Halloween, 4 Months Later

Arnold smiled as he walked through the All Hallows Eve Festival. Lots of the town's residents had found their dead relatives and were happily chatting with them. It was much more…normal than he had expected it would be. The town had been much more accepting, even welcoming, of the festival. He and his parents were still looking for his grandparents, but there was only one person he really wanted to find. Helga.


He perked up and turned around, hoping to see her. He was disheartened to see that Phoebe and Gerald waving at him. He waved back at them and rushed to hug them. "Hey!" He said, shaking Gerald's hand and pulled Phoebe into a brief hug.

Phoebe pulled away and bounced up and down on her heels excitedly, "So where is she?"

Arnold arched an eyebrow, "What're you talking about?"

Phoebe and Gerald looked at each other, confused. "You're not serious, are you?" Gerald asked.

"She wouldn't…would she?" Phoebe asked Gerald.

"Yeah…have you guys seen Helga?" Arnold asked.

Phoebe gasped and Gerald's jaw dropped, "She did!" Phoebe exclaimed.

"What are you guys talking about?" Arnold inquired carefully. Gerald and Phoebe looked at each other, unsure of how to tell him what he didn't know.


The Night Before Lila's Wedding, Two Months Ago

Helga bit her bottom lip as she watched the bride in the window, giddily twirling and playing with her veil as Arnold watched from nearby, smiling. They were perfect for each other. They deserved each other. With a sigh, she looked down at her tattered dress, feeling invisible. What right did she have, going in there and telling Arnold how much she loved him? She blew him a kiss from the shadows, more for herself than for him, and tossed her own veil onto the ground.

She stepped into the square and began wandering around the dark, cobblestone streets. She missed the madness of death. The noise, the music, the…liveliness of it all. She'd never expected that she'd feel dead in the land of the living.

Then…there was music again. Her heart swelled up for a moment and she followed the trilling notes around the corner and down the alley where a caravan of gypsies stood. She smiled in spite of herself. Before she died, she'd always thought about traveling around with gypsies and seeing the world. Shrugging, she approached them. After all, what did she have to lose?



"That's impossible." Arnold insisted. "You can't just…leave the land of the dead."

"Haven't you heard of ghosts?" Gerald challenged.

"Yeah, but that's different." Arnold insisted.

Gerald rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say, man."

"If she's not…with you anymore then where is she?" Arnold exclaimed.

"I don't think he fully understands." Phoebe murmered to Gerald, who nodded in agreement.

"This is just too much to process." Arnold sighed.

Gerald clapped his friend on the back, "How about a nice game of wack bat to calm your nerves?"

Before he could refuse, Phoebe added, "The only head in use is Wolfgang's. It's fun when you hit him in the face."

A smile toyed with Arnold's mouth, "Well…it would be kind of fun hitting him in the head."

"That's the spirit!" Gerald exclaimed as he and Phoebe led Arnold to the square where everyone was playing wack bat. After a breif explaination about who Arnold was, everyone applauded him and insisted that he be the first to swing. Arnold stepped up to the plate awkwardly, understanding the game in theory, but never having actually played it before.

Wolfgang's head zoomed pasted him and he swung too late.

"Strike one!" The catcher shouted, throwing the head back to the pitcher.

The head whizzed past him again and he swung too soon.

"Strike two!"

"Just give up, freak. It's not like you'll get a hit." Wolfgang's dismembered head insisted before it was tossed back to the pitcher. Anger welled in Arnold. He deserved to hit that pompous jerk in the face, for Helga if not for himself, despite how many people had already struck him for her. This was different. This was personal. Arnold swung and with a crack, the head went flying. Arnold watched as the head went flying, but before he could run for the first base a crowd gasped and began to form around where the head had landed. "What happened?" Arnold asked, cautiously.

"You beaned someone!" Gerald exclaimed before running to the crowd.

He shot Phoebe a questioning look, "What?"

"The head hit someone." She explained before jogging to the scene.

Guilt flooded over Arnold and he dropped the bat before running after them.


"Helen!" the man hovering over the beaned girl shouted, "Helen! Wake up!"

"Helen." The girl answered, still dazed, "That's such a nice name. I wish it was mine."

The man cocked a brow at her, "That is your name."

She giggled, "You're so funny. That's not my name."

"She's lost her mind!"

"I am so sorry!" Arnold exclaimed, scrambling through the crowd into the scene, kneeling beside the fallen gypsy.

The girl raised and eyebrow at him, "Arnold?"

He blinked at her, confused, "Have we…met?"

She smiled up at him and shook her head, "No…not anymore."

"Arnold what did you…no way!" Gerald exclaimed, looking down at them.

With a frown, the girl started wiggling, moving to stand and leave, but Arnold wasn't keen on letting her out of his sight just yet, "I think she'll be ok, Gerald."

"No, man, that's not what I'm…damn, Helga are you ok?"

The man who had been with her before gave the corpse a skeptical look, "Helga? No this is Helen."

"Wait, Helga?" Arnold asked, unsure of what he was hearing. He turned on Gerald. "That girl can't be Helga, Helga's dead!"

"Weren't you listening? She's been in the land of the living for months. She's not dead." Phoebe snapped. "And…now she's gone."

Arnold turned around to find that Phoebe was right. The girl who had been laying at his feet was gone, leaving behind only a wake of people she'd shoved through and a flash of pink from her gypsy dress.

That couldn't have been right. It couldn't be Helga. How…how could she… "How is she not dead anymore?" He exclaimed, erratic.

"Love." Was the only answer Phoebe gave to him. "She was willing to risk her happiness so that you wouldn't have to die."

"But then…why wouldn't she come to me?"

"She was going to." The answer rang out from the balcony of a building.

Arnold looked up at her, astounded by how fast she was able to move. "Helga, come down here!"

She shook her head, "I'm happy up here, thank you."

"Helen, you're dead?" The gypsy master shouted.

Helga rolled her eyes, "Keep up, Marcus."

Arnold shook his head, annoyed by the interruption, "If you were going to come see me then why wouldn't you just…see me?"

Helga looked down, "You and Lila were getting ready for your wedding. It didn't seem right."

"Our…what?" Arnold exclaimed, "Lila and I never got married!"

"What?" She perked up, "But you were looking at her dress! You were getting married!"

"She was getting married!" Arnold exclaimed. "To Bryant!"

"Bryant?" She repeated, "But you're not…you're not…"

"Married?" He answered, "No. I still consider myself engaged…to you."

Helga glanced down at him, but didn't say anything before sliding down the railing along the house and slowly approaching him, glancing awkwardly at the parting crowd as she approached him. His breath caught in his chest when he got a good look at her. He always knew she was pretty in death, but he never imagined how beautiful she would be without the rotting flesh. That never bothered him though. "You're not married?" She asked cautiously.

He smiled and shook his head, "No, I'm not. I was going to marry this wonderful girl, but…she ran out before I could tell her that was what I wanted."

She bit her lip and looked down, "I…I'm not sure what to say."

He stepped towards her and slowly extended his hand to her, "Say you'll still marry me."

She looked up at him and her face turned red. For a moment, he feared she would say no, but then she looked up at him and smiled. "How could I say no?"

With a grin, he stepped forward and encased her in his arms. "I guess we're going to have a wedding then." He whispered in her ear. He pulled away with a playful smile, "Unless you're planning on running away again."

With a mischievous grin, she seized his cravat and pulled his face close to hers, "Not on your life. You'll be stuck with me till death do us part."

"And then for all the afterlife too." He added.

"Damn straight." She said with a smile before pulled his face against hers, unbothered by the hoots and hollars and cheers. It was only her and Arnold, and that was perfect.

Welp that's the end now. I might add and epilogue, but I might not. Thanks everyone for sticking with the story and reviewing and everything. Also, if you hated the ending, now would be the time to say so. I still love you guys. Peace out…or something cool kids say as a euphemism for goodbye.