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The shocked expressions from the elite guard were expected. I am well aware of my decision to accompany them would come as quite bewildering. After all, this will be the first time in what seems like eons that I cared to venture forth from the confines of our citadel. And as offbeat as it might seem, I still don't see why they are having such difficulty grasping the very pressing need for me to go. I wouldn't do so if I had not felt so strongly compelled to. I have never been one to waste my time, regardless of how infinite it may be.

The Volturi private jet touched down in Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, Wa. roughly twelve hours later. My brothers managed to have two large, dark- tinted limos waiting for us to take us to our base of operations here in the Olympic peninsula. Unbeknownst to most of the vampire population, the Volturi have established bases similar to this one all over the globe. We prefer to remain abreast of all the comings and goings of all those under our rule. It helps to aid us in our attempts to keep our existence a secret.

We reached the base rather quickly, and I called the guard together to formulate a plan. I did not want to go into this unprepared. The chance that we may run into newborns was very high, so we needed to take every precaution possible.

"Demetri, I want you and Felix to scout ahead of us. See if you can find out where the headquarters for the newborns is located. Keep you cell phones on vibrate. I do not wish to alert anyone of our arrival," I ordered them in a very stern voice.

"Master, if we do find it, are we to wait for you arrival?" Felix asked respectfully.

"If you find anything, you are to let me know. No phone calls! I do not want our cover blown. You know how skittish newborns are. If you find something, send me a text," I clarified while receiving odd looks from the guard. Just because I did not venture outside for two millennia does not mean I haven't kept myself abreast of new technology. As a king, I am required to be knowledgeable and able to lead. I may not have actually done anything myself, but I have paid close attention.

"You can wipe the looks of astonishment off your faces. Just because I chose to not participate does not mean I haven't been paying attention," I informed them. Again, it is being brought to my attention how my self imposed exile has given the wrong impression. I have much that needs to be rectified.

"Yes, Master. If I may be so bold as to say that it's nice to have you joining the guard on this mission," Demetri volunteers, attempting to bring our attention back where it belongs.

I glanced over at him and noticed the look of undisguised joy on his face. It is a clear reminder of why I always like Demetri. He was forthright and never wasted time with dishonest speech.

I nodded my head, letting him know that I appreciated the sentiment. Turning to the rest of the guard, I said, "I know it seems odd for me to suddenly join you again, but you all know how I operate. I would not be here if it were not important. This situation is reaching a critical point, and we must handle it as carefully as possible. Based on the reports we have received, the newborn army is uncontrolled and exposure is bound to happen at any point." I looked at each member, making sure they understood the gravity of the situation. Seeing that everyone was on the same page, I continued, " Demetri and Felix, I want you two to leave now. We are running out of time and need to get a move on."

With one last glance at the group, they sped off into the dark, expansive forest that was situated behind what would be our head quarters for the time being.

"As for the rest of you, I want you to head on out into teams of two. Scour the perimeter for any scents you are not familiar with. If you come across anything that is odd or out of place, I want you to notify me immediately. Please keep in mind that there are to be no phone calls, only texts."

"Yes, Master!" Jane replied and they all immediately broke off into pairs and headed out, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

The moments I was left to my own devices, I decided head on inside the mansion and put a call in to Aro and Caius, informing them of our arrival and subsequent plans. Gianna, our human liaison, answered on the second ring. Upon realizing it was me on the other end, she quickly forwarded my call to my brothers. It was only a few short moments before I heard Aro's ever cheerful voice.

"Bonjourno, Marcus! How is everything going?" he asked me cheerily.

"I just called to let you and Caius know that we have arrived at our Olympic headquarters. I have sent Demetri and Felix ahead, scouting the surrounding area in an attempt to find where the newborns are being held. The remainder of the guard is currently exploring the nearby forest to see if they can pick up any vampire scents," I informed them, while walking into the enormous study located on the second floor of the mansion.

"Hopefully, Demetri and Felix will get lucky. We need to eliminate this problem as quickly as possible," Caius spoke up.

"Agreed! I will give you regular updates as they come in," I replied somberly.

"Stay safe, Marcus. Newborns are skittish and volatile. We wish you luck," Aro responded and disconnected the call.

I sat myself down in the overstuffed chair that was placed by the ornate fireplace. My thoughts quickly flew to the reason why I came. The powerful pull I have been feeling since I was called into Aro's study has been intensifying. If I didn't know any better, I would liken it to the mating pull. But how could that even be possible? My love, my mate, was forever lost to me. As if on cue, my Didyme's enchanting scent began to permeate the room, causing me to become agitated. Why? Why is this happening to me? Have I gone insane and lost all sense of reality?

"Why? What is it that you want, my love?" I called out to my invisible mate, feeling as if I was losing my sanity.

Just then, a warm breeze swirled itself around me, carrying my mate's beautiful scent. As quickly as it started, it vanished, leaving no trace of my Didyme's perfume. Was she attempting to communicate with me? This was becoming more puzzling than I have ever anticipated it would.

I sat there for however long, ruminating on the events of the past few day. Between my personal experiences as of late and the newborn situation, I was at my wit's end. One thing was certain. There wasn't going to be a simple resolution to either problem.

I felt the cell phone in my pocket vibrate, and I quickly whipped it out. Seeing that it was Jane, I read her text. Apparently, she and Alec came across three scents. One was that of a vampire, and the other two were something altogether different. According to Jane, the latter scents were very pungent and reminiscent of that of the Children of the Moon. However, it lacked the putrid quality that the werewolves possess. She also said that she strongly believed whatever left the scents was definitely supernatural in nature.

I told her to gather the rest of the guard and to wait there until I reached her. I needed to smell this scent for myself. Hopefully, our already enormous problem isn't going to be complicated with the appearance of werewolves.

I hurriedly sped out the door and picked up Jane's scent. Running as quickly as possible, I followed it. I realized quickly enough that Jane and Alec were several miles away from the base. This entire situation was becoming more abnormal by the second.

A few minutes later, I came upon Jane and Alec. Before I could even ask them anything, the most horrid stench that I can only define as wet dog and dirt assaulted my nose, burning it as I inhaled. The heinous aroma was enough to make me gag, if vampires were capable of such a thing.

"I see what you mean, Jane. That is most certainly an abominable fetor. But I have to agree with you. As awful as that is, it doesn't quite smell as bad as the scent of the werewolves," I told her, shaking my head in a futile attempt to rid my nose from the burning sensation.

"Master Marcus, this is the vampire's scent,"Jane said, walking toward me and holding out a tree branch.

I reached out for it and brought it closer to my nose. Yes, it was definitely a vampire but not one that I recognize. The astonishing thing I noticed was the other odor seemed to overpower the vampire scent. I found that to be quite odd.

The remainder of the guard, apart from Demetri and Felix, arrived a moment later. They too had a similar response to the dog stench as I did. Most of them stopped breathing altogether in order to not have to endure it a moment longer.

Passing around the branch, I told them, "I need all of you to see if you can recognize this scent."

They each took it and one by one shook their heads no. That is until Heidi got a hold of it. Her eyes lit up briefly then darkened a moment later.

"Master, I know who it is. Her name is Victoria. She, like myself, was a member of Hilda's coven," she told me.

"Good, thank you, Heidi. OK, everyone, we now have a name. Let's try to build on that. Hopefully, Demetri and Felix are having as much luck as we are," I said, pleased with this little bit of information.

"Master, do you wish for us to track….." Alec was interrupted by the sound of very loud growling.

We all turned to see two very large wolves slowly coming toward us. They were enormous, roughly the size of a large horse. And by the smell of them, they were the ones responsible for the fetid stench.

My guard immediately crouched down into attack position, with Jane and Alec flanking me. "No one is to attack! Am I clear?" I ordered them sternly.

I took a small step forward, raising my hands in an attempt to show that we meant them no harm. The large brown wolf snarled, showing its fearsome teeth.

"Are you able to communicate?" I asked them, noting that the larger, black wolf seemed to be the one in charge. I heard it grunt and watched as it began to shimmer before us. A moment later, there stood a very tall, native man, uncaring of his state of undress.

"My name is Sam Uley, and I am the alpha of the Quileute pack. State your business," he demanded in a deep authoritative voice. The brown wolf stood closer to him, obviously protecting him.

"My name Is Marcus Volturi. I am one of the three leaders of our kind. These are the Volturi guardsmen," I informed him, gesturing to those who stood around me. "We have come to deal with a vampire who has broken our laws and has created a newborn army."

"We know who you speak of. The leech's name is Victoria. We have been dealing with her for quite some time now. She has caused a great deal of trouble," the alpha informed me.

"The Volturi would greatly appreciate any information you can give us in regards to her actions. We would very much like to put an end to the destruction she has caused," I said, hoping he would oblige.

The alpha gazed into my eyes, obviously trying to judge if I was being honest. "We have had extreme difficulty dealing with her. To be quite honest, at this point, we would like nothing more than to be rid of such a pestilence. However, can you guarantee the safety of not only my entire pack, but our tribe and those we protect?" he asked me sincerely.

His request was reasonable, since we had no quarrel with their kind or their people. I nodded my head. "I will personally guarantee that your pack, your people, and those you protect will not come to harm from any who serve me. If any go against my orders, they will pay dearly," I stated firmly while looking over the guard to make sure they understood my orders.

"Alright! If you would like, you can meet the pack on the border of our lands. No one can cross the border. My pack members will not hesitate to attack if anyone is caught doing so," he informed me. I nodded my head in agreement.

"As you wish. We will respect your demands," I responded.

"Good! You may follow us then. The rest of the pack will meet us there," he said, while turning around and immediately changing back into that enormous black wolf. The darted ahead of us, and we followed. They were fast, almost as fast as we were. It was apparent that they were not Children of the Moon, since they changed during the day. I was curious about these supernatural beings as well as wanting to discover what they were capable of.

Within a few minutes, we came across a clearing where several more giant wolves stood by, pacing. Upon seeing us, a few of them growled. Sam, still in wolf form, growled at them in return. They shrank back from him.

Sam again transformed into his human form. Turning to us, he said, "This is my pack. One other is on his way. Each of us has had to deal with Victoria." he informed me.

"Exactly how long has she…" my voice trailed off as I heard the sound of paws pounding the dirt. I looked over to the left, and I saw another very large, reddish-brown wolf run into the clearing. It was obvious that this was the other wolf Sam was expecting. However, Sam did not mention anything about an astonishingly, beautiful, human female riding atop of this wolf. As I gazed at her, I felt this intense pull that was so strong, it nearly knocked the breath right out of me.

I watched as she slid off of the wolf. She turned around, and when our eyes connected, I suddenly knew why I had chosen to come on this mission, and I have never been happier for doing so.

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