Calming The Storm
Warnings: Sexual Content
Hiccup and Astrid take shelter in the Dragon Academy while they wait for the storm to mull over
This chapter was last updated on 9/18/13

This was originally a chapter in my one-shot series Let's Be Crazy
Notes: I imagine them being 17 or 18

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"Hurry now!" Stoick called, standing beside the entrance to the great hall. The villagers were hastily running inside, arms over their faces in an attempt to shield their eyes from the storm. Great gusts of wind was blowing against the village, dragging the pouring rain down; it crashed against their bodies like needle-thin daggers. Their dragons followed closely behind them, right on their tails, rushing to the safety of the great hall.

The Viking teens were handling the situation to the best of their abilities. They rode their dragons through the storm, directing villagers to safety and picking up any wandering animals along the way. Most wild dragons had already fled to safety outside the village long ago.

After rounding the center village a few more times, Fishlegs and Snotlout were certain that they had gathered everyone and it was clear again. The twins had completed the northern mountains where the farmers lived, high-fiving each other and shouting in victory as they headed back to the great hall. Hiccup and Astrid were out towards the farther southern parts of the village, ensuring all the villagers that lived farther out were safe.

"I think we got all of them!" Hiccup shouted, trying to catch Astrid's attention, even with the intense storm circling around them. She gave him a thumbs up, showing him that she heard him. He flashed her a smile before the two made a quick turn around on their dragons and began flying back to the center of town.

It was nearly impossible to see through the storm. The only thing keeping them going straight were the dragons, who seemed to have an easier time moving through the intense weather. All seemed well and they could see the village coming into view until Toothless suddenly made a sudden swoop downward.

"What's wrong!?" Hiccup shouted. Toothless began bellowing as they fell from the sky. His tail… had it frozen or was it broken? Hiccup began to panic. He turned around and attempted to climb down Toothless' back, but was unable to see anything through the winds and rain.

"Hiccup!" he could hear Astrid calling out to him.

All of a sudden, the two came crashing into the ground. Hiccup knocked over Toothless and smashed into the hard surface of the earth. He could hear Stormfly landing nearby, her large feet making a huge splash in the mud as she landed. Small arms found their way around his body and lifted him up. She placed his arm around her neck and shoulders and hoisted him onto his feet.

"Oh no, Hiccup," he could hear the panic in her voice. "Are you alright?" she whispered into his cheek, he couldn't even feel her breathe through the storm. Their soaked bodies smacked together as the wind blew against them, attempting to knock them over. Stormfly stood near them and spread her wings, trying to keep the wind from blowing on them.

As Hiccup tried to balance on his feet, he realized his left foot wasn't finding the ground. Almost falling over, he grabbed onto Astrid. "Sorry! Sorry!" he gasped his apologies and tried to balance himself again without putting too much weight on her.

She grabbed onto him, roughly, not allowing him to attempt to stand with only one foot. His eyes scanned the surrounding, looking for Toothless. To his joy, the black dragon was already standing again and appeared, over all, alright. In the not-so-far distance, he could see the large metal cage making the outline of the Dragon Academy.

"Come on!" Astrid urged him. She didn't give him the option to rebuttal as she began walking over to the entrance. He didn't have much of a choice but to waddle along with her.

With the dragons following close behind them, they made a quick escape into the academy. What used to be holding cells for dragons had been well fashioned to be more like a barn; now, the large doors came with windows, and the inside was covered in hay and crates for comfort and supplies. For now, it was all they had.

There was no way they could make it to the great hall in this weather and especially not in this condition.

After waddling inside, Astrid released Hiccup, who quickly leaned against one of the crates. She hastily closed the door behind them and set the latches in place. She then attempted to push the windows shut. Luckily, Stormfly was stronger than her and used her large head to push against the windows, giving Astrid to shut the latches. Toothless trailed the walls of the cell, lighting the hanging torches.

Hiccup placed his hands on the crate and hoisted himself onto it. He then lifted his leg, placing it on his lap, and began examining his foot. As he feared, the metal had somehow cracked and was shattered right down the center, making it useless. He undid the bindings from his leg and removed his foot.

"I'm glad you didn't get hurt," Astrid commented as she walked over to the crates. She began rummaging through them, looking for some stored dragon nip.

"I think it's in this one," Hiccup commented, tapping on the crate he was sitting on. He shifted over onto the crate next to it. At least with the dragon nip, they would be too occupied to worry about the storm. Astrid proceeded to rummaging through the crate. After she found some, she tossed it onto Toothless and Stormfly, who began rolling blissfully in it.

"You don't think they'll be worried, do you?" Astrid asked, referring to the other villagers, especially their parents.

"…not much we can do," he replied, lifting himself off the crates. Hiccup leaned his body against them. Astrid stared him down, intensely. She recognized his posture: leaned back, arms crossed, head hung low. She couldn't see his face through the dim light, but his body spelt it out.

Astrid placed her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at the boy. "Hiccup…" she almost snarled. "This is not your fault."

"Because it was your fault Toothless can't fly alone anymore? Because it was your foot that fell off!?" he sarcastically snapped at her, keeping his gaze locked on a random spot on the wall. Lightning flashed from outside, lighting up the room in a bright, blinding light. Astrid stared wide eyed at him, boiling through her anger. The two just stood there for a moment in complete silence as the dragons drifted off to sleep in the hay.

Suddenly, Astrid approached him, fists clenched. She circled around him so she could face him. Hiccup moved his eyes to her. Through the dim light, he could see her focused glare, but he wasn't expecting what came next. She slapped him, right across the face. It was hard enough that it knocked the wind out of him.

As Hiccup slowly moved his eyes back to her, Astrid pulled her hand back, as if prepared to slap him again. To her surprise, he didn't flinch or even scowl at her. He just stared with a blank expression right through. Astrid slowly brought her hand to the red spot she left on his cheek. As her finger tips grazed his skin, she could feel him flinch beneath her.

Hiccup looked away from her, his freckled cheeks and ears turning red. She wanted to apologize, but in the end, she didn't. She dug her hands into his shoulders and crushed their bodies together. As Hiccup wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled his chin into her shoulder, Astrid felt a wave of comfort flush over her. She wrapped her arms tightly around his torso, almost enough to suffocate the boy.

Then, for the first time in a long time, she felt her eyes sting and blur. Wet drops flowed down her cheeks and onto Hiccup's shirt. They were too soaked, so she knew he wouldn't notice as long as she kept herself from making a sniffle or a wheeze. Sure enough, she managed to keep silent as they remained clung together.

At some point, the two hesitantly separated. Their arms still latched on as they slowly pull apart, loosely clinging to the body they don't want to let go off. Astrid unconsciously releases a giggle as her eyes examine Hiccup's face. Somehow, his wet hair had gotten pushed over his face and was covering his eyes.

As she wiped his hair out of his face, she could hear Hiccup mutter to her, "I'm sorry."

"You got to stop feeling guilty about everything," she scolded him, sternly, and he can't help but smile at her.

Somehow, the space between them disappears. Their lips meet, very tentative at first. They move slowly against one and other. It wasn't like kissing was new; they always found the time to hide away somewhere and make out for a few hours, at least until people went looking for them. Maybe a gentle kiss here and there if they were in public… This time, however, something was different.

They can't tell if it has to do with the storm, or maybe the fight they almost had. It's possible it all has to do with fear. She was afraid, again, that she would lose him. Every time he falls from the sky, she sees that day and scorched foot all over again. She sees an unconscious boy that she suddenly is so in love with that she can't see straight. Maybe he's afraid of screwing something up: something that will hurt her, in the end. He doesn't dare consider that possibility; he can't.

At some point, Hiccup manages to shift them around and presses her against the crates. She's surprised because he only has one foot at the moment, but managed to accomplish moving them around; however, she realized quickly that he's resting his weight on her. Regardless, she doesn't mind in the slightest.

Slowly, but surely, their kisses became more desperate. Their hands become grabby and their lips become needy. As Hiccup moves his hands onto her, he forgets himself and nearly falls over. Astrid grabs him and hoists him up, but only for a moment. He's almost embarrassed at how strong she is; she wraps her arms around his torso and the two begin to sink to the floor.

They kiss, but only once before Astrid stands back up. Hiccup doesn't question her as she rummages through the crates again. To her delight, she manages to find some thick furs, most likely from bears, along with some thin cotton blankets trader Johan had given them, and spreads them out on the floor beside Hiccup. The look he gives her makes her chuckle – it's some sort of innocent gaze that's almost contradicting. However, as the two get comfortable on the furs, it really is only for an innocent reason.

They needed to sleep…

However, sleeping was proving to be extremely difficult. The wind was howling outside, whipping against the door like an intruder trying to break in. They were fortunate enough that the rain wasn't flooding the arena, something about a drainage system – to Astrid, it was Hiccup-inventor mumbo-jumbo.

It might've had to do with the freezing cold; however, the two Vikings were pressed against each other, arms and legs tangled, the cotton blanket tossed over them, which proved to be very effective at keeping them warm, despite their soaked clothes, which they seemed too terrified to remove. They were touching foreheads, eyes sealed shut, trying to sleep.

It was far too difficult when they could only think about each other.

Hiccup slowly opened his eyes and stared at Astrid's eyelids, trailing down her cheek. Her clothing, soaked entirely, was pressed tightly, outlining her form, even in the dim light. Maybe it would've been wise to undress. That thought crossed both their minds.

Suddenly, Astrid's eyes fluttered open. Hiccup quickly closed his eyes, but not quickly enough for her to not notice they were open.

She smiled at him and leaned in to peck his lips; however, she lingered a lot longer than planned. In fact, rather quickly, she had shifted and was leaning over him. Hiccup placed his hands on her hips, which either surprised her or tickled her for Astrid suddenly couldn't hold herself up and collapsed on top of him. Their wet bodies made a loud, squishy slap as they smashed together. Hiccup oomphed at the sudden collision, but his arms wrapped around her with the intention of crushing their bodies together.

They kissed endlessly, it seemed. They were growing ever more needy of each other. Astrid slipped her tongue into his mouth, receiving a heartfelt moan from the boy beneath her. At some point, she realized his hands had found their way onto her butt, not that she minded, but was surprised she hadn't noticed sooner.

In fact, at the realization of that, Astrid pulled away from him. She pushed herself up onto her knees. Hiccup got up on his elbows and prepared to ask her what was wrong; but then, he noticed what she was doing. Astrid began removing her armor. He knew she liked to sleep with it on, some weird Viking warrior tradition, maybe? In fact, he had never seen her take it off once.

She even removed her headband and loosened her braid. He marveled of the sight of her coming undone, everywhere. Her hair fell into a messy veil around her head and draped down her shoulders.

Astrid slid back onto Hiccup's waist. He plopped back onto his back and, she quickly noticed, he was blushing madly. In fact, he looked flustered, maybe even in another world. She shifted so she could lean down and kiss him, when she noticed it. Something hard was pressing into her thigh; she stopped her movements upon noticing it. Innocently, she pondered the possibility that his pocket knife had gone astray and was jabbing her.

Astrid shifted again, planning on removing the foreign object; however, as she slid against it, Hiccup moved uneasily. In fact, he twisted beneath her and let out a strangled groan. That was when Astrid froze up, suddenly realizing what it really was. She could have easily slapped herself right then and there for not knowing what it really was sooner.

Astrid moved against him again, suddenly aware of how much she enjoyed it. She relished the sounds and movements he made as they began rocking together. Before she knew it, she was pleasuring herself against him, loving the way their clothed sexes pressed together.

Hiccup leaned his body up, balancing on his forearms, so he could rock against her. He was staring at her with a half-lidded, lustful expression. He seemed like he was in another world: a world made up of the two of them. It was a faraway place they could only reach together.

He had never looked at her that way before…

Suddenly, Hiccup grabbed Astrid, roughly, to stop her. She gave him a questioning expression; but then, he flipped them over. Astrid landed with a thud on the furs, her arms tossed over her head. As Hiccup climbed on top of her, she found the sudden urge to wrap her legs around his waist. In fact, she hadn't even realized it right away, but it wasn't just a thought, she actually did it. She had opened her legs for him and, as he crawled between them and brought his body over hers, she wrapped her legs possessively around him.

Astrid knew she was being swept away and she enjoyed every tantalizing moment of it. She loved the way his waist felt when it was crushed against hers and the almost painful feeling of his erection jabbing into her thigh. She loved the feel of his back and butt muscles against her slender legs. As Hiccup got comfortable on top of her, Astrid caught sight of his flustered, blushing face.

She giggled at the sight. It amazed her, the underlining innocence behind her Viking.

Their lips were suddenly locked again. Tongues met rather quickly and shared a dance before exploring each other's mouths. It was like a battle for dominance and territory. Even with kissing, they were competitive. Astrid tangled her hands in Hiccup's hair, tugging sensually at his russet locks.

Hiccup tore his mouth away from hers and moved his lips down her cheek and to her neck. His kisses started as innocent pecks and slowly grew into love bites. Astrid purred and leaned into him, encouraging his behavior. He seemed to that well for his bites became harder and more possessive.

That was new…

Astrid quickly realized that something had possessed her. She had a desire growing deep within her and was ready to let it run wild. She took Hiccup's free hand and moved it from its position on her hip and placed it delicately on her breast. Tentatively, Hiccup moved his fingers against her. Once he realized what he was doing, he paused, gasping, "As-Astrid?"

She gave him a curious, almost annoyed, expression.

He stuttered an apology-like explanation, "I'm not going to make you-"

"Hiccup," she interrupted him. Astrid stopped herself for a moment, trying to search her mind for the best possible thing to say to him. She feared, for a moment, that, perhaps, he didn't want to do this with her. However, as they sat for a moment and stared at each other, Hiccup seemed to come to a realization.

"I don't want you to have regrets," he whispered, shamefully.

"What's to regret?" she asked, sincerely.

"…a talking fishbone."

Astrid couldn't hold back her laughter at his statement. Hiccup only leaned back and stared at her with a goofy, but happy smile on his face.

"I want this fishbone," she replied, running her hands down his chest. Hiccup involuntarily shivered under her touch. She could feel his muscles vibrating under her fingertips, even with his skin tight, soaked shirt in the way. Astrid slid her hands under Hiccup's shirt.

He grabbed her wrists, gently, but firmly. "Astrid… Why do you want this?"

She smiled, "because I love you and I'm sick of waiting…"

At her statement Hiccup lit up. All this time, she had wanted him? Like… this? She wanted to strip him down and finalize their relationship. They had been together a while now; how long had she been planning this? "I love you," he quickly replied, almost tripping over his own words. It wasn't the first time they exchanged those words, but it always left a tingly feeling.

As Hiccup released the grip on her hands, Astrid continued sliding her fingertips across his flesh, savoring the way his muscles tightened beneath her hands. She could tell by the look on his face that he was nervous, but it didn't stop her from dragging his shirt and vest up and quickly pulling it over his head. She paused for a moment, enjoying the sight of his chest exposed while his head and arms were wrapped in his shirt.

She was too busy eyeing his chest and nearly forgot herself. "Er… Astrid?" he suddenly asked, reminding her how she had left him. She giggled and helped him pull the shirt and vest off entirely. They were discarded somewhere on the floor near them, completely forgotten.

As soon as his arms were free, Hiccup pushed Astrid back onto the furs. She normally was firmer than that; but this time, she allowed him to take control. Hiccup had more control over her than he was aware of – and a lot more than she was willing to admit. Astrid trusted him and had no fear in submitting to him, in her own needy ways.

His hands nervously ran down her chest. She arched her back as his hands trailed across her breasts, encouraging him to continue. He wrapped his arms around her torso and began pulling her shirt up, slowly. She arched her back and assisted him. In the process of lifting her shirt up and over her head, she realized that some of her breast bindings had come loose. As Astrid plopped back onto the furs, her breasts bounced very noticeably, especially to Hiccup's trained eyes.

As he undid her breast bindings, rather easily, she could almost feel his hands shaking. It made her smile, but only because she was nervous too and it was nice knowing that he felt the same. Astrid felt a cold wind blow over her as the bindings fell loosely off her body and Hiccup's eyes washed over her. She felt the need to cover them and turn away, but resisted that with all the will power she could muster.

They were small…

She suddenly recalled an argument once over how tiny her breasts were and Hiccup's proud statement "I like them that way". It made her heart ache with a sick sweetness. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get those words of her head and, especially, could not forget the way he said them… in front of everyone, to make matters worse – or better.

"Oh," Hiccup suddenly inhaled, as if he had been holding his breathe. He was admiring her, all of her. She was flat on her back, arms sprawled out, flustered, hot and bothered in a very sexual way, and almost completely exposed to him.

Astrid reached up, curling her fingers around the back of his neck, and dragged his face down to kiss him, roughly. As they exchanged saliva, Hiccup's right hand found its way to her breast while his other hand held him up. She flinched at the sudden touch. His fingers were burning hot, calloused, and rough; but, she loved it. It was a beautiful reminder of the smithing he did each and every day. Her body jerked as his fingers grazed her nipple.

Feeling brave, Astrid jerked her hips against his, rubbing against his growing… need. Hiccup groaned, suddenly losing control of his body. Astrid took this chance to flip them back around. The boy – no, man – landed in the furs with a thud while the blonde straddled him.

As she got comfortable on his hips, she realized Hiccup had locked his eyes on her breasts, which bounced noticeably as she moved about his mid-section; however, when he realized she was looking at him, he quickly moved his eyes back up to her eyes. She couldn't help but smile at the dorky grin he gave her.

Astrid stood up suddenly. She could have sworn she heard Hiccup whimper pathetically as she lifted off of him; although, she was also certain she heard an involuntary moan escape his lips as she slid her underskirt and legging off. Hiccup balanced on his forearms so he could look up at her. She moved extra slow – not on purpose – and it was driving him mad. She caught sight of the bulge in his pants as she undressed and it made her, strangely, excited.

"He needs me, too," she found herself thinking with an over-whelming joy.

She hesitated with her underwear, fearing for a moment of what he would think about her. That idea was frightening in its self. Astrid was always so certain of everything, yet she was afraid of getting naked? In front of Hiccup! …well, it was because it was him, wasn't it?

Sensing her hesitation, Hiccup began to shift, presumably to stand up; however, Astrid quickly plopped on his lap before he could come to a full stand, sending the boy back onto the furs, flat on his back, with an oompf. The two shared a heartfelt giggle, smiling happily at one and other.

He ran his large hands down her sides. They were trembling, both of them. It was an odd sensation, being so close to being completely exposed to one and other. Astrid ran her fingers down his chest, adoring each outline that exposed steadily growing muscles. He flinched beneath her as her fingers trailed his flesh, muscles tightening with each sudden movement. She was breathless at how much he had matured over the years, yet still remained thin, lanky, and Hiccup-y.

Her Viking leaned up to kiss her and gently tossed her over. She sprawled out comfortably on the bed of furs, staring up at Hiccup, who was on his knees. He was in a fury of haste, trying to remove his belt and leggings without looking stupid - seeing as he only had one foot to operate and couldn't stand up to remove his clothing. She tried not to laugh at the sight, for his sake, but could not remove her big grin.

He stopped when he got to his underwear and climbed between her legs. Astrid welcomed him back on top of her, wrapping her legs possessively around his hips. They locked eyes in that moment and suddenly, everything came to a screeching halt.

Astrid couldn't tell what had stopped him: perhaps, hesitance? Was he doubtful of himself? Or, maybe, he was doubtful of her. Her eyes suddenly stung at the painful thought; although, just as soon as she began to doubt herself all together, Hiccup began to move again.

His hands found the edge of her underwear, his trembling fingers grazing the rims. His eyes never left hers, seeking some sort of reassurance; she tried to smile, but it must have looked fearful, for Hiccup suddenly hesitated. He began to move his fingers away, but she quickly grabbed them and placed them back onto her underwear.

Slowly, he began moving them down her legs. She lifted her hips, making it easier for him to slide her clothes off. The underwear was tossed aside, forgotten for the moment into the pile of clothing they had made.

Even though he had just removed her last article of clothing, it took her a moment to register the fact that she was naked, completely exposed to him. Hiccup had sat up on his knees and was staring at her with the most sincere look in his eyes; he was admiring her, each and every part of her that was for him to take. She tried not to whimper insecurely when his eyes wandered to her womanhood.

All she could think was, "what would he think?"

But, then, he heard him mutter, "so beautiful..." -and it made her smile.

As Hiccup's eyes trailed back up her body, he noticed something. She was freezing; he could see her body trembling as it laid there, on the furs, alone. It made him realize how cold he was, too. He swiftly leaned down, pressing their bodies together in an attempt to warm her and himself.

His erection had managed to slip from the flap of his underwear and was pressing into Astrid's warm sex, resulting in a strangled grunt from the young male. Even Astrid let out an odd squeak-like noise as they collided. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, bringing his warmth as close to her as possible.

Hiccup ran his fingers through her hair, brushing his forehead against hers. "Astri-" he began, but the thunder erupted around them, silencing him. Astrid pressed her face into Hiccup's neck, suddenly afraid for no apparent reason. She was a Viking for Thor's sake! What was frightening about thunder?

It wasn't the thunder…

She was actually afraid of this moment. It was an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach, where her body wanted to be touched, her heart wanted to be stolen, and her brain was hesitant and far too level headed to care. Maybe she was afraid of what he would think. Would she not be good enough to satisfy him? What if this would be a fatal move that would tear them apart?

"Astrid," Hiccup started again. The rain had not settled down. It was tearing and blazing a trail of destruction outside, loud and booming against the Earth. Yet, they were so close; she could hear him all too well. "It's not too late…" he told her, warmly.

"Why would you say that?" she sobbed. She was a Viking, a warrior, on the verge of becoming a powerful shield sister. Why would sex be frightening? What was so terrifying about something perfectly natural? What was it? What was she so afraid of?

"Because I love you too much to take you," -came his strangled, heartfelt, and sad answer.

"That makes no sense," she replied with a pathetic chuckle. He pulled his head back a bit, just enough to look into her eyes. Their gazes locked and they became stuck like that. She realized, in that moment, that his fears were her fears. He was afraid of losing her, as she was afraid of losing him. His insecurities, her insecurities, they were the same.

"I want you to take me," she whispered to him.

Hiccup released a strangled groan as Astrid reached down and gently grasped his cock. She tried not to blush at the thought of what she was touching. She brushed his swelled head against her warm folds, moaning at the friction. Hiccup took her hand and gently pushed it away. His left hand found its way between her legs while his right hand held him up, hovering above her.

His fingers, long, calloused, and all too skilled, found a very comfortable and pleasing way to touch her. He really was a genius in all ways. Hiccup watched and listened to her intently as he touched her. The minute his finger found her clitoris, she twitched and moaned profusely. Intrigued by this, he continued to flick his middle finger against it, enjoying the way she wiggled beneath him.

"If only…" he found himself muttering. Astrid gave him an odd look, wondering what he was talking about. Embarrassed by his outburst, Hiccup tested his hypothesis and inserted his middle finger into her cavern. As he had predicted – and hoped – she arched her back, gripped at the furs, and whimpered. It took him a few minutes, but he managed to find a pattern: a skillful way to move his finger in and out of her without hurting his hand, all the while causing her intense pleasure.

Her hands left the furs and gripped at his shoulders before wrapping tightly around them. Astrid brought her lips close to his ear. She moaned, whispered, and whimpered into his ear as he pleased her. Hiccup tried not to smirk at himself, but damn if he couldn't be proud…

Suddenly, Astrid reached down and grabbed his cock, stopping his motions entirely. His hand slipped away from her and pressed onto the ground as he tried to hold himself up. Astrid shifted her body down, bringing their sexes closer together. He realized she was positioning him at her entrance. As their eyes locked, Hiccup gave her a crooked smile. Astrid smiled back at him, nervousness apparent over her features.

Hiccup pressed his forehead against hers as he slowly sunk into her. She hissed; her hands clawed at his back at the foreign entity that was slowly encasing its self in her. "Shh," he whispered, trying to sooth her as he entered her. Her nails dug painfully into his skin, but he failed to notice. He was far to engulfed by the way his nether regions felt.

Hiccup placed his hands on either side of her head and positioned himself above her, groaning uneasily as he took her. He had never known the meaning of tight or wet until now. The way her walls convulsed around him, bringing him in closer, soaking him in her natural juices. He thought he might die.

"As-Astrid?" he asked, ensuring she was alright.

She was happy to say it wasn't exactly painful. It all felt bizarre. She had never felt so full before. If full was even the right word to use. It was also the message, the image, and the thought that was pounding loudly in her mind.

Her virginity was his now...

"Mhm," she replied, quietly, but so surely.

Hiccup buried his face in her neck, exhaling heavily into her flesh. They sat that way for a moment, getting used to the new feelings that were flushing over them. Even sitting perfectly still, Astrid's walls clenched around him to the extent of being almost deadly. He realized that he was moaning, ever so quietly to her.

As she began to grow comfortable and used to the feeling, Astrid lifted her legs and wrapped them around Hiccup's waist, pulling him impossibly close. Their hip bones were almost crushed together. He almost smiled into her neck, loving the way her legs wrapped possessively around him. Astrid bucked her hips slightly, receiving a heartfelt moan from the Viking above her.

She was ready…

Hiccup hovered above her and began to move, slowly, in and out of her. He was never one to lose control, ever. It was who he was. He may have not been the best fighter on Berk, definitely not the strongest, as well; but, he always kept control of situations to the best of his abilities. He never got angry or uncool about things, even if he had his own geeky way of handling everything.

He was afraid, this time, that he would lose control. He had never felt like this before; he felt almost unlike himself. He had never wanted anything so badly as he did in this very moment to pound into her like there was no tomorrow. His will power was far too strong and he kept a steady pace, moving in and out of her with precision.

Astrid whimpered each time he came back into her. He would fill her to the hilt, wanting to be as deep inside her as he possibly could. At some point, Astrid bucked into him, silently urging him for more. He picked up the pace, moving a little faster and slamming back into her with a little more force.

She was staring up at him with a half-lidded, open mouthed expression. Her eyes would flutter shut as his member forced its way back into her and then, her eyes would flutter back open as he slowly pulled out. Hiccup's expression was something almost foreign to her. He looked lustful; his eyes were heavy and dark, pupils dilated, and his teeth biting at his lip as he tried to keep his concentration.

From time to time, he made a small noise, like a moan or a grunt, but Astrid took the stage when it came to noises. She whimpered each time he slid back into her, hitting some spot deep inside her that could not be reached by anything else. She would purr, deeply and loudly as he slid back out, but never fully left her warmth. Her hands were greedy, roaming all over his back, feeling each and every muscle, squeezing and scratching. His muscles were faint to the eyes, but very well detailed beneath her fingertips. They were dragon rider muscles.

"Hi-Hiccup," she moaned his name with a gorgeous stutter. Hiccup groaned at the sound, loving the way she worded his name as he made love to her. He could feel her hips rising to meet his steady thrusts. Her hips were slowly becoming wilder, as if trying to influence him to move more. "Pleeeease," she purred. "I won't break."

Was she reading his mind?

He tried not to seem to eager, not wanting to take her like some sort of wild animal. He was going to be a gentleman and treat her the way she deserved; but, hearing her beg him for more was all the convincing he needed to give her exactly what she wanted.

Hiccup pressed his forehead against hers and reached down, gripping her hips with his hands. It took him a few tries before he managed to get a comfortable hold on her. His fingers were trembling from the pleasure flowing through his body.

He perked her butt up off the furs and used the leverage to pound harder and faster into her, as she wished. Astrid's nails clawed down his back, leaving long, red marks. She moaned, screamed – loudly and painfully – into his ears, but he loved each and every second of it. He loved how she reacted to him.

She made up various words that sounded like pieces of his name, each sound driving him closer to the edge; although, she quickly grew conscious of her sounds and covered her mouth. Hiccup tore a hand away from her hip, only for a moment, to remove her hand from her mouth, before placing his hand back on her hip. "I-I like your-" he tried to explain. She understood immediately and ceased to hold back her sounds.

Quickly, he was grunting along with her, thrusting senselessly into her as though his life depended on it.

"Astrid, I'm close," he suddenly warned her, feeling that intense sensation boiling deep inside him.

"Yeesss," –was the only reply she managed to make out.

Hiccup quickly yanked himself out of her and tore away from her legs. He hunched over and reached for his cock, planning to finish himself off; however, Astrid was quicker than he was. She leaned up in unison with him and grabbed at his swollen, pulsing erection, before he could. Hiccup groaned madly as she pumped him, once, twice, and then, he finished.

"As-…trid," he mumbled pathetically, feeling his body go numb as his explosive orgasm came to a slow decline. Before he could collapse onto some random spot on the ground, Astrid wrapped her arms around him and pulled him on top of her, not minding the stickiness between them; then, she rolled him over onto his back so she could lie half beside him and half on top of him.

"Sorry…" he began, breathing heavily. "I made… a mess."

Out of breathe, Astrid managed a pathetic chuckle, and replied, "it's alright." Some of him had gotten on her hand, which she promptly wiped on his underwear, happy that he was to distracted to notice. She could always make it up to him later.

The two got comfortable on the little bed they had made on the hard stone floors; Hiccup laid flat on his back while Astrid laid her head on his chest and settled her leg comfortably between his. His long, thin arms wrapped around her protectively. They were sweaty and smelt heavily of sex, but seemed too wrapped up in each other to really notice it.

"I could get used to this," he suddenly said, resulting in a loving laugh from Astrid.

As they settled down from their... experience, the cold from the storm began to catch up with them. The lanterns burnt out, but they were far to tired to care; now, exhausted, they could sleep in peace. Astrid's hand searched through the darkness until she managed to find the cotton blanket. She pulled it over their cold bodies and the two vikings got comfortable beneath the sheets.

The two slipped into sleep rather quickly...

Hiccup was the first to wake, only because he was freezing. Light was emitting through the thin holes in the doors and windows, giving a dim light through the dark room. Astrid had somehow rolled away from him and tangled herself in the blanket, leaving him shivering on the furs. He chuckled at the sight of her tangled up and curled into a ball.

He reached for her, untangling her from the blanket, waking her in the process. She hummed as her eyes blinked and adjusted to the dim light. She could see his freckled, matured face through the dim light.

"Hey," she muttered, stretching her arms out.

Hiccup smiled at her, whispering, "hey."

The two got situated on the furs, again, wrapping each other back up into the cotton blanket. Hiccup laid on his back again while Astrid got comfortable laying on his side. As her leg slid across his leg, she bumped into his morning wood and it made her smile, for some reason. Hiccup occupied one of his hands on her head, running his fingers through her long, blonde hair.

They could hear a light sprinkling outside, suggesting that the storm hadn't fully dispersed; however, it sounded calm outside, none the less.

In the background, as the storm mulled over, they could hear Toothless snoring, loudly. It sounded like wind whipping through a cave. At first, Astrid wondered how Hiccup could sleep through that each night; however, she quickly realized that it was comforting. Toothless was his protector, his best friend, and the sound of him sleeping was a sound of life emitting through the darkness, like a calming ambiance. Stormfly was always very quiet at night, though she did sleep in the barn, not in her room.

Unfortunately, it also reminded her that their dragons had witnessed their entire... act. Hiccup seemed to realize it at that moment too. All of a sudden, the two tensed up on the floor.

"Maybe we should, er, get dressed?" Astrid suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea... in case they come looking for us?" Hiccup agreed.

"Yes... you're absolutely right," Astrid agreed.