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Hiccup and Astrid tossed their clothes back and forth towards each other, scurrying to get dressed. Astrid was surprised that Hiccup was able to get dressed with just one foot. She figured it must've been something he had grown well used to over the years of having only one foot.

As they hurriedly put their clothes back on, they could hear the sounds of the villagers calling out their names from outside the academy. They must've already started looking for them. Stoick's booming voice was especially noticeable, pushing them to move quicker.

Once they were presentable, Astrid took Hiccup's arm and slung it over her shoulders so he could use her as a crutch. They then exited the stables with the dragons following closely behind them. As soon as they had stepped through the exit and out into the open, someone caught sight of them and began shouting out their names. Within a matter of seconds, half of the village had surrounded them.

"Son!" Stoick shouted, hoisting the small boy into her arms in a death grip. "You're alright!" his loud voice boomed in joy. Astrid's mother and father were quickly surrounding her, smothering her in their arms. As soon as Stoick was done strangling Hiccup, he gently placed him back on the ground. Hiccup leaned against Toothless so he wouldn't fall over and Stoick gave Toothless a scratch under the chin.

"I'm glad Toothless is alright, too," he said with a large grin. "What happened?"

"We had crashed and Toothless' tail broke," Hiccup explained. "-along with my foot. So, we decided to stay in the academy and wait out the storm," he motioned to Astrid and Stormfly.

"As long as no one is hurt… Well, then, we better get to work. We have a lot of damage to deal with."

Hiccup hopped on Toothless' back. The night fury led him to the blacksmith's shop, where he kept extra foots and tails. He quickly fastened them and then joined the other villagers.

Just as Stoick said, there was a lot of work to be done. Many trees had been tossed across the forest and ended up in Berk. Many houses were in desperate need of repairs and the farmer's fields were covered in debris. On the bright side, no one had been injured, or, at least, not severely. The worst injury was a broken finger.

With the dragons helping them, they were able to get the work done much quicker than they ever could have done themselves. By the time the sun was beginning to set, they were actually half done. After clearing the final piece of debris from Farmer Eldgrim's field, Astrid and Hiccup set off for home. They landed in the center of town, where Hiccup proceeded to walking her home.

"What seems to be left?" Astrid asked.

"I think there was an issue with several of the ships being turned over… and still some debris around town, nothing too bad, though. There are a lot of damaged carts and plows, not to mention all the homes that still need fixing. I think I got my work cut out for me," Hiccup replied. They reached Astrid's front door and stood there, for a moment, staring at each other.

"You'll be in the smith tomorrow, then?" she asked.

Hiccup nodded in response. They stood, nervously staring at each other, memories of last night's activities still fresh on their mind. All Hiccup could think about was that she looked undeniably beautiful with her hair down and eyes heavy with emotions.

He was taller than her, but only by an inch or two. He leaned in, planning to only give her a peck, but ended up lingering a lot longer than originally planned. Astrid's hands came up and gripped his tunic, crushing their bodies closer together; Hiccup's hands found their way into her hair, tangled in long, blonde locks.

Hearing Toothless and Stormfly hum behind them, the two Vikings pulled away, sheepishly, suddenly realizing they had an audience. Sure, they were just dragons, but it was also a reminder that Astrid's parents could come busting through the front door any second. Hiccup was confident that they liked him, but you could never be too sure. Other than that, they needed to get to bed. They had a long day ahead of them and lots of work to do.

"Get a good sleep, alright?" Astrid said, gently pulling away from. Hiccup struggled for a moment to delicately remove his fingers from her messy hair without hurting her. She smiled and said, "I love you."

He smiled back at her, "I love you too."

Astrid placed her hand on Stormfly's jaw and led the large dragon to the barn behind her house. Hiccup began the walk to his house, Toothless right on his tail. The sun had disappeared behind the mountains, creating a fountain of red and gold colors in the sky. Everyone was exhausted from the day's work and had gone to bed early, leaving the village strangely quiet.

As Hiccup walked into his house, he was met with the smell of fresh stew. There was a large basket of fish waiting for Toothless by the front door, as well. Hiccup didn't even get a chance to look at it before Toothless devoured the entire contents, nearly swallowing the basket in the process. They hadn't eaten since yesterday evening, far too occupied today to realize how hungry they were.

Hiccup immediately recognized the smell of that stew. It was his favorite, in fact. He remembered it specifically because his mother always made it just for him. It was made just for him because Stoick hated it. He hated that particular combination of vegetables and lean yak meat.

Sure enough, there Stoick was, cooking over their fire pit with a large cauldron above it. He stirred its contents before giving Hiccup a welcoming smile.

"What's this for?" the young Viking asked.

"I remembered that yer mother used to make it," he answered, sincerely. "I was really worried about you last night… So, I thought it would be a good way to celebrate."

"Did he think I was dead?" Hiccup mentally pondered. He wondered if, perhaps, it was far too similar to his incident while battling the green death.

Hiccup took a seat by the fire place. Toothless walked over to him and coughed up a piece of his fish, right on the boy's lap. Hiccup, who had grown well used to the night fury's tendencies simply picked up the gooey fish and tossed it back into the dragon's mouth. It was an odd dinner tradition, basically.

"I'm really sorry for scaring you," Hiccup replied to his father, pushing a small pebble on the ground with his good foot. He sighed when the pebble knocked into the fire pit, no longer in his reach. When an idea struck him, Hiccup quickly picked up a stick and began poking at the fire, not wanting to look his father in the eye. In fact, they never really looked at each other when they had these conversations.

"Ah, it's a'right. You're fine; that's all that matters."

Stoick sat up for a moment to get a bowl out of one of the chests in their main room. He used the ladle to scoop out some soup and pour it into the bowl. Then, he handed it to Hiccup.

"Did I make it alright?" he asked.

Hiccup blew on it a few times, the rising steam waving in the wind of his breath, before lifting it to his lips and taking a sip. It was almost just like how his mother used to make it. The only difference was that he added a little too much salt. Despite that, Hiccup smiled sincerely, and replied, "it's perfect, dad."

Stoick smiled brightly at him. Thornado approached him from behind, nestling himself close to the fire for comfort. Stoick rubbed the top of the dragon's head, soothing him until he fell blissfully asleep. After a few more minutes of silence floating between them, Stoick sat up. "I'm gonna head off to bed. Got a lot to do tomorrow. So do you; so, sleep well."

• - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - •

After a hasty breakfast, Hiccup hurried to the smithery, where he was briefly greeted by Gobber. "I got a list of things for you to make sitting on the table there, lad. Don't waste any time, ya hear?" he instructed Hiccup before heading off.

Hiccup rolled up his sleeves and got started on the work assigned to him. It really was mostly basic stuff: various pieces for ships, homes, weapons, odds and ends, that sort of thing. There was also a huge pile of broken items sitting beside the work bench. He figured it would be best to start with the repairs, just to get him warmed up, at least.

After a few hours in, the humidity from the storm began to get to him. Berk was usually a cold place: cold enough to freeze your blood flow and give you frostbite on inner organs. Storms always left behind a thick, heavy air. Inside the forge, it was, especially, intolerable. Not really thinking much about it, Hiccup slid his vest and tunic off, setting them on a bench nearby; then, he continued working, a bit more focused now that the humidity wasn't on his mind, though his hair was sweaty and sticky.

At some point, Fishlegs came waddling in, Meatlug right behind him, and a saddle clutched in his large arms. It wasn't uncommon for saddles to break. It was especially common when it was storming. The weather really bit through metal and tore through leather.

"Again?" Hiccup asked as Fishlegs walked in.

"Yes," he replied, almost embarrassed. "This time, however, it wasn't me! We were impaled through a massive tree."

"Oh… that's how that tree fell over," Hiccup replied, suddenly make sense of the massive tree that landed right on top of someone's house. It broke through the roof, but luckily left the rest of the building intact.

"Yes, and I still have splinters in my butt…."

Chuckling at his comment, Hiccup took the saddle from Fishlegs hands and placed it on the bench. The leather was ruined beyond repair. It was torn, terribly, and full of massive splinters and wooden shards. Hiccup cringed at the sight; if the saddle was this bad, he couldn't imagine how much that must have hurt Fishlegs.

"Hiccup… um… I don't want to bother you, but…" Fishlegs stuttered along, dragging on his question.

"What is it?" Hiccup asked over his shoulder as he began removing the leather piece, carefully, not wanting to get any splinters in his hands. In fact, he quickly slipped on some gloves, just to be extra careful. The last thing he needed was something that would keep him from being able to work.

"Have you been seen for your injuries?" Fishlegs asked, hesitantly.

Hiccup continued working on the saddle, but furrowed his brow in confusion at the other viking's question. "Um… I didn't really get injured." He knew his fake foot being completely pulverized didn't count. Better the fake one than the real one.

"You did, Hiccup," Fishlegs explained. "Your back is covered in scratches."

"Covered in scratches-?" Hiccup suddenly tensed up, realizing what he was talking about. He hadn't really considered the possibility that Astrid left marks. He had no way to look at his back… What did they look like?

"Maybe it just happened when you crashed?" Fishlegs suggested, innocently.

Hiccup took a mental sigh of relief, thankful, for once, of his friend's naivety. "You're probably right," he replied, a bit more enthusiastic then he should've been. "I'll try get them looked at sometime today, Legs," he promised the other Viking.

Fishlegs began rubbing Meatlug's belly, whispering some sort of song to her, while Hiccup worked on repairing the saddle. He tried not to listen to the song, but ended up hearing the whole thing. It was harder to keep a straight face through it all. The song seemed to be about her being cuter than a sea slug and perfect for hugs… or something.

Finally, he finished the saddle and handed it to Fishlegs. "Thanks, Hiccup!" he cheerfully thanked him. After getting it properly placed on Meatlug, the two flew up and disappeared into the sky. Seeing them fly off, Hiccup was suddenly envious. He and Toothless hadn't been able to go for a real flight since the mishap last night.

Last night…

Feeling his face go red, Hiccup quickly got back to his work, not wanting his mind to wander any further from what needed to be done. He had a whole list of things to make that he still hadn't gotten to. Quickly clearing his mind of all those thoughts and memories, Hiccup got back to work. Somewhere along the way, he managed to create the perfect balance between working and thinking about last night. He kept smiling to himself and feeling rather foolish for it.

He would never tell Astrid this, but Snotlout was always nagging on him for being a virgin. Of course, he always did it away from Astrid, not wanting to face her wrath. Hiccup wasn't much of a good liar and couldn't retort much, other than, "so are you". At least, now, he could proudly proclaim that he wasn't a virgin anymore! –and neither was Astrid. He fixed that.

Hiccup laughed out loud, humored by his own thoughts. For Astrid's sake, he figured it would be best to not make a big deal of it and not tell Snotlout. He was, undoubtedly, the worst when it came to keeping secrets: he flat out chose not to. Somehow, the entire village knowing about their moment seemed like a bad idea. For now, at least…

A huffing sound behind Hiccup startled him back to reality. He quickly spun around to see Toothless standing there. He had returned from whatever it was he was doing this morning… most likely harassing the terrible terrors.

"Hey, bud," Hiccup said cheerfully, massaging Toothless' chin excitedly. "I promise we'll go flying as soon as I'm done here, alright?"

Mind temporarily clear of he and Astrid's deflowering, Hiccup managed to get back to work, eager to go flying again. He couldn't wait to feel the wind racing with them through the skies and marvel in the way his body felt when he soared down from above, feeling as though all gravity had ceased.

This time, a thundering sound cleared him from his thoughts. He stopped working for a moment and walked over to the forge's large window. He peaked his head out, first, and glanced around. Seeing nothing from that angle, Hiccup leaned forward, placing half his body out the window to get a better look. In the distance, out towards the ocean, he could see a large formation of black clouds and lightning approaching. So much for the storm being over…

• - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - •

After hurriedly slipping his tunic and vest back on, Hiccup jumped on Toothless and quickly took to the skies. He needed to find his father and warn him about the approaching storm. It was best to be safe and not take any risks. The clouds looked far too dangerous. Everyone needed to get to the great hall, immediately.

Once he caught sight of Thornado, Hiccup and Toothless began a descent to the ground. However, Stoick immediately caught sight of them and shouted up to them, "Hiccup! Get everyone to the great hall! The storm is returning!" Stoick quickly mounted Thornado and ascended into the skies.

With no time to waste, Hiccup began their well thought out evacuation plan. He was happy to see that the other riders had already been alerted. He began with the villagers on the farthest ends of the village, who were extremely distraught at the storm already returning. He then warned the fisherman on the opposite side. By that point, the storm was almost halfway there. The winds began to pick up and it was beginning to rain.

Once the outer parts of Berk were complete, he began a specific flying pattern throughout the village, wanting to ensure that everyone was on their way to the great hall. Seeing Fishlegs and the twins fly by, Hiccup called them over. They hovered for a moment in the skies, consulting.

"Did you get the Eastern section?" Hiccup called out through the loud sounds of the rain.

"Yes!" Fishlegs replied.

"I got the mountainous section. Ya'know? Out towards the forest!" Tuffnut shouted joyfully.

"You mean WE did it!" Ruffnut shouted angrily at him, reaching across the space between their dragon's heads to punch him.

"Great!" Hiccup called out. "Let's hurry this up. One last scout, alright?"

"Count me in!" Snotlout shouted, flying over to the huddle they had made. With a single nod, the group parted and made one final fly through the village. It was amazing how much quicker things got done when dragons were helping. In less than an hour, they had managed to get everyone inside the great hall.

They swooped down on their dragons, landing by the open doors of the great hall and quickly squeezed inside. The dragons found comfortable spots on the roof and along the massive pillars and wall linings where they wouldn't be too much in the humans' ways. Hiccup scurried throughout the great hall, avoiding the other Vikings with his agile reflexes. He couldn't find Astrid. There was no golden blonde braid or spiked skirt in sight; he couldn't even find Stormfly.

Once he caught sight of the husky Fishlegs, he ran over to him.

"Thor must be angry," Fishlegs muttered, shivering in his wet clothes.

"What makes you say that?" Tuff asked, seeming to be enjoying the situation. Destruction and whatnot…

"Have you looked outside!?" Fishlegs bellowed dramatically.

"Hey," Hiccup said, interrupted them, "have you seen Astrid?"

"I haven't," Fishlegs replied.

"Nope," Tuff quickly sputtered.

"Oh, no…" Hiccup muttered. He knew right away that meant that she was trapped outside. Had she gotten hurt and took shelter somewhere just as they had the previous night? As the possibilities swarmed his mind, Hiccup became paranoid and terrified. There was no time to waste and no need to mull it over in his thoughts.

He quickly called Toothless down and hopped on his back. Toothless moved through the crowd and to the front door, where Stoick was standing with Gobber and some of the village elders, including Astrid's parents.

"Hiccup, where are you going?" Stoick's loud voice boomed at him.

"I have to get Astrid!" he quickly retorted.

For a moment, the two locked eyes. Hiccup almost prepared himself for an argument, expecting his father to deny him, perhaps tell him something like, "we will go look for her. You stay here." However, what came, instead, was completely unexpected.

"Promise me you'll return safe," Stoick gently demanded. "No more missing… anything. Got that?"

"Yes, dad," Hiccup said confidentially.

Astrid's father quickly joined in, "the last time we saw her, she said she was going to check on the villagers down by the river, but they've already gotten here and haven't seen her!"

"I'll bring her back!" Hiccup shouted, prideful. They opened the doors for a brief moment, allowing Toothless to fly outside. He struggled for a moment to get used to the blistering winds and chilling rain. Hiccup rubbed Toothless' side, trying to calm him. "I can't do this without you, Toothless."

It was almost uncanny how the night fury understood him. "Come on, to the river!" Hiccup called out. Toothless roared in agreement and they shot through the sky. Long before he even reached the river, Hiccup could tell it had flooded from all the pouring rain. There was a massive flow of water running down the pathways into the mountains, creating what looked like unsteady rivers. His heart began to beat unsteadily and rapidly. Many fears were rising in the back of his mind, almost clouding his judgment.

"It'll be alright," he kept reminding himself.

As they flew over the river's huts, Hiccup realized quickly that the rain quadrupled the size of the rivers. Most of the huts were halfway underwater and the rivers' currents were running dangerously. He could hear Stormfly squawking madly.

"Where is she?" he muttered to himself, trying to find the large dragon through the rain and wind. Toothless seemed to have caught sight of her, for he suddenly took a swift descend and landed near the water's edge.

Hiccup jumped off Toothless and took a glance down the river. Sure enough, there Stormfly was. She was running and jumping alongside the river, following the current, and making all sorts of panicked noises. Toothless nudged Hiccup's back, urging him to follow.

The young Viking jumped onto Toothless and the two took off down the river side. As they got closer to Stormfly, Hiccup realized what she was panicking over. He could see a blonde head bobbing in and out of the water and arms flailing around.

"No! Astrid!" he shouted desperately at her.

A massive tree had fallen over and was lying across the river's surface. It was barely hanging onto the ground by a thick root. Astrid took the opportunity to grab onto the tree's branch as she collided with it. Her arms struggled to hold on and she wailed around desperately, the current smacking roughly against her body.

"Hold on, Astrid!" Hiccup called out to her; although, it was apparent that she couldn't hear him. Hiccup quickly jumped off Toothless' back and tried to come up with a strategy. He planned to fly over the water with Toothless and grab her; however, the strong current freed the tree from the ground and sent it crashing down the river.

He saw Astrid's head bob below the water. She never resurfaced and that, for him, was a terrible awakening. Without thinking, Hiccup slid his vest off and dived right into the water. His fear was that she fell unconscious and would drown. Sure enough, as he dived into the water and floated downstream, he could see Astrid's body limp beneath the water.

As soon as he reached her, Hiccup grabbed Astrid and swung her over his shoulders. "TOOTH-!" he tried to call out to Toothless, but the current shoved him under the water and he ended up taking a large gulp of the mucky water.

Hiccup resurfaced choking and gasping widely. He could hear Toothless making strangled noises and calling out to him desperately. "Time to swim, Haddock," he mentally told himself and began to kick his legs widely, trying to reach the shore. Somehow, with some sort of magical might that he didn't know he had, Hiccup managed to get close enough to the shore for Toothless to grab onto Hiccup by the back of his shirt and yank him onto land.

Hiccup wasted no time laying Astrid flat on her back and pushing his hands heavily over her chest, begging her to breathe. He pinched her nose shut with his fingers, titled her head back, and breathed heavily into her mouth. As he pulled away and inhaled sharply, prepared to continue, Astrid began coughing up the water stuck in her lungs. She rolled over and spit out the water, choking like a madman.

"Thank Thor," he breathed, hands trembling as they ran up and down Astrid's spine. After regaining herself, Astrid turned to face the boy. Her eyes were red and her face was pale. She had a large cut on her cheek, presumably from the large branches and twigs floating down the river. She seemed almost surreal and distant. He knew she needed to get dry and warm, fast.

"Come on, let's get to shelter," he gently commanded her, scooping the Viking into his arms. He held her with him on Toothless as they headed back to the great hall, Stormfly following swiftly behind them. He knew she wasn't capable of flying by herself right now.

As soon as they arrived at the shelter, Astrid's father scooped her into his arms and her mother cried happily over her, gripping her hands. Astrid returned their hugs sluggishly. Hiccup stood there, soaking wet, with a huge smile over his face, which he couldn't seem to wipe away. He had saved her and it was boiling up in his ego. He had saved her. He saved his Viking: his Astrid.

• - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - •

The next day followed just as predicted. Everyone returned to the previous day's posts: cleaning up, repairing, and simply trying to get on with their lives. After a few sneezes, a fever check, and some persistent coughing, Hiccup and Astrid were declared to have a cold. As per Stoick's demands, Hiccup and Astrid were under house arrest in order to ensure they got better.

Hiccup snuggled into his bed, enjoying the – for the most part – silence that floated around his room. He could hear Toothless snoring on his rock, which was soothing, of course; but, he could also hear the sounds of the villagers working outside.

"Stop stealing the – sneeze – blanket," the blonde beside him commanded, snatching the bottom half of the blanket and covering her frozen feet. Did he forget to mention that he was sharing his room with Astrid? He couldn't remember if it was his idea or her idea; but, sure enough, they ended up under house arrest together, in his room. Chances are she alluded to tell her parents that, knowing they wouldn't be home all day. Either way, he was too sick to care at the moment.

"I'm not doing it – sneeze – on purpose," he retorted pathetically. She was pressed against his back, arms wrapped around his waist and face snuggled between his very noticeable shoulder blades. Her toes skimmed his calves, making him shiver; they were absolutely frozen. Now he felt bad.

"Hiccup," she suddenly said, sounding serious. "I'm sorry I got you sick…"

"I saved you," he said proudly – smugly, in fact.

Astrid pathetically punched his shoulder. It felt more like a relaxed love tap than anything else; but, he decided to say nothing further on that subject incase her next hit was painful. She was a little embarrassed about, and he was shamefully pleased about that.

"It's an occupational hazard, right?" Hiccup suggested, his smile apparent in his tone.

"Yes," she replied. He could feel her lips curve into a smile against his skin. "I know how much you love pain and all."

Hiccup found himself chuckling at her statement. "Absolutely."

She snuggled closer to him. He could feel her bare stomach brush against his lower back. He was shirtless and she was wearing only her breast bindings. It was amazing, being able to lie together and touch skin. He wanted to feel her bare legs, too; but, they decided it was best to keep their legging on. Normally, they would have been blushing like crazy over their half-nakedness; although, they were both way too sick to care.

Maybe, if he was lucky, his dad would make them some more of that stew for dinner… and hopefully, he wouldn't walk in and see them like this. Once again, too sick to care…

• - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - •

To their absolute joy, the storm finally ceased. The clouds had disappeared and the blue sky became open and calm again. The weather was normal again: not exactly freezing, but a light chill that was almost calming simply because it was home. Life was returning back to normal.

All except for one thing…

In the past few weeks, Hiccup and Astrid became painfully aware of the fact that they seemed to have no time for each other. Things hadn't really changed at all. Their schedules were, basically, the same; the only thing that had changed was that they wanted more alone time. They realized that they were constantly with someone, often the other Viking teens they had grown up with. The rest of the time was spent on valuable training; Astrid had her weapons to master and Hiccup had to learn the ropes of chiefhood from his father.

They didn't really talk about it. Hiccup and Astrid went about normally and never really bothered to discuss their needed privacy. It was more of an unspoken thing: the occasional glance of longing or staring at each other across large rooms or brushing past each other while walking through town.

Hiccup tried not to let his mind get the better of him. Too many possibilities of what she was thinking had swarmed his mind. He started wandering if he wasn't good enough. Maybe he didn't satisfy her enough and that's why she wasn't talking about it. Although, Astrid's mind wasn't very far off; she was worried over the same thing. Was she not good enough, maybe too loud or too clingy? She tried her best not to think about it.

But, then, through all that negativity and doubts, they also desperately missed each other. They had each other's company, often in fact. But they hadn't kissed or touched once since their moment together. It was all nervousness and fear bottled up and hidden from the world.

To make matters worse, they both realized something; masturbating was no longer possible. It just wasn't an option anymore. It left them feeling dry and unsatisfied. In fact, it was far beyond feeling unsatisfied. It was flat out disappointment and angst. Once you had the best, there was no going back. Nothing came close to the feeling of being one.

Hiccup tossed and turned in his bed, unable to find a comfortable position where he could doze off. It wasn't just that, however; he was wide awake, for some reason. Giving up, he threw the covers off his body and placed his foot on the floor. He quickly reattached his metal foot and slipped on his coat.

Hiccup climbed out his window and slid down the side of the wall, managing to land safely and quietly outside. With his metal foot, sneaking throughout the house was no longer possible; but, at least, he could get out through the window without causing much of a scene. Plus, this way, he wouldn't wake Toothless.

He needed to walk around a bit, anything to clear his mind. All he could think about was Astrid. Over the past couple weeks it had grown into something unhealthy. A walk was always great a way to forget about someone, just for the moment, right?

Luckily, the moon was full tonight, casting a bright glow over the village. He used that light as a guide as he walked along the cobblestone paths. Unfortunately, in his attempt to not think about Astrid, he ended up walking to her house. Hiccup walked around to the barn beside the house, planning on going around. He could hear Stormfly greet him with a loud squawk as he approached.

The large dragon exited the barn, bumping its head gently into Hiccup's shoulder. He massaged the dragon's jaw, whispering, "how ya doing, girl?"

To his surprise, the shadows began to shift. From inside the darkness of the barn, a figure approached him. He quickly recognized the bright blue eyes and the golden bangs that hung delicately over her face. She was wearing her normal clothes, aside from leaving the armor behind, and a large cpat. She looked as awake as he was and flashed him a smile when she caught sight of her Viking.

"Couldn't sleep?" Astrid asked. He was surprised that her hair was unbraided. She had it hung loosely in a ponytail behind her. Hiccup shook his head to answer her. Astrid walked closer to him and joined in scratching Stormfly's chin. The bird-like dragon collapsed on the ground in absolute comfort, receiving some laughter from Hiccup and Astrid.

The two turned to each other and quickly realized how close they were standing beside each other. Hiccup realized he was close enough to just barely tilt his head down and steal a kiss from her. He wanted to, more than anything in that moment; but, for some reason, he didn't. He found he was turning around, instead, and preparing to continue his walk.

In that moment, he seemed to control of himself. Without realizing it, he asked her, "come with me?" He turned around to face her and offered his hand. To his delight, she nodded and followed along beside him. Their hands touched as they walked along, instantly noticing how freezing the other's fingers were. The Vikings entangled their fingers together, blissfully enjoying the much needed touch.

"Do you often go on these late night walks?" Astrid asked, suddenly, as she realized he was leading her into the woods.

"Sometimes," he replied.

After a few more minutes of silence, Astrid realized he was heading for the cove where he first met Toothless. It was also the spot where she first discovered them and where he kidnapped her. That was years ago; but, it still felt so recent and all so new to her.

They parted hands for a moment, just to make it through the overlaying rocks and slide down the steep edge and into the crater. The moon reflected beautifully off the water, shining more brightly than they ever remembered. Astrid's eyes were fixed on the water, marveling at the sight of the moon and the dragon flies grazing along the surface, creating ripples in the water.

Hiccup's eyes were fixed on her. He couldn't tear them away from the sight of her skin glowing through the dim darkness and the way her hair curtained beautifully around her face. When her eyes trailed from the water and up to him, she caught his lustful stare. Hiccup tore his eyes away, blushing like a fool. Astrid punched his arm, hard, startling him.

"What!?" he shrieked, glaring menacingly at her.

"That's for making me think about you constantly," she snapped at him.

"Should I hit you, then!?" he shouted back at her. "What about me!? I can't think straight. I can't do anything anymore without thinking about… us. It's all your fault!"

"MY FAULT!?" Astrid retaliated. The two bumped heads, quite literately, snarling at each other as if they were prepared to kill each other.

In a fury of movements, perhaps to playfully attack each other, they ended up on the ground, tangled in limbs. Hiccup somehow ended up on top of Astrid, his thin body crushed beautifully against hers. Their heads smacked painfully together, resulting in low growls of distress. But as they moved to part, their cheeks brushed together, and sure enough, in that moment the Vikings were kissing.

Astrid's arms wrapped around Hiccup's lower back. Her hands skillfully found their way up his coat. She massaged his back through his shirt, touching his underdeveloped muscles as if they were the best thing in the world. One of Hiccup's hands caressed her face while the other was on the ground, holding him up to not crush her too badly.

After a few minutes of painfully slow and gentle kisses, they tore away from their kiss, but kept their faces close and breathed heavily on each other.

"You were thinking about me?" Astrid asked in a low whisper.

He shifted and pressed his lips against her ear. "Far too much for my own good," he whispered, his warm breath enough to melt her flesh. His lips gently pecked at her ear lobe, unintentionally tickling her.

Unluckily for him, Astrid knew his weakness. Her hands slid down his back and maneuvered up into his shirt through the front. Her fingers worked like spider legs over his stomach, tickling him devilishly.

"Hey-!" he shrieked. Unable to keep himself still, Hiccup began to wiggle around. He collapsed on top of her, unable to hold himself up. The small blonde used this to her advantage and flipped them over. As Hiccup landed in the grass, he found himself mentally pondering, "how can someone so small be so strong?"

Astrid straddled his waist. She crossed her arms and looked down at him, satisfied with her handy work. Hiccup gave her a crooked grin. She tried not to melt at the sight of it. His smiles were far too beautiful to her; it was enough to mend her one way or another.

"I call foul play – you cheater," he suddenly said.

Astrid smirked at him. "I'll show you foul play," she threatened teasingly. She planned to tickle him more; but, Hiccup surprised her. His hands beat her to it. He reached up, moving his hands under her coat and shirt, and squeezed at her sides. Her body tensed up and she squeaked, in a very un-Astrid like way. Her hands grabbed at his wrists and dried to yank him away; but, she suddenly lacked the strength.

Hiccup tossed her over, placing her flat on her back. His hands stopped tickling her, but rested comfortably on her hips. As Astrid's eyes fluttered open and caught sight of him, she felt herself release the longest and heaviest sigh. He was hovering above her, hair dangling over his face, and the beautiful dark blue sky and stars behind him. Hiccup stared down at her, eyes shrouded in some mix of love and lust. Her ponytail had come loose; her blonde hair was laid out across the grass, like a beautiful veil around her head. Her eyes were reflecting the moon's light, bluer and brighter than ever.

Hiccup bit his lip. What he would give to kiss her until her mouth was numb and to take her again… make her his… forever. He wanted her to scream his name like it was the only thing she could remember anymore. Hiccup, unaware of his face, blushed at his own thoughts, almost as if they weren't his own. "When did I become like this…?" he mentally asked himself.

Astrid started blushing right along with him only because her thoughts were the same. She wanted to feel him throbbing inside her. She wanted to belong to him, to be reminded of what it was like to be loved physically by him alone. "What's wrong with me…?" echoed in her mind.

"What was it," Hiccup began, breaking the silence, "that kept you away?"

"What kept you away?" she retorted in a harsh whisper. It was her natural, thoughtless response and she instantly regretted it.

Hiccup's face said it all: pain, embarrassment, fear, and shame. "I was afraid I-"

"-wasn't want you wanted," they finished in unison.

Astrid shed a tiny smile, embarrassment washing over her. "I thought you were aware of my desperation to be with you again."

Hiccup sighed pathetically. "Can't handle all this raw Viking power?"

Astrid grinned. "No." She reached up and gripped his coat, yanking him down for a rough kiss. As Hiccup brought his body closer to hers, Astrid opened her legs to him. As he crawled over her, she wrapped her legs possessively around his hips, receiving a husky groan from the man. Their skinny bodies were crushed together, almost painfully. It was exhilarating.

Their lips exchanged what began as delicate kisses that slowly turned needy and passionate. It was mind boggling and brought their hearts to incredible speeds. Their chests were pressed tightly together, creating little distance between their hearts; the beating resembled pounding, like hammers on metal.

Astrid tangled her hands in Hiccup's russet hair. She tugged gently at the thick locks and massaged his scalp. He praised her with quiet moans and grunts that were muffled into her lips. Hiccup balanced himself on his forearms, which he placed next to her head; his fingers played with her hair, casually. He was still a tiny bit bigger than her – maybe an inch taller and a bit more muscular, just a bit

She suddenly tugged roughly on Hiccup's scalp. His lips parted in a strangled, almost pained groan. Astrid took this chance to slip her tongue into his mouth, which he immediately responded to. Their tongues met sheepishly, sliding together in some spot between their connected mouths. But then, their tongues separated only to dive into each others' mouths, exploring every inch and crease they could reach. Astrid's hands slid out of Hiccup's hair and caressed his face.

After an eternity, she yanked his face away so she could breathe again. Their wet mouths popped when they separated. Astrid blushed heatedly at Hiccup as she wiped her wet chin and breathed heavily. His expression was unforgettable; he stared at her with his eyes half-lidded and pupils dilated. His eyelashes suddenly seemed heavy as he slowly blinked at her. His lips were parted, slightly, his chest heaving with long, heavy breaths. There was the faintest red tint over his freckled face.

Hiccup leaned in and kissed her forehead. His lips trailed down her temple, glided across her cheek, and maneuvered down her jaw and onto her neck. Astrid unconsciously tilted her head back, giving him more access to her. He left trails of kisses along her neck, across the swell of her throat, and to the other side, receiving light moans of approval from his blonde. He nipped at her until he found the most vulnerable part of her exposed body: her vein. His lips and teeth gently latched onto it, nipping and sucking at her pulse.

The reaction was much more ecstatic than expected. Astrid convulsed beneath him. Her hands clawed at his coat and her thighs tightened and squeezed against his hips. She whimpered in the most bizarre, yet tantalizing ways.

He did his best not to leave behind any evidence, knowing she wouldn't be happy about it when it was all over. Hiccup lifted up and looked down at Astrid, smiling at his handy work. She looked like she was going to faint. It was almost unnatural seeing one of the most powerful fighters on Berk like this; it was a sight reserved for his eyes. The thought made him smile, almost smugly.

Astrid's arms snaked around his upper back and dragged him back down to her. His neck smacked into her face. He was going to apologize, but he quickly realized it was her plan. Astrid ran the tip of her tongue up the side of his neck. He could've sworn his entire spine shivered at the contact, sending electricity downstairs. He bit his lip, resisting a groan and ended up humming instead.

Hiccup titled his head to the side, giving Astrid plenty of room to nip roughly at his long, slender neck. She pecked her way up to his ear and gently bit down on his lobe before breathing huskily into his ear, "mhmm." It was a moan, as if trying to mimic the sounds she made a few weeks ago… the first time they had sex.

"You're gonna kill me," Hiccup forced out, as though he was out of breath and that single sentence was far too much. He gently pushed Astrid back down and caught the smirk grazing her features. "She's evil," he mentally concluded.

"Absolute pure evil," he accidentally muttered aloud.

"Really?" she asked, curiously.

Hiccup froze up, looking like a dragon before an eel. Intrigued by this, Astrid lightly bucked her hips, rolling her clothed sex against his. She almost couldn't believe how hard he was already. "Maybe I am evil?" she mentally pondered.

"Yesss," Hiccup hissed, biting his lip.

Suddenly, Astrid's curiosity had possessed her. She skillfully flipped Hiccup over and straddled his waist. He leaned up on his forearms to look up at her. His eyes were shining with curiosity. It was similar to the face he made when he studied something new or mysterious to him – only, this time, he looked far more sexual.

Astrid slid down so she straddled his thighs instead. She felt incredibly nervous as she undid Hiccup's belt. Hiccup searched for words of protest, anything to say so she knew she didn't have to; but, he couldn't speak. As she undid his pants with one hand, Astrid gently massaged his erection through his pants with the other.

Somehow, he managed to find the strength to grab her wrists. To his dismay, he did it, unintentionally, a little too roughly. Her eyes snapped up at him, startled and questioning. "You don't have to," he muttered shamefully, but also honestly. Astrid froze up, wondering what she had done wrong. They stared at each other for a moment and that was when she realized the look on Hiccup's face. He looked embarrassed and, above all, shamed. Was he embarrassed about being like this for her?

"Hiccup," she muttered and shook her head. In the end, he hadn't changed much at all: still sincere, still nervous, and still so self-conscious. Yet, there was some mix to it all. She could sense the man in him that wanted her undivided attention, everywhere. As she slid his pants down, just enough to expose his crotch, Astrid could feel him shuddering beneath her.

His erection had managed to free itself from his underwear through the hole in the front. It stood proudly before her, begging for attention. Astrid gazed up at Hiccup's face. He was looking away, blushing madly and face flustered. He almost looked like he was trying to think about something else. Accidentally, Astrid giggled at him.

His eyes shot back to her and he questioned, almost defensively, "what?"

She silenced him by firmly gripping his cock. He tensed up and fell back on the grass. She watched his face carefully as she stroked him, wondering what he liked. She received more moans and stutters when she squeezed his shaft and very little sounds when she ran her thumb over his head. Once she was able to develop a pattern, she smiled to herself. Hiccup was wreathing beneath her, whispering her name occasionally, moaning out into the sky, and biting his lip. He would've wanted this moment to never end; but, then, he reached up and stopped her. His hands gently took her hand and moved it away from him. She would've questioned him, but Hiccup pounced. He knocked her onto her back again, arms sprawled around her head, and an eager Viking crawling over her. She opened her legs to him, smiling as he climbed over her.

His hands skillfully opened her coat down the front in a matter of seconds. Astrid figured it was either lightning speed or she took a blink that lasted a couple minutes; before she knew it, Hiccup had her coat opened and shirt risen, exposing her breasts. She never bound them at night, there was no point. Besides, at her size, what different did it make? This way, she also realized, he could make it to them easier.

Hiccup stared at her exposed form for a moment. His eyes trailed down her perky breasts and lean stomach. As his fingers moved up her abdomen, she flinched. That movement outlined faint ab muscles. Instinctively, he felt jealous; he was supposed to be the strong manly man. But, in all honesty, what did he care? She was the fighter, he was the thinker. They made up for what the other didn't have. Everything fell into place, perfectly.

Hiccup placed his hands on Astrid's hips and gently lifted her up off the grass. His lips trailed across her abdomen. She praised him by tangling her fingers in his hair and moaning lightly into the air. He kissed and nipped at her peachy flesh and even found himself humming into her belly button.

He trailed his mouth up her abdomen, moving across her ribs before kissing her soft mound. She bucked her hips and squeezed her thighs against his hips. His lips gently kissed her nipple before giving it a lick, just to test her reaction. Astrid bucked her hips again and tugged at his russet locks. He smirked and moved his lips to her other breast, giving it a kiss and then a lick.

Astrid made a sound that resembled some sort of growl and moan hybrid. Realizing his torturous ways, Hiccup designed to move it along. His mouth attended to one breast while his hand attended to the other. His fingers were rough from his work in the shop, but she found it only more pleasing. He was insanely gentle with both his mouth and his fingertips.

When he pulled away and leaned up, Astrid reached up to him and slipped her hands beneath his coat. Her fingers skillfully worked their way into his vest and shirt, gently clawing at his abdomen. A moan got caught in Hiccup's throat, resulting in a strangled, husky rumble. Astrid was swift, not wanting to miss a thing. Her hands moved up and down his chest, feeling every inch that she could reach. Her fingernails gently scraped down his chest, leaving a burning trail in his flesh.

When she removed her hands from his front, Astrid realized that Hiccup had placed his hands on her knees. He was gently gripping her leggings with his eyes focused on her face. She realized he was waiting for approval, for anything from her. She couldn't help but smile at the face he was giving her. Even the second time around, he was so patient.

Astrid lifted her hips off the floor, allowing Hiccup to slide her leggings off. Her shoes slid off in the process; her toes tingled in the cold air. He left her skirt on, but proceeded to sliding her underwear down her slender her legs. He placed the article of clothing on top of her leggings in a small pile.

"I have an idea," he suddenly said, slipping his coat off his shoulders. With one hand, Hiccup lifted her slightly off the ground and, with his other hand, slid coat beneath her lower half. The grass was freezing and the last thing he wanted was her to be cold. Astrid smiled at his thoughtfulness.

Hiccup's hand ran up and down her creamy legs, slowly and anxiously. They had done this before, it wasn't entirely new: at least, not as much as last time. However, they still found they were nervous as could be, bodies trembling from the thoughts of what they were about to do. Astrid whimpered when she felt Hiccup's fingers massage her inner thighs. Her legs unconsciously parted for him. He stopped for the moment, however, and stared her down, awaiting some form of approval.

"Hiccup," she growled impatiently. He grinned cheekily at her. Astrid's mind practically disappeared when his hand found comfort between her legs. His finger gently trailed her wet folds. He marveled at how wet she was, feeling proud of himself. Astrid arched her back and purred, leaning into his touch.

Hiccup slid his middle finger into her cavern and gently moved it in and out of her, looking for the pattern that suited her best. She whimpered and bucked her hips into him, relishing each section of his torture. Testing out a theory, Hiccup repositioned his hand so that he could continue to gently finger her walls, but also touch her clitoris with his thumb.

"H-Hiccup," she stuttering, immediately catching his attention. He moved his eyes away from her beautiful sex and looked into her eyes. "Take me," she instructed him. Her hand reached for him and gripped, almost too roughly, at his erection. He groaned, thrusting into her hand. When he realized he did that, Hiccup blushed and looked away, biting his lip as if to think of something other than his insane desire to fuck her senseless.

Astrid pumped his cock, again and again, bringing his attention back to her. He nearly collapsed on top of her. His hands roughly hit the ground as he tried to hold himself up, not wanting to put all his weight on his Viking. Astrid used this to her advantage and positioned his member at her entrance. She bucked her hips a little, bringing his head inside her. Hiccup hissed at the tightness and prayed for the strength to keep his sanity.

"Hiccup," she whispered as their eyes locked. His name on her lips was his undoing.

"Mhm," he moaned, pathetically, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he slowly sheathed himself inside her. Astrid gently moaned along with him, her legs wrapping tightly around his hips as they reached ultimate closeness. Their hip bones met as they crushed their pelvises together. He went as deep as he could possibly go – as deep as his body would let him.

"Better than I remember," Hiccup breathed out, panting widely. Her walls were clenched around him so tightly, he was afraid he was going to die, right then and there – the perfect death. Her wetness was soothing, like an extremely wet kiss. It was so much better than he could recall – maybe deprivation from the best did that to you?

When he peeled his eyes back open, he looked down at Astrid. She looked beautiful, like a hot mess of emotions ready to explode all over the place. As they locked eyes, she reached up to him and placed her hand on his chest. Even through his coat, vest, and shirt, she could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest, almost as though it was going to escape from its cage. Suddenly feeling incredibly hot and longing for Astrid's skin, Hiccup peeled his coat, vest, and shirt off, placing them in a pile beside him, all while remaining hip deep in his Astrid.

She marveled at the sight of him. Both her hands came up and raked down his chest, exploring flesh that had been untouched since their last sexual experience. He was once so thin that it was almost frightening. He, still, was incredibly thin, but managed to fill out in the slightest ways. His muscles were normally invisible, but she could see the slight outline as he flinched beneath her touch. Vikings were meant to be huge and monstrous, according to tradition, anyway. She liked this so much better. He didn't need to compete over toughness because she loved this scrawny, lanky man more than anything.

Hiccup leaned his body down as Astrid wrapped her arms securely around his back. Their chests were crushed together, warming their chilled flesh. His arms came up, hands gently holding her shoulders, as he prepared to move in and out of her. Their lips met, gently and delicately. Freezing foreheads and noses touched. They kept their faces closed together and breathed heavily on each other as Hiccup steadily moved in and out of her, trying to keep himself calm.

"Hicc - up," she moaned bits and pieces of sounds that made out his name. "Hi – up. Hiccup… Hicc – up."

"Yes," he whispered to her, almost begging her to continue. He dipped his head into her neck and bit her pulse, almost a little too roughly. She grunted and gripped at his back muscles. Hiccup brought his head back up and pecked her before pressing his forehead into her cheek.

He steadily sped up at they went along, whispering her name from time to time, grunting and panting like his life was going to end. There was something foreign inside him that he never thought possible; it was an animal wanting to fuck her so hard that she wouldn't be able to walk. He wanted her to forget all that ever was besides him. "That's insane," he mentally told himself, amazed at his own thoughts.

As Astrid began bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts, Hiccup roughly bit his lip and choked back a pleasured sob. Her walls were tightening insanely around him in unison with her thighs, squeezing at his hips, her legs pulling him back in for more.

"Come on," she begged him. "Hiccup…"

He had a guess to what she wanted, but some dark side of him wanting to hear her ask for it. "What do you want?" he grunted into her neck, almost sounding unlike himself.

"Hiccup," she moaned, clearly frustrated.

"Tell me," he pleaded, sounding more like himself again.

"Fuck. Me. Harder," she spelt out for him, trying to sound angry and partially succeeding. He leaned up to look down at her and grabbed at her hips. It took him a moment to get situated, seeing as his metal foot was struggling to grip the ground. Astrid, however, was too busy breathing and wreathing beneath him to notice.

Once he was in position, fingers roughly wrapped around her little hips, Hiccup thrust widely into her. Astrid's response was breathtaking. She grabbed at the coat beneath her and pulled a handful of it into a fist. Her hands clenched at it until her knuckles turned white. Her back arched into him, hips widely bucking into his thrusts. Her moans turned into screams, occasionally being his name, echoing into the sky.

He felt her convulsing, suddenly tighter than ever, and extremely wet. She screamed out his name, bucking widely against him, and then, she seemed to calm. Her body felt limp onto the coat and gazed up at him with a half-lidded, fully satisfied expression.

He made her cum…

"Oh-ahh," he moaned. The thought of what he did to her pushed – no, shoved – him over the edge. He quickly yanked out of her, feeling Astrid's hand wrapped around his cock long before he even registered the thought to finish himself. His orgasm rocked him hard. It was better than before – much better. He cried out her name, eyes squeezing shut and fists tightening in the ecstasy. His stuff ended up on Astrid's coat, but she hardly seemed concerned about it.

She pulled him flush against her when he finished and let him lie on top of her, completely and fully on top of her. His weight wasn't too bad, at first; but, she quickly realized that she couldn't handle it. She gently pushed him off and he seemed to register it. He moved away from her and tried to stand, but ended up falling into the grass, on his back. His eyes stared up into the sky, enjoying the stars through the darkness.

"You killed me," he muttered, receiving a heartfelt chuckle from his Viking.

"I'm evil, remember?" she suggested. He heard her rustling around and realized she was getting dressed.

"Oh yeah," he agreed. He saw Astrid come into view, looking down at him, curiously. Feeling her eyes wash over him, Hiccup suddenly felt self-conscious. He quickly fixed his pants and buttoned them up. Astrid handed him his belt as he stood up. He took it with a smile and slipped it on.

"You're red," she said with a smile as Hiccup pulled his shirt on.

"No, I'm not," he denied, suddenly aware of how hot his cheeks felt.

"Go look in the water," she instructed, motioning towards the lake.

"Um," he muttered, trying to think of some good reason why he shouldn't. In the end, he decided it best to slip his coat on and give her a quick kiss.

They walked back to the village, still holding hands and trembling from their experiences. "Let's try to make this more… common," Astrid suggested, suddenly heightening Hiccup's senses. Stoick, being the chief, had to leave often. Astrid decided it was best to keep it a secret, for now; but, she knew she could use this to her advantage and sneak into Hiccup's house at night. Maybe surprise him.

"I would like that," Hiccup replied, trying not to sound stupid, but ended up feeling that way, anyway. Astrid squeezed his hand reassuringly and flashed him a gorgeous smile.

• - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - • • - •

When Hiccup returned home, he forgot about the entire concept of sneaking and walked right in the front door. To his horror, his father, Stoick was sitting there, waiting for him. He looked only mildly tired; it wasn't surprising since the chief hardly slept most of the time. Toothless was awake too. The dragon ran up to the boy, planning to lick him, but ended up smelling him instead. After catching his scent, he snorted, loudly, as if feeling something was wrong with him. Hiccup gently pushed the dragon away, muttering, in an almost threatening tone, "not helping."

"You've never been one to sneak out," Stoick stated, sounding very, surprisingly calm.

"Needed to clear my head," Hiccup replied, nonchalantly. He walked over to the large rack on the wall and hung his coat up. Stoick took a mental note of Hiccup's distraught hair, beaming eyes, messy clothes, and the grass stains on his back and knees. It didn't really take him long to jump right to the point. "Have you been with someone – maybe-"

"What!?" Hiccup sputtered, loudly, interrupting him. "Dad, I haven't been-"

"-with Astrid?" Stoick finished.

"That's not what I was going to say…" he muttered, rubbing the stone floor with his toes.

Stoick stood up and crossed the room. Hiccup flinched, expecting his dad to give him a stern talking or maybe even yell at him. Instead, the giant grabbed his son in a bear hug, carrying on, "I knew it! You've finally taken that next step! My son has become a man!" He placed Hiccup on the ground and carried on while his son gasped for air. "I had my suspicions when you two came out of the academy together after the storm… But - I'm so proud of you, son!"

"Er… thanks… Dad," Hiccup replied hesitantly, completely shocked by his father's behavior. For once, he was truly speechless. He would've expected anything before that. Afraid his father was going to carry on with this conversation, Hiccup muttered something about being exhausted and ran up stairs to his bedroom. Toothless was following closely behind him.

Hiccup shut the door and kicked his shoe off. As he began to remove his clothes, planning to change into something clean, he scoffed at Toothless. "Stop smelling me!" The black dragon snorted at him and scurrying off to his stone. He plopped down and covered his face with his tail so Hiccup couldn't look at him.

Now, he could rest in peace. Hopefully.