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Chapter 2

"You know, I feel like we haven't seen you in ages," Santana said as she munched on her Caesar salad.

Brittany sat next to her enjoying a mozzarella and tomato Panini and Quinn was across from them also eating a salad. They were sitting outside at a small café, all of them wearing dark sunglasses and hats to try and avoid being spotted. It was all Santana's working, Brittany didn't want too but Santana seemed determined about the whole 'disguise' thing. And for once it seemed to be working.

"I know, I know," Quinn sighed, "I'm sorry, but with me opening another restaurant and everything I barely have anytime."

"I know, and I'm proud of you," Santana told her honestly.

"I just wish I could be more involved with the wedding."

"You're catering for the whole thing Q, apart from the cake," Brittany reminded, "I think you're doing plenty."

Quinn shrugged, "Still…"

Santana had originally wanted Quinn to be her maid of honour but because she was opening the other restaurant she didn't have any time and Santana didn't think it was fair to ask her to do that. She had spoken to Quinn about it almost right after she and Brittany had got engaged and Quinn understood, she was honored that Santana wanted her to be her maid of honour but she was also grateful that Santana understood that she couldn't, no matter how much she wanted to. So instead, she asked her sister to be her maid of honour, she agreed pretty much on the spot. And Santana was actually really happy with her decision, she got a lot closer to her sister again, which was something she had missed. It also helped that Rosie was a wedding planner and knew what she was doing.

"We seriously understand Quinn," Santana agreed.

"Thanks," she smiled softly, "So how's everything going?" she asked.

"Really good," Brittany said, "We just finished up with all the plans so now we just have to hope everything arrives well on the day."

"I'm sure it will," Quinn assured.

"It better because I will be all up on-"

"San," Brittany interrupted.

"Sorry B," Santana apologised with a chuckle, Brittany always hated it when she was mean or bitchy.

Quinn laughed, "Even after all these years Britt, I still can't get over how you tamed the beast."

"I'm not a beast," Santana grumbled.

"Witch, kraken, beast, Satan, whatever," Quinn said with a wave of her hand.

Santana rolled her eyes, "Says the-"

"San," Brittany warned again.

"But she started it!" Santana exclaimed.

Quinn was laughing to herself across from her, Santana scowled and glared at her, she kicked her foot out and it collided with Quinn's shin.

"Ouch!" Quinn squealed, Santana stuck her tongue out.

"Oh my god, it's like eating with five year olds," Brittany mumbled.

"Ow!" Santana screeched when Quinn kicked her back.

"Seriously?" Brittany asked, raising an eyebrow at them.

"She started it that time," Quinn defended.

Brittany laughed, "You know I find it hard to believe that you're both 26 years old."

"Yeah I know, Quinn looks like she's at least thirty," Santana commented.

Quinn gasped, "I don't."

"Just look at those wrinkles…" Quinn touched her face self-consciously.

"Santana, seriously?" Brittany asked, her arms were crossed and Santana knew that she was being glared at from behind sunglasses.

Santana kissed Brittany's cheek, "Right sorry."

Brittany cleared her throat and nodded her head in Quinn's direction.

"Sorry Quinn," Santana said lowly.

"You're forgiven," Quinn replied smugly.

"You too, Q, apologise."

"Why-" Brittany tilted her head slightly and Quinn stopped talking, "Sorry," she mumbled.

"Aw my babies are growing up, saying sorry to each other, I'm so proud!" she said clapping her hands together.

"Do I get a prize?" Santana asked.

Brittany chuckled but nodded and kissed Santana's lips quickly and softly.

"What about my prize?" Quinn asked puckering her lips.

When Brittany moved out of her seat, Santana put her arm out to stop her, "Really B?" she asked incredulously.

Brittany leaned over the table and kissed Quinn's cheek before settling back down into her chair.

"Your fiancé loves me more than you," Quinn teased.

Santana scoffed, "You wish."

"So," Brittany butted in before another argument could start, "Do you know what Rosie and Puck planning for your bachelorette party?" she asked Santana.

Santana shook her head, "No idea, she wouldn't spill anything. Do you know anything about it Q?"

"No, I haven't had a chance to talk to Rosie in a few weeks now," she shrugged, "What about yours?" she asked Brittany, "Has Rachel or Sam let anything slip?" she asked.

Sam was Brittany's best man and was therefore planning her bachelorette party with the help of Rachel who insisted that he needed her expert planning skills. Even though Santana and Sam had a pretty rocky start, over the years Sam had grown on the singer. It helped that Sam was now dating this girl called Marley. They weren't best friends or anything but Santana could be in a room with him and not want to punch is face anymore and she didn't feel exceedingly jealous anytime Sam was within five meters of Brittany anymore.

"Nothing, I'm surprised Rachel has managed to keep it a secret for this long," Brittany commented, "Usually she's awful with secrets."

"It's kind of annoying that they planned them on the same night," Quinn said, "I thought it was going to be fun going to both."

"Well you're stuck with me Q," Santana said.

"I know, it's too bad, I like Brittany more," she joked.

Their wedding was in one week and tonight was both of their bachelorette parties. Santana and Brittany had decided that they didn't want to have them the night before their wedding because they didn't want to be tired and most likely hung-over for one of the best days of their lives.

They were both getting ready, Santana was finishing up putting on her makeup and Brittany was tugging on a shirt to match the dark purple skirt she had on.

Over the years Brittany's fashion sense had changed, she didn't mind wearing skirts even though jeans or sweats were her obvious choice of clothing and she sometimes wore contacts. The change was mainly due to the fact that both of them were often shown in various magazines and Brittany didn't always want to be featured in the 'what not to wear' section. Santana told her that she didn't have to change and that she loved how she dressed but she wanted to make the change but she didn't change completely. More often than not, wearing one of her various superhero shirts to an event.

"I wish they would have let us have our parties together," Santana said as she walked up behind Brittany and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Me too but when Rachel and Rosie have their minds set on something, they'll never change their minds," Brittany said as she lent back into the embrace.

"I'll miss you tonight," she said gently kissing Brittany's neck.

"Me too."

Santana rested her chin on Brittany's shoulder, "I wonder what they have planned for us."

"You never know with them," Brittany shrugged.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Looks like they're here," Santana said.

The bell sounded again.

"I think they're getting impatient," Brittany noted, neither of them made a move to get the door.

Instead, Brittany turned in Santana's arms and kissed Santana deeply. She draped her arms over Santana's shoulders and pulled her close.

"Have fun tonight," Santana murmured against Brittany's lips.

"You too."

When the doorbell rang again they pulled away from each other, "I guess we better get that."

They both grabbed their bags as they headed to the door. When Brittany opened the door they were met by a huge group of all their friends.

"Took you long enough," Puck said.

"Nice to see you too Puckerman," Santana rolled her eyes at her cousin.

"You ready for the nights of your lives?" Sam said excitedly.

Brittany grinned at her friends enthusiasm, "Yeah, let's go!"

"Hold on a second," he said, "You guys aren't paying for anything tonight," he held his hand out for their bags.

Santana and Brittany looked at each other before taking their phones out of their bags and handing them to Sam who tossed them back in the house.

"Ok, now lets go!" Rachel exclaimed.

Santana was dragged off to one car by Quinn while Sam tugged Brittany towards another. By the looks on their friend's faces they knew they were in for a wild night.

Brittany's eyes were blindfolded with a scarf as she was led into a building. There was loud music playing and Brittany wondered where she was.

"A strip club?" Brittany asked as Sam removed the blindfold.

There were dancers everywhere. Some were on a raised stage and others were dotted around serving drinks. Brittany's eyes were practically bulging out her head with all of the skin on show. Sure the girls were all pretty but none of them compared to Santana.

"Duh!" Sam grinned looking around the room.

"How did Rachel even agree to this?" Brittany laughed as Sam led the group to some empty chairs.

"It was her idea," Sam chuckled.

Brittany surveyed her friends. Mike was busy staring at one of the dancers, Brittany giggled when Tina smacked him over the head. Tina looked a little bit uncomfortable being around all the half naked women; Rachel on the other hand seemed pretty unaffected. Kurt was talking to one of the dancers, complimenting her on the colour of her outfit.

"I'll buy the first round," Sam said, he ordered two shots for everyone.

"Here you go," a woman said placing a tray down with the shots on it. Brittany noticed how the woman leaned close to Sam.

"What about Marley?" Brittany asked raising an eyebrow.


And as if on queue Marley sauntered over wrapping her arm around Sam's shoulder and pressing a kiss to his cheek. Brittany's eyebrows shot up her forehead as she took in Marley's appearance.

"You're a stripper?!" Brittany exclaimed.

Sam glared at her but Marley only laughed, "I prefer the term 'erotic dancer'," she winked.

"Nice dude," Mike said holding his hand up for a high five. He lowered it when Tina smacked him again.

"Just thought I'd come and say hi," Marley said, "Have fun tonight."

"You should join us," Brittany said.

"I would but I'm working," Marley said gesturing to her outfit.

Brittany laughed awkwardly, "Oh yeah."

"Thanks for the offer though. And tell whoever serves you that I'm buying the next round," she said before walking away.

"You never told me Marley was a stripper!" Brittany said when Marley was gone.

Sam rubbed the back of his neck, "I didn't know how to tell you."

"I don't care about what people do for their jobs Sam."

"I know," he nodded solemnly, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but enough of this, let's get drunk!" he shouted.

Everyone grabbed a shot, except for Brittany.

"Here Britt," Sam said holding one out to her.

"You know I don't drink Sam."

"This is your bachelorette party, make an exception," he urged.

"You only get one," Kurt added.

Brittany hesitated for a second, "Drinks it Britty!" Rachel shouted.

Brittany laughed when she saw that Rachel had already downed her two shots and one of hers as well. Rachel could never hand her alcohol very well. Not that she could judge, she couldn't either.

"Fine," she said taking the small glass. She tilted the glass and swallowed, she grimaced as it burned on the way down her throat.

"Woooo!" Rachel screamed, "Go Brittany!"

"I bought…I forgot," Sam slurred, "Oh! I remember!" he exclaimed shaking Brittany's shoulders, "I bought you a lap dance! This is umm…" he scratched his head as he tried to remember her name.

That was when Brittany noticed that Sam wasn't standing in front of her by himself, next to him was a woman who seemed to be around the same age as herself, maybe a bit younger, dressed in a tight black dress and knee high boots. She was slightly shorter than Brittany with light brown hair that flowed down her back in waves and stormy grey eyes.

"Candy," the girl supplied.

"Like the sweet thing you eat!" Sam said.

Even in the state that Brittany was in she still managed to blush at the innuendo. Candy smirked.

"We do the dances in the back," Candy said, holding her hand out for Brittany to take.

Brittany took it and was helped to her feet.

"Yeah! Go Britts!" Rachel called.

Brittany giggled uncontrollably as she was led to the back of the club.

"You're p-prettyyy," Brittany told her, "But not as pretty as my…. Fiancé!" Brittany burst out laughing again, "Sorry."

Candy chuckled as well, "That's ok sweetie, I'm sure she's beautiful."

"Oh she is," Brittany nodded her head furiously.

Candy let her into a room, in the middle of the room was a chair, Candy sat her down before starting the music. Brittany shifted in the seat dancing too the music, she couldn't stop herself if she wanted to it was so catchy. Candy leaned down and spoke.

"You know, usually when I give people dances they just watch."

"Sorry," Brittany blushed.

"Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the show," she winked.

Candy began swaying her hips back and forth to the beat of the music. She dipped down and spread her legs before popping back up and spinning round, she placed her hands on the back of the chair just above Brittany's shoulders. Brittany's heart was hammering in her chest and not in the good way. She felt tears building up and before she could stop it, they began to fall. Candy stopped the music.

"Are you ok?" she asked, sounding genuinely caring.

Brittany sniffed, "Y-you're not S-Santana," she cried, she wiped her eyes behind her glasses.

Candy put a comforting hand on Brittany's shoulder but in her drunken state she panicked. She jumped out of the seat, making Candy stumble slightly. Brittany grabbed her phone from where she was keeping it in her bra. She tried to unlock up but couldn't see it through her tears.

"Here, I'll help you," Candy said.

Brittany nodded and handed her the phone, she easily unlocked then went to the contacts list, scrolling down until she found the name 'Sanny' who she assumed was Santana because there was no other name like Santana there. She dialed the number and it was picked up on the fifth ring.

"Hey babyyy!" Candy heard Santana scream over loud music.

"Um hi-"

"Who the fuck are you?" Santana shouted.

"You're fiancé wants to talk to you," Candy said instead, "I have her here."

Candy handed the phone to Brittany who took it and smiled thankfully, she had mostly stopped crying now, "Hi S-San."

"Hey Britty, why are you calling?"

"Sam bought me a stripper dance, she's really pretty San but not as pretty as you! Oh deja vu!" Brittany exclaimed, she swore she said that earlier, "She danced but then I remembered it wasn't you and I wanted it to be you, no offence Candy," Brittany said turning to the woman who was standing next to her, Candy just smiled, "I miss you," Brittany pouted.

"I miss you mooore!" Santana sang, "It sounds like you're have super fun, tell Sugar I say hellooo."

"Candy," Brittany corrected.

"Hi Candy!" Santana shouted, "That's like the food, don't eat her Britt! You're only allowed to eat me!" Brittany began laughing then because Sam had said the exactly same thing… sort of, not the last part.

"What's so funny?"

"I wasn't going to eat her," Brittany giggled and Candy gave her a questioning look, Brittany just shook her head.

"Quinn!" Santana screeched, "Get the fuck off me! Look what you've done! I gotta go Britts, loooove you!"

Brittany heard what sounded like the phone being dropped and then Santana curse before she hung up.

"You feel better now?" Candy asked.

Brittany nodded, "A little, thanks."

"So I take it that this is your first time at a strip club?"

"Yeah… Sam took me here for my bachelorette party!" Brittany said as if she just remembered, "Is your dad called Mr. Twix and your mom called Mrs. Skittles? Is that why they called you Candy?" Brittany asked.

Candy giggled, "No, Candy's just my stage name."

"They named a stage after you? That's so awesome!"

"No!" she laughed, "It's what I get called at work."

"So what's your real name?"

She seemed a little hesitant at first but then finally answered, "Jenny."

"I'm Brittany," Brittany grabbed Jenny's hand and shook it rapidly.

"I know, come on, I'll get you back to your friends."

It didn't take very long before Santana recognised the route they were taking. She'd taken the same one at least 100 times, literally.

"We're going to Puckerman's?" Santana asked.

"See I told you we should have blindfolded her," Puck said.

"She was going to find out anyway," Quinn shrugged.

"But it was supposed to be a surprise!"

"It's not like Puckerman's is anything special," Santana said, Puck glared at her, "I'm kidding! I really am happy that you set all this up."

"Hey! I had some part in this too, you know," Rosie cut in.

"Not saying thank you!" Santana sang.

"Well I'm just in it for the free booze," Mercedes added, making everyone chuckle.

Last year, Brittany and Santana had gone out to see a movie and they had randomly run into Mercedes. Well Brittany ran into her, spilling her popcorn and sprite all over both of them in the process. Mercedes Jones was one of the glee club members in Santana's old high school, she had considered her a friend by the end of school, they had sung some pretty badass duets together, but after graduation they just lost touch. Mercedes had recently moved to L.A. because she got signed by a record label and was starting to record her first album, she had only been in the city for a month before she ran into them. And all of them would agree that it was a pretty amazing coincidence. Not only was it blast from the past but it meant that Santana had another friend. She liked to think that she had more now thanks to Brittany but she still really only preferred a small group of people, people that she knew she could trust and she was glad that Mercedes was now one of them.

"And we're here!" Puck exclaimed as the taxi drove up to the club, "Thanks man," he said handing the driver some money as everyone piled out.

They went straight in, but that's a bonus you get when you're friends with Santana Lopez and you know the owner. The bouncer smiled at them as they walked past, Puck raised his hand for a hi five as he walked past, which the bouncer slapped.

As usual it was really loud and busy in the club, they squeezed their way through dancing bodies as they headed for the VIP section. The whole of the section had been closed off just for them and as soon as Santana sat down at a table a party hat was slapped on top of her head and a party blower was put in her mouth.

"I'm not wearing this shit," Santana laughed as she placed the items on the table.

It looked like Rosie was going to say something but Puck interrupted her.

"That's fine, but I'll see if you say the same thing when you have a few drinks in you," he smirked.

"Well see Puckerman," Santana retorted.

Puck grinned at her widely before disappearing off only to come back moments later with various drinks and shots, having already known what everyone's favourites were.

"On me," he said as he placed the tray down, "Well actually they're all on me but you get the gist."

Everyone grabbed a glass or a shot.

"To Santana! And to her getting married, even though you're breaking millions of teen lesbian's hearts!" Puck shouted.

Santana shoved Puck who just laughed, "I'm kidding, to Santana and a long happy marriage with one of the most amazing people on the planet."

"Got that right!" Santana yelled before downing the shot she had picked up. She picked up another one and downed that too.

Then she was being pulled to her feet by Quinn, "Come on bitch, we're going dancing."

A few drinks later and a lot of dancing, Santana and pretty much everyone else around her were laughing hysterically as they all danced to the Macarena. She didn't know who suggested it but she didn't really care, she was too busy focusing on having fun and trying to do the moves without falling on her face.

"Hey Macarena!" Everyone shouted as the song ended.

"Hello everyone!" Santana snapped her head to the stage when she heard Puck's slurred voice, "I hope you're all having a good time tonight!" he yelled into a microphone. The room cheered, "I'll take that as a yes. Ok, ok tonight is a very special night because we have Santana Lopez in the building! And tonight's not just any night for her, no; it's her bachelorette party! And to say how proud I am of you, I thought I'd sing one of your very own songs… one, two, three, hit it!"

Santana clapped her hands and cheered loudly as music began to play, she noticed that it was a slightly more rocked up version of We Found Love, she wasn't sure how Puck did it but it didn't sound half bad. Maybe that was because she was smashed though, she wasn't sure but she liked it all the same.

As the song came to an end Santana blew the green party blower that she had in her mouth, Puck did manage to get her to wear the hat after some more drinks.

When Santana looked up at the stage again she didn't see Puck anymore so she stumbled though the crowd of bodies back to the VIP area. She collapsed on a cushioned bench, before reaching for another drink, dancing made her thirsty.

Then suddenly Puck was right next to her, "Hey!" he shouted way too loudly for the much more quiet section they were in, "Did you like it?" he asked as he sat down next to Santana and flung an arm over Santana's shoulders.

"It was super awesome," Santana nodded, "Thanks Pucky Poo Bear," she smiled.

"Don't…um don't call me that," he said.

"Okie dokes…Pucky Poo Bear," she grinned mischievously.


"It's my bachelorette party and can do whatever I wants to do!" Santana said defiantly.

"Fine, fine," Puck relented.

"Woah!" Santana squealed, "My boobs vibrating," she giggled.

"Really? Let's check," Puck said reaching his hand out, Santana slapped it away.

"Gross," she grimaced, "Oh I remember! It's my phone!" Santana exclaimed. She quickly grabbed it from where she had kept it in her bra, squinting when the brightness was too much for the dark club, "It's Britts!" Santana exclaimed happily.

She slid her thumb across the screen to answer the call.

"Hey baby!" Santana greeted.

When an unfamiliar voice answered Santana frowned, "Um hi-"

"Who the fuck are you?"

"You're fiancé wants to talk to you," the woman on the other end of the line said, "I have her here."

Santana heard the phone rustle as it was handed to who she assumed was going to be Brittany.

"Hi S-San," Brittany slurred.

"Hey Britty, why are you calling?" she asked.

Puck decided to leave then, getting bored of just listening to Santana talk on the phone. She didn't mind though, she'd rather talk to Brittany more anyway.

"Sam bought me a stripper dance, she's really pretty San but not as pretty as you! Oh deja vu!" Brittany shouted, "She danced but then I remembered it wasn't you and I wanted it to be you, no offence Candy," Santana wondered who this 'Candy' person was but she couldn't help but grin goofily at what Brittany said next, "I miss you," she could practically see Brittany pouting through the phone.

"I miss you mooore!" Santana told her, "It sounds like you're have super fun, tell Sugar I say hellooo," Santana said, at least she thought that's what her name was.

"Candy," Brittany corrected for her.

"Hi Candy!" Santana shouted loudly through the phone hoping that she could hear her on the other side, then something hit her, "That's like the food, don't eat her Britt! You're only allowed to eat me!" Santana frowned, it deepened when she heard Brittany laughing on the other end.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"I wasn't going to eat her," Brittany giggled.

Santana was about to reply when she felt a body sit basically on top of her, she knew who it was immediately, "Quinn!" Santana shouted, "Get the fuck off me!" Santana shoved Quinn with the hand that wasn't holding the phone Quinn did move but only to knock a glass of some kind of drink over, "Look what you've done!" Santana scolded, "I gotta go Britts, looove you!"

Quinn who was still slightly on top of Santana moved again smacking the phone out of her hand.

"Shit Q," Santana reached down and picked it up before ending the call, "You smashed the screen!" she exclaimed.

"I'm sorry!" Quinn said stretching her hands above her head like the police had just caught her.

"You'd better pay for this," she said waving the phone in front of Quinn's face.

Quinn nodded her head so fast it looked like a blur to Santana, "I will," she assured, "Woah, I feel dizzy," Quinn said as she stopped shaking her head.

Both girls looked at each other for a second before bursting out laughing.

"I want another drink!" Quinn shouted before grabbing Santana's hand and dragging her towards the bar.

When they got there a bartender came over to them straight away, Santana assumed it was because Puck told them to do that because there was a bunch of people already there waiting to be served.

The bartender had way to much gel in his hair and he was wearing a yellow bowtie with a purple shirt, she didn't even realised people wore bowties to non red carpet events.

"Hey!" he greeted cheerfully, "What can I get for you?" he asked.

"Two Cosmopolitans," Quinn said.

"Coming right up."

Soon they were being handed their drinks, "Thanks Bowtie Man," Santana slurred.

Bowtie Man laughed, "My names Blaine," he supplied.

"You know, you're kind of cute," Quinn said leaning forwards.

"Thanks," he said, "But I'm kind of seeing someone right now."

"Oh well she's a lucky gal because you have nice hair, tell her I say hi!" she said patting him on the head.

"Thanks, I'll be sure to tell him that."

"Oh! My bad," Quinn laughed uncontrollably, "That's totally cool, you know, I'm all for the gays. My best friend, Santanata here is gay too, she's getting married soon, you know," Quinn whispered like it was a huge secret.

Blaine chuckled, "I know." He nodded.

"Well," Quinn snapped, "No need to get sassy with me sir!"

"I wasn't-"

"Good day!" she shouted.


"I said good day sir!" Quinn said before finishing the rest of her drink and storming off.

"I apologise for my friends behaviour," Santana told him.

"It's no problem, have a good night!"

"You too Bowtie Man!"

When Brittany woke up the next day she was surprised to find herself in a cocooned in her duvet, then her head began to throb and she wished she could just go back to sleep again. She rolled over hoping to find Santana lying next to her but frowned when she wasn't there.

"Did she not come back from last night?" Brittany wondered.

With a great struggle Brittany untangled herself from the duvet only to fall out of bed because she didn't realise that she was so close to the edge, it only made her head hurt more, sending unwanted vibrations through her skull making it feel like it was being smashed by a jack hammer. After a quick search she found her glasses under the bed, she didn't know how they got there.

She practically dragged herself into the bathroom and swallowed two Advil's before jumping into a warm shower, hoping to make the gross feeling she had all over her body go away. After she was finished she brushed her teeth, twice because her mouth felt so disgusting. She felt a little better after that but not much. Then she went to their shared closet and pulled on grey sweats and a baggy t-shirt.

The walk down stairs seemed exceedingly long but the further she got the more she smelt pancakes so she didn't really mind and that was when she knew that Santana was home. When she pushed open the door to the kitchen she saw Santana wearing shorts and large hoodie, sliding around in her socks, dancing to 'Stacy's Mom'. She cursed the fact that Santana didn't seem to have a hang over at all.

Santana noticed Brittany then and smiled wildly at her, "Morning B."

"Loud," Brittany rasped.

Santana immediately turned down her iPod, "Sorry," she whispered.

She wrapped her arms around Brittany's waist and pulled her into a hug, "I made pancakes and I'm about to make bacon."

"Thanks San, you're the best," Brittany said as she sat down on the stools.

"Duh," she winked.

Brittany watched as Santana finished up making their breakfast and soon it was being set down in front of her, Santana took the seat next to her.

"How was your night?" Santana asked.

"Awesome but I can't even remember how I got home," Brittany laughed but stopped when it made her head hurt more.

The last thing she remembered was Sam jumping up on the stage and working the pole.

"I was back before you," Santana said, "You came in at like 5 in the morning and you were really hyper. You jumped up and down on the bed to get me up so I could play Snap with you," Santana laughed at the memory.

"Sorry," she said.

Santana shrugged, "It's ok… I won," she grinned.

"I'm not surprised," Brittany laughed, her fiancé was competitive, "How was your night?"

"Really good, they took me to Puckerman's," Santana told her, "Do you remember calling me?"

Brittany giggled, "Oh yeah, Jenny helped with that."


"Jenny is Candy's real name."

"You're on first name basis with a stripper?" Santana raised an eyebrow.

"She's really nice," Brittany nodded.

"I'm sure she was," Santana said sarcastically.

"No need to get jealous S," Brittany teased, "She's got nothing on you."

"Good," Santana said with a firm nod.

"You know, last night was really fun," Brittany said, Santana nodded in agreement, "But it would have been more fun if you were there."

"Aw baby, did you miss me?"

"Of course."

Santana grabbed the can of whipped cream from where it stood in front of her and sprayed it in her mouth.

"Well," she said with her cheeks full of the whipped cream, "How couldn't you miss this face?"

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