Bella's Makeover - Chapter 1

Alice's POV

The new girl Bella was starting today, she is Chief Swan's daughter and I've heard she's in dire need of a makeover. Geeky glasses,no make-up and dreary clothes. I'll soon have her sorted and turned into a goddess! With a bit of make-up and a killer outfit she would be beautiful and Edward being the only single one she would be the perfect candidate to be his girlfriend. After driving to school in Edward's Volvo I see a 1953 Chevy Truck in the car park.
'It must be her!' I squeal like a toddler. 'Just you wait Eddie, I'll make her into the perfect little girlfriend, you already said she is pretty but needs a bit of Alice sparkle.'
I walk over to her truck and lean against the battered paintwork. 'Hey it's Bella Swan right?,' I say.

There that sounds nice and friendly.

'Erm,Hello? How do you know me?' She says.

Bella's POV

'You're Chief Swan's daughter right? Everyone knows about you, Charlie's been exited ever since he found out that you were coming to Forks.' She tells me. 'By the way I'm Alice Cullen.'

Am I some kind of celebrity here? I hope they aren't too disappointed when they see me.

'Hi Alice, So what lesson have you got first?' I ask slightly less shy.
'Biology,' Alice says. 'I made sure we have all our lessons together, we are going to be really good friends.'
'Thanks.' I say.

She walks me over to a large group of people. 'Don't be confused, Carlisle and Esme adopted us so it is legal,' She tells me.
'What?' I say.
'This is Jasper my boyfriend, this is Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmett and Edward.' She tells me pointing to 3 stunning boys and a beautiful girl... Suddenly I feel really jealous.

Edward's POV

She is beautiful! She looks really insecure about her looks but she really doesn't need to change at all, but if Alice works as per usual she will come out the most beautiful girl in the world.

'So are you coming round after school so I can give you a makeover?' Alice asks Bella.
'Yeah, sure. It'll be fun!' Bella tells her. 'If it is alright with your family?' 'Yes, I asked them last night.' Alice says.

Time flies by really fast today and before I know it, it's time for Bella to come round for tea. Alice with Bella in her Chevy and the rest of us in my Volvo. The ride takes forever as I am thinking about her the whole time. I just can't wait to see what Alice does to her.
When I get back I go to my room to change and to do some piano practice.

Bella's POV

In Alice's room after the drive back to her house, which is beautiful just like all of her family, she prepares to start the makeover...

There are 5 bags full of make-up, shopping bags full of clothes and there are lots of beauty products, I wonder what I will turn out like, will I look pretty? Or just even worse than I do now?

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