corridor and spotting the office almost immediately – she thanked whoever had designed the layout for this school so she didn't have to wander around – and walked up to the desk.

"Can I help you?"

Turning around, she saw a woman with glasses stood in front a cabinet. She wasn't very kind looking, but the woman smiled a little at the nervous girl in front of her.

"I'm Max Black," She said, "I'm new here. I came to get my timetable and maybe a map to show me where to go, if that's okay."

The woman smiled. "Honey, that's fine with me. I'm Miss Sculley. If you need me, I'm here all day, every day."

Max noticed the way she said that she didn't enjoy working here. But then she had to admit, if she worked here, she wouldn't exactly enjoy it either.

Max's thoughts were interrupted when Miss Sculley slapped a few sheets of paper in her hand. "Here's your timetable, your note to get out of Gym today, a map to get around school, and your note for your first period teacher because you're a little late."

"Thank you so much," She rushed out, turning a little red in the face when she realised the time. "I better get to…Chemistry. Thanks again."

"No problem, Ms. Black," Miss Sculley said, before opening the door for her and waving.

At least someone was nice to me on my first day, she thought and smiled as she looked for her first period classroom on her map. Seeing that it was up a flight of stairs and down a corridor behind her, she turned and trudged that way, noticing just how empty the halls were now. Crap.

Turning up late was one thing. Turning up late and bright red in the face was embarrassment on a whole other level. Everyone was staring at her as she walked in, and as she walked to the front of the class where the teacher was standing. Even though Miss Sculley looked miserable, she was a very nice lady, but Max couldn't say the same thing for her Chemistry teacher, whose frown looked like it was permanently etched on his face.

"I'm Mr Harris and I will be your Chemistry teacher for this year," He said, his voice a monotone. Great, Max thought, got a robot for first period. "You are ten and half minutes late for your first lesson at this school, Miss…Black. I'm not impressed." Scratch that – not a robot, Mr Spock.

"I, uh, had to get my timetable and stuff from the front office," She said, feeling her cheeks flood because of all the class watching her.

"Have a note to prove it?" He had now raised his eyebrow, his hand outstretched for the note. She wafted through all the papers in her hand until she came across it. "You can sit next to Mr Stilinski. He's going to be your lab partner for the rest of the year."

She turned and looked around the class for a face that she didn't even know. When someone raised their hand, however, she whipped her head to see a handsome, dark brown haired, caramel eyed boy. There was no one sitting next to him, so she guessed he was Mr Stilinski.

"Hey, I'm Stiles," The boy said, as soon as she sat down, holding out his hand for her to shake.

She smiled slightly, taking his hand. "I'm Max. Is Stiles a nickname?"

He nodded. "Is Max?"

"Nope." Upon seeing his raised eyebrow and confused expression, she shook her head. "My parents thought I was a boy."

"Seriously!?" He spluttered.

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, it's totally true. I'm being sarcastic."

"I got that," he said back. "I like you. I like a girl who likes sarcasm. I like sarcasm too."

"What are we, four year olds? I like this, and I like that. Next you'll be telling me you wanna be a cop like Daddy."

"How did you know my dad's a cop?" he asked. "Are you a stalker?"

"No!" Her outburst caused the people in front of them to turn around and shake their heads. She glared until they turned around. "I mean, no, I'm not. I didn't have a clue that your dad's a cop, but that's kinda cool."

"Now who's the four year old?"

She glared his way before picking up her pen to write in her note book. She glared at him again when he interrupted her work.

"Aw, cool! You're left handed!" He said, his eyes shining in excitement.

"Congratulations, Sherlock," She said, clapping his shoulder. "Are you always like this?"

"Pretty much, yeah," He answered, while smiling cheekily. She realised that he looked really cute when he smiled. Stop. Thinking. About. Your new. Lab partner. "You should chill with me and my friend Scott. We're not exactly cool, but I think we are."

"Oh, men always say that, because they think that women like the up themselves act," She said. "And even if I think you're cool, I'm not going to say it because then I'll be feeding your ego and it will be as big as this town."

"It already is." He winked and got on with his work.

Soon, class is over and she was walking out with an excited Stiles on her arm. "You're in my next class, dumbass. English!?"

"I'm in English with you as well?" She asked, jokingly. "Care to show a girl where it is?"

Stiles grinned wolfishly and grabbed her arm, dragging her along the corridor. Maybe things would be all right at her new school. Maybe.

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