We Can Be Nerds Together

Brittany is changed person, she no longer stutters, she's confident and she's successful. But even after everything that's happened she's still the same nerd that Santana fell in love with. This is their story.

Sequel to Nerd Plus Celebrity Equals Love.

Chapter 1:

It was strangely cold for LA, even for October. She tugged her denim jacket a little tighter around her body before stepping out of her car, a red 1969 Ford Mustang Convertible, it had been Santana's present from Brittany for her 26th birthday and it was her baby, apart from Brittany of course. She reached back inside the car and grabbed the plastic grocery bag containing milk and apples that she quickly went out to get for Brittany.

Santana jogged up to the door of their house; she quickly unlocked the door and stepped inside. She seriously wasn't built for cold weather. She shook her arms to get rid of the cold, then slipped off her jacket and flung it on the chair that was by the door and threw her keys in the ceramic bowl that she and Brittany had painted together one day on a spontaneous trip to Colour Me Mine.

"Honey I'm home!" Santana called into the house.

There was the district sound of bare feet padding towards the front door and Santana couldn't help but smile at the thought of seeing her fiancé, even though she had only been gone for 20 minutes at most.

"Hey babe- oh," Santana frowned, "It's you."

Instead of her beautiful blonde fiancé, Rosie Lopez was stood in front of her. Rosie was slightly taller than Santana and her slender frame was dressed in simple black jeans and a dark red tank top complimenting her mocha skin.

Rosie threw her head back and laughed when she saw her sisters pout, "Oh god, you're pathetic, you've been gone like 10 minutes."

Santana's eyebrows creased together and she glared at her sister, "20 actually," she corrected, "Where's Brittany? And when did you get here?" She specifically remembered Rosie not being in the house when she had left, "Actually why are you here?"

Rosie rolled her eyes, identical to how Santana rolled hers, "I just stopped by to choose the flower arrangements and centre pieces with you and Britt but then you weren't here and then Brittany asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, I said yes by the way," Rosie filled her in.

"Great," Santana replied sarcastically.

"You love me," Rosie scoffed.

"Please," Santana rolled her eyes, "You wish."

Just then Brittany made her entrance, she was dressed in some black sweats and a superman tank top, her usual glasses perched on her nose. And to Santana she looked beautiful, as always.

"Play nice Sanny," she said lightly as she walked towards the brunette and kissed her gently on the cheek. Santana immediately calmed down.

"Hey B, I got you the goods," she said holding up the bag.

Brittany took it and this time kissed Santana on the lips, Santana grinned into the kiss even though it was only brief.

"Thanks, my hero," Brittany told her.

"You know," Rosie said breaking their little bubble, "If you guys weren't totally made for each other, I'd be jealous."

Santana held Brittany's hand protectively, "You should be jealous, my Britts is some hot stuff."

Rosie and Brittany gave each other knowing looks while giggling at Santana who was currently glaring at Rosie, Brittany couldn't help but think that Santana was being exceptionally cute. She always loved how protective Santana was over her; she was even protective now when it was just her sister, who for the record was a straight as a pole.

"I can see that, I think I'm just going to steal Brittany and have my way with her in the closet," Rosie answered sarcastically, Santana stuck her tongue out childishly, which only make Rosie and Brittany laugh more.

Ever since the engagement happened Brittany and Rosie had become very close. Sure they got along before that but with Rosie being so involved in the wedding, they had just got to know each other more, they saw a lot more of each other too. Santana pretended that she didn't like their friendship but everyone knew that she was secretly happy that her sister and her girlfriend got along so well.

Brittany tugged on Santana's hand, leading her towards the living room and Santana easily obliged.

"Let's take a quick look at the flower arrangements and centre pieces and then I'll put the pizza's in the oven," she said.

Santana and Rosie agreed, Santana sat next to Brittany on her left and Rosie sat on Brittany's right on the sofa. In front of them, on the coffee table, was a folder with various different pictures of flowers arrangements.

Their wedding was three weeks away now exactly. The flowers were one of the last things that had to be chosen, other than the cake and Santana was excited to get all this planning over with. Sure it hadn't been really stressful like she thought it would be, thanks to Rosie and her mom, but she just wanted to marry Brittany already. She felt like she's been waiting years rather than months since the proposal.

"I looked through all these and I found a few that I thought you guys might like," Rosie said.

She flicked through pointing out various pictures and only stopped when Brittany squealed and clutched her arm.

"That one is beautiful!" She exclaimed, pointing at the page.

It was a tall centrepiece with thin dark brown branches twisted together in a fascinating way with various different coloured flowers and vines intertwined with them.

"Really Britt?" Rosie asked a little sceptical.

Brittany suddenly got really shy, "Um, no you're right, it's probably not very good."

Santana grabbed Brittany's hand and squeezed tightly; she snapped her head in the direction of her sister, her eyes boring into her, "Hey!" Santana snapped, "Don't talk to Britts like that."

"Woah!" Rosie exclaimed, holding her hands up in defence, "I didn't mean anything by it," she said honestly.

Santana sent one last glare before she shifted her gaze to Brittany, her eyes softened, "I love it too B," Santana agreed and she really did like it, it was different and unique and very…well… them.

"You do?" Brittany asked timidly.

Santana nodded sincerely, "It's perfect."

The noise of gagging ruined their moment. Again.

"Seriously Rosie?" Santana asked.

Rosie just shrugged and grinned, "You guys know you love it, besides you can't get mad at me, I practically planned your whole wedding."

Santana rolled her eyes, "Rosie, you're a wedding planner."

"So? I did it for free!"

"You're my sister."

"Whatever," Rosie scoffed.

Brittany giggled and it lightened the mood although it hadn't been very serious in the first place, Santana and Rosie always argued but they never meant anything by it. It was just healthy sibling arguments like any other family.

"I'm gonna put the pizza's in the oven," Brittany said standing up.

She went into the kitchen and took two-pepperoni pizzas out of their cardboard boxes and placed them on the shelf in the oven before turning it on to the correct temperature. Brittany felt warm arms wrap around her stomach and she knew it wasn't Rosie. She leaned back into Santana's embrace.

"Did you just leave Rosie by herself?" Brittany asked.

She felt Santana nod her head where it rest on her shoulder, "Yep."

"That's not being a very good host San," Brittany teased.

"She's a grown girl, she can handle herself for a few minutes. And besides she's here pretty much everyday, this is like her second home, she doesn't really count as a guest."

"She might be lonely," Brittany continued and Santana giggled.

"She has her wedding book thingy, she's fine."

"She-" But Santana cut her off by swinging her around and kissing her.

"You look really sexy right now," Santana mumbled against her mouth, "And hot."

"I'm hot like Charizard."

Santana giggled, "And you ruined it," she joked lovingly; she loved Brittany's nerdy comments.

"You love it," Brittany giggled

Santana nodded, "I love you."

"I love you too," Brittany kissed Santana then and they both melted into the kiss.

Santana couldn't help but think of how proud she was of Brittany. Brittany used to be this shy geeky girl who interned at McKinley Records and now she was this self-assured, successful woman who was currently one of the most sought after producers in LA. Her stutter was pretty much gone now, only ever resurfacing when she was really nervous or excited.

They brushed their lips against each other's for a few more moments before Brittany pulled back.

"We should go back to Rosie," she said and Santana pouted.

"Do we have too?"

Brittany nodded, "Yeah, come on, and stop pretending you don't like your sister, we all know you love each other."

"Well I'm never admitting that to her," Santana retorted as she took Brittany's hand.

Brittany giggled; you would think that Santana was ten rather than 26 years old sometimes by the way she argued with her sister. They wandered back into the living room where Rosie was sat flipping through the wedding book. Rosie turned when she heard them entering.

"Took you long enough," she teased.

"Just be glad we're feeding you," Santana shot back.

Brittany decided to interrupt before Rosie could say anything again, "The pizza should be done in a few more minutes," she said.

"I'll get them out B," Santana told her and Brittany grinned, she loved it when Santana did sweet things like that, even though they were just simple.

"Thanks San," Brittany replied kissing Santana on the cheek as thanks.

Rosie cleared her throat, "So are you sure that you want to go with this centrepiece?" she asked.

"Of course we do," Santana said firmly.

"Alright! I was just checking!" Rosie exclaimed, "I do like it Britt, I just didn't think that's the kind of style you were going for."

"Well it is," Santana told her, "Now lets chose the other flowers."

They spent an hour picking out the perfect flowers. Santana had jumped up and got the pizza's out of the oven near the beginning of the process of flower picking and they were pretty much gone except for one piece. Finally they decided on pink, peach and red carnations. They were beautiful, colourful and went really well the centrepieces.

Brittany reached over and grabbed the last slice, "Does anyone want this?" she asked.

"You have it," Rosie said patting her stomach.

"Go for it," Santana said, "I don't understand where you put it all."

Brittany shrugged and bit into the pizza, humming in contentment at the flavour. She quickly finished it and wiped her greasy hands on her sweatpants.

"I think I'd better be going," Rosie said as she stood up, "Now that we have the flowers decided."

"Good, get out," Santana said, Rosie just rolled her eyes.

"Ok," Brittany said standing up as well, "Do we have anything planned for tomorrow?"

"Just choosing the cake, then I think that's the last thing on the list," Rosie said happily, "You have a meeting at 3 at Penny's Bakery."

"Ok, thanks Rosie."

"Thank god!" Santana exclaimed as she flopped her body on the length of the sofa.

Brittany raised an eyebrow at her and Santana quickly sat up, "Not that I don't want to get married to you B, I love the wedding, I love all the planning, it's my favourite part of the day. Please still love me," Santana rambled.

Brittany and Rosie burst out giggling. Brittany reached her hand out for Santana to take and pulled her too her feet, she wrapped her arms around Santana's waist, "I'll always love you," she said sincerely.

"And that's my cue to leave," Rosie said, she gave a quick side hug to Brittany before making her own way to the front door. Brittany didn't even get a chance to walk Rosie to the door before she heard it slam behind her.

"Yay she's gone!" Santana joked, "Let's go to bed now."

"San, it's like 7 o'clock."

"We're not really going to sleep Britt," Santana giggled. It took a millisecond for it to click. She pushed her glasses higher up her nose before taking Santana's hand and practically dragging her towards the stairs.

"Please," Brittany begged.

"How much do you want it?" Santana asked.

"A lot."

Santana thought about it for a second before shaking her head again, "We're not getting a puppy Britt."

When they had got into the kitchen this morning for breakfast, Brittany had been set on convincing Santana to let them get a puppy. She's always wanted one and thought it was a really good idea, Santana on the other hand not so much.

Brittany pouted, "Why not?"

"Don't give me that look," Santana chuckled, "You know we both don't have enough time for a dog, you with your new clients and me recording a new album soon, we won't have time to train it."



Brittany took a bite of her cereal before saying, "I decided when we get a dog it should be a boy."

"Britt!" Santana laughed, "We can't get a dog!"

"I was thinking we could get a Dachshund, oh! Or a miniature Schnauzer! They're adorable."


"Please San, I know you'd love him!" Brittany pleaded.

Santana hesitated, she hated saying no to Brittany, and especially when she looked at her like that, "…I'll think about it."

Brittany jumped out of her seat and ran around the table to fling herself at Santana, she peppered her face with kisses, "Thank you!"

"That wasn't a yes," Santana giggled, the kisses tickled.

"You'll change you're mind," Brittany said knowingly and Santana knew in that instant that they'd be getting a dog at some point in the near future.

"Whatever you say B," she said, "Do you want me to drop you off at work?" Santana asked.

"No it's ok," Brittany shook her head, "No wait, actually yes, because then you could pick me up to go to Penny's Bakery."

"Ok," Santana agreed easily, "Now get off me, or you'll be late," Santana said lightly.

They threw on their coats and shoes and then on the way out Santana grabbed the keys to her car from the bowl. The drive to was pretty much silent, other than the light tapping of Santana's fingers against the steering wheel. Brittany found it oddly soothing.

At the moment Santana wasn't working, she was going to start recording her new album the day after they got back from their honeymoon and both girls were almost excited for it as they were for their wedding. Santana has released some singles but in the two years since her album 'Stop, Listen' she's only recorded one other album and that only had seven songs on it. She wasn't sure what she was going to call it yet, but she wanted her fourth album to be the best. She had tons of ideas she and songs she'd already written ready to show Will, her producer.

"And we're here," Santana said as she parked the car in the McKinley Records car park.

"Thanks San," Brittany said hopping out the car, Santana got out too and Brittany looked at her questioningly.

Santana merely smiled and strode around the front of the car until she was practically pressed against Brittany's front.

"You wouldn't forget your goodbye kiss would you?" she smirked.

Brittany didn't get a chance to answer because then Santana's lips were on hers but before she could move her lips in response Santana's were gone.

"Bye baby," Santana winked.

"Tease," Brittany grumbled, she pushed her glasses up.

"Don't have too much fun recording without me," Santana joked.

"I'll try not too," Brittany grinned, "What are you up to today?"

"I'm just gonna go check in with mom, go over the guest list again, you know how she keeps adding people to it," Santana rolled her eyes.

"Good idea," Brittany agreed, "Ok, now actually goodbye."

"Bye B, see you at 2:45."

Brittany nodded, gave one last kiss to Santana before jogging off towards the front doors of McKinley Records. Santana watched her until she was inside the building, only then walking back around the car and climbing in the front seat. She pulled out the car park and headed in the direction of her parents house.

It was 2:30 when Santana pulled up to McKinley Records after a somewhat stressful visit to her parents. It turns out that her mother had indeed added more people to the guest list, although that was expected, it was still annoying because then Santana had to spend another hour explaining to her mother why she couldn't do that.

They had decided together, Brittany and her, that the ceremony would be small, with only their closest friends and family. There were a few more people attending the meal and then later for the party they already had about 250 people on the guest list for that. They didn't really need anymore and Santana didn't understand why her Uncles second cousin who she'd never even met needed to come to the wedding anyway!

Santana got out her car and quickly walked to the front of McKinley Records. She pushed open the doors and went over to talk to Emma who was busy typing away on her keyboard.

"Long time no see, Miss Lopez," Emma smiled.

"I told you, you could call me Santana," Santana grinned back.

Emma shrugged, "Just for old times sake. Brittany's in Studio 3 with The Dash at the moment, although I'm sure they wouldn't mind a surprise visit from Santana Lopez, they're due to finish soon anyway."

"Ok, thanks Emma."

"No problem sweetie, see you later," she said cheerfully before going back to typing on her computer.

Santana wandered through the familiar corridors and made her way to Studio 3. She edged open the door and sneakily stepped inside. Brittany had headphones on and she was bobbing her head to the music, moving a few switches. There was a group of three young boys looking around 17 to19 years old in the booth singing and Santana had to admit, they weren't too bad. Teenage girls would love them.

I just want to say

I know I let you down, but I'm letting out

And I found a way that I can tell the truth, make it up to you.

I left home but there's one thing I still know

It's always summer in my heart and in my soul.

I loved you first, I love you still.

I always will.

I loved you first, I love you still.

I always will.

"Ok that was great guys, we'll pick it up from there tomorrow," Brittany spoke into the speaker.

Santana saw the boys lips moving and then they took their headphones off and exited the booth.

"Holy shit, that's Santana Lopez!" one of the boys exclaimed.

Everyone's heads snapped towards Santana, including Brittany's. All three boys had looks of excitement and adoration in their eyes, Brittany's sparkled at the sight of her fiancé.

Brittany was the first one to move, "Hey San, what are you doing here?" she asked getting up and walking over to Santana to hug her briefly before letting go. She thought kissing would be inappropriate with the boys there.

"Picking you up remember?" Santana reminded.

"Oh yeah! Good thing we just finished huh," Brittany blushed bashfully and it made Santana want to kiss her but she didn't.

"So you guys are The Dash, right?" Santana asked, addressing the boys for the first time.

"She knows who we are," the blonde boy whispered but Santana heard, she thought it was…endearing.

"Yes we are…ma'am," the boy in the middle said.

Santana chuckled, "You can call me Santana."

"Ok," he nodded his head frantically in agreement.

"This is Toby," she gestured to the blonde on the left, "Matt," she pointed to the boy in the middle, "And Ben," she finished, motioning to the brunette on the left.

"Nice too meet you guys, you sounded pretty good just then," she complimented.

"Really? Thanks!" Matt said, "We're massive fan's of yours."

"You're welcome and thank you as well."

"Do you think we could get a picture with you?" Ben asked.

"Yeah sure," Santana nodded, she gave Brittany an apologetic look but Brittany didn't seem to mind at all.

"I'll take the picture for you," Brittany offered, Matt handed her his phone and Santana and the boys got into position, "Say cheese," Brittany said before snapping the picture.

"Thanks," Toby said.

"That's ok but we've got to get going now or we'll be late," she told them.

"Ok, it was totally cool meeting you."

"Like wise," Santana said, "Ready B?" Santana asked.

Brittany nodded and held Santana's hand, "See you later boys," Brittany said.

"Bye Brittany," they chorused.

"See you tomorrow," Matt added.

Santana and Brittany took their leave then. When they reached the car, Santana held the door for Brittany before going around to the driver's side. She pulled out the parking lot and went in the direction of Penny's Bakery.

"They were nice," Santana said, referring to the band she had just met.

"They are, I think they could be the next big boy band," Brittany said, "They have the voices and the looks, not to mention that they're really nice and polite."

Santana nodded "I hope they don't go all famous crazy," she mused.

"Me too," Brittany agreed.

Soon they arrived at Penny's Bakery and when they got inside they were immediately met by Penny herself, who was going to be making their cake. Penny was a reasonably slim woman, with dark brown hair and a slight twinge of a French accent. She gave them a beaming smile.

She brought them to what both women assumed was Penny's office and they took a seat on the sofa with Penny across from them on a chair.

"So we've already chosen our design, yes?" she asked.

Brittany and Santana nodded, "Yeah," Santana said.

"Good, good, I was just checking you haven't changed you're pretty little minds. Ok, so I've prepared a platter of samples of various different flavours of cakes, all I want you to do is, taste them and choose which flavours you want. You're having a three tier so obviously you can have up to three flavours or just the whole thing one flavour or you could have two," she rambled excitedly, she obviously loved her job, Santana noted.

"Ok, sounds good," Brittany nodded.

Penny scampered off and not a minute later, she returned with a large silver tray filled with small slices of different flavoured cakes, in front of each piece was a small tag saying what flavour it was.

"Here you go ladies, I'll leave you for a few minutes just to try all the flavours, then I'll be back," she said before leaving again.

"These all look really good," Santana said eyeing the platter.

"Mm, let's dig in. Which should we try first?" she asked.

"Go for…Vanilla and hazelnut cream," Santana suggested. They split the piece of cake and popped in their mouths, "That's really good," Santana said.

"I think it's a little too dry," Brittany disagreed, "How about red velvet?" They grabbed a piece of cake and bit into it.

"I know we've only tried too flavours but this is orgasmic," Santana mumbled as she continued to chew.

"Yeah it is pretty good, oh, but wait. Smile at me," Santana did, "You're teeth, they're all red."

"Good point can't have our guests going around with red mouths."

They went through the various flavours like that, most of them were delicious but the wanted the perfect flavours for their cake. Brittany had always hated the fact that most wedding cakes tasted disgusting and didn't want that for theirs.

After another twenty minutes they had chosen two flavours, Mocha Cream Torte and Raspberry vanilla cream. They were down to the last three slices of cake.

"I think the Chocolate Truffle Cream would be good," Santana said eyeing the desert.

"Ok," Brittany gave half the slice to Santana and kept the other piece for herself.

As soon as Brittany bit into the cake she knew that was the third flavour, and by the look on Santana's face she agreed too.

"That is so good!" Santana exclaimed.

"Oh my god, if I wasn't so stuffed right now, I would go out there and buy some of this cake right now," Brittany laughed.

Just then Penny came back into the office, "It looks like you've picked your flavours," she said happily.

"Yeah, Mocha Cream Torte on the third tier, Raspberry Vanilla Cream on the second and Chocolate Truffle Cream on the first tier," Santana listed.

"Ah, all perfectly good choices! And that has to be done for the…"

"November the first," Brittany supplied.

Penny grabbed a piece of paper from her desk and scribbled the date down, "Very good, and you'll pay when you receive the cake."

"Ok, thank you Penny."

"No, thank you! And may I say congratulations, you are a beautiful couple!"

"Thanks," they both said.

They left Penny's Bakery completely satisfied with their choices of cake. It had been a good idea to go to Penny's for the wedding cake, Santana was glad that her mother had suggested it.

"That chocolate truffle cake was so delicious and the raspberry vanilla was such a good combination of fruity and sweet," Santana recalled.

"Almost as sweet as you," Brittany grinned.

Santana bumped their shoulders together, "Oh my god, you're such a nerd."

Brittany giggled, "Yeah but soon when we get married we can be nerds together."

Hope you liked it!

The song used was Always Summer by Yellowcard

The next chapter won't be up until I finish my other story, She's the Man, I just wanted to put this up to see if anyone was interested.

I'm gonna rate this M for now but I might change it to T later if I decide not to include sexy times.