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Chapter 2


Here I was, sitting alone in the dark confines of my private chambers. This is where I was often found, sitting here and wallowing in self pity.

Two thousand years I have spent as an empty shell. I no longer laugh like I once did. The joy I had once felt all those many years ago has long since abandoned me. Smiling had long since become a thing of the past. I have become nothing more than an apathetic shell of a man. This was now all I knew. I was nothing more than a hollow being with very little purpose.

Sure, I sat on my throne every day as was my duty as one of the three kings. However, I gave little to no response to any and all proceedings. The extent of my usefulness only went as far as I reading any interesting lines among coven members that stood before us and then briefly touching Aro's hand to enlighten him of those lines. Other than that, I did nothing, said nothing.

I even went so far as to lock myself away in this castle, never once stepping foot outside in these two thousand years. I no longer accompanied the guard on missions as I once did all those years ago. I long since ceased to be the great warrior I was once known to be. Instead of vampires gazing upon me in fear, they now gaze upon me with pity, even those I would call enemies.

I wanted no part of this endless existence. Having to endure this agony of losing my sweet, precious Didyme is much more that I can bear. Why would they not let me end my misery? Is it not my decision to make? Am I not the one who lost their mate?

Oh, I was well aware of what Aro had done. He had Chelsea use her gift of relationship manipulation on me to keep me tied here. Of course, I knew. Our gifts were quite similar, and I would have to be a fool to not know. The pale purple line that now tied me here to Volterra was a dead give away. And it was a giveaway that I greatly resented.

My brother in law will not allow me to end my life. He believes that there can be happiness for me, and that I can find love again. The very notion is blasphemous to me. The thought that I could love another who is not my Didyme is preposterous.

It confounds me to no end when he makes mention of these thoughts. Didyme was his sister, his twin sister. Does he not feel her loss too? Of course, he will never feel it on the level that I do. The loss of one's mate is more excruciating than that of the burn from our change into this life. One cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of pain I suffer unless they themselves have felt such a loss. But Aro should know more than anyone what I feel. She was his sister!

Oh, I know he misses her. I also know that her death hit him much harder than he has ever allowed anyone, other than our immediate circle, to see. For all of his bravado, Aro is a very loving and sensitive man. He and Didyme shared a very unique bond, a closeness that I can only attribute to them being twins. Yes, I know he still hurts, even to this day.

Losing Didyme had left a void that nothing can fill.

Which leads me to the inner turmoil that I have been experiencing. Lately, I have become anxious. I suppose that is the best way to describe the feelings that have been coursing through me. The continuous barrage of emotions have become a distraction to me. Perhaps they wouldn't have become so, if I had not spent the last two thousand years in a depressed and apathetic state. I was utterly unprepared for this.

I felt as if I was being pulled into a particular direction. At first, I made every attempt to ignore it. However, my attempts were futile as the pulling sensation began to intensify and even began to become painful. Deciding that the best course of action would be for me to follow the direction in which the pull was leading me, I gathered myself together. With a great deal of reluctance, I threw open the door to my private chambers and walked out into the empty corridor. I then allowed the pull to take command of my body, without paying much attention to where it led me.

After a few moments, I came to an intricately carved oak door. I knew this door well as well as what lay beyond it. I had not been to this part of the castle in two thousand years, and it was I who had locked this door. In fact, everyone knew that no one was to tamper with it, nor were they to attempt to go do so would automatically put them under the death penalty.

I stared at the door for a moment, wondering why I was pulled here. Taking a deep, unnecessary breath, I reached for the chain that I kept around my neck. Attached to the chain was the only key in existence that would fit the lock. Slowly, I removed the key and fit it into the lock, swinging the door wide open.

I stepped out into the small private courtyard that my mate had claimed as her own to do with as she chose. Bright sunlight shone in my eyes as I took another nervous step in my Didyme's private garden. My beloved mate had created this little paradise for herself due to her passionate love of flowers and their varying beauty. When she was taken from me, I could no longer bear the sight of my Didyme's pride and joy, her garden. So I locked the only entrance to it and banned everyone from ever entering. If anyone was found in the garden, I would, personally, end them. I wanted it to remain untouched.

Unfortunately, two thousand years of neglect have taken it's toll, and the garden was no longer beautiful. Ever flower and shrub had long since died, leaving nothing but decay. It was oddly reminiscent of my emotions.

I walked toward the center where Didyme had placed a marble bench. From this vantage point, one was able to enjoy all of the allure that the garden, at one time, had to offer.

When I reached it, I stopped dead in my tracks. What was that scent? No! It could not be! I must be imagining it, I thought to myself. The scent of honeysuckle and rose lingered in the air. It was not too strong but not quite faint either. How is this possible?

As a rule, no two vampires had the exact same scent. It was much like humans and their fingerprints. It is how we are able to identify others, after we have made their acquaintance of course. Vampires usually possess several different scents with two being the most prominent. And in this case, honeysuckle and rose were the scents that belonged to my Didyme.

I inhaled more deeply and took in the underlying scents of sunshine, freshly cut grass, and gardenias. Yes, it was my Didyme's scent. But how can that be? The scent was fresh as if my Didyme had recently been here. But that was not possible. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Have I finally lost all sense of reason?

"Brother?" I heard called out from the doorway.

I turned to see Aro standing there, respectfully waiting for my permission to enter.

"Aro, can you smell it?" I asked him.

I watched as confusion flit across his aristocratic features. He inhaled quickly, his crimson eyes widening in surprise. "That is not possible!" he firmly stated.

"I know, but how do you explain the fact that it is my Didyme's sweet fragrance that we can smell?" I questioned.

Shaking his head, Aro replied, "I cannot. There is no explanation for this phenomenon. At least, none that I can come up with."

I shook my head, wishing for the answer to this riddle. "Aro, this may come off as me sounding a bit unhinged, but I felt a very strong pull to come here. A pull that was very reminiscent to the mating pull," I explained to him.

He looked at me oddly as if trying to figure out my thoughts. Then shrugged, giving up on the attempt. "Marcus, I have noticed you being distracted lately. You have been not yourself, even more so than usual. May I have a look at your thoughts. Perhaps I can get a better idea of what you are referring to," he asked me, stretching his hand out towards me. I gestured with my hand for him to come out to me.

Aro hesitantly stepped over the threshold and walked over toward me. I saw him inhale deeply again, taking in the scent of his long lost sister. Reaching out to me, he picked up my hand. Immediately, I could feel the rush of my memories replaying for Aro to see. I will never get use to that sensation.

It was over almost as soon as it began, and Aro dropped my hand. He looked at me quizzically. "Marcus, I think it's obvious that all these things that you have been experiencing are signs. I cannot tell you what they are showing you. Only you are able to make that determination. However, I think you need to do something about it. Ignoring these occurrences is only going to make things worse for you."

I angrily raked my hands through my hair, collapsing down on the stone bench. "What am I supposed to do? How am I even supposed to know where to begin?" I asked in frustration.

Aro walked over and sat down next to me. Placing a comforting hand on my shoulder, he replied, "I think the answer is in the pull you have been feeling. Let that be your guide. And remember, you are not alone." With that he stood up and made his way over to the door. "Oh, and before I fail to mention it, Caius and I need you in my study. We had a disturbing report come in about newborns, and we need to look into it," he informed me while on his way back inside.

I sat there for a few moments more, endeavoring to take in Aro's suggestion. It was plausible, and I desperately needed to discover the hidden meaning to the clues that I have uncovered. Deciding that my best course of action would be to follow the "pull" I was experiencing, I stood up and made my way back inside. I quickly locked the door, promising to come back to the garden at a later date to see that it get the proper care it deserved.

I quickly headed down the winding corridors on my way to Aro's private study, feeling oddly inquisitive over the situation with the newborns. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt any sort of interest in, well, anything.

I reached the study and walked right in. Both Caius and Aro were already there, waiting for me. I strode over to my customary chair and sat down. Looking back and forth between Caius and Aro, I asked, "So what have I missed?"

Caius jumped a bit when he heard me speak. His silver eyebrow shot up in question as he looked at me in shock. I suppose I have been a great deal more withdrawn that I had realized.

Aro ignored Caius' reaction and turned to me. "I received a rather disturbing telephone call from Eleazar a short while ago. He informed me that there appears to be an outbreak of newborn attacks in the Seattle, Washington, USA area. Based on the evidence he presented, I have to agree with him," Aro enlightened me.

Caius grunted in response, while leaning back in his chair and crossing his ankles. "We send the guard to handle this. It needs to be dealt with immediately, before the risk of exposure becomes too great," he postulated.

I sat there, agreeing with Caius. However, the pull in my chest distracted me yet again. Why was I feeling it now? What did it have to do with the newborn situation? I thought to myself. I looked up to see both Caius and Aro watching me closely.

"Marcus, what is going on with you?" Caius inquired, looking at me oddly.

"Marcus is just dealing with some personal issues," Aro jumped in before I could answer. I nodded slightly, thanking him for his attempted deflection.

Caius looked at me for a moment and then shrugged, letting the subject go. "OK, so we are all in agreement, correct?" he asks, changing the subject.

Aro quickly nodded his head, and they both turned to me. That pull kept getting stronger, and I knew what I must do. "I agree. However, I will be joining them in this mission," I informed them.

"What!?" Caius yelped, jumping to his feet and knocking his chair over at the same time. "You can not be serious. You have not stepped foot outside the castle walls in two millennium. And not only that, but this happens to be a newborn problem. It is too dangerous," he continued angrily.

"Caius, calm yourself. You are not helping matters, flying off the handle like that," Aro rebuked, trying to ease the tension.

"I cannot explain it to either of you. All I know is that I feel like I need to go," I told them somberly.

"You need to go? Why? Is this a suicide attempt? Because if it is, you are going to be putting the guard in danger," Caius said accusingly while getting up in my face.

I let loose a ferocious growl. How dare he! My honor will not be taken into question!

"You forget yourself, Caius. Never question my honor again! This has nothing to do with suicide as you so callously call it. Like I said previously, I need to do this. That is all you need to know," I said angrily. Looking over at Aro, I could see the acceptance in his eyes. He knew why I was going. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready. We will be leaving within the hour!" With that, I stormed out of the study and headed back to my chambers.


I watched as my brother stalked out of the room. Caius had manger to stir up more emotion in him than I had seen in a great deal of time. Whatever was going on with him was certainly having an effect.

"Caius, that accusation was uncalled for, not to mention being insensitive," I admonished him.

"Ugh, I know. It was just so unexpected of him to volunteer to go on a mission. In fact, his participation was unexpected," he replied in shame.

"I know, but like I said, he is dealing with something right now. And before you ask, I can't tell you what it is. I'm not even sure what it is, other than the fact that it seems like fate is trying to lead him somewhere. Cryptic, I know, but that's the closest thing I have to explain it," I told him.

"Fine, whatever you say. Besides, none of that made any sense to me. So you're fine with him going, even after him being out of action for so long, " Caius questioned me.

I think about it for a danger is certainly there, but Marcus was once a fierce warrior, and I have faith in his abilities. "Of course I would worry to some extent, like I do for the guard when they go out on a mission. But don't forget that Marcus was, at one time, the greatest warrior the world had ever seen. He can handle it," I said reassuringly.

"I hope you're right about this, Aro. I would hate to lose him," Caius said, walking slowly out the door.

The only thing I was certain of was that something was going on, and I believed fate or whatever you call it had a hand in it. I just hope Marcus comes out of it stronger than he was when he went in it.

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