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By: Rejected Royal

Epilogue: The Redemption of Apple

She's coming too!

Someone get the backup reserves.

The energy level on her companions seems normal

I wonder if she could be related to..

Voices are around my, beckoning me from my sleep. What was I doing here? The last thing I remember was entering Feita and losing power after a surprise attack by the glitters. My head turns, feeling the cotton pillow underneath me and I assume I have to be in a bedroom.

"Hey, Nasod lady…" I hear a voice near my ear and my eyebrows furrow. I wasn't just a lady.

My eyes crack open to see two purple haired woman sitting on the side of bed I was lying it. One wore their hair down, encased in a witches' hat while straps of purple wrapped around her black dress. The other wore a plain white tang top and an elaborate piece of armor on her bottom. Her purple hair was braided and looped in a circle around her hair, creating circles around her ears. Her eyes were wide with happiness. "Oh thank goodness, she's up."

"Told you, Noah." The Witch lady commented, "All you needed was some herbs."

The one named Noah rolled her eyes, "Whatever you say Specka, she would have come too anyway." The witch shrugged and walked off. Noah shifted closer to me.

"Are you alright? You fell quite away down…"

I nod my head slightly before I open my mouth, "Charon… and Ophelia…?" My voice cracked in the effort to talk. What had happened?

"Oh, those two? They are fine." She looked over to a door. "The guy woke up yesterday and had a few dents in him. Ophelia should be regaining power in a day." She winked at me playfully. "Thank goodness Valak knows a thing or two about Nasods.

I nod, keeping quite. Where was I? and how did they know of the Nasod race... perhaps they were enemies. I survey my surrounds. It was a small wooden room, not to hold more than six people at a time, with two small beds, a vanity, and what seemed to be a clothing cabinet. The vanity was littered with various objects ranging from small brushes to large bottles of unknown substances.

"So," Noah's voice snaps me back to her. She quickly stands up off the bed and walked over to the cabinet. "What is your relation to the other human nasod?"

I attempt to sit up, feeling a bit woozy. The blanket pools at my hips. "What human Nasod?"

The purple haired girl pulls out an elaborate armor top and looked behind to me, "She calls herself Proto, whatever that means."

I was instantly alert. "Proto? She's here?" I move the light blanket from my form, determined to go after her, before I feel my leg nearly buckle underneath me.

"Woah, woah," Noah came quickly to my side, dropping the armor piece, "Hey, you've been out for a while. You need to take it easy." She sat me down on the side of the bed and grabbed her top piece before sitting next to me, "Yeah, she got here about a week ago, asking for training."

I look away from Noah. More training? For what?

"However, I don't think she needs anymore. That woman is good. Gives Edan a run for his money, and he's the king of the Arena." Noah chuckled.

I turn to her, "The Arena… is real?"

She started to giggle more, "Well yeah, we get challenged a lot so we have to pick and choose our matches wisely, but we are still here." She points out to the window. "Take a look, I think two people are practicing for a one on one match now."

I look over to the window, seeing a place for me to lean my weight on, before catching my bearing and pushing off against the floor. My feet quickly cross the small divide and I peer out the window, catching the training that is happening.

A man with goggles and a red t-shirt charges to attack a green haired archer, who swiftly dodges out of the way and tries to shoot an arrow in his back. The man dodges, rolling out of harm's way and holds his sword out to the archer. In seconds, the sword doubles in size and starts glowing. The sword is brought around toward his back and he unleaches a small wind tornado. The archer manages to jump above the whirlwind and shoots a range of arrows toward the man before sliding quickly to his feet and knocking him upward. I hold my breath, watching and waiting.

"Lowe and Lime make a good sparring team, no?"

Noah's voice shocks me as she looks out the window beside me. "They are always sparring, hoping to make a higher rank then they have, but…" She shrugs and ties the last string on the piece of armor, "Then I wouldn't get a crack at the noobies." She winks at me.

"Where is Proto?" I ask, watching the Archer, Lime, beat up the swordsman with a series of kicks.

Noah was silent for a minute before responding, "I believe she's training with Edan… She's usually training with him…" She trailed off and I instantly was alert.

"What's wrong? Did something happen to her?" I could hear the desperation in my voice but I couldn't care. Big sis is here now, Proto.

"Well, nothing is wrong, persay." Noah bit her lip and fiddled with the hem of her shirt. "She seems adamant that we can help her." She trails off, "However, she's beaten all of us, almost singlehandly. Her voice keeps phasing in an out. When attacking, all you hear is the word error. But in calm mode, she speaks of her 'Big Sis'." At my sharp intake of breath, Noah looked over it me. "I'm guessing you must be Big Sis."

I nod, looking toward the small door and wondering if I could find her. Noah seemed to notice my desire for she quickly came to my side and moved my arm to her shoulder. My eyes turn to hers, wide and shocked. "We better bring you to her. I thinks she's trained enough."

She starts to move me to the door when I ask. "Why is she training… you must know…"

Noah opened the door, revealing a light brown hallway filled with rooms. "She says she must be strong enough to protect Big Sis. That's all I know." She turns to me, smile wide on her face. "But now that you're here, she can prove she's strong enough."

The walk down to the sparring room was decently long. The house was, by no means, anything like the grand castle in Altera, but for a normal human abode, it was quite nice. Many of the rooms housed two people, usually people similar in talents, as Noah explained. The top floor was mainly for living, the ground floor for eating and meeting. The basement, however, was filled with training areas for the Arena competitors.

Which is where Proto and Edan were training now.

We walked down metal stairs, not unlike that back home and reached a small white area filled with weapons and training equipment. "We keep all of our primary weapons here, for safe keeping." Noah explained, picking up an elaborate blue and silver staff and caressing it like a long lost lover. "It makes us run through the checks before we are allowed to actual enter our matches." She placed the staff back on the wall before pulling me down another hallway. She stopped occasionally, looking at each door and checking the light pattern, before stopping at a green lit one. "I think they are here!" She pressed a small button and a section of metal moved, revealing a one way mirror. I look past and nearly gasp.

There she was: my Proto, in all her glory, with her activated Queen's throne and Metal Dust Aura encircling her. Rushing at her was a man clothed in a red uniform, his Nasod hand glowing black with power. I gasp, fearing the worst, before I see Proto charge him, creating a spear and snapping past him in a blur, before crashing downward with three spikes. The man fell in the air before Proto caught him, sending him flying with a few bullets from her gun. He landed upright, barely touching the ground before dashing past her, his sword drawn. Her face turned ever so slightly as the sword caressed her face and she spun, letting her aura open back up and causing the man to stumble again.

The man smirked and opened his arm again, this time a red aura surrounding his entire body. This time, he hit her, punching her arm and chest, knocking her back with every attack. My eyes were glued to the attacks until her eyes snapped open and she reached out to grab his Nasod hand. She turned around, his front to her back, and she started glowing. I briefly heard Noah say uh oh, before Proto yelled out "Iron Scraps!"

Shards of metal expanded from her body and pierced the air, including the man behind her who was knocked back onto the floor. Proto quickly moved from her imprisonment and stood in a battle ready stance. The man groaned and sat up on his arms. "Well done, Proto. You've been training." I could barely hear them talking from behind the screen.

She didn't respond, but her lips moved of their own accord, as if she were chanting something. The man sighed. "Power down Proto." She made no move to listen.

I couldn't follow what happened. In mere seconds, I watched him move from the floor to behind Proto, grabbing her arm forcefully and slamming her to the ground. My eyes bugged out. How did he –

"Calm Proto…" I noticed that his arm was glowing again, a small shimmer of red. I saw Proto thrash around slightly before slowing down, relaxing her head on the floor. "Very good." After aon minute, he got up and held out his hand to Proto, who took it without hesitation.

"Thank you." She curtly said, before turning the opposite way and exiting though another door. I nearly cry out before Noah calms me down.

"She just took the south exit, she'll be meeting around if she doesn't have a battle next…"

"… She does Noah, with Specka and Valak."

My head whips around to see the man who fought my precious creation. His smile seemed… wicked. "You must be the Big Sis I hear about from Proto, correct?" I nod hesitantly. "Well, it is nice to meet you. I am Edan, one of the two male cyborgs here."

So then the stories…"You are the one with the contract of blood?"

He chucked, deep and dark, "Yes, and I can see my reputation proceeds me."

So then. "What did you do to her in there?" I look back to the glass and his eyes follow mine.

"I let out some of that energy. It's one of the few that takes her rogue spirit."

I keep quiet for a second before asking. "Please, would you help her? I want her to come home…"

I hear Noah gasp behind me and Edan's shocked eyes meet mine, "I do not know if she can control herself with the raw power along. Perhaps if she had someone as strong as her to monitor…"

"Me!" I nearly shout, "I'll do whatever I need to do, Edan, just please… I can't bear to see my Sis hurting anymore." I feel my emotions – damn these human emotions – start to run wild in my system. "After she left, telling me she needed to keep me safe, I knew something wasn't right. That's why I followed. I needed to make sure she was alright. "

Edan was quiet, his nasod arm on his him as he looked me in the eyes. "Tell you what." My wide eyes snap to his, "Prove to me you can fight, that you can be as strong as Proto. Get to her rank and fight her. Only then will I relinquish some of my energy to you…"

"Are you sure this is what you wish to do, Princess?" I hear Charon ask me for the fifth time.

"Yes," I fluff out my hair and let it cascade behind my back. I look at my vanity and smile before looking down to the small pin next to my left shoulder. "A" rank – I wasn't as high as Proto, but I would be there soon. After watching Proto battle with Edan and talking to him after, I was determined to meet his goal. I needed to reach Proto in rank. Proto wouldn't stop either, she would always crave the fight, but at least, this time… I could be with her.

… because that's what friends do.

The gates open and I watch as the light pours in and a crowd cheers.

"Introducing… the Newcomer, Princess Apple!"

So, I did get many requests to this, and after some thought, I decided that this as pretty good for an ending.

So, the actual story behind the madness is that Apple was to create a prototype of the Nemesis code ( Named Q-Proto_00 )and that she was to keep her without emotions, which led to the problems that they had. She was put into a cryo sleep, along with Apple about the time that Eve's kingdom was destroyed. When Eve was awoken for the first time, it triggered Apple and Proto's cryo sleep to be awoken, and Proto went on another killing spree. Apple, hearing about the half nasod man who made a contract of blood, lured Proto to the Arena so they could meet up with Edan and force him to give them the power.

And here I go and twist it. Ah, gotta love it.

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